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June 27, 2016

5 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Ogunquit Maine Vacation

Although there are certainly many ways to spice up a long awaited Ogunquit vacation, we wanted to write a brief list showing 5 things (just about all of which are year round) you may consider to spice up the overall enjoyment of your trip.

Keep in mind that as you read the following ideas they are just that-- ideas, and by no means a requisite to having a beautiful vacation in Ogunquit. As we always say, it’s better to be on vacation in Ogunquit without all the bells and whistles than it is to have the perfect vacation with every option you ever dreamed your head.

HPmarginalwayWithout further ado, here goes:

  1. The Fancy Restaurant: Stuffy restaurants, especially if you’re considering packing lite, have gone the way of the dinosaur in Ogunquit. We’re not really sure anyone ever did enjoy having a personal napkin folder standing at attention. And to this we say good riddance. Approachable fine dining shares amazing food, great memories and good conversation. Often times, the right restaurant creates that ‘homey’ feel so many are looking for. Yes, you can still get dressed up – just now you can spill breadcrumbs on the table. Good spots to go fancy, not stuffy: The Velveteen Habit, MC Perkins Cove, David’s KPT, Northern Union.
  1. The Romantic Spot: This can be a bit tricky when traveling with kids but have no fear. In Ogunquit, you really can’t go wrong with Marginal Way. Even if the kiddos are on the adventure too, while they explore the rocks, you and your spouse can site hand in hand on one of the many benches. Marginal Way just has the effect on people. Maybe it’s the soothing waves, maybe the scent of the ocean – whatever it is, it’s the perfect spot to reconnect. Good spots to park: The lookout point just north of Perkins Cove. The path has a little extra loop – you might even sneak in a kiss and really gross out the kids.
  1. The Sweet Stuff: At some point, almost everyone sees Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s a rite of passage. It’s also darn near the stuff of reality at Harbor Candy Shop in Ogunquit center. From the quaint store front to the intoxicating smell of chocolate upon entering, you’ll think you found a golden ticket. Homemade fudge, turtles and these little raspberry baskets – plus buckets of sugary glory waiting for you to make your very own bag of goodies. It’s like hitting the candy bullseye (which you can also enjoy). Good spot to see: Head all the way inside to watch candy being made and see an entire wall of truffles.
  1. The Fresh Air: Maine is vacationland – so get out and enjoy it. Whether that’s a winter afternoon in the outdoor hot tub or a summer day walking the beach, you’ve got to get outside to get into Maine. There are a couple of rather ‘undiscovered’ ways to get your fair share of that Maine fresh air: Ogunquit River paddle boarding and Mt. A hiking. While Ogunquit Beach is definitely the main attraction, these two spots make for a special experience. You’ll encounter amazing birdlife paddling up the River and see the estuaries up close. As the highest point in Southern Maine, Mt. A offers outstanding views of the entire coastline. Yeah, sure you can drive to the top, but remember, it’s all about the fresh air. Good spots to catch the best views: On the River, just into Wells, the pretty line up of beach cottages facing the ocean. On the Mountain, just off to the right of the lookout house, there is a picnic table to gaze out at the Nubble Lighthouse.
  1. EDBMsubhomepgThe Lobster: Assuming that you want what the locals got. Well, it’s not just lobster. There’s a couple of snack spots that may not look like much, but you’ll find us there. Anyway, say hi, be friendly and don’t mess too much with what you order. When in Maine, do like the Mainers. Good spots: The Lobster Shack, Perkins Cover; Flo’s Hot Dogs, Route 1 Cape Neddick; Cornerstone, Lobster Pizza, Ogunquit Village Center; Billy’s Chowder House Homemade Bar Chips, Wells; Barnacle Billy’s Steamers & Rum Punch, Perkins Cove; The Clam Shack, Fried Clams, Kennebunkport.

There you go, five simple ways to enhance your Ogunquit Maine Vacation. If you are ready to get those plans in place, give us a call or check out the hotel at . There's also our handy "Things to Do in Ogunquit" section for more tips. 

April 04, 2016

How to Find the Perfect Hotel for your Future Vacation: 5 Valuable Maine Travel Tips!

At the Meadowmere we receive calls on a daily basis from folks who are in the process of looking for the perfect hotel for their upcoming vacation.  They all want to know the same thing: “What should I look for in a property where I can find the vacation of my dreams?”  That’s a great question, and we just happen to have some great pointers so let’s dive right in!

