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April 17, 2016

Green Travel in Maine: That Myth That Going Eco-Friendly with Your Ogunquit Hotel Costs More

There is a huge misconception out there in the hospitality industry and we are here today to set the record straight.

The idea that going green with your hotel choice will cost you more is fool’s gold.

Yep, fool’s gold.

Here is why:

Solarinstall3A True Look at the Numbers

With state and federal grants available to businesses looking to apply eco-friendly practices especially when it comes to big budget investment items the initial savings can be great. So yes, those solar panels are pricey overall, but not when it comes right down to your stay.

Let’s take a look at what the long term price differential would be and how it effects your vacation. Let's use something guests and hoteliers can relate to: The Light Bulb.

Well, with over two thousand light bulbs hotel wide, investing in LED’s are not only more energy efficient for our Ogunquit hotel, they are also cost effective.  Take a look at these averages:

                                                Incandescent                     CFL                         LED

Average Cost Per Bulb                $1.00                                $2.00                    $8.00

Average Life Span                     1200 hrs                              8,000 hrs             25,000 hrs

Average Cost per Hour              $0.083                                 $0.025                 $0.032

Doing the simple math, over the course of 1 year for a hotel where the lights are on often, we would actually spend thousands of more dollars with Incandescent bulbs. Whoa.

And although CFL’s are the best cost option, as a hotel, we have to consider the hazard and risk of mercury inside one of those bulbs. For us it’s just not worth the risk.  We’ve upgrade to LED’s throughout the hotel to ensure a safe and eco-conscious experience for our guests. So factoring in the life span of LED’s one can easily see that there is as significant cost difference over time from the incandescent bulbs.

And that’s just light bulbs. If we factor in the solar electric and solar hot water our green Ogunquit hotel in is producing, going green helps keep your vacation more reasonable. We produce upwards of 50,000 KwH each year at an average cost of $0.15 per KwH  - That’s over $7,500.00 in savings annually and a big impact on the environment.

IMG_0023With Lightbulbs and Solar being just a small part of our Eco-Efforts, it’s pretty easy to see how going green can really pay off in savings for a hotel - and that helps us make a product of even better value to guests.  The best part is the savings from being an eco-hotel gets reinvested into your vacation with improvements like the Outdoor Pool and new WiFi system and stays in our community with year round jobs for our amazing team.

Bottom line —Be smart. Use logic when it comes to understanding the true cost of a hotel going green.  Understand you’ve always got to consider the long-term best interests. If a hotel is really walking the green walk, then that local business is making a difference local and with your vacation.

If you're planning a vacation to Ogunquit Maine and have thoughts about the environment and savings, give us a call directly. We love to welcome your family to Ogunquit for a great vacation now - and helps make the next one great too.

January 25, 2016

Ways to Create a Charitable Wedding: How to Celebrate and Make a Difference in Southern Maine

The excitement of your wedding – It is truly a special time. However, soon enough the reality that you will need a budget and some serious planning help arrives. Occasionally, a bride asks our hotel if all this expense for just one day in Maine is normal.  Well, yes. It is a very special day (there is a lot of history to why – for another blog). But if you are looking a way to make a difference with your Southern Maine wedding (or anniversary or birthday – really any celebration), then you may want to consider a charitable wedding.

HopkinsMeadowmereWays to Create a Charitable Wedding

  • Volunteer. Bond you bridal party with a day spent helping a local shelter or making a difference with kids. Looking to volunteer your time based on your ability and location? There are many websites that can help you out. The point is to plan a few hours giving back together. Here are a few:
  • Register for charitable gifts. As in add a charity that you and your love care about. And if you can’t choose, options like amazon smile can let your guests give to what matters to them and really spread the impact.
  • Skip the party favors. Instead of little gifts for your guests, make donation for what you would have spent to a local charity. In Southern Maine, there are many worthy choices such as Caring Unlimited, York County Shelter, Animal Welfare Society and many, many more.
  • Save the leftovers. Ask when booking your caterer where leftovers go and if they don’t have an answer, request that the local food panty receive them. This means less of the food you purchase for your wedding goes to waste and if this is the first time the caterer has been asked this, who knows. You just might start them on a path to help more.
  • Honeymoon Helper. Sure you can book a trip to lie on a beach and get couples massage. But you could do that and help make a difference for a day or two as well. Websites such as can help you find trips.
  • Donate the Dress. Okay, this one is a big step. But if you are truly never going to wear your wedding dress again, Brides Against Breast Cancer would love to hear from you.

And finally, you want to ask your vendors about green and charity practices that they have in place. Of Course a hotel that is central to your Southern Maine wedding venue for guests is important. At the Meadowmere Resort, our Ogunquit hotel is close and it is a leading green hotel in Maine. The hotel and it’s team have received numerous awards and recognition for our community efforts, including hosting weekends throughout the year to benefits local charities. Our wedding services and blocks in Southern Maine are available year round and our sales team can find a local charity to fit your wedding plans.

All this planning for one day – but truly it is up to you how far and wide your wedding day can reach!

We wish you happy wedding planning from Southern Maine!

January 11, 2016

4 Things that will Determine Your Environmental Impact on Your Ogunquit Vacation in 2016

Environmental Impact on Vacation
Environmental Impact on Vacation

If environmental awareness is important to you consider the impact your next vacation will have. There are a lot of important fact finding questions that you should be aware of, like what is the best way to get there? Which businesses care about the environment as much as I do? Where will I find local and sustainable goods? Below are the factors that will come into play when determining how big your Environmental Impact will be on your vacation in 2016.

Distance of Travel

As a vacation requires travel. At the very foundation of your trip, it’s important to consider the varying environmental impact of travel depending on the distance and the mode of transportation you choose to get there. Located on the southern coast of Maine Ogunquit features natural beauty, numerous restaurants and unique shops set along the charming seaside village. Traveling to Ogunquit is simple and swift just an hour north of Boston, MA and 20 minutes from Portsmouth, NH. Reducing the distance you travel is the most effortless way to reduce your environmental impact. Choosing the mode of transportation is also pretty seamless with the Amtrak Train just a few miles north, C&J Bus Lines offering direct trips from New York City to Ogunquit also consider car pooling with family and friends and enjoy a vacation together.

Where you Stay

There are several types of accommodations to choose for your vacation. Most people find a hotel with AAA three diamond rating offers the standards of cleanliness and service we all expect at a great value. We feel that affordable luxury is what every traveler deserves with our 100 point inspection for hotel cleanliness and our motto is family serving family. Our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine ensures your expectations are exceeded around each corner. As Ogunquit’s first environmental leading hotel the Meadowmere Resort reduces it’s environmental impact with Solar Electricity, Solar Hot Water, Non Chlorine Pools, Recycling Program including guest amenities and soaps and more! We leave no stone unturned in reducing our environmental impact.

Where you Eat

There are a lot of dining options on the market today, and prices vary greatly. You will need to keep in mind that price for any meal is dictated by quality. When traveling to Maine consider restaurants that feature farm to table and locally sourced dining. Our top picks below combine eco awareness with culinary expertise at a very good value.

        Clay Hill Farm

        Frankie & Johnny’s

        The Velveteen Habit 

        Jonathan’s Restaurant

       Joshua’s Restaurant

What you Do

Your environmental impact as well as your budget is greatly dictated by the type activities you choose while on vacation. In Ogunquit, Maine our most popular is the Marginal Way Footpath a mile and a half stroll along Maine’s Rocky Coast leading from Ogunquit Beach to Perkins Cove and Ogunquit’s fishing harbor. Usually people will spend an entire day just taking in the ocean air and the breathtaking views on their way to soak up the sun on the miles of white sand or grab a bite to eat in an ocean front shanty in Perkins Cove. Activities focused on the environment and natural beauty cost much less than a movie or a visit to a local amusement park, you can expect for the majority of environmental activities to be free of charge or cost just a minimal donation to support the natural conservation or educational programs.

So there are the 4 Things that will Determine your Environmental Impact on Your Ogunquit Vacation in 2016.

If you do a vacation to Ogunquit Maine, with an overnight stay, dinner out a farm to table restaurant and spend the day taking in Maine’s natural beauty you can expect to pay between $100.00 and $400.00. It all depends on what you do and the time of year you get away. The above pricing is not based on our pricing, it is a guideline on what you can expect to encounter in your eco vacation research. Our pricing is not the cheapest nor is it the most expensive; it is the best price we can give for the service that we provide. Good Luck with 2016 and have a great time on your vacation this year.

October 19, 2015

The History of Pumpkins : Fall Fun at the Meadowmere Resort Ogunquit

Pumpkins from the Meadowmere Resort
Pumpkins from the Meadowmere Resort

There are many tales of the origin of Jack-o-Lantern from a variety of cultures.  Common folklores of a blacksmith doomed to haunt the earth are shared in tales of Will-o-the-wisp and Stingy Jack in which a trickster banned from heaven and hell is given an eternal light, which he places in a carved turnip and uses as a lantern as he roams the earth.  What a fitting story on Halloween a time of year to carve Jack-O-Lanterns and remember spirits that have passed.   While many of us may be out trick o treating and dressing up in our scariest costumes some people still light candles on graves in respect for the dead and the spirits of All Hallows’ Eve. 

Now a days October is the month when carved pumpkins line windows and door steps throughout our quaint village and our hotel in Ogunquit Maine.  Visitors and Locals alike gather to our favorite pumpkin patches in search of the perfect backdrop for their creativity.  Just down the street from the Meadowmere Zach’s Farm offers tractor pulled pumpkin pickin hayrides to their half mile patch where you’re sure to find the perfect one.  Heading north from our hotel in Ogunquit you’ll find Spillers Farm with their pumpkin hayride and farm tour; explore the farm with the little covered bridge, calves, bee hives and geese to name a few then head into the pumpkin patch and find the one that’s just right.   

Who knows this year’s Jack-O-Lantern could be scary, silly or sweet we’re sure you will find lots of variety here in charming New England.  With beautiful fall foliage flourishing all around it’s no wonder the Northeast holds the world record for the most jack-o-lanterns carved and lit in one place. 

Pumpkins, of course are good for a lot more than decorating they’re also super yummy!  The adored tradition of roasting the pumpkin seeds when the carvings complete offers a tasty and nutritious snack.  Pumpkin seeds are filled with heart healthy magnesium, zinc to support the immune system, Omega-3 fats and many more benefits for your health.  Pumpkin is one of the most popular field crops around the world and full of antioxidants and vitamins no wonder pumpkin pie is a fall tradition!

In Ogunquit Maine our creative chef’s cook up some deliciously unique meals in fall, pairing their culinary skills with the seasonal harvest makes for a few can’t miss pumpkin specialties.  With a dining room overlooking the micro farm The Velveteen Habit is sure have a few surprise specials on the menu and at our hotel in Ogunquit our fingers are crossed that CornerStone will be bringing back their pumpkin mac & cheese real soon.  We hope to see you there!   

July 06, 2015

Eco Friendly Sun Care Tips: How to Best Enjoy Ogunquit Beach This Summer

Ogunquit Maine Summer Sun
Ogunquit Maine Summer Sun

Summer is here and our Eco-Friendly Maine hotel is here to make sure your family is ready to safely enjoy the summer sun!   

Each summer thousands of visitors join us at the most beautiful place by the sea to enjoy the summer sun along Maine’s Coast.  With attractions like the Marginal Way, Ogunquit Beach, Perkins Cove and a quaint village for shopping our guests spend most of their vacation outdoors.  Although the sun’s rays are great for Vitamin D and we all want a healthy tan this time of the year, we know that over time too much ultraviolet light can really damage our skin.

So how do you enjoy the summer sun while keeping your family safe?  Our commitment to providing an Eco-Friendly Maine hotel was a natural extension of taking good care of our guests.   To ensure you’re in good hands we’ve done a little research and bring tips for a Maine Vacation that is healthy, safe and Eco-Friendly here’s what we found.

Plan your day around the sun – here in Ogunquit, Maine the early bird sure gets the worm and getting to the beach early not only allows you to avoid crowds but it’s also the best time to take in the summer sun with a lower UV index.  By noon when the UV Rays are strongest you’ll be ready to break for lunch - head to Perkins Cove and take in the breathtaking views from inside one of the great restaurants.

