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July 04, 2016

Splash into Ogunquit Maine – Meadowmere Resort's Outdoor Pool

Outdoorpoolday2Every now and then at the Meadowmere Resort, we like to take a step back from the day to day operations of the hotel and look around from the guest’s perspective.  Whether it’s security, carpets, mattresses, furniture (list goes on and on) or tearing down and building a new pool as we did a few years back. 

For decades the Meadowmere Resort offered our guests a wonderful triangle pool just steps from the West Meadow Pub.  But as we grew and added the South Meadow Building and the Country Squire we realized that the old pool that had served our guests so well just wasn’t cutting it any more.  After months and months of meetings with the architect, town and contractors, a plan began to formulate. We sifted through samples to find the perfect furniture, flooring, pool shape - and all the planning and scheduling finally came together. When we re-opened the outdoor pool, the reaction we received from our guests was just astonishing. Proof that attention to detail makes a difference. We hope you can come see for yourself!

Our staff is committed to providing quality Maine Vacation’s with state of the art amenities and personal attention to cleanliness and service the Meadowmere Resort has it all.  Here are a few stories from our family to yours:

  • Our maintenance team is always hopping all over the property to keep it in tip top shape. Ethan was coming across the parking lot area when movement caught his eye. An elderly guest was crossing the lot and something had fallen out of her purse. As Ethan got closer, he realized that what had fallen was quite a bit of cash. He brought it to the desk team to place in the safe while he went to find her among the amenities. When he did, she was shocked to find the money missing and thrilled to have it returned!
  • A wonderful part of hospitality is the many new faces we meet. Whitney welcomed a new guest to the hotel and noticed she just did not seem present. Taking her time, Whitney discovered that the guest had to unexpectedly put her pet cat to sleep before heading on her weekend getaway. Before heading into work the next day, Whitney stopped to pick up a pet sympathy card and had this delivered with chocolates and a note hoping she was doing okay for the weekend.
  • The West Meadow Pub is a relaxed and fun spot to enjoy - especially for live music Saturday nights. Richard was helping the many guests enjoying the lounge when he noticed that a credit card was on the floor. He quickly retrieved it and recognized that guest name. Knowing how awful it would be to discover the card was missing - not to mention how such a problem can derail a vacation, Richard quickly went to work match his charges to the card name. He was able to contact the guest, ask them to check for their card and then happily report that he had found it for them. They were thrilled with the service.
  • Sometimes guests ask for easy things - like more soap or towels. Sometimes guests put us to work. Liz had once such request. A guest wanted to visit but it was important to her to have a room with the "best view of the moon" when she stayed. Well, this is a bit tricky - the moon changes. Liz googled the moon phases, orientated the moon to the hotel map and then found the best room with a balcony to see the view. So when this guest join us, it really was a marvelous night for a moon dance!

April 08, 2016

A Vacation that Helps from Ogunquit Maine – Animal Welfare Society

Giving back is made easy when you stay and shop in Ogunquit, Maine. At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine the Meadowmere Team has been dedicated to constant involvement by providing volunteer leadership and generous contributions to many worthy and notable causes in both local and national communities.

We wanted to share with you the charity that will receive donations for Appreciation Stays in April.   The Animal Welfare Society is an open-admission NO KILL shelter in York County.  In addition to an animal shelter and adoption center AWS offers life saving community programs including Pets & Women to Safety, Paws in Stripes, Paws Across American, Humane Education, Behavioral Training Classes and the Shelter Spay/Neuter Clinic.  In 2014 the AWS was able to care for more than 3,300 animals.

In addition to the Meadowmere Resorts charitable contribution to the Animal Welfare Society each guest joining us for our Appreciation Weekend will receive a gift from the Meadowmere and Purchasing for my Cause.  15% of the cost of this gift will then be directed to the cause of your choice.

A special thank you to our guests that make it possible for us to Give Back when you book the Meadowmere Resort for your Maine Vacation, check back throughout the year to learn more about Vacations that help.  Here is a wonderful story about creating great memories from our staff:

Liz received a call from a guest looking to book the engagement package. He had several questions and was very nervous about the special trip going smoothly. In order to keep the surprise, Liz was happy to set up the reservation and then correspond via email on the details. On the day of arrival, he emailed concerned about the arrival timing. Liz assured him that our team was ready and the special details were in place - including the extra touches of the fireplace going and chilling pinot grigio for his soon to be fiance. When the guest mentioned that he really prefers beer, Liz made a quick addition so when the door was opened and the question asked, the celebration could begin!

April 01, 2016

Maine Romance: Intimate Weddings from our Ogunquit Hotel

Ogunquit is a classic Maine wedding spot and the perfect place for your intimate wedding.  The staff at our hotel is here to help you with the details and help make your promises to each other a moment to remember.  The West Meadow Pub provides a cozy atmosphere true to the quaint Maine experience.  Say I do in front of the  Fieldstone fireplace perfect for intimate ceremonies and there is something truly wonderful about being so close to the sea!

Providing comfort on your vacation to Ogunquit is what the Meadowmere is all about.  Here are a few stories of our team making guests feel at home:

Crystal has a guest approach her to ask about having milk instead of creamer for the morning coffee. Unfortunately, the hotel did not have any on hand. However just as Crystal was about to walk away, she remembered that she had brought some in for her lunch. She generously offered to share with the guest who was pleasantly surprised by the kind offer. She quickly went to retrieve the 2% milk and helped make this guest feel right at home.

Bryanna had a busy day ahead cleaning a full section of rooms that had departed. Upon entering one of those rooms, she immediately spotted a scarf and a phone a charger. Being observant, she had recognized the same guests earlier, enjoying a little extra time in the game room before heading home. She quickly grabbed the items and headed to the game room, catching the guest and surprisingly them with the extra thoughtful step. They were incredibly thankful to save the worry of missing the items - especially the all important phone charger!

March 25, 2016

Green Hospitality: How Your Soap Can Change the World at the Meadowmere in Ogunquit


Recycling at the Meadowmere in Ogunquit
Recycling at the Meadowmere in Ogunquit

Clean the World is a global soap project dedicated to improving global health through soap distribution and hygiene programs worldwide.  Clean the world was founded in 2009 by Shawn Seipler the idea for soap recycling came about after he learned that the bars of soap barely used in hotels ended up in a landfill.  The Meadowmere Resort had a similar thought in 2010 when the owner walking through the hallways noticed a number of soaps seemingly untouched in the trash.  Soon after the Meadowmere Resort found the global soap project and without delay became a partner in the program. 

The mission of clean the world is to collect and recycle soap and hygiene products that would otherwise generate environmental waste.  Through the distribution of these and other donated products to impoverished people, prevent millions of hygiene-related deaths each year, reduce the morbidity rate for hygiene-related illnesses, and encourage vigorous childhood development.

Some of our staff were a bit concerned when they first learned that we were recycling used soap.  Fear not - Clean the World is committed to safety and treats all products at the Clean the World Recycling center through sterilization, grinding, and reshaping into clean new bars of soap prior to distribution.

Thank you for being a part of our hotel in Ogunquit.  We encourage all guests to share with us ideas on how we can constantly improve our environmental impact, should you have a suggestion please leave a comment below.  Our staff is committed to providing quality service to each guest here are a few of their stories:

Speaking of soap, Bryanna noticed that a guest had brought their favorite kind with them on their vacation to Ogunquit recently. A brand new bar of Irish Spring was sitting on the top of the toilet tank. Rather than put the bar in the shower and knowing it would be hard to keep a bar of soap there all week, Bryanna located an extra soap dish - We have these special lovely shells - and small towel to place the dish on. So even before soap reaches the Clean the World program, we give it special attention!

This time of year we know that it can be hard to muster up the will to head outdoors in the cold. It may have been a mild winter overall, but there have been a few chilly nights and days! On one of those such days, Tori was chatting with a guest who got around to asking where they could find ice. Once Tori explained, including directions to the machine, the guest hesitated about going out in the cold. Tori let them know not to worry - she would fill it for them. Off she headed and returned - the guest able to stay nice and warm.

Is there nothing more annoying than forgetting toothpaste on a trip? It's got to be in the top ten. What might even top forgetting the toothpaste thought is remembering to bring it and then jut running out. Bryanna noticed that guests with us this past week were trying to make the very end of tube last. She headed down and got our small amenity tubes - one for each person - and set them up near the sink. Fresh and ready to go.

It's the small details such as these that help our guests feel special and cared for. We hope you can visit!

March 18, 2016

Romantic Traditions in Ogunquit Maine – Honeymoon Arch

Romantic Traditions in Ogunquit Maine
Romantic Traditions in Ogunquit Maine

Great romantic traditions can start anytime from the first date to the day of the proposal - even with your baby moon.  Combining your annual vacation with a romantic tradition allows for countless memories at the most beautiful place by the sea.  Find your home away from home in Ogunquit Maine and strengthen your love, enrich the life you share and create lasting memories.  The Meadowmere Resort features over 20 room types to ensure you find the perfect accommodations for your family to enjoy year after year.  Here’s a bit about one of our favorites:

The Signature Honeymoon Arch Suite offers the perfect escape for couples looking for ultimate relaxation.  This over sized room features beautiful antique furnishings, queen bed; in room double Jacuzzi, comfy love seat and gas fireplace.  The Signature Honeymoon Arch Suite connects our Main Building to our West Meadow Building allowing for indoor access to all resort amenities in close proximity to the Indoor Pool, West Meadow Pub, Outdoor Pool and Game Room. 

Ogunquit Maine – Honeymoon Arch
Ogunquit Maine – Honeymoon Arch

Warm Maine hospitality is what you’ll find at the Meadowmere Resort year round; here are a few stories from our staff:

Bryanna was cleaning a guest room when she noticed a list of TV Channels written down on a pad of paper.  She assumed the guest did not know that the TV Guide for our hotel in Ogunquit was located in the information binder.  She opened the binder to the correct page and left the TV remote on top to ensure the guests had a complete list of the TV offerings for their stay in Ogunquit.

Crystal was cleaning up around the indoor pool and noticed guests headed to the OutDoor Jacuzzi, she also noticed they didn't have any towels with them so she grabbed a few pool towels from the front desk and brought them out the guests enjoying the hot tub.  They were thrilled as it's pretty chilly getting out of the jacuzzi this time of the year!

March 11, 2016

A Vacation that Helps from Ogunquit Maine - American Red Cross


A Vacation that Helps from Ogunquit Maine
A Vacation that Helps from Ogunquit Maine

Giving back is made easy when you stay and shop in Ogunquit, Maine. At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine the Meadowmere Team has been dedicated to constant involvement by providing volunteer leadership and generous contributions to many worthy and notable causes in both local and national communities.

We wanted to share with you the charity that will receive donations for each Guest Appreciation Stay in March.  The American Red Cross exists to provide compassionate care to those in need.  Their mission of preventing and relieving suffering, here at home and around the world is achievable through their five key service areas:

Disaster Relief

Supporting America’s Military Families

Lifesaving Blood

Health & Safety Services

International Services

In addition to the Meadowmere Resorts charitable contribution to the Red Cross each guest joining us for our Guest Appreciation Weekend will receive a gift from the Meadowmere and Purchasing for my Cause.  15% of the cost of this gift will then be directed to the cause of your choice.

 A special thank you to our guests that make it possible for us to Give Back when you book the Meadowmere Resort for your Maine Vacation, check back throughout the year to learn more about Vacations that help.  Here are a few stories from our staff:

Katelyn on our Housekeeping Team was cleaning a guest room and noticed a guest passing by.  When Katelyn went to her closet to get more cleaning supplies she noticed a $20 bill on the floor in the hallway.  She was certain the guest she saw passing by must have dropped it - Katelyn picked it up and wondered the halls in search of the guest.  Fortunately she was able to find her and return the lost money.