Here are 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect hotel for your Future Vacation:

IMG_0030#1:  Compare Rates

The biggest factor that impacts the vacation planning is cost.  Why?  One word: Budget.  Vacations can be expensive, there’s no getting around that.  It’s not uncommon for our clients to check hotel pricing on discount travel website.  A word of caution be sure you read the terms and always compare the rates with the hotel directly to ensure you’re getting the best customer service and the best price for your upcoming vacation.

 #2:  Be Flexible with dates

Depending upon when you’re looking to travel and how far in advance you are booking you may need to be flexible with your dates.  A bit of flexibility can go a long way, if you’re planning a romantic vacation to Maine or a family vacation in Ogunquit the ability to shift your dates could mean better accommodations and a better value.  We can certainly work with you to discuss preferences and make recommendations to ensure you’re vacation in Ogunquit is perfect!

 #3:  Check the specials

Most hotels offer specials which can be found on their website under packages and specials or promotions. Information on promotions can also be provided by calling the hotel directly.  Since Promotions are typically available closer to the dates of the reservation or during slow periods check these regularly as well as being flexible with your dates will prove to be beneficial when planning your vacation.

#4:  Stay often

Within our Guest Appreciation program travelers that stay often with our hotel using directly booked reservations receive regular promotions and special discounts for their vacations in Ogunquit Maine.  On a number of weekends a year guests qualifying for the guest appreciation program at the Meadowmere also receive discounts to other Ogunquit vendors from Spa to Dinning> It’s always nice to save!

#5:  Become a Fan

Social Media is a great way to keep up with changes, improvements and specials for your vacation.  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter or simply sign up for our Newsletter to stay current with all Meadowmere Promotions and news from Ogunquit, Maine!

Well, there you have it!  Five tips for finding the perfect hotel for your future vacation. We hope this helps you on your journey to making your vacation dreams a reality!  Please feel free to share any comments or questions below.

Thanks and Good Luck! 

March 07, 2016

Should I Take a Maine Vacation in Today’s Economy?

Plan a Vacation in Maine
Plan a Vacation in Maine

The question is, should I plan a vacation in Maine when I am not sure of what the economy is going to do? The answer to that question solely rests with you. You are the one that knows your financial situation, how stable is your job, if you have a savings account to fall back on in hard times, and how well you manage your money. If you have a job that is in a stable field such as law enforcement, doctor, nurse, dentist, dental hygienist, and other areas where economy does not affect you, then you should not have to worry about the economy so much. As far as 401ks go, and the stock market, they should be looked at as long term investments, so the fact that they are down now, 5 years from now they will be back where they should be.  

For most of the team here, we have found that when we buy something, we find a way to pay for it. If one of us  couldn't pay for it, then it would reflect in credit scores and one would not be able to finance anything anyway. With so many people being concerned about finances day to day, it is hard to put aside money for a vacation, but not impossible. We still have people vacationing in Ogunquit, Maine because of the great value. Most are just more conscious of their budgets than they use too be.

And a big reason for taking that Maine vacation is to invest in yourself. With yoga and meditation awareness spreading across the country, there is the realization that a stress free and happier life is achievable. Guests are striving to enjoy their lives inside and out. More people are staying within the United States instead of traveling abroad, and even those that have a life balancing practice daily recognize that taking a break and planning a vacation is important to de-stress and rejuvenate. 

In fact, the whole family can put their feet up. The kids will be entertained with the Beach, Marginal Way, Lobster excursion and other attractions in Ogunquit.  At our hotel in Ogunquit your family can watch a movie, swim in the pools, play in the arcade and walk to all Ogunquit has to offer.  Plus getting away is a great opportunity to make new friends you may have never met otherwise. Vacations in Ogunquit, Maine are available year round with each season providing the best of Mother Nature in New England.  Most of our customers are plan a Maine vacation for 5 times a year. Maybe not a weeks’ vacation all those months, but a night or two in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter allows them to get away and just enjoy a stay at the Meadowmere Resort

The economy has brought a lot of stress to us and a vacation in Maine can help relieve some of that stress. So yes, planning a Maine vacation in a down economy can be good with the right circumstances.  One other thing to remember is that long distance vacations have been getting more and more expensive.  With flights, car rentals, passports and exchanges rates there’s a lot to consider and each has an effect on your budget and it all adds up to a lot higher cost on planning a vacation. So choosing a destination you can drive to will add value to your vacation plans and allow you to experience more in Maine!  So is now the time to plan your Maine Vacation?? if you budget it out, we think so!

February 08, 2016

Seasonal Savings and Maine Vacations: Is Fall,Winter or Spring the Best time to Save on a Vacation to Ogunquit?

During this time of year, one of the questions we most often hear from customers is: "When is the best time to book an Ogunquit, Maine vacation and get the best deal, Fall, Winter or Spring?"