Bring Shade – at our Eco-Friendly Maine hotel we recommend our guests walk to Ogunquit Beach.  It’s a great way to get to know the village, only takes 15 minutes and sure is cheaper than paying to park.  Stop by the hotel front desk and ask our friendly staff for a wagon to load up your gear – if you forgot the beach umbrella we can even give you tips on where to rent on right at the beach!

Don’t Burn – there is nothing worse than a bad sunburn during your vacation to Ogunquit Maine!   Be sure to always wear sun protection when you are out in the hot summer sun, the Environmental Working Group (ewg) has done a lot of research on healthy sunscreens  and even offer the “Hall of Shame” (a list of brands to stay away from).  At our Eco-Friendly hotel in Maine we were proud to see that our favorite New England Sunscreen Brands made the approved lists with the lowest hazard and best scores available through ewg.

Burt’s Bees was founded in Dover-Foxcroft, ME.  Their Baby Bee Sunscreen Stick is natural, fragrance-free and non-greasy.  It’s protection from the sun’s harmful rays is safe for your little ones delicate skin.

Badger Healthy Body Care was founded in Gilsum, New Hampshire and is highly rated as a top pick for eco-friendly and healthy sunscreens.  Their products are available in non-scented or Lavender scented, offer broad spectrum protections from UVA and UVB rays, water resistant, biodegradable and contain antioxidants from seabuckthorn and sunflower making them a great choice for your skin.

Enjoy these useful tips as you soak up the sun safely this year during your summer celebration in Ogunquit Maine!

June 11, 2015

Explore the Southern Maine Outdoors : Hiking Near Ogunquit Maine

Explore Ogunquit Maine
Explore Ogunquit Maine

Most people visiting our hotel in Ogunquit Maine know all about the Marginal Way and look forward to the annual tradition of taking the breath taking stroll along the shore. Some of our loyal guests have ventured farther into the woods to explore the states Pine Trees and Wild Life. Here are some of our favorite nature hikes to do just that:

Mt. Agamenticus (MT. A) - Cape Neddick, Maine The Mt. A conservation region consists of over 10,000 acres of unqiue coastal forest supporting the highest diversity of animal and plants species in Maine. Trails are open to hikers and bikers year round with a viewing area at the top of MT. A.

Hilton-Winn Farm - Cape Neddick, Maine Featuring 50 acres of conservation with wooded trails leading to a small river. The Hilton-Winn Farm offers annual Summer Fun Kids Camps and seasonal events for the whole family to enjoy.

White Pines - Cape Neddick, Maine With knowledgeable Maine Guides the White Pines programs offer extensive learning about the great outdoors from seeds to tracking all ages can explore the Maine wilderness.

Laudholm Farm - Wells, Maine Over seven miles of easy to moderate trails you’ll experience the beauty of the southern Maine Coast. They even offer guided kayak tours along the quiet and calm estuarine waters to observe wildlife and teach the natural history of this treasured habitat.

Rachel Carson Trail– Wells, Maine Explore a portion of this refuge holding 50 miles of coastline in York and Cumberland counties. With views of the tidal salt marsh, Maine woods and wildlife you’re sure to enjoy the scenic stroll.

Monastery – Kennebunk, Maine Surrounded by beauty you’re sure to enjoy the waterfront walking paths and St. Anthony’s Monastery with landscaping designed by Frederick Law Olmsted Bros of New York’s Central Park fame.

Blueberry Barrons – Kennebunk, Maine Home to several species of birds that are rare or endangered in Maine as wells as painted with the spectacular blooms of the northern blazing star in late summer occurring nowhere else in Maine. Enjoy strolling along the 135 acre preserve through the plains and forests of Maine.

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we pride ourselves in ensuring our guests have an exceptional Maine Vacation. From a knowledgeable staff onsite 24-hours a day, our Restaurant Book filled with all the local menus to our Eco-Book showcasing the very best nature activities in Southern Maine. We make sure you won’t miss a thing! Below are a few stories from our staff going above and beyond for our guests:

Christina was checking in a guest when she noticed they were hearing impaired. Before the guests reached their room she ensure it was equipped with TTY accessories for the phone, alarm clock and the knock light for the door.

Hannah was assisting and elderly guest who had just received an IPhone as a gift. As it can be tough trying to keep up with technology these days this guest mentioned that she had no idea how to call her friend. Hannah assisted the guest and showed her to view her contacts and make the call she even set up our WIFI password so the guest could check her e-mails!

June 04, 2015

Tips to Celebrate World Ocean Day in Ogunquit Maine

Explore Marginal Way Ogunquit
Explore Marginal Way Ogunquit

Healthy Ocean Healthy Planet is this years theme for the Annual World Oceans Day celebration.  There’s no place like Southern Maine’s most beautiful place by the sea to teach your kids the importance of caring for nature and the Oceans surrounding us all.

Here in Ogunquit Maine our renowned cliff walk – Marginal Way offers “The Official Kids Guide to The Marginal Way”.  The guide is easy to print and teaches your family all they need to know about the beautiful foot path from the history of how the Marginal Way came to be for all to enjoy to the types of rocks and tide pool animals you’ll find there.

When your family escapes to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine you’ll be steps from Ogunquit Beach and Ogunquit River offering Paddle Boarding and Kayaking excursions at your figure tips and of course the freshest Maine Lobster you can find.  Join us at our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine as we celebrate yet another World Oceans Day with behind the scenes tours of the hotel and our commitment to ensuring your stay is eco-friendly as we continually work to keep our Planet and Oceans healthy!

Our staff is always here to help, below are a few of stories of how they continue to exceed our guests expectations:

A first time visitor to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine called down to the front desk one morning to inquire how long it would take to get to Old Orchard Beach.  Our knowledgeable staff informed her it would take about 45 minutes and inquired if there was some place in particular they were looking to go.  The guest informed us she was meeting a friend that lived there.  Michelle at the front desk offered to print out directions which the guest was grateful for.

A returning guest inquired about dining at Angelina’s one Thursday night– our front desk team  not only made their reservations but also knew Angelina’s offered a Thursday night special when presenting an online coupon, we printed out the coupon for the guests before they left to enjoy the wonderful Italian restaurant.

May 18, 2015

Summer Broadway at the Beach in Ogunquit Maine : Theatre Season Arrives

Broadway at the Beach
Broadway at the Beach

For 83 years the Ogunquit Playhouse has attracted show biz legends to the beach with a list of stars that read like who’s-who of Broadway and Hollywood, including Bette Davis, Myrna Loy, William Powell and Van Johnson from the early days and more recently, Sally Struthers, Stefanie Powers, Rue McClanahan and Charles Shaughnessy.  Over the past two seasons the Ogunquit Playhouse has been awarded the Moss Hart trophy for their 2013 production of West Side Story and in 2014 thirteen nominations for the IRNE Awards for three of their five productions with Billy Elliot the Musical, Mary Poppins and the Witches of Eastwick bringing in the nominations.

With Executive Artistic Director Bradford Kenney celebrating his 10th Anniversary season, the Ogunquit Playhouse is bringing some of the most exciting dance shows and newest Broadway titles to the beach this season! With Sally Struthers returning to play a temperance lady determined to rid NYC of bootleggers during prohibition in Nice Work If You Can Get It and Broadway’s Hunter Foster returning to direct Million Dollar Quartet this will be a season to remember.

This year the Ogunquit Playhouse has also been awarded the “National Level of Significance” by the National Register of Historic Places.  Ogunquit is proud to be home to this artistic landmark that is now recognized for its impact on America’s architectural and cultural fabric and whose preservation will now be ensured as part of the nation’s cultural heritage.

Ogunquit is excited for the arrival of C&J Bus lines, now offering a daily roundtrip from New York City to the Beach!  Bringing Lovers of Broadway to Broadway at the Beach -hop on the C&J Bus at Port Authority in the morning and arrive to Ogunquit, Maine in time to check-in to our hotel less than ¼ mile from your arrival point at the Ogunquit Chamber of CommerceC&J offers a comfortable, dependable and efficient ride with onboard amenities such as movie showings, complimentary coffee, soda, water and snacks with the most comfortable seats in the industry and reliable air conditioning.

Perkins Cove, Ogunquit Maine
Perkins Cove, Ogunquit Maine

Escaping to Ogunquit, Maine has never been easier!   Ogunquit is the jewel of the Southern Maine Coast and is the sixth most visited town in the state of Maine.  Our renowned walking village is also served by a unique trolley system in season, making it the perfect vacation spot for New Yorkers who would rather walk than drive.  Located on the ocean shore, Ogunquit is home to 3.5 miles of sandy beach and 1.5 miles of shoreline cliffs.  The town provides a rich opportunity to discover a working fishing cove, collectible antiques, gourmet food and enjoy the coast of Maine.  Come on up and enjoy the fresh air!

April 30, 2015

Ogunquit Family Adventure's on Mt. A

Ogunquit Family Adventure
Ogunquit Family Adventure

Directly across from our family resort in Maine is Agamenticus Road named such as it leads to Mount Agamenticus.  Today Mount Agamenticus is known for its unique trail systems many of which follow the old ski trails of “The Big A”.  This conservation region boasts 10,000 acres of land and is one of the largest remaining expanses of undeveloped forests in coastal New England.  A visit to our family resort in Maine allows ample time for your family to explore the natural wonders and history of this unique landmark.

As you explore the woods and the trails the bedrock shows the impact of the Glacial ice sheets that once covered this region.  Additionally a number of artifacts from “The Big A” still remain throughout the woods.  The Big A was a ski area in the 1960’s and 1970’s various foundations, lift equipment and even the T bar still remain.

Prior to the 1960’s this was the site for the first US radar tower as well as a Lookout Tower for the US Army in the 1940’s.  Barracks were constructed here to house the 551st Signal Battalion, the viewing deck that currently sets on the summit covers the four footings that once supported the radar tower.  For the army and history buffs in your family an escape to our family resort in Maine offers the perfect setting to explore and experience this region first visited by Europeans in 1602.

In addition to the trails and wildlife Mount A boasts the Learning Lodge with a number of seasonal educational activities for families visiting Maine.  As a focus area of Statewide ecology there are many natural gifts for your family to experience rare animal sightings on MT. A include spotted turtle, Spring Salamander and New England Cotton Tail.  There are also a number of rare plants and exemplary natural communities and habitats.

The adventure starts at our family resort in Maine where our staff continues to ensure your memories of Maine are un-surmounted:

Crystal on our Housekeeping Team was putting out fresh Sea Coast Coffee for our guests to enjoy when one guest inquired about microwaving her breakfast, Crystal quickly heated up her food.  Later as Crystal was cleaning the common areas she saw the guest with dirty dishes in hand and offered to clean them and deliver them back to the guests room when she was done.  The guest was so thrilled by the attention and assistance!

Hannah at the front desk noticed one of the guests arriving this week had never visiting our Ogunquit hotel before.  Hannah upgraded the guest to one of our Luxury Suites so she could enjoy an extra special escape in Maine!

April 23, 2015

Top Five Green Family Fun Ideas from Ogunquit

Family Grows in Maine
Family Grows in Maine

At our Maine Family resort we know the importance of growth and want to help you share this knowledge with your kids.  As spring blossoms in the New Year there’s no better time to get your kids excited about the new life unfolding outside.  As our Maine Family resort we have a few tricks to peak their interest in Gardening. 

Here are our Top Five Gardening Tips for your Kids

#1 Making a Terrarium is a great way to show your kids just how important the environment and climate is to growth and life

#2 Growing Potatoes is a good way to teach your kids about the diversity of life, when you chit the potatoes (sitting them in day light) they will see the eyes begin to sprout prior to planting.  Try a 2 liter plastic bottle once the potatoes are ready to plant so that the little ones can continue to watch the process

#3 Growing in an Egg Shell is a great technique if you have a garden at home as it allows them the chance to plant the seed in a small confined area and care for the seedling.  Once the garden is ready they can get outside and add their new plant.