Bryanna was cleaning a guest room and noticed the guests were using a towel in the tub for added grip.  She grabbed a rubber bath mat and placed it in the tub for their safety and ensured this was noted in our computer system so that we can have it placed in the room before the guests arrives for their next visit to Ogunquit.

March 04, 2016

How to celebrate a birthday - Tips from Ogunquit’s West Meadow Pub

Signature Meadowmere Rum Punch
Signature Meadowmere Rum Punch

There is no better way to celebrate a birthday than to escape to Ogunquit Maine!  At our hotel in Ogunquit we look forward to sharing in your special day – sign up for our Newsletter to receive a Special Birthday Gift or Discounts from us each year!

We understand how important it is to take the time and celebrate another wonderful year, we do it for our guests, our employees - even the hotel.  In fact, on the 21st Birthday of the Meadowmere Resort we created our Signature Meadowmere Rum Punch – over Ten Years later our Rum Punch is still a best seller.

We were able to convince the staff at the West Meadow Pub to share the secret recipe with you.  Enjoy!

Signature Meadowmere Rum Punch Party Recipe – Serves 6

3 oz Spiced Rum

2 ¼ oz Mango Rum

2 ¼  oz Coconut Rum 

2 ¼ oz Pineapple Rum

6 oz Mango Juice

6 oz Orange Juice

6 oz Pineapple Juice

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and stir, serve with ice and garnish with an Orange slice and cherry and enjoy the party!

Providing comfort on your vacation to Ogunquit is what the Meadowmere is all about.  Here are a few stories of our team making guests feel at home:

Bryanna on our housekeeping team noticed that a guest was enjoying wine in their room during their Maine Vacation.  She also noticed they didn't have any wine glasses and were using small plastic cups, she went to the West Meadow Pub and placed wine glasses in the room for the guests to enjoy.  

Crystal was taking care of the hotel lobby when she noticed a visitor in line at the front desk.  After greeting this visitor Crystal learned that she was curious about the hotel for a future visit to Ogunquit, Maine.  Crystal offered to show her around the Meadowmere Resort, Guest Rooms and Signature Amenities. 

February 26, 2016

Meadowmere Ogunquit Fitness Center : Where the Locals & Visitors Warm Up & Work Out

Meadowmere Fitness Center
Meadowmere Fitness Center

Here for the day? Or here to Stay?  The Meadowmere Resort offers year round memberships to Ogunquit residents and visitors alike to the best gym in town!  Our state of the art Fitness Center in Ogunquit boasts over 6,200 square feet and more than 50 cardio and strength training machines to help you achieve your workout goals.

Afterwards soak up some vitamin D with a tanning session or thaw out in the steam room and sauna before taking a dip in the Roman Spa.  Our front desk team is always here to choose the best room or membership for your visit to the Meadowmere.  Here are a few stories from our staff:

Tori was cleaning rooms when a guest inquired about creamer for their in-room coffee maker, they didn’t care for the dry creamer offered in the condiment packets.   Tori went to the lobby and grabbed some creamers for the guests to enjoy.

A guest was looking for a newspaper that had sold out at the front desk.  Tori went to town on her break to pick one up and delivered to the guest’s room, they were thrilled to stick with their morning routine.

A return guest was joining us for a very special occasion.  Whitney was at the front desk when she received a call from a friend hoping to buy our guests dinner during their stay.  Whitney offered to call the guest and see if she could make dinner reservations for them to find out where they were dinning.  The guest was thrilled for the service and their friend was able to call the restaurant and take care of the bill as an extra special surprise!

February 19, 2016

Meadowmere Resort in Ogunquit : Caring for Maine at our Eco-Friendly Hotel

Four Seasons in Ogunquit Maine
Four Seasons in Ogunquit Maine

At our Eco-Friendly Hotel in Ogunquit, Maine adapting with the seasons is just what we do from heating to lighting even the way we do the laundry.  The seasonality of New England and the tourist industry in Ogunquit can sometimes be tricky to keep up with which is why we’ve cherished our Cold Water Laundry system for almost a decade.

With the sun’s rays producing loads of solar hot water in the summer months there’s no need for us to worry about our laundries energy consumption.  Yet as the season turns a bit chillier and heads toward freezing and beyond the prospect of producing a quality, clean product for our guests with a limited environmental impact has proven the right fit at the Meadowmere Resort.

As your planning your next getaway to the most beautiful place by the sea think of us and all the ways we work to ensure the natural beauty of Ogunquit will be here for your family for generations.  Here are a few stories from our team:

With winter storms comes a unique time of year to getaway and relax in Ogunquit.   This past storm Trisha was walking through the halls when she heard a car stuck in the snow in the parking lot, she grabbed a shovel, dug out the tires and offered a push to get the guest going and on their way.

Liz was at the front desk when she received a call from a guest who had rolled their ankle.  Liz had crutches delivered to the room along with and ice pack and directions to the urgent care if needed. 

February 12, 2016

Family Vacation Tips from Ogunquit : Winter Things to Do with Kids

Winter beach
School Break In Maine

Each February parents across New England ponder what they are going to do with the kids during school break.  We bring you Five Family Vacation Tips from Ogunquit

  1. Get outside - sure February can be chilly but New England Kids are tough, head to Laudholm Farm for a seaside snow shoe or cross country ski adventure or spend the day the ice skating at the Waterhouse in Kennebunk.
  2. Keep ‘em going – the more active they are the better!  A few hours in the game room, a few in the indoor pool should do the trick.
  3. Family Fun – spend time making family memories, movie night is every night at the Meadowmere Resort and with Jonathan’s restaurant right next door we’ll make your family date night easy -peasy
  4. Enjoy – with our state of the art amenities and two bedroom family suites you can sit back and enjoy your Maine Family Vacation. 
  5. Relax – take turns watching the kids and relaxing with a visit to the Steam Room & Sauna or book a Meadowmere Massage to really melt away the stress.

At our hotel in Ogunquit we’re here to ensure your families always in good hands!  Here are a few stories from our staff at the Meadowmere:

Lauren was at the front desk when a guest called looking for a babysitter for their family vacation in Maine!  Lauren was happy to offer her babysitting services so they could enjoy a Romantic Evening in Ogunquit.

Janet has been a valued member of the Meadowmere Housekeeping Team for over a decade.  Through the years she has met and befriended a number of wonderful guests.  Just this week a couple joined us again, each year they bring a collection of stuffed animals.  Janet has fun arranging them in a variety of ways each day while cleaning their guest room.  The guests are always so thrilled with the extra attention and excited to return to their room to see Janet’s creativity.

February 05, 2016

Annual Events in Ogunquit Maine to Kick off the New Year

Ogunquit in the early months of the year
Ogunquit in the early months of the year

For generations Ogunquit, Maine has been a valued summer tradition for travelers across the US and Canada.  With the warm summer breeze and lazy days on Ogunquit Beach it’s certainly no surprise.  But those that inspired to venture to Ogunquit in the early months of the year get to experience Ogunquit as the locals do.  With pre season festivities guests find the perfect balance between a tranquil retreat and a great vacation.  Here are our top three Annual Events in Ogunquit Maine to kick off the New Year!

Valentine's Day in Ogunquit holds a peaceful feeling combined with a beauty that only winter brings.  Favorite Ogunquit Restaurants prepare for a romantic display, couples enjoy a dancing the night away at Jonathan’s Concert and a night away from home allows you to forget all but your valentine. Valentine’s Day Getaways include it all wrapped up for a simple yet special celebration!

St. Patrick’s Day in Ogunquit sure is a lucky way to spend the holiday.  Set smack dab in the middle of some of Southern Maine’s best breweries explore the Maine Brew Trail or for those looking to skip on the brews explore Maine’s Irish Heritage Trail.

Easter Sunday in Ogunquit Maine winds down the off season with the perfect family getaway.  No need to hide the eggs at home we’ve got it covered with Easter Crafts and Eggcellent Hunts your family will have a ball hopping around Maine!

At our hotel in Ogunquit our staff is here to ensure your visit to Ogunquit Maine is one to remember every day of the year.  Here are a few stories from our team:

Jonathan’s Concert Series offers year round entertainment with performers such as Judy Collins.  Located adjacent to our hotel in Ogunquit we find a number of guests joining us to enjoy the show next door.  A return guest mentioned at check out that they enjoyed Judy Collins show so much it brought tears to her eyes.  Liz was so pleased that they had a wonderful stay and had recently received a signed  Judy Collins CD from Jonathan’s  she grabbed the CD for the guests so she could always remember what a special time she had in Ogunquit!

During an annual tradition of celebrating a birthday with a Meadowmere Resort Getaway and Bread and Roses birthday cake our guest realized that they forgot candles for the cake.  As they were about to bring out the cake and start singing they were in a crunch for time.  The guest called the front desk and Matt quickly found birthday candles and delivered them to the room.

January 22, 2016

How to Incorporate Charity into your Vacation in Ogunquit Maine

Making a Difference in Maine
Making a Difference in Maine

Is including a culture of service in your life a part of your Mission or New Year Resolution?  At the Meadowmere Resort Service has been our mission from the start.  Our commitment to serving our guests has allowed us to create countless memories with friends from around the world.  Your commitment to the Meadowmere over the years has allowed us to expand our culture of service to include our Environmental Programs focused on preserving the natural resources that make Ogunquit and Maine such a special place to enjoy, and allowed us to continue to increase our charitable donations year after year.

The Meadowmere Resort offers a variety of ways to incorporate Charity into your Vacation in Ogunquit Maine.  Here are a few examples of how easy it is:

Book the Maine Hospitality for Habitat Special at the Meadowmere Resort during select spring dates.  When you donate $35.00 to Habitat for Humanity you’ll pay just half the regular rate of your room.

At check in check yes on your registration card to donate $1.00 to the Marginal Way Preservation Fund to ensure this iconic footpath will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Learn about our Guest Loyalty Program with special dates to escape to Ogunquit, Maine featuring a variety of charitable contributions to causes important to our team and our guests.  Meet the team of featured charities receiving donations for the VIP Stays and engage with Purchasing For My Cause by PS It Matters.

At our hotel in Ogunquit making a difference is just what we do, here are a few stories shared by our team:

Donna noticed a guest in the hallway and noticed that something didn’t seem quite right.  When Donna approached the guest to inquire if everything was ok she learned the guest was feeling very ill.  She asked if there was anything she could do to help her feel better and offered a cup of tea.  Donna made tea and picked some fresh mint sprigs from the garden and delivered it to the guest room.  The guest was so grateful she gave Donna a big hug!

As the beautification project in Ogunquit is underway Liz took it upon herself to call all of our arrivals when the construction blocked the main entrance.  Ensuring guests were aware of how to access the lobby area and enjoy their stay at the Meadowmere!

January 15, 2016

Focus on a Great Family Vacation: Start a New Tradition in Ogunquit at the Meadowmere Resort

Family Traditions in Ogunquit
Family Traditions in Ogunquit

Great family traditions can start anytime from the proposal to the wedding or even when your baby’s too little to know what’s going on.  Combining your annual vacation with a family tradition allows for countless memories at the most beautiful place by the sea.  Here are a few ideas on how you can establish a family tradition at the Meadowmere Resort and strengthen your family’s bond, enrich the life you share and create lasting memories:

Start a collection of photographs through the years at your favorite spot along the marginal way.

Find your home away from home.  The Meadowmere Resort features over 20 room types to ensure you find the perfect accommodations for your family to enjoy year after year.

Enjoy a Family Meal at your favorite Maine restaurant.  Ogunquit features a number of family friendly restaurants sure fit the needs of your family.  Share your favorite vacation stories or plan to explore a new activity in the area.

Movie Night with complimentary movie’s daily at the Meadowmere Resort your family movie night will be picture perfect.