Well the answer to this question, at least in most cases, is relatively simple. Also, with the economy in the state that it currently resides, the question is even more poignant than normal. The following is a case for each:

Advantages to Fall or Winter Vacation in Ogunquit, Maine:

Fall Vacation in Ogunquit
Fall Vacation in Ogunquit
  1. Lowest Price: For a hotel and restaurant owner in Ogunquit, the months of cold weather can be quite daunting, especially knowing that even though the number of vacationers might slow down, the bills never do. This is why pricing is almost always lower during the fall and winter time periods.
  2. Cost of Good Increases: With each New Year comes the annual ‘cost of goods' increase from suppliers. For example the prices we paid our room linens and amenities, ect.  goes up every year.  Which is another reason why the Fall/Winter will likely be a much better time to save money on your vacation than the spring will be.  With inflation I expect cost of goods to once again shoot up and along with them, vacation prices.
  3. Scenery: September through December are great times to vacation in Ogunquit and take in the scenery of the most beautiful place by the sea.  Because of the natural foliage and holiday season small villages like Ogunquit are bursting with beautiful decorations and seasonal events.
Spring Vacation in Ogunquit
Spring Vacation in Ogunquit

Advantages to a Spring Vacation in Ogunquit, Maine:

  1. Some Savings: Although prices are not as good as they were 4-6 months previous, one can usually find some excellent deals on Ogunquit, Maine vacations in the spring, especially during the Feb/March time frame.
  2. More To Do:Frankly, this is the biggest advantage I can honestly think of when debating over whether to have a Fall/Winter vacation versus a spring vacation in Ogunquit, Maine. For some consumers, the thought of vacationing in an area where some shops and restaurants are seasonal and options may be limited makes a winter vacation hard to swallow. For others, the money saved with suitable year round options for shopping and dining is well worth it.
  3. Charity and Taxes:   In Ogunquit, Maine Spring is a time for sharing.  Planning a vacation alongside special offers such as Marginal Way Stays and Hospitality for Habitat can combine special savings with a charitable donation which can be used as a tax write-off at the end of the year.

But for all of you who are contemplating a Maine Vacation in these difficult economic times our hotel can make you one promise:

Your risk will be rewarded with a ton of fun and relaxation.

Good luck with your decision and as always, happy travels!!

December 15, 2015

5 Steps to Planning a Proper Family Vacation in Ogunquit, Maine

Vacation in Ogunquit
Vacation in Ogunquit

Yippy Skippy! Hip-Hip-Hoorary!...Why all the celebration you ask? Well it's time to plan a Maine vacation! Before long, the sounds of children and family laughing, splashing, and playing in the pool will be heard throughout the lobby at the Meadowmere Resort. But before we can start to relax and enjoy our getaway, we must all plan our vacation properly. This article will discuss the correct steps to planning a proper vacation in Ogunquit, Maine.

Step 1: Finding Ogunquit Accommodations for you

Finding the right accommodations to fit your needs can sometimes be quite precarious, especially when planning for the whole family and taking into account every ones wants and desires. The best way to ensure you find the best accommodations for everyone is to make a list of the #1 “must haves” for each person traveling.  Vacation Planners often times attempt to make their decision based on one thing only – the lowest price, the best view, an indoor pool ect., without considering what they might be missing out on. This can lead to higher overall vacation costs and even disappointment.  So cast a broader net consider each “must have” and look to accommodations that check off most of the list.  Choosing a hotel with more included with the room can save you money as you plan for activities and even dinning costs.

Step 2: Choose the Season best for you

In this phase, one should consider where they are traveling to.  Maine is the vacation state and full of amazing things to do and natural beauty.  All planners should consider the season or seasons you wish to experience Ogunquit Maine.  Winters are magical with the cozy warmth of a fireplace or a dip in the indoor pool.  Spring is beautiful as they flowers begin to bloom and the birds come out to sing a stroll through the Maine outdoors is just the thing, Summer are exciting with Beach Days and  BBQ’s, Falls are stunning with the autumn leaves and all the Harvest Decorations.  Also at this time, plan the activities you wish to experience Snowshoeing and Ice Skating, Hiking and Biking, Kayaking and Surfing, Apple Picking and Scenic Drives.  During this phase use the hotel staff as a resource for available activities for the season of your vacation.

Step 3: Find the right Restaurant

Set on the coast of Maine Ogunquit Village is packed full of seafood specialists, use the hotel staff as a resource for local favorite spots to ensure your getting a good value.  Choose local and sustainable dining options to ensure quality and freshness such as Clay Hill Farm, Jonathan’s, Frankie & Johnny’s to name a few.