#4 Homemade Bird Feeders are a great family project for the garden as the birds will help protect the garden against pesky bugs all summer long

#5 Add a Theme into your garden can also peak interest in your little ones.  Set aside a small portion or row just for the kids and let them choose a theme to help foster a lesson in responsibility.  Here are a few theme ideas:

When it comes to gardening we always ensure the landscape of our Maine family resort is flowering native plants.  Our staff is always here making sure that your vacation to Maine will flower into memories that last a life time, here are a few examples of how they exceeded our guests expectations this week.

April 20, 2015

Growing Green Top Five Picks from Ogunquit Maine

Eco-Tourism in Ogunquit, Maine
Eco-Tourism in Ogunquit, Maine

At our green hotel in Ogunquit Maine we strive to ensure the natural resources that make Ogunquit the most beautiful place by the sea are intact for generations to come.  This is why our efforts in Eco-Tourism stretch farther than reduction in waste & energy consumption and farther than solar hot water & electricity.  In fact there are so many things changing as we all learn to be more environmentally friendly our diligent staff is always working to ensure that we are up to date with Environmental practices.

The majority of our commitment is behind the scene and although a number of guests do take advantage of the ECO Tours we offer, our efforts tend to go unseen the majority of the time.  That is of course with the exception of our landscaping and grounds.  So many of our guests visit our hotel in Ogunquit Maine in the Fall and Winter and compliment our Holiday Spirit as they see rows of pumpkins big and small, cornstalks galore and over 10,000 inches of Christmas garland.  All these seasonal decorations come from our local farmers and have for decades.

In season the pools and grounds are blooming with beautiful native flowers, nourished by organic fertilizer and cared for by our local gardening team.  Our staff’s favorite Ogunquit Maine restaurant recommendations include those who either grow their own vegetables and herbs or source them from local farmers.  Here are our TOP Five Ogunquit Maine Restaurants that practice sustainability

  1. Jonathan’s Restaurant located adjacent to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine this restaurant is family owned and operated and Jonathan’s farm is just down the road.  The lamb and many of their vegetables are either locally sourced or grown on their farm. 
  2. Clay Hill Farm Restaurant is committed to exceeding your dinning expectations not only with food which is local, seasonal, sustainable foods and in support of local farmers.  Some say they inspired the Eco Movement in Ogunquit Maine as they were the first restaurant in the country to be certified as a natural wildlife habitat & bird sanctuary.  They were also one of the earliest businesses in Southern Maine to be recognized in the state’s Environmental Leadership program – just a few years after our hotel in Ogunquit Maine.  
  3. Frankie and Johnies promises “you’ll never find anything processed in his kitchen!”  With homemade breads and pasta’s customers are amazed with the naturally prepared cuisine that joins creativity and healthy foods for the gourmet enthusiast.  The only minor bump you’ll find here is they do not accept credit cards (plastic is not natural), but the good news is our hotel in Ogunquit Maine has an ATM right in the lobby.
  4. Joshua’s Restaurant is chef owned and operated with strict priorities for purchasing.  Freshness first, Organic and natural second and local third.  Of course in season he prides in hitting the trifecta on vegetable grown on his own farm.  Even the cocktail list is based on local and seasonal ingredients here!
  5. Velveteen Habit the newest Ogunquit Maine Restaurant has taken over where Arrow’s left off and has continued with the gardens surrounding the building.  You’re sure to find innovative and fresh foods here.

April 02, 2015

Easter - An Eco-Maine Celebration!

Easter Crafts in Maine
Easter Crafts in Maine

Maine Easter festival and celebration is here!  Our Maine Easter Package was a top pick by New England Getaway, offering your family an escape to celebrate Easter in Maine.  Jump into family fun at our Ogunquit Family resort and enjoy the annual Maine festival and celebration with dinner, breakfast, Easter Brunch, Easter Crafts and so much more!

Whether you are home for holiday or headed to Maine for this festival and celebration we’ve got a few tips on how to make Easter in 2015 one to remember.

Easter festival and Celebration in Maine: Top Three Easter Events

                Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Messiah Church          

                Before Hours Easter Egg Hunt at The Children’s Museum of Maine

                Helicopter Egg Drop Next Level Church

Celebrating at home?  Top Three Eco-Crafts for families in 2015:

                Mix your Own Natural Egg Dyes

                Spring Lights up with Egg Shell Votives

                Natures Imprint – Unique Egg Coloring

At our Ogunquit Family resort we have all your need to enjoy the Maine Festivals and Celebrations that happen year round.  Our team is always actively researching and experiencing the fun events in our area to ensure they can point your family towards the perfect Maine experience!  Here are a few other ways they went above and beyond for our guests:

Our housekeeper Janet recongized a return guest in the hallway, having taken care of this guest in past during visits to our Ogunquit hotel Janet knew there were a number of preferences with our in room amenties and ensured all items where placed in the room before the guest had a chance to request them!

As our housekeeping team was tiding up a stay over they realized one of our guests wasn't feeling well and brought her a cold bottle of water and extra tissues.


March 26, 2015

Memories at the Meadowmere 2015 Challenge

Share your Meadowmere memories
Share your Meadowmere memories

Join us this year for our Memories at the Meadowmere Challenge! As more and more people are signing up to share their memories on social media, the Meadowmere Resort invites you to join us in sharing the awesome experiences you have on your Maine Vacation. From walking along the Marginal Way to enjoying a cocktail with friends in the West Meadow Pub we invite you to share your photo’s on our Facebook page.

2015 brings you our Memories at the Meadowmere Challenge where you can win Meadowmere Gift Certificates and Memorabilia just by sharing your Maine Vacation Photos. For six select months this year we will be posting our blog with the “Theme” for the photo challenge. This month it is the Best Maine Maple Shack Photo in celebration of Maine’s Maple Weekend!

Stay tuned for upcoming themes and your chance to win. At the Meadowmere Resort it’s always about making memories and ensuring our guests have an exceptional experience on their Maine Vacation! Here are a few ways this week our staff went above and beyond to ensure your stay in Ogunquit Maine was unforgettable.

Hannah at the front desk was booking a reservation for a new guest.  This guest explained they were getting away for their 9th Anniversary and that they never had a Honeymoon.  Hannah knew right away this was a great opportunity to do something special and had the housekeeping staff place a box of chocolates and a happy anniversary card in their room along with turning the bath towels into elegant swans!

Our Maintenance guy Andy was checking on the pool areas when he noticed a couple with no towels, he went right to the desk to grab a few and delivered them to the guests so they could dry off.


January 22, 2015

Green Travel Tip - Plan Your Ogunquit Maine Vacation with Efficient Lighting


          Efficient Lighting Tips
Efficient Lighting Tips from Ogunquit, Maine

Here at our hotel in Ogunquit we take pride in our commitment to Eco Tourism.  With over 2,300 light bulbs on property, keeping on top of the innovative technologies being developed in the lighting industry is hard to avoid.

Most people believe the light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879, and although his creation led to a practical and commercialized product that could reach homes throughout America, the first electric light was actually created in 1802.  Over the last two centuries the electric light has come a long way from incandescent and halogen to fluorescent and LED there’s a lot of history and a lot to choose from. 

So how do you choose the best light for your life?  At our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine we search for three features that are important to us and our guests:

#1 Comfort – the color (or Kelvin level) of a light bulb inspires a particular mood.  For our guest rooms, spa suites and certain common areas we want our guests to feel relaxed and soothed so we choose a Soft White light bulb.  Other areas such as in the bathrooms, fitness center and library we prefer Cool White or Daylight to offer a more energetic feel and the greatest contrast among colors (perfect for applying makeup)

#2 Efficiency – 40 and 60 Watt incandescent bulbs are no their way out, they can’t even be manufactured in the US anymore as they don’t meet the standards in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007CFL’s typically use about 75 percent less energy than the incandescent; however as with fluorescent lamps they contain a small about of mercury, we prefer to stay away from toxic elements.  At our hotel in Ogunquit LEDs have proven to be the best option, although LEDs are generally more expensive the prices have really come down and they only use a fraction of the electricity.  A recent study by affinity lighting has shown that the use of LED lights will reduce our kWh usage by over 35,000 annually.

#3 Impact – Going along with efficiency, lower energy consumptions have a big impact on the environment.  Plus a longer product lifetime with LED’s, lasting up to 25 times longer than the traditional bulbs, eliminates a lot of waste when you consider 2,500 bulbs are brightening this hotel in Ogunquit!  Lastly not having to worry about toxic mercury, whether it’s an employee or guest coming in contact with a broken bulb or ensuring proper deposal when they need to be replaced non toxic is always our first choice. 

October 05, 2014

Where to Go Maine Apple Picking in Ogunquit

Maine Family Apple Picking
Maine Family Apple Picking

Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest.  At our green hotel a fall favorite is the smell of homemade apple cider and a basket of fresh Maine Apples placed in the lobby daily for guests at our Ogunquit hotel to enjoy.  Our talented and well seasoned staff has been preparing this Apple Cider Recipe for over 10 years and we were able to convince them to share how to make Maine apple cider with you:

Meadowmere Hot Apple Cider  

1 Gallon of Maine Apple Cider

4 Cinnamon Sticks

Mulled Spices

2 Cups of Fresh Orange Juice

Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes stirring occasionally

Of course the secret ingredient at our Ogunquit hotel is the fresh, local cider from Giles Family Farm – our #1 choice for Maine apples and cider.  Labor Day to mid October this family farm opens its gates on weekends and holidays so you can Pick-Your-Own Maine Apples right off the trees in their orchard.

When you check-in to our Green Hotel in Maine this October you won’t just find fresh Maine Apples and Hot Apple Cider. We also have an Apple Picking Map with directions from our Ogunquit hotel to a variety of Maine Apple Farms.  These are local favorites and family traditions for a lot of our employees. Here is a quick list of Where to Go Maine Apple Picking:

A great place to take the kids! At Spillers Farm, Farmer Bill heads to the orchard daily to mark his Maine Apples with a pink ribbon notating they are ready to be picked.  You’ll also find cows, free fun children games, Jamboree and Hay Rides.   Grab a sandwich at their market for a picnic and enjoy a day of picking Maine Apples.

At McDougal Orchards you’ll find a great variety of Maine Apples including Mac, Cortland, Blondee, Fuji and Gala.  Join them this year for their 40th Season of Pick Your Own Apples in Maine.  They don’t just have Maine Apples - Here you can also grab Local honey and Capt Jacks Cider Donuts. If you’re a long way from home they will even ship what you pick for when you return home from our Ogunquit hotel.  The whole family will enjoy Farm Animal Displays, Hay Rides, Corn Maze and the Fairy Village.

Maine Apple Hayrides
Maine Apples and Hayrides

Libby and Sons boasts over 40 Acres of Fruity Family Fun.  With Maine Apples, Blueberries, Raspberries and Peaches explore the wonders of locally grown, fresh fruit.  You’ll also find Apple Cider, Blueberry and Pumpkin Donuts, Caramel Apples and their freshly pressed Old-Fashioned Apple Cider.  They are located just ½ mile from Sawyer Mount - for the adventurer in you, climb to the summit and take in the breathtaking views of the foliage.

Make your Fall Maine Vacation a fun one and explore the simple but splendid with our guide on Where to Go Maine Apple picking in Ogunquit at the Meadowmere Resort.

June 30, 2014

The Nature of Ogunquit Maine!

Summer is finally here and the sun is putting our new 72 Solar Panels to work.  What an exciting project we had this winter expanding our Solar Power to the Country Squire Building to power your Ogunquit ME Beach Vacation.  As the first Environmental Leading Hotel in Ogunquit Maine, the Meadowmere Resort is dedicated to protecting the natural resources that make Ogunquit Maine the “Most Beautiful Place by the Sea” and help our village be that perfect place for your Maine vacation.


To kick off the season here are Best Green Tips for your Ogunquit ME Beach Vacation:

  • Accommodations – What's the easiest way to do your part for the environment while on vacation?  Choose an Eco-Friendly Hotel in Ogunquit Maine - the Maine Environmental Leader program holds strict program guidelines for hotels and restaurants alike.  The Meadowmere Resort has been a green hotel since 2006 with biodegrable guest room bath amenities, recylcing & water conservation programs, solar energy & hot water and so much more.