With a motto of family serving family for the past 30 years the Meadowmere Resort is here to ensure your family vacation is one to remember here are a few stories from our team:

Liz was assisting a guest with a reservation when the guest inquired about hot chocolate.  Liz informed the guest that it would be available in the lobby and as a surprise sent some up to the room before the guest arrived.

Janet was cleaning a guest room when she realized they were celebrating their 50th Anniversary, she made swans out of the towels in front of the Jacuzzi and left a note wishing them a Happy Anniversary!

January 08, 2016

Upcoming Entertainment in Ogunquit Maine at our hotel this Jaunary 2016

Entertainment in Ogunquit
Entertainment in Ogunquit

Looking for a fun place to grab a drink?  Try one with a warm fire and great entertainment!  For decades the West Meadow Pub has been providing live entertainment in Ogunquit every Saturday night year round.  With favorite New England entertainers the West Meadow Pub provides the perfect atmosphere for your Maine Vacation!  Here’s a look at our winter lineup for January 2016 (course you can always join us for live music on Saturdays year round):

Rob Thomas presents strong, soulful vocals blended with vibrant and rhythmic acoustic with his classic rock to modern day favorite songs.

Joe McDonald known as the human jukebox this Acoustic Rock performer has a long list of well-known songs from artists such as The Beatles, Bob Segar and the Bee Gee’s.

Steve Tolley has shared the stage with stars such as Charlie Daniels and Tom Paxton his Acoustic Rock performance includes songs from Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, Led Zeppelin and a host of others.

Dustin Ladale blends her original song list with unique covers of works by such artists as Hert, Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac her strong vocals and various styles of guitar techniques are sure to keep you entertained.

Brad Bosse offers a variety of music from classic rock and oldies to current pop and country.  Winner of the “Best Local Solo Performer” in the Hippo Press in 2015 Brad knows how to lighten the mood with his rhythmic melodies and wit.  

In our Pub and throughout the hotel you’re sure to find a warm welcome and excellent service from the team at the Meadowmere Resort.  Here are a few stories from the staff:

Katelyn was cleaning a guest room when she noticed a bottle of wine in room without any glasses she went to the pub to pick up a couple of wine glasses and a Meadowmere corkscrew and delivered them to the room.

During the Holiday Season a few guests were driving through Ogunquit when they saw the Meadowmere all lit up for Christmas by the Sea.  They stopped to take a peak around and Michelle at the front desk offered to give them a tour through the rooms and amenities and chatted about the Festival Activities going on this month in Southern Maine.

December 29, 2015

Warm up this winter: Cozy Fireplace Suites at the Meadowmere Resort in Ogunquit Maine

Cozy Fireplace Suites
Cozy Fireplace Suites

The changing of seasons in New England can have a varying of effects on people’s mood.  Whether you’ve got the winter blues or just need to get away the Meadowmere Resort is the place to warm up this winter.  The crackle of the wood fireplace in the West Meadow Pub and the warmth of the Roman Spa are just the tip of the iceberg on your winter vacation in Ogunquit Maine!

The cozy fireplace suites at the Meadowmere Resort offer a warm retreat from the chill of the winter air.  Our West Meadow Fireplace Rooms allow for indoor access of all the resort amenities from the indoor pool to the state of the art fitness center.  These rooms all feature a king sized bed, wifi, mini fridge and a gas fireplace.

For the ultimate retreat the Luxury Suites at the Meadowmere Resort provide top level accommodations with our four poster king sized beds, in room double Jacuzzi and Gas Fireplace.  Pair the Luxury Suite with a Mainely Stone Massage and a romantic movie night for the perfect Winter Romance in Ogunquit Maine!

Warm Maine hospitality is what you’ll find at the Meadowmere Resort year round, here are a few stories from our staff:

Lauren was at the desk when a guest called down looking for flowers to be delivered.  Unfortunately it was after hours for the local flower shop which Lauren explained to the guest with sympathy.  When they returned from dinner they found a box of homemade chocolates in place of the flowers.

While Michelle at the front desk was assisting a guest with checking out the guest inquired about Meadowmere’s Craft Beer Package as a gift for her son for the holidays.  As the package dates did not fit into her son’s schedule needs Michelle offered to put together options in Southern Maine to enjoy Craft Beer including dates for Exceptional Craft Beer Dinners at Cornerstone, The Maine Craft Beer Map and information on favorite local brews.

The importance of Customer Service at our Ogunquit Hotel : Family Serving Family

Gift of Service
Gift of Service

Customer service at our Ogunquit hotel is important. Over 5 years ago we launched our Gift of Service Program at the Meadowmere Resort. This program was designed to help teach employees, old and new, the value of personal connections with our guests, through the process of sharing the stories of connections with their peers. All employees at the Meadowmere Resort understand the importance of customer service at our Ogunquit hotel. And this program fosters a deeper and more personal connection between our staff and our guests allowing our moto of Family Serving Family to shine.

This week the Meadowmere Resort celebrated our Annual Christmas Party at Jonathan’s Restaurant, a wonderful evening of relaxation, delicious food and great company. The evening also allows us the opportunity to thank our team for their hard work and dedication over the past year. We share customer service stories at our Ogunquit hotel and each have a chance to vote on our favorite one. We honor the employees who went above and beyond for our guests and choose our favorite story of the year. The story with the most votes receives a mini vacation at a New England Inns and Resorts property - a chance to become a guest ourselves!  Our favorite stories that highlight customer service at our Ogunquit hotel from 2015 are below:

January ~ Hannah Front Office   A guest came to the desk to check out with Hannah.  She ranted and raved about how much she loves the place. As she was leaving she mentioned warming up her coffee and then proceeded to walk further into the lobby. Hannah realized she was looking for a microwave and when she turned around to leave she offered to warm the coffee up for her. The guest expressed how thankful she was and left with a smile and hot coffee.

February ~ Hannah Front Office  Hannah noticed the arrival for 508 had never stayed here before. Seeing that she was from York she upgraded her to a Luxury Suite so she could see what quality rooms we have to offer. This way the guest will be more likely to recommend us to family and friends who come to Maine to visit her!

March ~ Hannah Front Office      An elderly woman who will be staying with us for the first time in 25 years, called Monday to make a reservation. She said she received a birthday coupon via email for her third night free but she does not have a printer. Hannah had her forward the email to us and she printed out her coupon to save until her arrival date next month.   The guest was very happy.

April ~ Michelle Front Office    A guest had to send a fax for her daughter's medical records.   Michelle told her of the charge and she declined and inquired about another place that would send a fax for her. Michelle offered her this service and complimentary sent the fax so the guests stay was not interrupted.

May ~ Michelle Front Office  A guest had a belly ache and asked about where to get Alka-Seltzer.   Michelle stated it is a 10 minute walk but if she could wait 30 minutes she would run down for her. She was very grateful for the offer.

June ~ Jodi Housekeeping  When Jodi was leaving, she was walking by room 805 as they were bringing their stuff in. They asked her for help since they brought gallons of water and because of the way their fridge is the shelves can't be pulled out. She went to the pub to see if they had a pitcher that would fit but it happened to be too wide.   She asked maintenance for a small fridge to add to their room.   And the guests were extremely happy for the help!

July ~ Ethan Maintenance  Ethan was painting next to the game room. A little girl won a toy in the claw machine but it wouldn't come out.   Ethan came to the office to see if we had a key, but we don't. He took a shovel and pail from the office closet and brought it to the little girl. She was thrilled!

August ~ Lauren Front Office  Lauren noticed a visitor in the parking lot during our busy season.  She left a trail of bread crumbs to the Josiah River Park next store for the duck to follow and to ensure our guests could get in and out of the parking lot.

September ~ Liz Front Office    Liz used her service allowance to purchase Ginger Ale and Saltines for a guest who had an upset stomach and had to stay behind from the rest of her group. She hand-delivered the items to the room with a "get well soon" note!

October ~ Michelle Front Office Michelle checked in a guest who was joining us for the first time.   She gave them a tour of the hotel amenities and showed them to their room!

November ~ Katelyn Housekeeping as Katelyn was cleaning a guest room she noticed a bottle of wine on the counter.  She grabbed a couple of wine glasses from the pub along with a Meadowmere corkscrew and placed them in the room so the guests could enjoy!

Check back next year for our Story of the Year Winner for 2015.  We hope you can come join us in 2016 and experience our gift of service!

December 22, 2015

Top 5 reasons to enjoy a Massage this Holiday Season

Maine-ly Stone Massage
Maine-ly Stone Massage

Are the holiday’s causing you stress?

Are you looking for a perfect gift for that special someone?

Our hotel in Ogunquit Maine has the treatment for you!  Our award winning fitness center doesn’t just feature state of the art equipment for exercising the stress away, it also holds our steam and sauna rooms and spa suites.  With the winter season upon us we bring you The Top 5 Reasons to get a Mainely Stone Massage:

1 To warm up - it’s cold out there and massage increases blood flow

2 To relieve tension - carrying all those gifts puts stress on those shoulders

3 To increase Metabolism (very important with all the holiday meals!)

4 To relax after all the holiday stress - recover and unwind

5 Because it feels so good to be pampered and you deserve it!

Join us for an overnight escape at our hotel in Ogunquit, or stop for the day to take advantage of our fitness, massage and Roman Spa with a day pass.  We’re always here and working hard to ensure you’re visit is memorable and relaxing.  Here are a few stories from our team.

A guest called to make a reservation for their 51st Anniversary and mentioned they wanted something special.  As the Whitney was going through the options for gift bags, flowers and chocolates the guests mentioned their favorite bottle of wine.  Whitney knew it wasn’t one we carried in our pub but made sure it was here for them to enjoy upon arrival!

Liz was working at the front desk when a group leader altered us to a guest who wasn’t feeling well and would be staying at the hotel rather than heading off with the motor coach tour.  Liz had our pub send up a glass of ginger ale and some crackers to help soothe the upset tummy.

Michelle was checking in a guest with limited hearing.  After providing a tour of the hotel and amenities she walked the guests to their room and ensure the tv settings for close caption were set.

December 15, 2015

Best Maine Holiday Traditions at our Ogunquit Resort

Holiday Traditions at Meadowmere
Holiday Traditions at Meadowmere

The holiday season is full of traditions generally celebrated at home.  With the Meadowmere Resort as a home away from home for so many New Englanders we’re delighted to have all the families that are beginning to include the Meadowmere in their Holiday Traditions.  For those of you worried of missing out on your favorite traditions we’ve compiled a list of admired holiday traditions celebrated at the Meadowmere.

Visit Santa – Only in Maine will you see Santa arrive on a lobster boat to visit your children

Christmas Cards – Hung above the front desk from friends and families sending us holiday cheer

Caroling – Strolling all around town for you to enjoy on your way to dinner or feel free to hope in and join them!

Watch Classic Christmas Movies – Everyday through Christmas enjoy the classics in our 40 seat TV room

Donate Holiday Gifts – With a toys for tots box in the lobby bring in gifts, pick em up in town or at the Kittery Outlets and drop them off on your way to the indoor pool.

Religious Traditions – A full list of holiday services posted in the lobby with a front desk team ready with directions! 

Christmas Eve Dinner – Take Out from your favorite Ogunquit Restaurant, Mek hong Thai and the Cape Neddick Inn are our favorites!

Stop on by and see why the Meadowmere resort is a growing tradition through the generations!  Our staff is here year round ensuring your family Maine vacation is one to celebrate year after year.  Here are a few stories from our team:

Michelle was at the front desk when a few couple who frequent Ogunquit Maine for their annual vacations stopped in for a tour.  Although they’ve stayed at waterfront properties for the past decade they had always wondered what the Meadowmere had to offer.  Michelle provided a full tour of the hotel as well as a variety of rate and package options for their favorite time of the year to visit Ogunquit.  The guests were thrilled with all the unique amenities on property and secured reservations for next season.  We are delighted to welcome them and they are excitedly looking forward to joining us and revamping their tradition!