Step 4: Plan to Experience the Culture of Ogunquit

Culture varies quite a bit from state to state even town to town. For Ogunquit, Maine the attraction has always been in the beauty with Ogunquit Beach and the Rocky Maine Coast many visitors forget to consider the culture.  Paired with the Natural Beauty of Ogunquit is a deep rooted history in the arts, visit local galleries and the heritage museum to learn more about Ogunquit’s beginning as an artist colony, the history to the shacks in Perkins Cove and the wooden drawbridge.  Take in a Play at the Ogunquit Playhouse and explore its history in American Theatre, peak at the long list of famous performers that have graced the stage over the years.  Or plan your vacation during an annual performance of favorites such as Sally Struthers at the Playhouse or Judy Collins at Jonathan’s Restaurant.

Step 5: Made in Maine Shopping

Most Vacation Planners are familiar with Maine’s more notorious stores and although you purchase Stonewall Kitchens Blueberry Jam and LL Bean merchandise online a visit to their flagship stores are sure to make an impact on your vacation to Maine.  Plan your trip around seasonal events focused on Maine Made items such as the Laudholm Farm’s Pumpkin Fiddle or Holiday Festival Craft shows or Maine Maple Sunday to enjoy Maine Made goods you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

December 04, 2015

Top 10 Best Maine Christmas Festival : Don't Miss All the Holiday Cheer!


Christmas in Southern Maine
Christmas in Southern Maine

There are so many reasons why Southern Maine’s holiday festivities have become an Annual Tradition bringing visitors from all over the country year after year.  In Kennebunkport the Christmas Prelude Event has been designated as one of the Top 100 Events in North America for 2015 as well as the #2 Christmas Town in America attesting that the historic village has perfected the art of celebrating the season since the festival was born on the first weekend in December 1982.

With Ogunquit, Maine just a few miles to the south the seasons festivities were enhanced just 4 years later with the addition of Christmas by The Sea on the second weekend in December 1986.  The quaint village set along the rocky Maine coast was deemed Beautiful Place by the Sea for the spectacular views which inspired so many artists over the years.  Once an artist colony there’s no wonder as to why Ogunquit’s Christmas by the Sea festival incorporates creativity with crafting workshops and the Annual Art Sale.

December is a month full of Holiday Fun and with so many great events it can be hard to choose which is why we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Maine Christmas Festival Events You Can’t Miss so you can plan out your winter visit to Maine!

Kennebunkport Tree Lighting Tree Lighting Ceremony in Dock Square officially begins the season. Join in Christmas caroling with the Kennebunk High School Chamber Choir.  Friday, December 4, 2015 at 5:30pm

Hat Parade A parade of holiday hats for children and adults led by the Patriot Fife and Drum Duo. Show off your handmade or store bought creations. All hat wearers welcome! Gather at the town parking lot behind Dock Square by 2:45pm. Parade through Dock Square and over the bridge to Best of Everything where prizes will be awarded for various creative categories. Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 3:00pm

Holiday Craft Fairs Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 5:pm through Saturday, December 12, 2015 10am-3pm

White Christmas at the Music Hall Veterans Bob Wallace and Phil Davis have a successful song-and-dance act after World War II. With romance in mind, these showbiz buddies follow two beautiful singing sisters to their Christmas show at a Vermont lodge, which just happens to be owned by Bob and Phil’s former army commander. The dazzling score features well-known standards including “Sisters”, “Count Your Blessing Instead of Sheep”, “Happy Holidays” and the perennial favorite, “White Christmas.”. Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 7:30pm through Sunday, December 20, 2015 at 4:30pm

Visit Santa at the Ogunquit Firehouse upstairs at the Ogunquit Fire Station on School Street.  Be sure to arrive early to see Santa arrive by fire engine!  Have your photo take with Santa and then head over to the Ogunquit Camera shop to pick up your holiday picture! Saturday, December 12, 2015 at 9:30am

Taste the Season Local dining establishments join together in this charitable event at the Dunaway Center in Ogunquit.  Taste a variety of foods including lots of Maine Chowder and some Beer & Wine.  Drop off canned goods for the local food pantry and enjoy!  Saturday, December 12, 2015 at 11:00am

Ogunquit Ocean Rescue Polar Plunge head down to Ogunquit Beach to support Toys for Tots and cheer on the daring Ogunquit Ocean Rescuers as they brave the wintry elements.  Saturday, December 12, 2015 at Noon.