  • Activities - There are numerous Eco-Friendly attractions for your Ogunquit ME Beach Vacation!  To start enjoy Ogunquit Beach with 7 miles of white sand, Marginal Way footpath along the rocky coast, Mt. Agamenticus and the Animal Welfare Society.  Of course if you’re looking for more adventure there is always Sea Kayaking, Surfing and Paddle Boarding to try.

  • Transportation – Walk or Ride the Trolley.  Ogunquit Maine is best seen by foot or along a ride on Molly the Trolley. With the Meadowmere Resort positioned right in the middle of it all there’s no need to drive once you arrive for your Ogunquit ME Beach Vacation!   Just a short walk to the Village, Beach, Perkins Cove and Marginal Way or a take the Trolley – it’ll pick you up right next to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine.   
  • Dining – Ogunquit Maine is well known for its variety in restaurants you’re sure find foods and views of the land and sea.  Enjoy lobster right off boat while overlooking the fishing harbor at Barnacle Billy’s Perkins Cove.  Heading into the country experience the first restaurant in the USA to be certified as a Wildlife Habitat & Bird Sanctuary at Clay Hill Farm, discover local craft beers at Cornerstone or enjoy the Raw Bar at MC Perkins.  Ogunquit ME Beach Vacations offers something for every palate!

June 09, 2014

Maine Strawberry Festival A June Treat in Ogunquit

StrawberryJune blooms. The days are long, the temperatures tease of summer and the farmer's markets return. Maine is an agricultrual state - potatoes are just the start. Just minutes from our Ogunquit hotel, one of Maine's favorite festival happens the last weekend in June - The Strawberry Festival. Celebrating the little red delicious strawberry, locally grown and delightful. Come up and see us in June to enjoy the Strawberry Festival and some of our favorite Farms.

Here are some tips on planning a Maine Strawberry Festival trip:

  • Pack those dancing shoes: The festival features live swing music and your toes will be tapping. Plus this is an excellent way to work up an appetite for more Strawberry Shortcake.
  • Feel Crafty: The festival doesn't just feature delicious little strawberries. It also is home to over 120 artisans boothes. From homemade goodies to art, you can stroll the gifts while trying the amazing strawberry pie. Hmm - with 120 boothes, we think that is definitely a two slice trip.
  • Bring the Kids: Whether it is the grand kids, your little ones or the kid in you. Bouncy castles, hay rides and good outdoor family fun await. No battery charging necessary - unless you count fueling up on strawberry ruhbarb.
  • Down Home on the Farm: From Beach Plum Farm to York's Farmer's Market, Southern Maine has a farm scene worth exploring. Take in ocean views as Roby Littlefield's vision for a community farm comes to life in season. Stock up on healthy snacks of fresh fruit for the beach Saturday from 9a to 1p. And since the artisan Stonewall Kitchen is right there, maybe a jam or jelly too. Unless of course, you are waiting for those homemade strawberry jams at the festival.

In Ogunquit Maine, at our Ogunquit hotel, Strawberry Festival is just 15 minutes away in South Berwick, a beautiful drive past farms and the wandering York River. And our team will be here to welcome you home and make your festival getaway special:

  • Creating memories is second best part of a vacation. The sharing of them is number one. When a guest was so excited to share his trip with friends and family that he brought 11 Ogunquit postcards, Hannah generously took care of providing complimentary postage for the guest as a thank you. She could see how happy he was to be with us in Maine and excited to send a personal card to each person.
  • TissuesGetting everyone together for the ride home can be daunting. Checking and rechecking that every swimsuit and toothbrush makes the return trip home from Maine. Jackie was cleaning a departing room whenshe noticed that a bag had been left in the fridge. Rather than throw the bag out right away, she placed it on her cart just in case. A few minutes later the guest returned worried that the items were lost - especially as they were her mother's and important. Jackie happily turned to give her the bag, safely waiting on her cart. The guest was relieved and very thankful for the extra care given, even after the guest had checked out.
  • Allergies? Cold? Either one can make a vacation miserable. When Janet spotted that a mom in the family suite had run out of tea and cold medicine, she took the time to get extra tea, a mug and tissues for her. Leaving these set up in the room with a note to get well soon and relax when with us in Ogunquit.

May 20, 2014

Ogunquit Maine World Ocean Day at Meadowmere Resort 2014

EnvironmentalAs the temperatures warm up, Mainers and visitors both venture outdoors to enjoy the ocean views , hiking and beauty of Maine. At the Meadowmere Resort, our family hotel is busy hanging our famous pink flowers and planting our climbing vines to grow and drape over our cafe area during the hot summer afternoons. Our Ogunquit resort is also looking forward to another tradition of Spring: World Ocean Day. This year's celebration will be June 6-8 featuring local non profits, environmental efforts and tours of our environmental programs. You can learn more about our eco-friendly hotel  at our website - but nothing compares to a behind the scene tour of the resort, complete with solar panels and an inside view.

Our Maine resort takes the time to share the many efforts that are happening in the Ogunquit community to preserve Ogunquit Beach, Marginal Way, the southern Maine water shed and more. When you join us to enjoy ocean views from our Ogunquit hotel, you become part of this remarkable place and, we like to think, this place becomes part of you. So together we can learn and share how to take wonderful care of this beautiful place by the sea we call Ogunquit Maine and home.

Here are some tips on environmental efforts and attractions in Southern Maine:

  • Ogunquit Beach - over 3 miles of white sand and important dune system to Maine's coast
  • Marginal Way - the oceanside cliff walk of Ogunquit, famous for being an inspiration not just to artist, but to all
  • Kayaking in Maine - from Ogunquit River to ocean kayaking, all levels can enjoy bird watching and more
  • Maine Educational Reserves - Laudholm Farm, Beach Plum Farm, Rachel Carlson, Mt. Agamenticus - there are ends hikes, paths and fields to enjoy the great Maine outdoors
  • Surf or Paddle Board - from catching a wave with the Nubble Lighthouse in the back drop to paddling the estuararies, getting into the Maine water is hot way to enjoy your vacation.

Summitview3And at the Meadowmere Resort, our Ogunquit hotel isn't just about a great location to see ocean views. We also know that by taking good care of our home, we take better care of you. Here are some great stories to share:

  • Guests often travel together with friends. Hannah assist a guest looking for her friend - taking the time to locate the other guest at the outdoor hot tub.  Later that day, everyone was gathered in our lobby to enjoy cards when the same woman wanted to return to her room. Hannah immediately realized why she couldn't go find her friend earlier and that her husband would have to stop playing to go with her - The guest has two oxygen tanks. Hannah offered to walk with the guest so that the cards could continue and she would have company walking safely back to her accommodations. The whole party was thrilled at the caring, attentative help that Hannah provided.
  • Whitney knows that it is important to notice the small things - they can make a difference to a vacation. Guests were staying with us and were upset that a noisy neighbor the night before had kept them up. When they let us know, the team moved their accommodations for their second night. While cleaning the first room, Whitney noticed that they had used all of the coffee. She returned to their new room to add the extra touch of extra coffee and a note letting them know she was happy to be the housekeeper for their second room and if she could help in any way, beyond extra coffee, to let her know. The guests rested easy after moving and were thrilled at the carefull attention and kindness.

March 25, 2014

Planning a Winter Holiday Party in Southern Maine

Entrance WinterHow to Plan a Great Company Holiday Party in Southern Maine

Winter is Maine is breathtaking – and not just because it’s cold. But that doesn’t mean your company’s holiday party can’t warm things up! Planning a holiday party in Southern Maine is a great idea – the crowds are gone, the food is delicious and Jonathan’s venue has one amazing sound system.

Meadowmere Holiday Parties in Ogunquit Maine

Cold. Snow. Sometimes that makes it a tough sell to head to the Maine Beaches.  But hey, it is the company holiday party and once everyone gets over the bridge, even spreadsheet lovers let lose.  Just tell coworkers that there’s a hot tub outside and an amazing indoor Roman Spa to enjoy – and a fitness facility that is state of art if HR wants to be sure there are healthy activities to promote. Our Ogunquit hotel is open year round and eating a Maine lobster happens every day. Plan a team building snowshoe along the rocky Maine coast of Marginal Way with a mile of soothing ocean sounds. Design a craft beer pairing menu with real Maine Made Beer. You can even arrange for a horse drawn sleigh ride. All wonderful winter things to do in Maine that make you look like the holiday party hero.

These are some tips on how to plan your company holiday party in Maine.

Tip 1: Maine It Up!

Not just a little, but bring a lot of Maine to your event. From lobster to potatoes, beer to wine, Maine has delicious food produced right here in state. It’s sustainable, local and yummy. Green points to you holiday planner.

If the boss is calling for you to Santa at your holiday party, consider such options as Stonewall Kitchen corporate gifts or Maine Moose Poop. Both have the ability to laugh, delight and provide a snack for the ride home. Just remember the Meadowmere team will take those gifts and place them in room to lighten your sleigh.

If the that coworker who just has to have dancing is dropping off mix tapes and emailing pics of her cousin's band, consider such options as Wavelength or  All Together Now or  Straight Lace. All are local Maine bands. The difference is classy, Beatles or rockin’. And with music this good, that coworker will dub you one hip party planner.

Tip 2: Book a hotel room block steps from the party.

Exterior WinterXmasYou need a hotel that is open and steps from your venue with easy access. It is winter in Maine. That means snow.*

And you want to give your coworkers a place to be cozy and comfortable so you can convince them - whoever you have in mind for this Maine celebration – to travel to Maine in winter. Enter the Roman Spa and Outdoor Hot Tub. There is even a chance to impress the boss with upgrades to a Jacuzzi Suite. Then the head honcho has a luxury experience after fearlessly leading everyone thru another year.

Meadowmere is steps from Jonathan’s event space.  The hotel also is easily accessible for bus, limo and trolley transportation.  Finally, your team has three airports, Amtrak, coach bus and car options to reach Ogunquit. Planning a corporate event in Southern Maine can be done year round at our Ogunquit hotel.

Tip 3: Plan winter activities in and near your venue

Winter may be the quiet season but there is still plenty for you and your coworkers to enjoy in and near Ogunquit Maine.

If close and cozy is best, corporate meetings can enjoy our Ogunquit hotel amenities:  Roman Spa, fitness center, onsite massage, steam, sauna, TV room, outdoor Jacuzzi and heated indoor pool. There is even a game room for the kid in all of us and the option to offer wine welcomes for a grown up kick off.

If a brisk walk is the chosen adventure, guests of your corporate holiday party can stroll to Marginal Way for ocean view and village shops for gourmet chocolates and coffee.

If a quick drive is on tap, just hop on Route 1 to explore Kennebunkport to our north or York to our south. Both are within a 20 minute drive. You can arrange for early arrivals to jam it up – Stonewall Kitchen Flagship York Store is just minutes away and free samples abound. From chocolate sauces to Maine blueberry jam to homemade treats, this is a full afternoon of fun – especially if you take a tour or a cooking class. Just a little farther, the Kittery Outlets brings excellent deals and the chance to try Moxie, a Maine staple, at Robert’s Maine Grill. Speaking of tap - The Maine Beer scene is amazing. Tully’s in Wells is like a magic carpet ride for beer lovers and Federal Jack’s is just up Rt 1 in Kennebunkport. In pinch, Cornerstone in Ogunquit brings all that closer – artisan beer and gourmet pizzas.

*This comes with a caveat question ‘What if it snows on our holiday party date’? All the venues mentioned and the Meadowmere have snow removal down – your holiday party will still be a success. Even during the blizzard of February 2013, with over 30 inches of snowfall, the outdoor hot tub opened on time. And every car was cleared. There is always the test drive – Plan a winter vacation to Maine and see how you like it.  You might find yourself cheering FOR snow.

January 20, 2014

Pros on Our Salt Water Pool

Going green has become an essential part of our daily lives. Coffee shops separate waste cans accordingly, people using public transportation, companies cutting down on packaging and switching to post consumer waste products, businesses using biodegradable cleaners, and companies powering offices with alternative energy. For hotels, there are many ways to execute these green aspects into daily routines.