Lauren was at the front desk when a guest altered her that the laptop they brought wasn’t working and they were unable to check-in for their flight.  Lauren offered her assistance and was able to check the guests in for their flight, print all boarding passes and even provided driving directions to the airport. 

December 08, 2015

Maine’s Homemade Hot Chocolate Martini Drink Recipe : Best Holiday Martini Drinks

Maine's Homemade Hot Chocolate Martini
Maine's Homemade Hot Chocolate Martini

Tis’ the Season to escape from the holiday stress and enjoy a Maine Getaway!  At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine there are countless ways to de-stress and keep warm.  On the weekends guests are found relaxing in the outdoor hot tub surrounded by countless holiday decorations before heading to the West Meadow Pub.  With Live entertainment every Saturday night, a roaring wood-burning fireplace and a delicious Hot Chocolate Martini the West Meadow Pub is the perfect way to spend your Maine Getaway!

Looking to enjoy Maine’s Homemade Hot Chocolate Martini from home?  At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we’re all about making memories and sharing memories.  Here’s our recipe along with a few memorable stories from the staff:

Hot Chocolate Martini

Combine 3 ounces of homemade hot chocolate, 1 ounce Dark Crème de Cacao,  1 ounce Bailey’s Irish Cream, ¾ ounce vanilla vodka in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake.  Strain into a chilled martini glass and add mini marshmallows!

Memories at the Meadowmere

As our housekeeper Janet was cleaning up she noticed a guest struggling with all their shopping bags & luggage.  She offered her assistance to ensure the guests only had to make one trip to the car!

Michelle was heading home for the day when she noticed a guest in the parking lot trying to find their room.  Once she confirmed the room number with the guest she realized they were at the wrong building and offered to drive over to the parking lot closest to their room, they were very happy to follow in their car.  When they arrived at the building for their room Michelle pointed out the elevator and amenities nearest them and offered assistance with luggage.

December 02, 2015

3 Easy Holiday Wreath Decorating Tips from Ogunquit

Holiday Wreath
Holiday Wreath

The holiday season has begun in Ogunquit!  Maine-ah’s have spent the last few weeks hanging their lights, bows and wreath all around town.  To help spread the holiday joy we bring you 3 Easy Wreath Decorating Tips from Ogunquit.

#1 Keep it Simple.  A snowman wreath is an easy way to decorate for the holidays.  Simply take three wreaths in varying sizes (5 inch, 12 inch, 24 inch) and attached with 2-3 cable ties.  Add an old scarf, hat and some twigs for arms and all that’s left is to hang it on the door sit back and enjoy!

#2 Make it Sweet.  Candy Canes are a family favorite this time of the year.   Sweeten up your decorations with a Candy Cane Wreath.  Just wrap a foam wreath in red ribbon, pick up some red & white striped straws, cut half the straws by 1/3 and glue it all together with a hot glue gun.

#3 Learn from Maine-ah’s.  Head up to Ogunquit, Maine for our Annual Christmas Festivals and join River Tree Arts for their Holiday Wreath Making Workshop or shop around at the Holiday Craft Fairs to find the perfect wreath.

At our hotel in Ogunquit we’re all about spreading joy especially this time of the year!  Here are a few stories from our team:

 Matt was at the front desk late one night, our complimentary coffee had been put away for the day when a few guests inquired about a cup of tea.  He went out back and brewed them a cup right away.

Michelle was assisting a guest joining us on a motor coach when the guest asked where he could get distilled water for his defibrillator.  As there wasn’t a store within walking distance Michelle offered to pick some up on her way in the next day.  The guest was thrilled to check this concern off his list!

Lauren was at the desk checking in newlyweds.  She snuck away for just a moment to have our housekeeping team deliver a box of chocolates and a congratulations card to surprise them when they got to their room.

November 19, 2015

Meadowmere Resort : There’s No Place like Home at our Ogunquit Hotel

Meadowmere - Home Away from Home
Meadowmere - Home Away from Home

As the famous quote of America's most known film goes, “There’s no place like home”. The staff at Meadowmere is delighted to be an annual vacation for so many of our guests.  To be noted as a home away from home by our guests is a tribute to our staff who truly go above and beyond to ensure your stay with us is meaningful and memorable.  Whether you’re here for a vacation, a celebration or relaxation our team at the Meadowmere is always ready to welcome you with a smile.  Here are a few of their stories from just this week:

A guest came down to the desk one morning hoping to purchase a newspaper so that her husband could continue his morning routine of the crossword puzzles.  As all the newspapers had sold out Hannah apologized and offered to print out the puzzles online.  The guest was delighted with this solution.

Lauren was at the front desk one morning when one of our return guests came down sobbing due to a family emergency back home.  Straight away Lauren adjusted her reservation, offered assistance with their luggage and sent a sympathy card to her house from the Meadowmere Family.

November 12, 2015

An Ogunquit Hotel Tradition - Meadowmere Guest Appreciation

Meadowmere Family Tradition
Meadowmere Family Tradition

At the Meadowmere we’re thrilled to be hosting our Fall Guest Appreciation Weekends full of familiar faces and friendly smiles.  Since we began this tradition years ago it has grown into a favorite event for all our employees.  A weekend full of charity and welcoming back guests that have become part of the Meadowmere Family and the tradition of Maine’s beautiful place by the sea!  Our staff is always here to welcome all of our guests with warm Maine Hospitality – here are a few of their stories:

Our Honeymoon Suites were sold out this weekend!  With the warmth of an in-room fireplace and a tempting double jacuzzi tub it's no surprise that these are guest favorite's year round.

As one of our guests was getting ready for her wedding along with the wedding party they quickly realized a few extra mirrors would be a huge help.  Liz collected a bunch including full sized mirrors and brought them right up to ensure everyone looked stunning on this special day!

Janet was cleaning one of our Honeymoon Suites when the guest mentioned they Loved the large flat screen TV in the living room and were spending most their time on the couch.  She offered to make it a bit more comfy and brought up some spare pillows and blankets for them to cuddle up with!

A special Thanksgiving Wish from our Ogunquit hotel: Meadowmere Gives Thanks

A special Thank You from Meadowmere
A special Thank You from Meadowmere

This Thanksgiving at our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we give thanks to all of the guests who joined us over the past year.  We thank you for supporting our Family Hotel by joining us for your Ogunquit vacation to Maine’s coast.  We thank you for the great comments you shared with us that allow us to keep growing and exceeding your expectations.  And most of al,l we thank you for having fun, sharing your memories and allowing our staff to do what they do best each and every day.  Here are a few of their stories from this week:

Janet was cleaning a guests room when they mentioned that the picture on their TV wasn't quite right.  Although she wasn't familiar with how to change the settings on the new TV's she was able to get one of our maintenance techinicians there right away to fix the resolution.

Lauren was at the front desk when a guest let her know she was having difficulty printing her boarding pass, Lauren oftered to give her a hand and was able to get the guest checked in on line and the boarding pass printed.



As always we look forward to another wonderful season in 2016 and can’t wait to welcome you back to Meadowmere.   

November 05, 2015

Plan to Relax at Our Ogunquit Hotel: The 4 R’s of Hospitality

Meadowmere Means Relaxation
Meadowmere Means Relaxation

Rest. Relax. Restore.  Repeat. 

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we pride ourselves on offering a relaxing rest to restore your mind, body and spirit.  Featuring Spa services from Southern Maine's #1 Day Spa, Therapeutic Roman Spa and a staff to ensure your vacation is free of stress, the Meadowmere is here for you each time you escape to Maine!  Here are a few stories from our staff from just this week:

A first time guest was checking with Michelle when a problem with his credit card arose.  With all the added security these days Michelle offered the guest a phone to call his credit card company to verify he was traveling.  While the guest was on hold with his provider they got to chatting and he mentioned they were just married and touring New England for their honeymoon.  Once his credit card company was resolved he and his new wife headed up to one of our Luxury Suites to enjoy a bit of relaxation.  Michelle sent up a congratulations card, bottle of wine and a Meadowmere cork screw as a gift to the newlyweds.

As Noah was making his rounds along the hotel grounds he noticed a few of our guests pulling in had a broken taillight.  After alerting the guests he offered to assist them with their luggage they were so pleased for the assistance.

One of our guests was headed home after a visit to the Meadowmere.  But before he pulled out of the parking lot he ran out of gas.  Andy our trusty maintainance man filled him up enough to get to the gas station. Talk about full service!

October 29, 2015

Maine Made on the Southern Maine Coast : Local Food & Treats near our Ogunquit Hotel

Maine Farmers Market
Maine Farmers Market

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy a Maine’s Farmers Market and fresh Maine Made goodies!  Just down the street from the Meadowmere you’ll find York Maine’s Farmers Market held until October 10th.  You’ll find some of our favorite treats like homemade artisan breads from When Pigs Fly and Green Parrot Woodworks with their handmade cutting boards and wooden boxes.  If you’re lucky you’ll catch Amalie Candle Co and their hand poured natural soy candles or Washed Ashore Designs with handmade copper jewelry.  Of course plenty of fall produce and natural products from around southern Maine be sure to stop in and check it out on your way to Stonewall Kitchen!  At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we here to grow your vacation into a yearly tradition with our familiar and friendly staff here help 24 hours a day each day of the year.  Here are a few stories from just this week:     

Michelle was walking down the hall when she overheard a few of our guests discussing how to get to the ice machine.  As she heard them speaking of the ice machine in the lobby she chimmed in and informed them there was an additional ice machine right around the corner.  The guests were happy to hear it was so close to their room.

Liz at the front desk recieved a call from one of our guests who was struggling to connect to the resort wifi, she went right up to the room and ensured all of his devices had the appropriate setting and was able to get them all connected right away.


October 22, 2015

Fall in Maine : Things Mainers Do with Great Big Gaint Pumpkins

Maine's Great Big Pumpkins
Maine's Great Big Pumpkins

The fall season in Maine brings more than colorful leaves, it’s also a time for Maine Farmahs to show off their agricultural skills at a number of County Fairs throughout the state.  A favorite Maine event for any fair is the pumpkin weigh off, sure we don’t grow ‘em quit as big as they do in Switzerland but we sure have fun.  In Lincoln County Maine they care more about the buoyancy than the weight of their Great Big Pumpkins that’s right -its gotta float how else are they gonna paddle around the lake in the fall?  Mainah’s also have innovative approach to smashing pumpkins with the Pumpkin Drop and Pumpkin Hurl.  At the Meadowmere you’ll find hundreds of pumpkins sprinkled the grounds of our hotel in Ogunquit including our Great Big Pumpkin grown by New England Farmers each year.  Stop on in and give us a guess on what it weighs to win a free vacation by the Sea!  We’re here each day to ensure your vacation is in good hands here are a few stories from our staff this week:    

Noah was taking out the trash when he saw a guest wandering about the parking lot looking a bit lost.  He asked if there was anything he could help them with and they informed him they needed to get to the Main Lobby to check in.  He dropped what he was doing and walked them over to our friendly front desk staff.

Jake was heading to car after a long day at work when a guest inquired where they could get an additional laundry bag.  He went back in to get one and hand delivered it to their room.

A few guests stopped in during their fall Harley tour through New England and wanted to see some of our guest rooms, as Michelle was walking them around the hotel and showing them the available rooms she realized their only hesitation was with parking.  As the building they were most interested in was located on a slight hill she walked them to the alternate entrance to point out flatter parking spaces.  The guests were thrilled to have rooms close to their bikes and a flat safe parking spot for them as well!

October 15, 2015

Foilage in New England: Fall in Maine at the Meadowmere Resort

Fall in Ogunquit
Fall in Ogunquit

The Northeastern United State, the Northeast, New England terms defining a region known for its Colonial past, long Atlantic coastline, beautiful autumn foliage and forested mountain regions.  In October New England holds the most scenic drives in the US.  The favorite drive to our hotel in Ogunquit is of course the Kancamagus Highway in NH where getting here is half the fun.  As you travel along the scenic White Mountain National Forest through Maine’s picturesque roads taking in the views of the autumn leaves and charming towns the calm relaxing culture of New England starts to sink in.  By the time you reach the Meadowmere and Ogunquit’s delightful village you’ll be ready to stretch your legs with a stroll along the quaint shops, stunning cliff walk and one of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic.  At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we’re here to ensure the beauty of Maine and New England is at your fingertips with a knowledgeable staff ready to send you on your way to experience the specialties of Maine!  Here are a few stories from our staff this week:

At the front desk Liz was busy assisting guests with their reservations at our hotel in Ogunquit when a first time guest called in.  This guest told Liz that she is a single mom and in the middle of moving, she was able to find a babysitter and looking forward to a relaxing and much needed getaway.  Liz took care of her reservation ensuring an in-room Jacuzzi to ensure ultimate relaxation and sent up a box of homemade chocolates along with a note to unwind & enjoy!

October 08, 2015

Columbus Day Celebration in Ogunquit ; Hotel Packages, Shopping and Fall Fun in Maine

Ogunquit Abenaki Indian
Ogunquit Abenaki Indian

Columbus Day is a day to celebrate the discovery of the “New World” in some regions it is known as Indigenous People’s Day, Native American Day and Day of the Race honoring the many different cultural backgrounds of the Americas.  Guests visit the Meadowmere Resort for a final summer escape during the long weekend, a time to capture moments in a quaint village that pays tribute to the Indigenous tribes that deemed the area “Ogunquit , in the Abenaki language “Most Beautiful Place by the Sea” .  

The staff at our Ogunquit hotel is here every holiday to ensure your holiday vacation is special and an experience to remember.  Here are a few of their stories from just this week:

Hannah was assisting a returning guest who had difficulty making a phone call, she offered to call for the guest and once she got through to the other line transferred the call to the guests room.

Bryanna was cleaning a guest room when she noticed one of the bath towels laid out inside the tub, she went to laundry to retrieve a non-slip bath mat and placed it in the clean tub.  Later in the day the guest found Bryanna in the hallway and thanked her.  




October 01, 2015

October in Maine : Fall Celebrations in Ogunquit at the Meadowmere

Scarecrow at Meadowmere
Scarecrow at Meadowmere

October is a favorite month for many visitors to our hotel in Ogunquit.  With our quaint little village fully decorated for fall and tons of fun festivities the buzz is out - Ogunquit is where you need to be in October.  At the Meadowmere Resort Ogunquit the scarecrow is an attraction in itself every year visitors stop by to snap selfies and share the enjoyable displays of autumn in Maine.  Maine is full of fall fun all month long with Freeports Fall Festival and the Fryeburg Fair starting off early October followed by Kennebunkports Harvest Fest and York Harvestfest mid month.  The annual OgunquitFest begins Columbus Day Weekend as locals and visitors alike set off to find and vote on their favorite Scarecrow in town.  The real fun kicks off October 22-25 with a Maine Horror Film Fest in Ogunquit’s Historic Theatre, Ghostly Tours, Autumn Bazaar, High Heel Dash and new this year the Waiter Races!

Don’t miss out head to Maine this October!  At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we strive to ensure our guests have a great time making memories in Maine!  Here are a few stories from our staff from just this week:

One of our guests had broken her favorite sandal and was so disappointed.  She let Matt at the front desk know to her surprise he offered to fix it and had it back to her in no time.

Hannah had stepped away from the front desk to refill the flavored water in the lobby when she noticed a guest in a wheel chair leaving his room.  She offered to shut the room door for the guest so he didn’t have to turn around. 

September 28, 2015

Celebrate Labor Day in Ogunquit, Maine : Great service for a great weekend


Labor Day In Ogunquit
Labor Day In Ogunquit

Things sure have changed since the first Labor Day Celebration in 1882 and yet over 130 years later our country still honors the American workers with their own day.  The back bone of the United States of America is undoubtedly each one of you who chooses to get up each morning and head to work.  From the school teacher to the politian, janitor to the engineer and all those jobs out there coming together to create the home of the Free. 

At our hotel in Ogunquit we honor American workers every day of the year – after all you’ve earned a vacation that is one to remember.  We’re here year round ensuring your break from work is relaxing and enjoyable with our friendly team here to assist however we can!  Here are a few stories from our staff from just this week:

Hannah at the front desk noticed a return guest was joining us for an Anniversary Celebration!  She placed a box of Homemade Harbor Candies in the room along with a personalized note wishing them a Happy Anniversary in their room.

Ethan was hard at work by the game room at our hotel in Ogunquit Maine while one of our guests was playing the claw game.  The little girl won but the prize got stuck in the machine, Ethan put together a gift of toys for her to enjoy while we waited for the game to be repaired.

September 21, 2015

Ogunquit Maine Lighthouse Challenge : The Best Lighthouses in Southern Maine

Maine Lighthouse
Maine Lighthouse

A trip to the coast of Maine would not be complete without a visit to one of our historic lighthouses.  Southern Maine is home to a few of our favorites and we’re curious to see if you can guess which ones they are.  Can you name these three lighthouses?

#1 This Maine lighthouse was built on an island and first lit July 1, 1879.  Its signal can range up to 13 nautical miles in clear weather and it’s one of the most photographed and visited lighthouses in all of American. Voyager II was sent to space with a picture of this stunning Maine lighthouse.

#2 In 1948 this small Maine lighthouse was built to hide a water treatment pump.  Today it’s seen by thousands of visitors a year as they stroll along Maine’s rocky coast to enjoy the breathtaking views.  With four webcams attached you can enjoy the views from this small lighthouse at home all year long.

#3 Commissioned by George Washington this Maine lighthouse holds plenty of history; it was first lit January 10, 1791 and is the states oldest Lighthouse.  Set adjacent what was formerly known as Fort Preble - a tremendous military asset protecting Maine’s largest city during World War II.

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we’re lighting the way for your perfect vacation!  Our staff is eager to help and ensure your stay is one to remember, here are a few of their stories:

Michelle was at the front desk one morning when a guest came down looking for her mother.  Michelle offered to call the guests room from the front desk so the two could talk.  Come to find out she was just looking to wish her a happy birthday.  Michelle had a happy birthday card and a box of chocolates sent to the guests room during housekeeping service as a thank you for sharing her special day at our Ogunquit hotel

Crystal was filling the vending machine when a boy came up and asked how much a candy bar cost.  She told him and he said he would be back as he needed one more quarter.  She pulled a quarter out of her pocket so he could enjoy a treat.

September 14, 2015

The story behind Laudholm Farm Near Our Hotel in Ogunquit

Laudholm Farm, Maine
Laudholm Farm, Maine

Laudholm Farm was first settled in 1643. For more than three centuries, the land held an agricultural farm supporting the town of Wells Maine with milk, cream, butter, eggs and roasting hens to name a few of the local goodies produced here.  In its day Laudholm Farm was the largest and most progressive saltwater farm in all of York County and even shipped goods weekly to Boston.  Now the headquarters for the Wells Reserve, the historic farm is part of over 2,200 acres of protected land with a mission to preserve and protect the natural beauty of Maine. 

Each September Laudholm Farm holds two favorite festivals which have become traditions for many guests visiting our Ogunquit hotel.  It starts with their 28th Nature Craft Festival featuring over 100 artisans exhibiting their products, music, food and a whole lot of fun held on September 12th and 13th.  On September 26th their 13th Punkinfiddle Family Festival is held with traditional crafts, hands on learning, lively music, old-fashioned games, farm animals and fun for the whole family!

At our Ogunquit hotel we don’t miss a beat our dedicated staff is out exploring all the fun things for your family to enjoy in the area to ensure you get the most out of your Maine Vacation.  We’re here year round to share it all and here are a few stories from our staff working hard to make sure you have a great stay:

Liz at the front desk was assisting a guest with planning some fun activities around our hotel in Ogunquit.  Once they had decided upon the best option for their family the mother inquired where she could get some Happy Birthday Balloons for her daughter’s upcoming birthday.  Liz assured her not to worry and stated she would take care of it all from picking them up to setting them up in the room on her special day!

Hannah was assisting a guest at the front desk when he inquired where he could print a document.  She explained the location of the guest computer and asked what he was looking to print.  As he was looking for directions to New York she offered to take care of that for him and had the directions ready in seconds.

September 07, 2015

Five Tips on Flying a Kite this Capriccio in Ogunquit

Ogunquit, Maine Festival of Kites
Ogunquit, Maine Festival of Kites

As the summer season begins to fade into fall Ogunquit presents a final beach day celebration for your Maine family vacation.  Each year patrons head to Ogunquit Beach for the Annual Capriccio Celebration to take in the views of the most beautiful place by the sea paired with the stunning sight of hundreds of kites dancing along the sky.  This year we bring you Five Tips to Fly a Kite on your Family vacation in Ogunquit Maine!

#1 Where to get a Kite? If you don’t have your own kite to bring along don’t worry at Crickets Corner in Ogunquit you’re sure to find the perfect match for your family

#2 Remember to Stand with your back to the wind and hold the kite in front of you

#3 Run along the miles of white sandy beach while allowing some of the string go as the kite soars in the sky (on a day where the wind is strong have a partner stand 50 feet away and launch the kite while you pull the string)

#4 Space, with a 7 miles stretch of beach your family should have plenty of space for kite flying but be sure you’re far enough away from others so the kites don’t tangle

#5 Have Fun after all you are in vacationland!

At our hotel in Ogunquit we’re here to ensure your Maine family vacation is full of fun, our staff is always ready to help here are a few of their stories from just this week:

Lanzel in our Pub was getting ready to head home for the day when a few guests stopped in hoping we could still cook up some dinner even though it was after hours.  They explained they were headed to the play shortly and hoped for a quick bit right on site.  Lanzel happily put on his apron and whipped up some delicious Meadowmere Burgers!

Liz at the front desk was assisting a guest with fun activities for families with teenagers.  At our Ogunquit Hotel there are so many fun ways to keep the whole family entertained.  As Liz was discussing the Paddleboarding Lessons offered at Ogunquit Beach the guest quickly chimed in stating that would be a perfect adventure!  Liz called LiquidDreams to book the activity.

August 28, 2015

Ogunquit Maine Family Activites : Explore & Enjoy the Sea Creatures

Maine Sea Creatures
Maine Sea Creatures

Family vacations to Ogunquit Maine are full of new experience and learning.  Our hotel in Ogunqut is steps from the variety of Sea Creatures your family can explore on your family getaway to Maine!  Please reminder to leave the animals where you find them, they will not survive in your home.  Please remember these are living animals just like you and me.  Take a picture to capture the amazing Sea Creatures on your family vacation to Ogunquit Maine!  Here are a few sea creatures for your family to find at the most beautiful place by the sea:

Ogunquit River & Ogunquit Beach

Sand Dollars range in size from about 1 ½ inches to 2 inches they come in a variety of colors such as green, purple, brown and gray.  They move with little suckers under the body and have spines all around the body that feel velvety they are generally found washed ashore along the beach.

Mussels have blueish black hinged shells with a flat oblong shape.  Normally they stick together and can each grow up to 3 inches long.  They have very long life spans and are generally found in rocky areas of the waters shore.

Dog Whelk is like a snail with a spiral shaped shell.  They are about 4 cm longs and use their shell to shield itself from sea predators.  They are fully formed from birth and are round around the rocks in shallow waters.

Green Crab can be found hiding under rocks and seaweed.  They have a green top shell with yellow and black and a yellow belly.  Be careful picking them up as their teeth are sharp.

Marginal Way Tidal Pools

Star Fish look just how they sound like a Star! Some can grow up to 3 feet long and come in a variety of colors such as purple orange and a creamy yellow.  They like to blend in and hide in the sea weed so keep your eyes peeled.