Our Southern Maine Resort is very focused on going green. Solar panels power our electricity; we use ozone to reduce water consumption in our laundry facilities, as well as in our pool facilities. Although there are upsides and necessities for chlorine, ozonation and salt water chlorination has the ability to reduce chemical usage up to 60-90%. With it being such a beneficial alternative, it is great to incorporate such innovative technology to daily practices. Green

If you are unfamiliar with ozone technology, it is a fast-growing alternative to chlorine. As it is naturally occurring, it protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays given off by the sun. Major uses of ozone are to purify water-drinking water and swimming pools globally for almost seventy years. Advantages to ozone are safely killing bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds and mildew, without leaving any chemical byproducts like chlorine does. With ozone, there is no chemical smell or taste, and it does not irritate eyes or dry the skin. Unlike chlorine, ozone does not discolor clothing or hair which is certainly a plus side for all those blondes out there!

Ozone requires a machine that introduces the ozone to the water through the pool’s return jets. It does require the help of chlorine or bromine in small amounts as well as algaecide to maintain standard water quality. Overall, the ozonation can reduce chemical usage up to 90% killing bacteria 3,000 faster chlorine or bromine.

Within ozonation, there are two types, either ultraviolet light or corona discharge. The primary difference is that corona discharge uses up to 90% less energy than ultraviolet light while producing more ozone outputs. Either way, using ozonators will save you $700 a year, only costing $40 annually.

This is so vital to our hotel’s operations due to the fact that our guests are our priority. Having guests swimming in our water amenities throughout the year, it is our job to make it the most enjoyable, germ yet danger free, experience possible. This has been a major success especially with families’ interested in their children’s health and well-being.  Why wouldn’t we all want to avoid those red eyed and dry skinned children?

In our indoor Jacuzzi, also known as our Roman Spa, salt water chlorination is used. This system leaves our Jacuzzi germ free without that chlorine smell, red eyes, dry skin, or discolored hair and clothing. Using non iodized salt, the salt water chlorination system is a standalone purifier with no other chemicals needed. It is, however, a chlorine generator. Chlorine levels are easily adjustable and consistently flowing; however pH and alkalinity levels still require observation. Overall, with salt water chlorination you will save $955 annually. Pool

With something this appealing it’s crazy to think not all facilities use these technologies! What’s really great about incorporating this into our hotel is that we have the ability to talk about its benefits to spread the word. 

May 17, 2013

Planning a summer vacation to Ogunquit Maine

Summer in Maine is amazing and the most popular time of year to visit. Here’s how to convince your friends and family to take that summer vacation in Maine – in peak season.

Meadowmere Ogunquit Maine

Crowds. Traffic. Sometimes that makes it a tough sell to head to the Maine Beaches – even with the good weather. No one likes the idea of sitting in a parking lot over relaxing on the beach. But hey, here’s how to tell friends Maine is the perfect escape – summer crowds and all. After all Maine lobster and shopping at L.L. Bean happens every day. Walk along the rocky Maine coast of Marginal Way, miles of soothing ocean sounds and benches to sit and relax on –just close your eyes and breathe fresh Maine ocean air. Just sit back and be aaah-muzed (Maine speak for amused) by the touristy clothing.

These are some reasons why summer is the best month to come and visit Ogunquit Maine.

So, how do you convince your friends, your family to visit Maine when the crowds are upon us?

Step 1: Book a hotel room at the Meadowmere in Ogunquit Maine.

There are options – resort rooms, family suites, suites with fireplaces, suites with Jacuzzis – even suites with both. We purposely did this so you can convince your family, your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/partner, your friends - whoever you have in mind for this Maine trip. Heck, summertime in Maine is brief and sweet; you could make several trips out of this campaign
by convincing your sister, husband and that book club you never made it to that you need several doses of Ogunquit Beach time to survive. Seasonal Affective Disorder and all.

You’re welcome.

Step 2: Plan your travel to Ogunquit Maine.

If you’re within driving distance, just hop on 95, take exit 7 for Ogunquit and presto – summer vacation in Maine. If that’s a bit of a haul and the idea of the York Maine Toll in summer causes a twitch in the upper left eye lid of your potential companion, the newly expanded Portland Jetport is just 40 minutes from the hotel, and serves a wide variety of airlines. If this finds you carless, fear not – the hotel features TV room, spa, outdoor and indoorJacuzzi and is walking distance from restaurants, shops, Ogunquit Beach and Marginal Way if you feel adventurous. If your trusty car is handy, explore more my friend – just remind your travel companions to be patient about parking and
that out of state SUV doing 2mph on Route 1 to see the ‘locals’.

Step 3: Plan to visit attractions.*

Ogunquit’s got some great attractions and things to do, year round – from Ogunquit Playhouse to lobster tours. Start with this list of Things to Do in Southern Maine in the Summer.

  1. Walk Marginal Way – Call us crazy but you can enjoy this ocean walk even with the hustle and bustle (they even have benches to sit and take it all in).  It is one heck of an ocean view. Even better, you can hit the trail, claim your daily exercise and justify a Maine lobster roll in Perkins Cove.
  2. Jam it up – Stonewall Kitchen is just minutes away and free samples abound. From chocolate sauces to Maine blueberry jam to homemade treats, this is a full afternoon of fun – especially if you take a tour or a cooking class (which also involves wine – a nice perk when beating the summer heat).
  3. Head north – or south and shop, shop, shop – Ok,so if this trip is with your husband, he might feel differently, especially if he’s driving in traffic. But if you can convince him the heading south to Kittery Outlets, it is worth it – Roberts Maine Grill has oysters, flat screen tv and Moxie. And to the north, LL Bean has an entire hunting division. So there. All manly things to do in Maine.
  4. See what’s brewing in Maine – The Maine Beer scene is amazing. Tully’s in Wells is like a magic carpet ride for beer lovers and Federal Jack’s is just up Rt 1 in Kennebunkport. In pinch, Cornerstone in Ogunquit brings all that closer – artisan beer and gourmet pizzas. Tasting craft beers on an outdoor patio in Maine beats the back deck at home.
  5. See old things – as in Antiquing. A snooze fest, you say? Not so fast – the Maine Antiquing corridor has everything from sports memorabilia to Johnson’s Historical Museum to lighthouses. Throw in the thrift stores and you have yourself a regular bazaar of Maine treasures at your
  6. Eat – as in lots. Maine lobster is just the start. From restaurants with ocean venues to classic diners to famous hot dogs. Just eat. Summer heat takes a lot out of you after all and you need the fuel to survive.

Now, if you follow these steps (very easy 1-2-3), not only will you have convinced your friends, family and neighbors to visit Maine in the summer, you’ll actually get some rest and relaxation to boot at our new outdoor pool.

See you this Summer in Ogunquit!

*This comes with a caveat question ‘What if it rains on my summer vacation?’ Built in back up plan - Amenities. Pack the swimsuit and enjoy the pools. The Roman Spa is a salt water therapeutic tub so you can justify having to spend hours in it to anyone and the Outdoor Pool and Cabana is brand new. And if you need more to relax, massage is available onsite – from the quick 30 minute Swedish (so no one will miss you after you convinced them to take a Maine trip with you) to full 90 minute deep tissue treatments (again, it’s a form of therapy and your friends will be jealous at how relaxed you are). Air conditioned game room means your inner kid can challenge your companion in
billiards, air hockey, car racing. The entertainment and subsistence even comes to you – there’s poolside service from our pub and live music on weekends.  You might find yourself cheering FOR rain.

April 02, 2013

Plan a spring vacation to Ogunquit Maine

Spring in Maine is a wonderful time of year to visit. Here’s how to convince your friends and family to take that Maine vacation – in mud season.

Mud. Rain. It’s a tough sell to head to the Maine Beaches – even with good tires. No one likes the idea of becoming My Cousin Vinnie. But hey, here’s how to tell friends it’s the perfect escape. After all Maine lobster and shopping at L.L. Bean happens every day. Walk along the rocky Maine coast of Marginal Way in Ogunquit, miles of blooming flowers and cross country trails, and no signs of those summer crowds. Just grab a slicka’ (Maine speak for a raincoat) and go.

These are some reasons why spring is the best month to come and visit Ogunquit Maine.

So, how do you convince your friends, your family to visit Maine when the mud is upon us?

Step 1: Book a hotel room at the Meadowmere Resort in Ogunquit Maine.

There are options – resort rooms, family suites, suites with fireplaces, suites with Jacuzzis – even suites with both. We purposely did this so you can convince your family, your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/partner, your friends - whoever you have in mind for this Maine trip. Heck, springtime in Maine is long; you could make several trips out of this campaign.

You’re welcome.

Step 2: Plan your travel to Maine.

If you’re within driving distance, just hop on 95, take exit 7 for Ogunquit and presto – spring vacation in Maine. If that’s a bit of a haul, the newly expanded Portland Jetport is just 40 minutes from the hotel, and serves a wide variety of airlines. If this finds you carless, fear not – the hotel features TV room, spa, outdoor and indoor Jacuzzi and is walking distance from restaurants, shops, Marginal Way if you feel adventurous. If your trusty car is handy, explore more my friend.

Step 3: Plan to visit attractions.*

Ogunquit’s got some great attractions and things to do, year round - only now without the crowds. Start with this list of Things to Do in Southern Maine in the Mud  Season.

  1. Walk Marginal Way – Call us crazy but you can grab an umbrella (we even have Meadowmere ones) and get one heck of an ocean view. Even better, with a sprinkle or two, you can hit the trail, claiming your daily exercise to justify lots of Maine lobster.
  2. Jam it up – Stonewall Kitchen is just minutes away and free samples abound. From chocolate sauces to Maine blueberry jam to homemade treats, this is a full afternoon of fun – especially if you take a tour or a cooking class (which also involves wine – a nice perk on a rainy day).
  3. Head north – or south and shop, shop, shop – Ok, so if this trip is with your husband, he might feel differently. But you can convince him the heading south to Kittery Outlets is worth it – Roberts Maine Grill has oysters, flat screen tv and Moxie. And to the north, LL Bean has an
    entire hunting division. So there. All manly things to do in Maine.
  4. See what’s brewing in Maine – The Maine Beer scene is amazing. Tully’s in Wells is like a magic carpet ride for beer lovers and Federal Jack’s is just up Rt 1 in Kennebunkport. In pinch, Cornerstone in Ogunquit brings all that closer – artisan beer and gourmet pizzas. Tasting
    craft beers in a cozy Maine pub beats the couch at home.
  5. See old things – as in Antiquing. A snooze fest, you say? Not so fast – the Maine Antiquing corridor has everything from sports memorabilia to Johnson’s Historical Museum to lighthouses. Throw in the thrift stores and you have yourself a regular bazaar of Maine treasures at your
  6. Eat – as in lots. Maine lobster is just the start. From restaurants with ocean venues to classic diners to famous hot dogs. Just eat. A long winter is over after all and you need the fuel to survive.

Now, if you follow these steps (very easy 1-2-3), not only will you have convinced your friends, family and neighbors to visit Maine in the spring, you’ll actually get some rest and relaxation to boot.

See you this Spring!

*This comes with a caveat question ‘What if it really pours?’ Built in back up plan - Amenities. Pack the swimsuit and enjoy the hot tubs. The Roman Spa is a salt water therapeutic tub so you can justify having to spend hours in it to anyone. And if you need more to relax, massage is available onsite – from the quick 30 minute Swedish (so no one will miss you after you convinced them to take a Maine trip with you) to full 90 minute deep tissue treatments (again, it’s a form of therapy and your friends will be jealous at how relaxed you are). Game room means your inner kid can challenge your companion in billiards, air hockey, car racing. The entertainment and subsistence even comes to you –
there’s room service and live music on weekends.  You might find yourself cheering FOR rain.

May 29, 2012


This week's stories!

Now that’s what we call high tide! Did you know that the Atlantic Ocean causes the highest tides in the world? It’s true the Bay of Fundy off the coast of Nova Scotia is known to have a rise in tide during the spring season of up to fifty feet! Interested in more fun facts about the Deep Blue, stay and learn all about the Ocean and what we can do to preserve it’s beauty during our World Oceans Day Celebration.