Hermit Crabs make their home in periwinkle or whelk shells as they grow they have to find new shells that fit right (kinda like your clothes).  They are a reddish brown color and look like a snail with a crab inside.

Sea Urchins are olive green and round with movable spines that grown out of their shell.  They have five rows of reddish purple feet and five triangular teeth for eating.   They are good at finding camouflage and often travel in groups.

Barnacles can be found all along the rocks they are gray round crustacean with a shell like covering and love to attach to rocks, boats and docks.  The barnacle eats with its feet when the tide comes in and once it finds a home on a rock or wherever it never comes off!

At our family hotel in Ogunquit Maine we are here to ensure your family is making memories every step of the way.  Here are a few ways our team did just that:

Hannah was checking a guest in at the front desk when she overheard their young toddlers say they wanted their own keys.  She gave them each a blank key to play with so the parents didn’t have to worry and the kids were happy as can be.

Liz was checking in a guest who had just had hip surgery, at check in the guest noted she forgot her ice pack.  Liz ensured extra grab bars were placed in the shower area as well as placed an ice pack in the freezer to ensure the guests comfort.

Whitney at our front desk was assisting a guests whose son had cut his foot.  After offering alcohol and band aids from the first aid kit Whitney walked to the store and purchased hydrogen peroxide to ensure the cut didn’t get infected allowing the mom and dad to focus on the boy.

August 20, 2015

Best Ocean Activities near Ogunquit Maine: Jet Ski, Parasailing & Deep Sea Fishing

Out to Sea in Maine
Out to Sea in Maine

At the most beautiful place by the sea everyone knows that walking along the Marginal Way, Sunbathing at Ogunquit Beach and strolling around the shops of Perkins Cove are the best way to take in the true meaning intended by the Abenaki Indians.  There are more exciting ways to experience Southern Maine and the beauty of the Ocean – so head out to Sea with our Top Three Picks

Deep Sea Fishing is full of unexpected events from minke whales swimming right next to the boat to small sharks swallowing the fish on your line – you never know what you’re going to get deep out to sea.  Aboard the Bunny Clarke the Captains also happy to share the stories from their fishing trips aboard the 40 foot deep sea fishing boat.  No need to bring your own pole your fishing excursion with the Bunny Clarke includes custom boat rods designed by Tim Tower, just hope on in Perkins Cove and head deep out to sea for an exciting day of fishing.

Jet Ski the Atlantic with rentals from Ocean Jet Ski Rental in Wells Harbor.  No previous jet ski or boating experience required the team there will provide safety orientation and go over the basics for operating a jet ski ensuring you are comfortable and ready to go.  Experience the thrill of flying across the pristine Maine waters with these Yamaha Jet Skis.

Fly to the Sky with Parasailing in Old Orchard Beach.  Parasailing offers a breathtaking aerial view from up to 1200 feet above the ocean.  With the Pier and Palace Playland right at the Beach Parasailing is the perfect addition to your day trip.  For the more adventurous OOB Parasailing offers their “free fall” with or without a lil’ slash in the Ocean waters!

We’re here each hour of everyday to ensure our visit to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine is a success!  Here are a few stories from just this week:

Richard was tending to the Bar in the West Meadow Pub when a couple of guests came down for a cocktail, as they chatted Richard learned they were here celebrating their anniversary.  He had the kitchen make them up a chocolate cake and offered complimentary champagne in celebration!

Taylor was serving drinks by the outdoor pool when she noteice a few guests that didn't have pool towels, she stopped into the lobby and grabbed a few so the guests could continue relaxing

August 13, 2015

Ogunquit Maine 's Farm to Table Foods : Local Greens to Look for on Your Plate

Maine's Edible Greens
Maine's Edible Greens

As an Eco-Friendly hotel in Ogunquit we are always thrilled to find new Farm to Table restaurants in our area.  And there are quite a few we’ve noted in past blogs – they just keep popping up, were not complaining!  But there are just a few that have really set sail with the idea and gone back farther than the local farmer to bring you items that have a deep history in being foraged in Maine by our ancestors.  Here are our Top Three Edible Maine Greens served just down the street from our hotel in Ogunquit Maine.

Dandelions have a deep routed history in Maine and have long been a delicacy.  Among the most familiar plants in the world today dandelions seem to be either loved or hated.  That wasn’t always the case prior to the invention of the lawn the dandelion was praised as a bounty of food and medicine. Gardeners even used to weed grass out to make room for them.    Dandelions are said to heal baldness, dandruff, toothache, sores, fevers and depression among other things.  They also contain more vitamin A then spinach, more vitamin C than tomatoes and are rich in iron, calcium and potassium.  Here in Southern Maine at Golden Harvest Produce in Kittery you can buy dandelion greens stop on in after a day at the Kittery Outlets and try your hand at one of the 10 Ways to use Dandelion Greens.

Wild Asparagus.  I’m sure your familiar with Asparagus sold at the grocery store and regularly served in many restaurants.  At Earth in Kennebunkport they’ve gone back to the basics by taking great pride in sourcing their foods from local farmers, artisans and ranchers.  One menu option features Scarpinocc (their homemade pasta) with Goat’s milk ricotta, spring leek soubise, wild asparagus, cherry peppers and pecorino.  Here is a video showing tips on how to find and transplant wild asparagus to grow at home.

Fiddleheads. Black Trumpet Bistro in Portsmouth NH isn’t far from our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine their Paella Verde features calaspara rice baked with asparagus, fiddleheads, peas, peppers and crispy morels.  They also seek to build public awareness about locally raised heirloom produce, heritage meats and sustainable seafood with their Heirloom Harvest Project.

 At our Eco-Friendly hotel in Ogunquit we’re here to ensure you don’t miss a "beet" on your vacation in Maine.  Here are a few stories from just this week of our staff going out of their way to make your stay unforgettable:

Richard was getting ready for his bartending shift in the West Meadow Pub when he noticed a mother  filling up the cooler with ice before heading to the beach.  This guest had her hands full with little ones and another one on the way – Richard offered to help her bring it out to car which she was so grateful for!

Crystal was cleaning up our state of the art fitness center when she started chatting with some guests – they noted they were waiting for their spa services.  She noticed the guests didn’t have their spa slips in hand and asked if they had stopped by the front desk first.  They had completely forgotten and were happy when Crystal offered to go get them.

August 06, 2015

Ogunquit Playhouse Summer Theatre : Enjoy a Million Dollar Quartet & Some Nice Work

Ogunquit Maine Performs
Ogunquit Maine Performs

With the natural beauty surrounding us at the Most Beautiful Place by the Sea it’s no wonder that Ogunquit Maine is a place where creativity flourishes.  For generations the performances at America’s Foremost Summer Theatre has brought us the finest professional theatre productions and stars like Sally Struthers.  The Ogunquit Playhouse performs this August 2015 with amazing titles we just have to share with our guests.

The month starts out with “Nice Work if you Can Get It” a musical full of laughter, romance and high-stepping Broadway magic bursting with girls, glamour and the glorious songs of Gershwin.  This 2012 Tony Award-winning musical comedy hits the stage featuring Sally Struthers as the town temperance enforcer against a gang of bootleggers.  Experience the Roaring Twenties at the Ogunquit Playhouse this summer!

We finish the month of August in Ogunquit with “Million Dollar Quartet” yet another Tony Award Winning Musical re-live history as Elvis, Jerry Lee, Perkins and Cash come together to make music.  An irresistible tale of broken promises, secrets, friendships and celebrations featuring timeless hits like “Blue Suede Shoes”, Great Balls of Fire”, “I Walk the Line”, “Hound Dog” and many more!

A visit to Ogunquit Maine in August is full of fun, great performances and warmth.  At our hotel in Ogunquit we are hear with warm welcoming smiles to ensure your Maine Vacation goes off without a hitch.  Here are a few stories from our staff:

Jodi was heading home after a long day at work when she noticed a guest struggling to fit large water jugs into their fridge.  She found an extra fridge and offered it to the guests for added space to keep their goodies cool.

Liz on our front desk team was assisting a new guest with a reservation, as this guest had never stayed at the Meadowmere or even visited Maine before she had a lot of questions.  Liz put together a packet of hotel information and brochures of local restaurants and attractions and sent it along to the guest to help out with planner her vacation.



July 30, 2015

Best Maine Lobster Dishes : Top Three Lobster Recipes from Ogunquit Maine

Maine Lobster Pizza
Maine Lobster Pizza

Lobster, Lobster, Lobster.  Generally the first question we get from guests is “where do the locals go for lobster”?  But there are so many great restaurants and different ways lobster they prepare it in Ogunquit Maine.  And although three doesn’t come close to the variety of delicious dishes containing lobster – we thought we’d share our favorites for each meal.


Bintliffs is located just north of Ogunquit center and features their signature Maine Lobster Benedict with market fresh native lobster served on English muffin halves and topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.  The perfect start to any day in Ogunquit Maine!


CornerStone located in the heart of Ogunquit Village offers a Cold Picked Lobster Pizza.  Their play on a “lobster roll’ turned pizza featuring tarragon-sherry ricotta, mozzarella-provolone blend finished with chilled Maine lobster salad and lemon aioli Gluten free dough is also available


The Ogunquit Lobster Pound is located just north of Ogunquit Center and features Hot Boiled Maine Lobster in a friendly Down East comfortable atmosphere.  Phantom Gourmet named them “best boiled lobster” in New England.  The lobster is boiled to perfect in Ogunquit River sea water.

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we’re always looking for ways to make your stay one to remember.  Here are a few stories from just this week:

Crystal, a member of our housekeeping team, was cleaning the fitness center when she noticed a guest was having difficulty with the soda machine.  She asked if she could be of assistance and was told the machine didn’t seem to be working.  She told the guest she would fix it and to go ahead and start their work out.  After fixing the machine she delivered a bottle of water to the guest.

Michelle on our Sales Team quickly realized that the Group Leader had a rough day.  They had discussed the bottle of wine the guest had in her suitcase for when the day was over and while the group was out to dinner a wine glass and plate of cheese and crackers was placed in the Group Leaders room along with a note to enjoy her free time.

July 23, 2015

Splash into Family Fun : Ten Water Tips from Our Ogunquit Maine Hotel

Splash into Ogunquit
Splash into Ogunquit

Family vacations in Ogunquit Maine tend to include more than a few hours pool side at our hotel in Ogunquit Maine.  Here at the most beautiful place by the sea there are countless ways for your family to enjoy the water.  Check out these TOP 10 Water Tips to ensure your family is entertained all summer long:

1.  Check into the Meadowmere Resort and soak up the sun with our pool side service while the kids swim around the Indoor pool, Outdoor Pool or one of a kind Roman Spa.

2.  Head down to Ogunquit, Beach to jump the waves with the whole family.

3. Take a drive to Drakes Island – you’re sure to find the best rocks for your family rock skipping contest.

4. Rent some boogie boards right at the beach and rides some waves.

5. Relax on the Beach on Ogunquit River while the kids search for sea creatures such as mussels, crabs and snails.

6. Wait for low tide at the Beach on Ogunquit River to see who can swim to the sand bar first.

7. Cruise aboard the Finest Kind to view the sights by the sea and experience the art of lobstering.

8. Take a family surfing lesson from Liquid Dreams.

9. Rent Kayaks and explore the estuaries.

10. Sign the kids up at the Wells Reserve for their Stream Scientists day camp to discover the vast aquatic life in Maine!

At our hotel in Ogunquit we’re hard at work ensuring your Maine family vacation is one to remember – here are a few stories from staff members who have done just that:

One of our Housekeeper’s noticed a guest at breakfast preferred sweet n low with her coffee and made sure there were extra packets in her room for the in room coffee maker.