  • Service with a smile and delivery right when you need it. Brandon was clearing linens out of theImagesCADP0101
    South Meadow building. He exchanged greetings with the guest and asked if she was enjoying her stay. The guest stated she was having a wonderful time but was curious as to where to get towels for the Roman Spa. He advised the guest that towels were provided at the front desk for all of the resort's water amenities. He offered to retrieve a few towels for her and bring them to her in the Roman Spa. The guest was delighted as he promptly returned with the towels requested and a few extra for her next trip to out door Hottub.
  • Beverly was working extras one morning when she overheard a guest state to her friend that she was concerned about getting in an out of the bathtub. The friend had requested a rubber bath mat the day before but the guest had declined one her her room. She promptly retrieved a rubber mat for the guest as well so that she could enjoy her shower without worry. The guest was delighted at the quick and effortless response to her question.
  • "Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation" Beverly was vacuuming the hallway when she noticedImagesCA1VS9ENa guest still groggy with sleep. The guest seemed disoriented and was standing very still, Beverly asked if she could be of any assistance. The guest stated that she was looking for the pub, she needed her coffee asap. She escorted the guest over to the pub. Once the guest was fortified with caffeine and breakfast she sought out Beverly to thank her personally.

 "Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm."  - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Thank you for letting us share this week's service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to your face - remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!

February 02, 2012


This week's stories!

Well it looks like six more weeks of winter, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and scampered back into his burrow. That’s just fine with us, it may be cold outside but we are toasty warm inside enjoying the relaxing waterfalls of the Roman Spa. There is still time to treat your sweetie to the ultimate romantic escape with our Valentine’s Day Package.

  • Jeremey was bringing linens down to laundry when he noticed a guest who was having difficulty2010-06-03with the fitness vending machine. The machine was jammed and she really wanted a gatorade. Jeremey went back up to the office and got the vending machine keys and fixed the jam in the machine. The guest was delighted as she was able to get the drink she wanted instead of just her money back.
  • One of our guest's was discussing our environmental polices with Janet. She commended the resort on its achievements but was a little disappointed with the size of the recycling receptacle in her room. Janet apologized to the guest and told her that she would make sure for her next stay that a larger receptacle was placed in her room. Janet then recorded this on her paperwork for the day so the guest's preference could be added to their profile and the guest would receive a larger receptacle each stay.
  • There is nothing worse then missing the begining of a movie and trying to figure out what was missed in those first few moments of the story. Kyle was starting the movie for guests in the theater room, one of the guests had forgotten his hearing aids back in his room and returned to his room to get them. As they were the only guests in the theater room, he delayed the movie so2004-11-29 that they would not miss the beginning and stayed to make sure that the volume was comfortable for the guests.
  • There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee with your morning crossword puzzle. Tracy noticed that one of our repeat guests was due to arrive. Knowing that the guest enjoyed the lobby each morning and her crossword puzzle with a cup of hot coffee, she placed a coffee mug with assorted coffee and hot chocolate for her to enjoy with her crossword puzzles.

"Rule 1: The customer is always right. Rule 2: If the customer is ever wrong, re-read Rule 1"  - Stew Leonard, CEO Stew Leonard's

Thank you for letting us share this week's service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to your face - remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!

October 04, 2011


This week's stories!

1992-01-28 Gordy has bewitched Ogunquit! He's a towering 15ft and 1200lbs this year and ready to welcome you to Fall in Ogunquit. Haven't been before? Don't miss out! Ghostly tours, scarecrow contest, the famous Bed Race (see video here of the Meadowmere's run last year), High Heel Dash, apples, cider, concerts, costumes - Oh, my!

  • Cheers! Many a guest checks in with bags, snacks, swimsuits and perhaps a bottle of wine . . . or in this case many bottles. Turns out this guest had several family members joining us at the Meadowmere and were celebrating a special occasion in Ogunquit. Janet spotted this couple as they were arriving and offered to help them to their room. In addition she asked if she may get them wine and tumbler glasses for their refreshments. The guest was very happy and accepted. Upon her return with the glasses, Janet also included a bucket of ice to save him the trip.
  • While making a reservation, Sheila sensed that perhaps the woman was elderly - However she had booked a room that would require stairs to access. Sheila politely gave this detail on the room location and the guest immediately appreciated knowing this - she had just had some concerns with her knees. Sheila then said to keep in mind that we are happy to help with luggage should she like upon arrival. The guest appreciated the offer and thanked Sheila.
  • Grandpa cartoon A daughter was traveling with her family and her father and had arranged for two rooms to be near each other. We were happy to accommodate the request - However, it came to light upon arrival that her father would not be able to do stairs. Sheila looked into the system and found a way to relocate the father to the first level. After settling in the gentlemen told her he was so thrilled - he would have had to stay in the room most of the time because he can't do stairs more than once a day. But now, he can enjoy this time with his family.

"Merely satisfying customers will not be enough to earn their loyalty. Instead, they must experience exceptional service worthy of their repeat business and referral. Understand the factors that drive this customer revolution."  - Rick Tate

Thank you for letting us share this week's service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to your face - remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!

July 20, 2011

2011 Green Wedding Winners Wed in Ogunquit Maine!

DSC_0040 Under sunny skies on a picture perfect Ogunquit Maine summer day, surrounded by friends and family representing three continents, Amy Watson of Wiscasset, Maine and Douglas Figueredo of Rio de Jeinero, Brazil, exchanged vows at Clay Hill Farm on Sunday, July 10th. The Grand Prize winners of Clay Hill Farm’s third annual Green Wedding Giveaway, Amy and Douglas attracted votes from 63 countries in their five-week contest campaign this past spring, to spread the contest message of green connectedness and encourage environmental awareness. Two cultures came together for the wedding at Clay Hill Farm, to celebrate a great love and the beauty of nature. While Amy read her vows from a Blackberry having forgotten her notes, Douglas’s long time friend translated in Portuguese. The green irony of saving paper by reading vows from a phone raised a chuckle from both sides of the gazebo aisle.

DSC_9976 Having won an all-inclusive wedding ceremony and catered Reception at Clay Hill Farm for up to 75 guests, Amy and Douglas enjoyed the talents of countless wedding professionals who generously donated their products and services to the Green Wedding Giveaway project. Included in the Grand Prize were wedding Florals, Photography, Videography, Trolley transport, Cake, Live cocktail music, DJ Services, Favors, Bridal accessories, Personal Ice Sculpture, Bridal Hair & Make-up, Formalwear, Spa Services, Rehearsal Luncheon, Accommodations at the Meadowmere Resort, and a Mexican Honeymoon.

Part of the messaging of the Green Wedding Giveaway is that couples do not have to sacrifice a single dream to make a difference in the world. “I feel like I’m dreaming”, said Figueredo re-capping the day on camera just before leaving the Reception. “Thank you to all who made this possible for us. Muito Obrigado a todos que tornou possível que nos.”

DSC_9935 Clay Hill Farm’s annual Green Wedding Giveaway contest encourages couples to explore the parallel between a commitment to each other and a commitment to the Earth. Amy and Douglas’s video entry highlighted how their commitment to each other, and to a higher purpose, the environment, allowed them to overcome the challenge of living on separate continents. They waved each other’s native flags outside on their wedding day as a symbol of two cultures uniting in love, surrounded by the sights and sounds of natural beauty. Commenting on the Green Wedding Giveaway contest’s trademark slogan, We are all green in some way, so pick your shade and shout it to the world, the Grand Prize couple answered simply in unison, ‘We did.’

June 07, 2011

ServiceStories-June 7,2011

This week's stories! 

It’s time for World Ocean Weekend! What could be better then visiting the beautiful coast of Maine and learning how to conserve its beauty for generations to come? While Mother Nature is in our thoughts this weekend, don’t forget about Dad next weekend; give him the weekend he deserves with our Tee and Sea Package. Ogunquit is the place to be in June!

  • Grandparents are special and vacations with them are always memorable. Merlene was cleaningRje0372l  one of our family suites when she was approached by one of our guests in the hallway; he inquired when his room would be cleaned as he wanted to put his grand-kids down for a nap. She immediately went to his room to clean the stayover. While she was cleaning she noticed that the kids had some toys and stuffed animals throughout the room. She arranged the toys and placed

      the stuffed animals on the beds so that they grand-kids could enjoy their naps, the guest stayed with us four evenings and Merlene cleaned and tidied their room the same way each day. At check out the guest told us they had never received such wonderful attention to detail from housekeeping and how impressed they were.
  • David was working at the front desk when a guest inquired about where she could purchase a bottle of water. He directed the guest to the closest vending machine located in the lobby. Unfortunately the lobby vending machine was out of water. David noticed that the guest had aMly0576l hard time walking and was using a cane to get around, knowing that the next closest vending machine was located in the fitness center he offered to go and get the water for her.
  • Janet was stocking her cart for the day when she overheard a loud crash come from one of the rooms in her hallway. Janet immediately went to the room to see if everything was ok. Guest had broken their make up compact, and cut their finger. She got the guest a band-aid and then cleaned up the broken glass and assured the guest she would not have seven years bad luck.  

"Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you" - Chip Bell, Founder Chip Bell Group

Thank you for letting us share this week's service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to your face - remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!


May 24, 2011


This week's stories! 

World Ocean Weekend is approaching! What a great time to visit Ogunquit and learn about how to keep our oceans and beaches beautiful for future generations. World Ocean Weekend also marks the official start of our Om and Foam Surfing Package. Come and join us and learn how you can be a part of the Green Movement.

  • Stuart received a call at the front desk shortly after checking in two of our repeat guests. The guest was looking for accommodations within the Main building but had reserved a room in our Country Squire. Upon reviewing our guest’s previous reservations he noticed that they had experienced car troubles as well as other disappointments during their previous stay. Wanting to give our guests the best possible vacation and knowing that our availability was limited he quickly adjusted the guest’s reservation and complimentary upgraded their reservation to the Main building. The guests were very pleased and were able to enjoy a relaxing weekend getaway.
  • Guests forgot to remove the do not disturb sign from their door during the day and therefore didCartoon2  not receive housekeeping service for the day. When guest returned from exploring Ogunquit they called the front desk and spoke with David. He promptly went up with a fresh set of towels for the guest and also tidied up their room.
  • Janet was glancing over arrivals for the day when she noticed a guest arriving who was celebrating their birthday. She placed a birthday card and rose soap in their room so they could enjoy their Jacuzzi tub with the fragrance of roses.
  • Kayla was cleaning a stay over room, she had chatted earlier with the guest and discovered that they could use some additional amenity items in their room; she provided extras soaps and shampoos for the guest. Upon the guest’s return Kayla was in the same hallway she chatted with the guest again about their vacation and the guest mentioned that they were interested in different room types for their next stay at the resort. She escorted them around the property and showed them a few different accommodations for next time. Guest was so pleased that theyCartoon1  booked their next stay before checking out. 
  • No one likes to do the dishes, especially when on vacation. While Elaine was cleaning a stay over room, she noticed that the guests had some wine glasses that needed cleaning. Elaine cleaned the glasses for the guest so that when they returned to their room they were able to enjoy their wine and relax.


"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless” - Mother Teresa

Thank you for letting us share this week's service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to your face - remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!

April 06, 2011


This week's stories! 


Images How about that April Fool's joke? Oh Mother Nature, you're such a joker with that 6inches of snow! She of course said, just kidding and sent us 50 degree weather. Which is perfect for the upcoming school vacation and Patriot's Day festival. There's also EcoDay April 16 at Laudholm Farm and Earth Day Celebration at Clay Hill Farm April 22. As an Environmental Leader, we love all the 'green' efforts all around us. When you visit, come explore local artisans, breweries, local source food and the 'backyard' of Ogunquit - Mt. Agamenticus, the estuaries, Beach Plum Farm, land trusts and river kayaking. Spring is a great time to explore beyond the beach!