Richard just joined us a few months ago in the West Meadow Pub, as he was chatting with our guests enjoying their cocktails he learned the whole family was here celebrating a 50th Anniversary!  He got a plate of Cabbot Cheese and cracker,  a few complimentary glasses of wine and delivered it as a gift.

July 16, 2015

Birding Tips from our Eco Hotel : How to Find the Best Birdng in Ogunquit Maine

Birding in Maine
Birding in Maine

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we pride ourselves on our commitment to the environment.  With solar panels, salt water pool filtrations and tons of recycling we do our best to ensure the natural beauty of Ogunquit is here for generations to come. 

Birdlife is a big part of that natural beauty and here are a few tips on how you can enjoy the melody of Maine’s birds:

  1. Step outside – year round the Meadowmere resort is home to Chickadee’s, Robins, Cardinals and more just steps from your room!
  2. Eat Well – Down the street is Clay Hill Farm Ogunquit Maine’s only bird sanctuary enjoy the sites of countless species of birds while enjoying a delicious meal.
  3. Take a Hike – Mt. Agamenticus is Maine Audubons top spot for birding in Southern Maine with deciduous forest, pocket wetlands and upland passerines the variety doesn’t get much better than this.  Sightings of migrating hawks and bald eagles are common.

As you relax on your Ogunquit Maine vacation watch and listen for Maines summer bird songs.  We’re always here to ensure your stay is one to remember here are a few of our stories from just this week:

Lorraine was finishing up after breakfast when a first time guest popped in, noticing the pub was closed they apologized but before they got to the door Lorraine stopped them and asked how she could help.  They let her know that they slept in and didn’t realize they missed breakfast.  She went out back and made a few plates of our homemade pastries and fresh fruit for our guests to enjoy.

A return guest had mentioned in the past that Pistachio Ice Cream was her favorite and becoming more and more difficult to find in stores.  Knowing Barnacle Billy’s offers some great ice cream and countless flavors - Michelle stopped into Perkins Cove prior to the guest arrival to surprise them with a cup of fresh pistachio ice cream placed in their room freezer.

July 09, 2015

Southern Maine’s Top Biking Trails : Summer Outdoor Cycling Fun

Southern Maine Bike Trails
Southern Maine Bike Trails

At the most beautiful place by the sea there are countless ways to take in Maine's natural beauty.  With our Summer Strength challenge we point out Southern Maine's Top Biking Trails offering something for every skill level.  We hope to see you as you join us to take ride along these trails, be sure to stop into the front desk at our hotel in Ogunquit and let us know how much you enjoyed them!

1. Mount Agamenticus is well known for its unique trail systems throughout the 10,000 acre conservation.  This is a one stop shop for all skill levels with trails for the easy ride, moderate ride and challenging bike ride.  As Maine's southernmost mountain biking area offering views of the Maine woods, ponds and beautiful stonewalls.  When your finished exploring the trails on your bike stop at the peak for a picnic lunch and take in the panoramic views as you relax.

2. Edmund L Smith Preserve Located just North of us in Kennebunkport Maine this is the largest land holding of the Kennebunk Conservation Trust with 10 miles of trails welcome to bikers and hikers along Maine's Coast.

3. Sea Road Preserve located in Kennebunk Maine offers 13 acres through the Bridal Path and Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge.  The Bridal Path follows an old, turn of the century train bed and offers scenic views of the Mousam River

At our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine we are here to ensure your Maine vacation is one you'll never forget.  Here are a few stories from just this week:

Whitney was at the front desk when a guest stopped in to check into our hotel.  Although the guest had been here before she wasn't quite sure how to find her way around, Whitney offered to bring her luggage up to the room and show her around to all of the amenities to make sure she didn't miss a thing on her Maine vacation!

A long time guest was joining us in the West Meadow Pub for some New England IPA one of our seasoned employees recognized them.  She noticed the guest and welcomed them back and took a bit of time to catch up with them.  After visiting with the guests she ensured the tab for the beers were picked up by the hotel as a welcome back gift.

July 02, 2015

Ogunquit Fourth of July Fireworks : Great Restaurants and Activities for the Holiday

Fourth of July in Ogunquit
Fourth of July in Ogunquit

The Ogunquit Chamber of commerce has been hard at work once again to ensure the this year's Ogunquit Fourth of July Fireworks are better than ever before.  The planning started months and months ago with a raffle to support this Annual Event and the Holiday Celebration in Ogunquit, Maine.

Many visitors to Ogunquit during the early part of this year purchased raffle tickets to win a luxury vacation at the Meadowmere Resort.  This three night stay for two guests includes the following activities from Ogunquits favorite businesses:

Gypsy Sweethearts located in the center of Ogunquit Village donated a dinner for Two featuring international choices and great choices for vegetarian and gluten free diners.

Lunch for two at CornerStone located in the heart of Ogunquit guests enjoy Artisan Pizza and craft beer that's hard to find anywhere else!

The Ogunquit Playhouse Donated two tickets to one of their shows.  The legacy of America's foremost Summer theatre with fantastic productions year after year and stars like Sally Struthers with amazing performances.

Links at Outlook Farm offers a unique golf experience with undulating bent grass fairways and greens surrounded by rolling dunes and scattered sand bunkers along the 140-acre course.  The lucky winner of the raffle to support Ogunquit's fourth of July fireworks can enjoy a round of golf for two including a cart.

Your Body Works massage and day spa also donated spa treatments for this cause.  A favorite spa choice for guests of the Meadowmere year after year.

The raffle to support Ogunquit Fireworks teamed with the local businesses making donations of goods and money allows for another great year of fireworks at Ogunquit Beach.

Here in Ogunquit Maine you can trust you are in good hands with our Maine hospitality here are a few stories from just this week:

A guest was joining us and let us know she wasn't feeling well.  After inquiring what was wrong one of our friendly staff members stopped a store in Ogunquit Village to get the guest a bit of alkaseltzer to ensure nothing stood in the way of her vacation at the Meadowmere!

Our front desk agent Liz was at the front desk when a guest stopped by and told her that he tried to hike MT. A but got lost.  She quickly pulled up directions to ensure he could enjoy Southern Maine's highest point and the breathtaking views.


June 25, 2015

Maine Healthy Travel Tip: Saltwater Roman Spa

Maine Bath Salt
Maine Bath Salt

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine families and couples alike flock to the Meadowmere to enjoy our cozy guest rooms steps from the Oceans Shore to experience the benefits of nature’s salt water.  For thousands of years salt water has been used therapeutically.  Here are three easy steps to create your own Salt Water Bath Crystals to use at home until you can visit us again!

Step 1 Measure Ingredients:

1 Cup Epsom Salt

1 Cup Baking Soda

2 Tbsp. Liquid Glycerin

5 Drops of your favorite Essential Oil

Step 2 Mix the Ingredients:

Combine Epsom salt and baking soda.

Add liquid glycerin and stir well.

Mix in your Essential Oil

Step 3 Store your bath salts:

Pour the mixture of bath salts into a container with a lid and store until needed.  Just a few tablespoons mixed into hot bathwater will produce skin-softening and relaxing effects.

Select weekends throughout the year our team at the Meadowmere Resort offers kids crafts in the West Meadow Pub to inspire your kids creativity.  Crystal was tending to the coffee when she noticed a family snapping photos of their crafts and offered to take a group photo to ensure they had a family memory to enjoy back home.

Michelle at the front desk was assisting a first time guest with their check out.  The father of the family notated that they loved their first visit to Ogunquit and the Meadowmere Resort and stated that his wife would surely be scrapbooking this vacation!  Michelle grabbed a few favorite postcards showcasing the hotel and beauty of Ogunquit to add to their scrapbook.

June 18, 2015

Top Three Golf Courses in Southern Maine for Father’s Day Fun

Father's Day in Maine
Father's Day in Maine

With Father’s Day around the corner a trip to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine is a sure way to celebrate and honor the Dad in your life.  Southern Maine is home to a number of beautiful golf courses, endless fishing and boating and so much more.  Below are our Top Three Golf courses located minutes from our hotel in Ogunquit Maine.

The Links at Outlook is located in South Berwick Maine and features undulating bent grass fairways and greens surrounded by rolling dunes and scattered sand bunkers.  The course is set on 140-acres where golfers will enjoy many breathtaking views designed by Golf World Magazines Architect of the Year 1999.

Cape Neddick Country Club is an 18 hole semi-private golf course, featuring a newly renovated outdoor driving range and putting practice facility.  Lessons are available for any ability level and the Pro Shop is equipped with Rentals, Apparel and repairs.

Webhannet Golf Club is located on Kennebunk Beach is a 6100-yeard par 71 course featuring serpentine fairways, tidal-fed water hazards and undulating greens that challenge and tempt golfers of all handicaps.

At the Meadowmere Resort our Tee & Sea Package is sure to delight your dad on his special day!  Our staff is always here to ensure every stay is special.  Here are a few stories from just this week:

Hannah was tending to the front desk when a gentleman inquired about the tide schedule – she pointed out the chart that is hanging in the lobby area and offered to print a copy out for him to take with him.  He was very happy as he relaxed by the outdoor pool exploring the tidal chart for the best fishing times.

Michelle was assisting a guest who mentioned he forgot his toiletry bag at home.  She quickly acquired a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and shaving cream ensuring  his comfort.

June 11, 2015

Explore the Southern Maine Outdoors : Hiking Near Ogunquit Maine

Explore Ogunquit Maine
Explore Ogunquit Maine

Most people visiting our hotel in Ogunquit Maine know all about the Marginal Way and look forward to the annual tradition of taking the breath taking stroll along the shore. Some of our loyal guests have ventured farther into the woods to explore the states Pine Trees and Wild Life. Here are some of our favorite nature hikes to do just that:

Mt. Agamenticus (MT. A) - Cape Neddick, Maine The Mt. A conservation region consists of over 10,000 acres of unqiue coastal forest supporting the highest diversity of animal and plants species in Maine. Trails are open to hikers and bikers year round with a viewing area at the top of MT. A.

Hilton-Winn Farm - Cape Neddick, Maine Featuring 50 acres of conservation with wooded trails leading to a small river. The Hilton-Winn Farm offers annual Summer Fun Kids Camps and seasonal events for the whole family to enjoy.

White Pines - Cape Neddick, Maine With knowledgeable Maine Guides the White Pines programs offer extensive learning about the great outdoors from seeds to tracking all ages can explore the Maine wilderness.

Laudholm Farm - Wells, Maine Over seven miles of easy to moderate trails you’ll experience the beauty of the southern Maine Coast. They even offer guided kayak tours along the quiet and calm estuarine waters to observe wildlife and teach the natural history of this treasured habitat.

Rachel Carson Trail– Wells, Maine Explore a portion of this refuge holding 50 miles of coastline in York and Cumberland counties. With views of the tidal salt marsh, Maine woods and wildlife you’re sure to enjoy the scenic stroll.

Monastery – Kennebunk, Maine Surrounded by beauty you’re sure to enjoy the waterfront walking paths and St. Anthony’s Monastery with landscaping designed by Frederick Law Olmsted Bros of New York’s Central Park fame.

Blueberry Barrons – Kennebunk, Maine Home to several species of birds that are rare or endangered in Maine as wells as painted with the spectacular blooms of the northern blazing star in late summer occurring nowhere else in Maine. Enjoy strolling along the 135 acre preserve through the plains and forests of Maine.

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we pride ourselves in ensuring our guests have an exceptional Maine Vacation. From a knowledgeable staff onsite 24-hours a day, our Restaurant Book filled with all the local menus to our Eco-Book showcasing the very best nature activities in Southern Maine. We make sure you won’t miss a thing! Below are a few stories from our staff going above and beyond for our guests:

Christina was checking in a guest when she noticed they were hearing impaired. Before the guests reached their room she ensure it was equipped with TTY accessories for the phone, alarm clock and the knock light for the door.