  • Our Luxury Suites are a favorite with the in room Jacuzzi and fireplace on a suites floor. Many guests share that it is the best of both worlds - like a cozy B&B room with resort amenities just outside the door. Each room is a little bit unique to add to this B&B feel. Tracy happily checked in a guest to one such suite and when they arrived in room, they promptly called down. The set up was not exactly like the picture on the website. Tracy said she would be happy to show them all of the options available at the time and they could pick the suite. She headed up to the suites level and the guest choose the best fit from what was open. They were thrilled to have a personal escort and immediately understood that each suite is a touch different - like a cozy B&B.
  • ImagesCA2CNN82 One of the challenges to staying a hotel is that it's not exactly like home. In fact, it is almost certainly not the same heating system. Often people have questions and we are happy to help. Tracy received one such call from a gentleman and walked him through how to make changed in the room temperature. Not a minute later, the wife was at the desk with the same question. Sensing that the couple may be confusing the directions, she took the time to visit in room and demonstrate the heat. Turns out - they were playing with the air conditioner all along!

"The quality of our work depends on the quality of our people." - Unknown

Thank you for letting us share this week's service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to you face - remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!

December 06, 2010

2011 Green Wedding Giveaway returns to Ogunquit Maine!

Green Wedding Giveaway® 2011 Furthers a Commitment to Giving Back.

Clay Hill Farm’s annual Green Wedding Giveaway; the contest that encourages couples to explore the parallel between a commitment to each other and a commitment to the Earth, revs up the community give-back, ups the ante and changes the rules in year three! “Taking what we have learned from the past two years, the Green Wedding Giveaway 2011 will raise the bar for green-living inspiration and community involvement,” said Jennifer Lewis-McShera, founder of Clay Hill Farm’s Green Wedding Giveaway and CHF’s Eco-ReachTM environmental outreach initiative.

You don’t have to sacrifice your dream to make a difference in the world
is one of the contest theme’s this year, as couples celebrate green connectedness and vie for a complete, all-inclusive, summer daytime ceremony & Reception at Clay Hill Farm on July 10, 2011. But this year, spreading the contest message of green connectedness and giving back to the community, will earn all three finalists in the Green Wedding Giveaway 2011, a Clay Hill Farm green wedding package! When you celebrate the Earth, everybody wins.

Green Wedding Giveaway 2011 contestants are asked to submit a 3-5 minute video and a one page essay demonstrating their understanding of the contest message outlined on the contest website;  We are all green in some way, so pick your shade and shout it to the world! Entries are accepted through January 30th, 2011. Creativity and inspirational content will weigh heavily on the independent judges’ decision in choosing the finalists, and the subsequent Grand Prize recipients. Relying on the inter-personal power of video to document each couples’ creative campaign and wedding journey, this year’s Green Wedding Giveaway will further engage the public to help celebrate the real people that make a difference in our communities

The entry requirements and the judging process are all-NEW for 2011, as thethree finalists selected will be asked to create an event, program or campaign that gives back to their community in a 5-week span. The three finalists of the Green Wedding Giveaway 2011 will be making a difference in the world, and their campaign will live on.
Clay Hill Farm’s Green Wedding Giveaway 2011 is the headlining event in their annual Eco-ReachTM initiatives to raise environmental awareness. Clay Hill Farm is an award-winning restaurant and wedding venue on 11 private acres in Cape Neddick/York, Maine. The first restaurant in the country to be certified as a natural wildlife habitat and bird sanctuary, Clay Hill Farm is also a state Environmental Leader. Celebrating green initiatives in all shades, Clay Hill Farm believes that showcasing the collective small steps of real people committing to reducing environmental impact, can lead to big change in our local and global community. For more information, please contact Jennifer Lewis-McShera: 207-252-1444.

November 01, 2010

Ogunquit Great Pumpkin Contest 2010 Winner!

Grtpump2010Congratulations to Nicole Hutt of Gardner, MA - Our 2010 Great Pumpkin Winner! With the closest guess of 98 pounds, our great pumpkin weighed in at 99 pounds. And the prize? A free night's stay! (*Pumpkin not included)

A few other notables for this year's contest:

There were a total of 245 guesses during October. Our hotel holds this contest every year in Ogunquit.

Smallest Guess: 7 pounds by William from South Hadley, MA

Largest Guess: 2,350 pounds by Robert from Brookfield, CT

Most adorable entry: Amy from Bristol, RI had the cutest guess ballot - she was so busy trying to write her name and spell Bristol, that her phone number is listed as 130 pounds.

Most distant entry: With a guess of 82.5 pounds (so close!), Anita from Santa Rosa, CA had the guess the greatest distance to travel to guess - She came 3, 179 miles to Ogunquit (so far!)

Thanks to everyone who guessed - See you next fall!

September 27, 2010

Ogunquit October Deals - Enjoy Fall in Maine!

MeadowmereFall08Entrance This year, foliage season looks like fireworks - the colors are amazing! Even, better, farmer's markets, festivals and Zach's Corn Maze are here to enjoy.

Best picks: Harvestfest October 15-17 and OgunquitFest 22-24. Lots of fall fun for the family, beautiful sights of Marginal Way and of course, Maine's famous seafood, Lobsta!

This October, we've got some specials for you to enjoy. Click for your print n clip deals for October. And remember to try our homemade cider and take a picture in front of Gordy for the scrapbook!

September 07, 2010

Moose Around in Maine

Since we are coming upon Moosin' season, we thought we would put together a few facts about our large friends. Moose are more common for Mainers north of Ogunquit, but every now and then, we'll see antlers down this way. In fact, Long Sands Beach in York had a moose swimming among the beachgoers this year! Check out the youtube video - one hot and hairy beach babe!

So here are some fun facts about Moose in Maine!

  • Moose is the largest member of the deer family - yep, Bambi's cousin
  • Moose are herbivores (hmmm, so if you don't want to eat those veggies)
  • The Moose is the official State Animal of Maine. Hey that's why we're Maine-iacs
  • Only the Bull Moose has antler. And that's no bull.
  • Moose can measure up to 7.5 feet tall. Hey NBA, how's that for ups!
  • A Bull Moose can grow to weigh up to 1,400 lbs. Definitely not pet material!
  • A newborn usually weighs about 33lbs and will reach up to 400lbs by their first winter. Thanks goodness it doesn't need new shoes too!
  • Moose have very good sense of hearing and smell, but they can't see very well. Blind as a   . . . moose?!?
  • Antlers can grow to be up to 5 feet long. There's no getting around that - so be sure to stay out of the way!
  • The long legs of a Moose allow them to run up to 35 mph. That's one of the fastest land animals - out run by the horse (45mph) and the cheetah (75mph). Neither are native to Moose teritory so moose can out run most anything in its path.
  • A Moose can swim up to 6mph. Wonder what Michael Phelps thinks of that . . .
  • Moose live in cool climate forests near water. Most definitely not a Maine snowbird.
  • Moose eat grass, leaves, aquatic weeds and twigs. They are the nut and berries type. Very earthy crunchy.
  • Predators of Moose are man and grizzly bears. One hunts them and infringes on their habitat. One hunts them and thinks wow, that's a big lunch.
  • Moose are active throughout the day. Likes: sunrise walks, sunset walks, moon walks. Dislikes: long naps and traffic. So be carefull driving in moose season day or night!
  • The best time to see a Moose is at dawn or dusk. It really is the best lighting for my features, do these antlers make my head look big?

Think of Moose like big game. Imagine you are on a Maine safari. Stay in the car and take great pics on the iphone. You can always get up close and personal with Lenny, a life size chocolate moose in Scarborough - which is a much sweeter way to enjoy your Maine vacation!


June 29, 2010

July Print N Clips for Your Ogunquit Maine Vacation!

4OG-pl-marg Summer Print & Clip Specials for the Meadowmere are here! Time for the summer vacation - beach, sun tan lotion, ice cream and lobstah! 

Our Summer Bucks promotion returns with Stay 4, Get $100 Off and Stay 2, Get $25 Off. Enjoy our continental breakfast each morning before you walk to the Ogunquit Beach. The Trolleys are running, the Playhouse is getting rave reviews and our Hotel Stay Rewards are back with even more discounts for you!

Check out the Ogunquit specials by clicking here

Get your Maine fix this summer. July means it's time for the beach! July 4th Celebrations kick of fthe month with fireworks and more, July 1-6. Plus there's farmers markets, lobster cruises, kids theatre and more to enjoy.

Check out all of our hotel's packages online at our resort specials page. Happy travels!

June 08, 2010

World Ocean Weekend - Help Us Help the Gulf Coast

Dawn-Dish-Soap620653As we prepare at the Meadowmere to celebrate World Ocean Weekend June 11-13 in Ogunquit at our hotel, we can't help but think of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill. We know how important Ogunquit Beach is to us and how much our waters here in Southern Maine impact many, many lives. From family vacations to local surf spots tp lobstering, the ocean is important. We can only imagine how devastated communities, businesses, wildlife and families must be.

How can we do something? It does seem so very helpless - we can't return the fish to the sea, we have no idea how boom works and we certainly do not know how to plug what seems like an endless flow of oil from the bottom of the sea. But we can help make a difference by sending something needed to the cause. And the countless images of oil covered birds and wildlife got us thinking - let's put this year's World Ocean Pub Party to use.

Join us from 4pm-6pm on Friday June 11th in the West Meadow Pub at the Meadowmere Resort in Ogunquit. Join us for a moment, join us for the evening. And bring whatever size bottle of Original (Blue) Dawn Soap that you can. We're going to ship it to the Gulf Coast. All of it. Whatever we can collect. Every ounce will go the National Aududon Society. It may not be the solution, but it is help. And sometimes that brings hope.

Yes, we will show you our solar panels, ozone laundry or any other part of our green hotel program. But what we really want this year for World Ocean Weekend is to help the Gulf Coast. Even if you just stop in to drop off a bottle, we thank you.

April 26, 2010

May Day! May Day! More Spring Prints n Clip Ogunquit Vacation Deals!

Mayflwoers May Print & Clip Specials for the Meadowmere means May Flowers have come!

Our Spring Into Relaxation promotion returns with 2 night stays in May with 30 minute Swedish Massages, Sunday - Wednesday. Because Spring brings rejuvenation - it's all for less than $250.

May Day Dollars will help is you need that last minute getaway to Marginal Way.

Check out the specials by clicking here

See the beauty of Ogunquit pre-season and enjoy its tranquility. May means it's time to spoil Mom - with Mother's Day Getaways, May 7-9. Or celebrate Victoria Day Weekend, May 21-23. Make your 'unofficial' summer kickoff in Ogunquit with a Memorial Day Vacation, May 28-31. 

Check out all of our hotel's packages online at our resort specials page. Happy travels!

March 24, 2010

April Prints n Clip Ogunquit Vacation Deals - Gotta See Us in Spring!

ReflectionGarden1 April Print & Clip Specials for the Meadowmere means Spring has sprung!

Mud Money returns with $25 off 2 night stays in April, Sunday - Thursday. Any room type - even suites.

And since showers by flowers - and means Ogunquit gears up to be in full bloom, we're giving away complimentary dinner. Call it Spring Fever. Stay two nights midweek and you'll get free dinner for two.

Check out the specials by clicking here

Shake off the winter blues and blahs and come see us in Ogunquit. April means Ogunquit comes alive - with Easter Weekend April 2-4, Barnacle Billy's Opening April 9, Patriot's Day Festival April 16-18 and School Vacation Deals April 16-25 - there's always a reason to be in Maine.

Check out all of our hotel's packages online at our resort specials page. Happy travels!

March 02, 2010

Meadowmere & Ogunquit Fan Hopes to Win A Wedding

Diclemente One of the great things about being a hotel is you get spend time with so many people. After all, they come live with you for a little bit, right?

So all of us at the Meadowmere have had a lot of fun being on Facebook and Twitter to connect with fans and friends. We learned about Martin and Marginal Way, our hotel has help many through ice storms and power outages, and - we just found out about Nancy and her quest for the Ultimate Wedding.

If any of you are familiar with wedding contests from our Green Wedding Giveaway sponsorship, you know that a little bit of online help goes a long way. Debi and Sean, this year's winners, connected with people all over the world. Who knows? After all, Nancy is a Red Sox fan and an Ogunquit fan - both good reasons to help her!