Hannah was assisting and elderly guest who had just received an IPhone as a gift. As it can be tough trying to keep up with technology these days this guest mentioned that she had no idea how to call her friend. Hannah assisted the guest and showed her to view her contacts and make the call she even set up our WIFI password so the guest could check her e-mails!

June 04, 2015

Tips to Celebrate World Ocean Day in Ogunquit Maine

Explore Marginal Way Ogunquit
Explore Marginal Way Ogunquit

Healthy Ocean Healthy Planet is this years theme for the Annual World Oceans Day celebration.  There’s no place like Southern Maine’s most beautiful place by the sea to teach your kids the importance of caring for nature and the Oceans surrounding us all.

Here in Ogunquit Maine our renowned cliff walk – Marginal Way offers “The Official Kids Guide to The Marginal Way”.  The guide is easy to print and teaches your family all they need to know about the beautiful foot path from the history of how the Marginal Way came to be for all to enjoy to the types of rocks and tide pool animals you’ll find there.

When your family escapes to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine you’ll be steps from Ogunquit Beach and Ogunquit River offering Paddle Boarding and Kayaking excursions at your figure tips and of course the freshest Maine Lobster you can find.  Join us at our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine as we celebrate yet another World Oceans Day with behind the scenes tours of the hotel and our commitment to ensuring your stay is eco-friendly as we continually work to keep our Planet and Oceans healthy!

Our staff is always here to help, below are a few of stories of how they continue to exceed our guests expectations:

A first time visitor to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine called down to the front desk one morning to inquire how long it would take to get to Old Orchard Beach.  Our knowledgeable staff informed her it would take about 45 minutes and inquired if there was some place in particular they were looking to go.  The guest informed us she was meeting a friend that lived there.  Michelle at the front desk offered to print out directions which the guest was grateful for.

A returning guest inquired about dining at Angelina’s one Thursday night– our front desk team  not only made their reservations but also knew Angelina’s offered a Thursday night special when presenting an online coupon, we printed out the coupon for the guests before they left to enjoy the wonderful Italian restaurant.

May 28, 2015

Eat, Drink & Be Merry in the Heart of Ogunquit: Maine Dining Package at our Hotel

Meadowmere Resorts Culinary Escape
Meadowmere Resorts Culinary Escape

For years the Eat, Drink & Be Merry Package at our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine has been a favorite for guests.  It's become a tradition for many visitors as they travel to the Meaodwmere Resort.  This Culinary Package is available September through June and features Ogunquit's long time favorite restaurants sure to please your taste buds.

For 2015 we have some exciting updates to share with you in regards to the local business that partner with our hotel in Ogunquit to bring you the best culinary experience as you escape to Maine.

Bintliff's Ogunquit Restaurant has long been a favorite for breakfast.  Featuring traditional New England Cuisine paired with a casual but elegant atmosphere it's the perfect place to relax, enjoy and catch up with friends by the sea!  Select weekend package dates with the Meadowmere Resort now include your breakfast at Bintliffs.

Village Food Market defines our picturesque village as one of the quaint shops featuring their version of the old familiar market, paired with the quality of today's gourmet market.  With freshly baked blueberry muffins, delicious scones and fresh fruit the Chef's at the Village Food Market prepare a beauitful Breakfast Basket for select weekday package dates.

Dinner options at our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine have been part of the tradition for decades, changing only to include MC Perkins when they opened in Perkins Cove.  Many of our returning guests have chosen their favorite of the three and often express their enjoyment with the unique offerings.

Jonathan's Restuarant is praised for it's  Chicken Picatta, Baked Haddock and Twin Lobsters (to name a few).  With large portion sizes and an atmosphere of local art and the noteworthy Fish Tank in the Maine dinning room and warm service.

The Old Village Inn is loved for their friendly staff and the romantic feel of one of the oldest buildings in town.  This New England Country Inn is known for their Seafood Stuffed Haddock, Grilled Breast of Duck and Filet Mignon.

MC Perkins Cove is known for the breathtaking views only found from Perkins Cove.  The menu is fitting with additional raw bar options.  Guest will return year after year to enjoy the views and gourmet food. With restaurants in Portland and Boston Mark & Clark are fast becoming favorites throughout New England.

Escape to the Southern Maine Coast to Eat, Drink and Be Merry the staff at our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine is always here with a warm welcome and excellent service here are a few ways they've gone above and beyond to make your vacation a sucess: 

Our Front Desk Agent Christina was checking in a guest joining us for the first time.  As they were chatting about the area and confirming dinner reservations this guest mentioned that this was a much delayed escape to celebrate their honeymoon.  Christina excused herself for a moment and had a team member head to the room with a congratulations note, box of homemade Maine chocolates and to turn on their in room fireplace to ensure the perfect atmosphere for their arrival.  The guests were thrilled with the special attention to details and our commitment to ensure this special getaway to Maine was as perfect as the honeymoon they’d dreamt of all those years.   



May 21, 2015

The History of Memorial Day in Maine

Memorial in Maine
Memorial in Maine

There are many holidays our nation holds, all great reminders of American Patriotism.  Memorial Day is like no other, this is a day to remember the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms while serving our armed forces.  Throughout the country their gravestones will be visited and decorated with U.S. Flags in national cemeteries.  Formerly known as Decoration Day the tradition is said to have began in the 1860’s.  In 1866 Maine’s first and only national cemetery was erected in Kennebec County.  Togus National Cemetery displays the Avenue of Flags in remembrance annually on Memorial Day.

Here in Ogunquit Maine Memorial Day is a great celebration; it’s the start of our season in Southern Maine as everyone comes out of their winter hibernation to enjoy all the beauty Maine has to offer.  At our Maine Resort we celebrate with our special Memorial Day Package and Live Entertainment in the West Meadow Pub Saturday Night. Enjoy the Firepit, BBQ’s and Outdoor Pool as you celebrate Memorial Day 2015

Looking for a parade?  Southern Maine Memorial Day Parade in Old Orchard Beach is co-hosted by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion and one of the largest in the state.  Show off your American Patriotism at the beach, we’ll be here to ensure it’s one to remember here are a few ways our Ogunquit Maine Hotel is one to remember:

With so many rooms types and locations to choose from often our returning guests have their favorites.  Although we do our best to notate preferences in our system to ensure the best vacation escape to Maine we are not always aware of them.  Hannah checked in one of our very loyal guests who would have preferred a different location, she immediately noted the preference, moved them to their favorite room and sent up a box of homemade chocolates for their enjoyment!

One of our front desk agents noticed an elderly couple checking in with difficulty walking, while she was completing the check in process she had housekeeping deliver a rubber mat to their guest room to ensure a safer shower experience.


May 14, 2015

Top Five Places to get the Best Maine Blueberries

Maine Blueberries
Maine Blueberries

Maine is a state rich in adventure, relaxation, culture and of course great food.  Whether new to Maine, a state resident or loyal visitor there are two things everyone has heard about – Maine Lobster and Maine Blueberries.  The oh so popular question of “Where do the locals go” is one we’d like to answer.  Truthfully many native Mainahs have bags of fresh blueberries and shelves of homemade blueberry jam, but where do they get all those blueberries?  Here are the Top Five local favorites for Maine Blueberries:

#1 Stonewall Kitchen – York, Maine.  Enjoy their famous Maine Blueberry Jam, watch as they create it in the production room or enjoy a lunch in the café.

#2 Bread and Roses Bakery – Ogunquit, Maine.  Stop in for homemade Maine Blueberry Muffin or enjoy a slice of Maine Blueberry Pie as you stroll along the quaint Village of Ogunquit.

#3 Blueberry Plains – Kennebunk, Maine.  Experience Maine wild blueberries on this 135 acre preserve in Southern Maine.  Low bush blueberries, nature trails and the largest population of the Northern Blazing Star in the world!

#4 York Farmers Market – York, Maine.  In Southern Maine you can find it all from fresh blueberries ready to go to local Blueberry Milk from Harris Farm it’s your one stop shopping for all Maine Blueberry goodness!

#5 Spillers Farm – Wells, Maine.  Local Farmers since the late 1900’s at spillers farm your sure to get a real Maine Experience with 40 acres of farm land surrounded by hay fields, pastures and woods to explore.  U Pick seasons from June to October for a variety of fruits and vegetables enjoy picking your very own Maine Blueberries – you can’t get ‘em any fresher!

Stop by our front desk for more information or directions, we’re always here with a smile to ensure you get the most out of your vacation in Maine!  Here are a few ways our team has gone above and beyond for you:

Hannah at the front desk was taking a reservation for an elderly guest who had signed up for our Newsletter and received a coupon for her Anniversary Getaway.  As noted on the coupon it has to be presented at check-in, the guest told Hannah she did not have a printer.  Hannah offered to print the coupon here and would have it ready for when she arrived.  The guest was so happy that it would be taken care of for her.

Michelle at the front desk overheard a guest in lobby discussing their disappointment that the spa services were fully booked on this busy weekend.  She compiled a list of her favorite local spa's and checked for their availability and offered the information to guest.

May 07, 2015

The Art of Floral Design from our Ogunquit Hotel: Tips From Maine on How to Style Flowers

Maine Flower Art
Maine Flower Art

Here in Ogunquit at our Maine Resort we pride ourselves in our seasonal décor, with Maine being known for its four beautiful seasons it’s no wonder why so many people visit us again and again.  Today we want to share with you some tips on how to unite the beauty of Spring Flowers and the artistic talent that has set Ogunquit Maine apart for almost 100 years.  Below are the Top 10 Tips from our favorite Ogunquit Florists at Calluna Fine Flowers & Gifts:

Basic design guidelines that will help you create a beautiful flower arrangement:

Things You Will Need:
   Green Foliage
   Fresh flowers in whites, yellows and pinks
   Vase or container
   warm water
   Flower cutters
   Ribbon (optional)

Top 10 Tips from our favorite Ogunquit Florists at Calluna Fine Flowers & Gift:

  1. Pick out your favorite Container or Vase.  Pour warm water in the clean container.
  2. Create a Foundation of greens/foliage. You want enough foliage to create a base for your flower stems but not too much to overwhelm the flowers themselves.
  3. Choose Colors that complement each other or that match the theme of the spring season.
  4. Choose a variety of different types of flowers to create Texture in the arrangement.
  5. When adding flowers to the arrangements start with a Focal Point. A large faced flower like a Peony or Lily would be nice.
  6. As you continue adding flowers keep in mind that odd numbers create Balance in a Design.  For instance instead of using 2 yellow roses use 3 and place them evenly throughout the arrangement.  Keep that rule of 3 in mind when adding textures and colors to your arrangement.
  7. Add Proportion -by rule, you want your arrangement to be 1 to 1.5 times the height of the container you’re using. Use your flower cutters to cut your stems to that measurement.
  8. Your flowers and foliage should be evenly spaced and dispersed on all sides the arrangement will be viewed.
  9. When the arrangement is finished you can choose to add a bow or embellishment that matches the colors or theme of the arrangement.
  10. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of the season’s flowers 

Join us in Ogunquit, Maine to see for yourself why so many of our guests join us again and again each season of the year.  Below are a few example of how our staff in Ogunquit Maine ensure you’ll always enjoy your stay:

In the week leading up to his Romantic Maine Vacation our staff had the opportunity to get to know one of our guests very well.  He was planning a very special trip to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine where he intended upon proposing to his girlfriend.  Many members of our front desk team assisted him with recommendations for the best florist in the area, a gourmet cheese and wine basket from the Village Food Market and ensuring all items were arranged specially in the room for their arrival.  After a wonderful weekend the guest came down to the desk to checkout of course we inquired how his weekend was and we were thrilled to hear it was a success!  After offering them a Congratulations Lauren (our front desk agent) noticed his fiancé browsing the Ogunquit, Maine post cards – she offered one on us to ensure they always remembered this special trip to the most beautiful place by the sea!  


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