Here's Nancy plea:

I’m in search of about 500 more votes lol, reaching out anywhere I can . It's one vote per email address, so if you have more than one, just click "logout" and vote again! Could you please forward to co-workers, friends, family, pets, neighbors, etc... lol Also, if you have ever ordered anything from Crate and, all you have to do is log into your account!
Here’s my little story in addition to the one there…
In April 2009, we got engaged and we were on top of the world, everything was looking up. But then in mid October my father's health took a turn for the worse and he passed away on October 31st. With all the grieving, holidays, moving and turns of events leading up to now, this has left us little time to plan and finance our wedding. But we're doing it, step by step, but could use a total boost to help us back on our way to a happy future.
Thanks for any help you can give to me!

February 25, 2010

March Prints n Clips are here - Spring Madness In Ogunquit!

Mud-250x333 March Print & Clip Specials for the Meadowmere are deals so good, they're a little crazy.

Mud Money returns with $25 off 2 night stays in March, Sunday - Thursday. Any room type - even suites.

And since March brings Madness, we giving away free spa treatments. See? Crazy deals. Stay two nights midweek and you'll get free 30 minute massage.

Check out the specials by clicking here

Shake off the winter blues and blahs and come see us in Ogunquit. March is a favorite month to getaway - with Wine & Dine weekends March 5-7 and 12-14, St. Patty's Packages March 19-21, and Maine Maple Weekend March 26-28 - there's always a reason to be in Maine.

Check out all of our hotel's packages online at our resort specials page. Happy travels!

February 01, 2010

Martin's Love of Marginal Way - Thank you

4OG-pl-marg3 Awhile back, our hotel's blog shared a story about Martin, a man who always enjoyed Marginal Way. The blog link is:

Just now our good friend and frequent guest Mary shared with us the sad news that Martin has lost his battle today. We are deeply saddened by the loss. Martin's story was touching in that so many of us that love Ogunquit completely understand why he went onto the rocks every year. His story was wonderful. And to share his story so that others may know of how special Ogunquit is and how beautiful Marginal Way is - well that was some of the greatest luck. Mary randomly won our newsletter giveaway and told us about Martin. Perhaps it was meant to happen to bring his love of Marginal Way to others.

It was our pleasure to be a very small part of such a lovely life. Our thoughts are with his family and many friends.

May the tide come in on Marginal Way for Martin always.

January 27, 2010

Online Reservations are BACK!

Thank you everyone for being so patient! Welcome to our hotel's new online reservations!

With our online system you will now be able to make reservations for any package of your choice. You will be able to see more online, choose your location by building, by in room amentity. You can make your Ogunquit vacation yours.

Please visit us online at and check out our specials at the packages page


December 31, 2009

Outdoor Hot Tub in the Winter at the Meadowmere

Sometimes our guests share the best things with us! These cool shots are from our friend Ray - who's very talented and just visited is in Ogunquit for the holidays. His photos are amazing! In fact, he hosts the Worldwide Photo Walk, which is a pretty neat, in July.

So hang onto to this post - cause when the weather outside is frightful (which they say it will be in Ogunquit), the outdoor hot tub and indoor pool are good places to be!



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December 28, 2009

Jumpin' (in the Roman Spa!) Joy - It's January in Ogunquit!

Wreathwinter2 January Print & Clip Specials for our Ogunquit are here at our hotel!

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Witner savings mean more at the Meadowmere. Be sure to book your vacation to Ogunquit for the next summer season early - There's $50 in savings at the Meadowmere! And during January - you can get a third night free!

Winter blues can be cured with a quick vacation. Martin Luther King weekend is just around the corner and you want to book early for the popular Valentine's Day Package - this year bigger and better with special Jazz concert. Visit our Maine hotel's package and special page to plan your winter escape!  

October 27, 2009

November Deals for Your Ogunquit Getaway! Holiday Shopping Begins!

November Print & Clip Specials for our Ogunquit are here at our hotel!


Check out the specials by clicking here

It's time for November savings at the Meadowmere. Be sure to book your vacation to Ogunquit for the quiet season early - There's 10% savings at the Meadowmere! And during November- you can get $30 in Turkey Dollars!

Use your Holiday Deal to saving on shopping - every stay has special outlet coupons to Freeport and Kittery. Thanksgiving and Christmas by the Sea are just around the corner! Dining, Spa, Cooking and New Year's Eve packages return. Visit our Maine hotel's package and special page to plan you Maine vacation!

July 07, 2009

Going Green In Ogunquit - Little or Big, Every Step Counts

Greenkeys As this is being written, it is once again raining. And not just any rain - pouring. With thunder rumbling in the background. A reminder that Mother Nature runs the summer show.

Being an ocean front community, Ogunquit is a destination of choice for many summer vacations. The village, set on Maine's beautiful southern coast, is idyllic - with miles of sandy beach, tidal pools, rocky cliffs, lobster boats, a real walking draw bridge and quaint museums and buildings dotted along the town. However, as an ocean front community, its businesses and residents have a real responsibility to care for Ogunquit. And luckily Maine has great programs - like the Environmental Leader certification - and resources to make a hotel green and vacations more environmentally friendly.

Many people ask us - so what happens after the hotel is certified? Is that it? Nope- there's more. Part of the program is on going green efforts, continuing to increase a hotel's score and random inspections. One of the best experiences of our Ogunquit hotel going green is that our staff and guests have embraced the efforts and become a huge source of information.

A great example of this just happened. One of our front desk team went on a trip and really liked the key cards at the hotel (we're a little funny this way when we travel - we notice EVERYTHING). Not only was the hotel key card pretty, but it had a little note that it was made from recycled material. And that was actually the reason the card was brought it us - the fine print. She thought to herself, while on vacation, 'hey- this is a great green idea for the Meadowmere!'

And she was right! The card is a great fit as one more way that our Ogunquit hotel is helping the environment. Once our new cards arrive, our room key cards at our Ogunquit hotel will feature eco messages and be made from 100% biodegradable, renewble crops and plant materials. Which means our key card will be compostable - even better than recyclable (which guests would have to remember to put in the blue bin). We get excited about these things at the Meadowmere - it's adding something new and making our hotel better!

So when you check in and pick up your keys, consider this - over 12,000 key cards are programmed each year at the Meadowmere. Combined with all of our hotel's enivronmental efforts, it's one more little step to help make a big difference in Ogunquit.

April 29, 2009

Top Southern Maine Road Races - On Your Mark!

Best Roads races in southern maine With all the good weather lately, seems appropriate to start thinking about all the things there are to do outside. One of the good ole basics  - going for a walk, jog or run around the Ogunquit area is actually something you can have a little fun with. There are great race courses throughout the good weather season. Each of these road races are an easy distance from the Meadowmere and are very well run - parking, water stations, good crowd support (everyone needs a little cheer!) and those tasty orange wedges.

So - on your mark, get set - go!

  1. Beach & Bay 5K Run/Walk for AIDS
    This year, the race is on May 2nd at 11am at the Beach St Parking Lot in Ogunquit. The race is professionally timed, on Ogunquit's long stretch of white sand and comes with an after party on the beach - how you could not rush to the finish line!
  2. Kennbunk Beach Classic 5Mile Run/3Mile Walk
    This year, the race is on May 3rd at the Senior Center in the Lower Village (more info: ) Do we sense a bi-athlon? Course is known as fast and certified. Just think Chariots of Fire oceanside. Only the first 400 nab a t-shirt, but the view is included for all!
  3. Annual Dragon Slayer 6k Road Race
    This year, the local road race with the coolest name will be run on May 17th at the York High School. The route is scenic - past the beaches and the Nubble Lighthouse, ending at Short Sands Beach (don't worry - they take you back to the start). What's the dragon? You're racing for a cure and supporting the American Liver Foundation.
  4. Four on the Fourth 4Mile Road Race
    An annual treat on July 4th - starting at the York High School. The route is a loop through Long Sands and back around - a mix of easy to moderate hills and water views. At the end, there's tables and table of food and lots of cheering - a good challenge run to bring out your inner Patriot.
  5. Billy Chowder House 5k Run
    This year, the race is on July 12th at Billy's Chowder House on Mile Rd in Wells. The course follows along Wells Beach and is fast and flat. You'll make a PR happen - there's a runners buffet - Chowder included!
  6. Ogunquit Lobster Dash (aka Lobstadash) 5Mile Run
    This year, the annual tradition will be run on September 19th (find out the details at A run covering the entire length of Ogunquit Beach, all the way to Moody Beach and back- the dash is sanctioned by the USATF NE and has 2 water stations.
  7. Annual Turkey Trot 5k Road Race
    This annual fun run is held on Saturday after turkey day (this year, November 29th). A USTAF certified course that begins at the village elementary school - you'll have water, splits, mile markers and all the bells and whistles while you work off that turkey dinner. Families run in packs and there are yummy snacks at the finish.

April 14, 2009

Earth Day unplugged at Clay Hill Farm April 22

EarthdayCHF Earth Day is really the culmination of a movement back in 1962. It was all about bringing focus to preservation during the Kennedy administration. The results was the first offical Earth Day in 1970 and a pretty cool list of accomplishments since then (the EPA gives a play-by-play online). This includes the Energy Star program, Clean Buses for Kids and Water Sense for water conservation.

This Earth Day, Clay Hill Farm is inviting every to a different kind of movement - one with a little more swing to it. Live music, food and local Maine green products will be on display Wednesday April 22 starting at 530pm. Clay Hill is a great venue - it's not just a restaurant and function facility, but also a bird sanctuary (grab that field guide) and wildlife reserve (don't worry - mostly squirrels, deer and a few bugs by the restaurant itself - nothing a good, eco bug spray won't save you from).

Upping the cool factor - Jonathans Blakeslee, our Green Wedding Groom-to-Be, will be performance. Huh? Well, that's actually a factor in how they won - they had a great song playing in the video by Jonathan. Another reason, his tea company, White Heron Tea, is eco-friendly. Probably helps the pipes too!

Finally, even if you are visiting us in Ogunquit (it's school vaca week at the Meadowmere) and are not sure about this whole green thing and the idea makes visions of granola, bug bites and tree hugging in your head - just go for the good food, good music and to find out what in the world Haunted Milk is. Just wear long sleeves.

March 28, 2009

Hoist the Sails!

 IMG_2652_green Every now and then we catch a story at the Meadowmere that is both cool and green. A recent blurb in Portland Magazine highlighted a company called Sea Bags and shared this fun Maine company that has a pretty cool idea - make bags out of old sails.

How ridiculously simple! And fashionable. And durable. We've all seen the bags at the grocery store that encourage us to avoid plastic and reuse. Admittedly, some of these are a bit suspect - they don't look like they'd last more a trip. Or they are riddled with slogans and goofy pictures. Not that food shopping is a fashion show, but hey, there's a phrase about form and function for a reason.

The Sea Bags look great, they're Maine made (huge plus for us - thumbs up to the local businesses) and they are taking super durable sails and recyling them. With different sizes, we can see this being handy for the beach, shopping, purses, school bags - any time you need to hoist something (couldn't resist). And since they are made from real sails, each one is fairly unique - when the sail is gone, so is the bag style (until next time one is recycled anyway).

Check them out online - and bring one to Ogunquit Beach this summer!

February 11, 2009

The voting is now closed! Results this Friday!

Greenwed The voting for the 2009 Green Wedding Giveaway is now over - and over 13,000 votes are being counted. Wow. These couples are seriously getting out the vote. Pretty impressive.

So this Friday, we will be heading to Clay Hill Farm to check out the festivities, spend some time with the couples and be there live for the winning annoucement. We're thinking it will be in the afternoon and runor has it Tv and radio crews are showing up to see who wins a $40,000 plus wedding. (This may be because the hot new blog site mentioned the contest and the votes went through the roof. Check out the top right corner. Thank you ladies - appreciate it!)

January 30, 2009

Green Tips from UMaine - Great site

The Ogunquit Conservation Commission just emailed a website to us for green tips: 

There great links and everything is organized very well so you can find more about specific ideas such as windows, insulation and solar.

A really cool process is an energy audit (alright, we are a bit geeky about green so maybe not really cool, but just cool) - you learn lot about what you are doing right and what could really help you out. With so many green projects (should I put in a water heater or windows first?), an audit can help prioritize where to spend a little money and save a lot. We are not just suggesting - we walked the talk and we've had an energy audit just last fall at the resort. It's a good 'report card' and you can have a wonderful time learning what works best for you.

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