Five O Patio Party join in the fun on Shore Road in Ogunquit enjoy lunch on the patio and watch the Christmas Parade during the holiday party!  Saturday, December 12, 2015 at 11:00am.

Ogunquit Beach BonFire warm up in front of the Ogunquit Beach bonfire while you wait for the fireworks display.  Saturday, December 12, 2015 at 4:00pm

Contrary to Christmas in July!  Watch the Fireworks on Ogunquit Beach in December Saturday, December 12, 2015 at 5:30pm.

November 02, 2015

Best Places in Maine for Holiday shopping this November


Top Seaside Villages for shopping in Maine
Top Seaside Villages for shopping in Maine

At our hotel in Ogunquit we offer the perfect starting point for all your shopping needs.  Our hotel is minutes from the best shopping in Maine. With holiday stress just around the corner why not stop in for a relaxing retreat while checking off your Christmas Shopping List? 

The friendly Meadowmere staff is ready with Coupon passes to the Kittery Outlets less than 12 miles south of our hotel in Ogunquit.  You’ll find over 120 famous name outlet stores including Banana Republic, J. Crew, OshKosh and Calvin Klein as well as unique shops like the Kittery Trading Post, Yummies and Maximus Hobby Shop.  The Freeport Outlets are just an hour to the north and home to L.L. Bean’s flagship store as well as a number of brand name outlet stores along the historic streetscapes.

Following a day of exploring Maine’s Outlet Stores we urge you to take pause in the salt water hot tub, designed specifically for our guests the therapeutic Roman Spa features swirling jets, waterfall, warmth and the healing benefits of salt water - a combination that creates absolute relaxation. 

Of course Southern Maine has more to offer than the branded outlets of Kittery and Freeport.  The delightful seaside villages amid the outlets present charming gift shops only found in Maine.  Here are our Top Seaside Villages for November shopping in Maine: 

At the most beautiful place by the sea (Ogunquit Maine that is…) shops like Revelations, Spoiled Rotten, On the Main and Calluna present unique gifts such as natural personal care sets, fine jewelry, clothing, candles the stuff that everyone loves.  They also feature items a bit more Mainely with Lobster Love Onsies, Local Art and Nautical favorites and a stroll along the quaint village of Ogunquit leads to Marginal Way the famous footpath set along the rocky coast with views you just can’t find anywhere else.

With notable sea captains homes lining the streets combine a day of shopping beside the sea with Maine history in Kennebunkport, our neighbor to the north.  At the popular shops Saxony Imports, Minka, Best of Everything and Beach Grass you’re sure to find something for any budget.  Maine gifts include Vitamin Sea Scented Candles, Whales Tail Cutting board even a lobster paper towel holder… oh the creativity to be found in Southern Maine!

Heading to the south, York Maine is just moments away from our hotel in Ogunquit and on route to the Kittery Outlets.  Here you’ll find Stonewall Kitchen with jams and goodies loved by all, a gift certificate to their cooking school will surely please the person on your list who already has everything.  Knight’s Quilt shop, Woods to Goods and Eldridge Bait and Tackle offer that perfect niche to add that special touch for the extraordinary loved one on your list be it crafter or fishing fanatic.  

And just in case the pools, hot tubs, state of the art fitness center, spa services and pub offerings end up distracting you from your shopping list – We’ve got you covered.  The Meadowmere Resort offers gift certificates to cover fitness day passes, over night escapes even package specials, so no matter the budget giving the gift of the Meadowmere is sure to spread relaxation this holiday season!

October 12, 2015

Best Fall Recipes from our Ogunquit Hotel : Caramel Apple Pie and Donuts

Favorite Fall Treats from Ogunquit
Favorite Fall Treats from Ogunquit

At the Meadowmere Resort October is a month we look forward to all year.  Decorations cover the town and our Ogunquit hotel throughout the month, the smell of homemade apple cider fills the lobby and the journey along the back roads gives new meaning to “beautiful place by the sea”.  The tradition of Apple Picking brings families and couples, locals and visitors together at a number of Maine Farms and Orchards.  It’s the simple things that make up a great life like a day of picking apples surrounded by the unrivaled foliage of New England in the company of good friends and family.

As you escape to the Meadowmere resort Maine this year and continue the tradition of apple picking we know you will leave with more than just a bag full of apples.  A heart full of memories collected in the natural beauty of the most beautiful place by the sea and the surrounding forests full of fall color.  Upon returning home we hope you share those memories with more friends and loved ones which is why we’ve complied our Top Two Favorite Fall Treats from Ogunquit for you to enjoy and share.

#1 Apple Cider Doughnuts

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and mixing up a batch of homemade Apple Cider Doughnuts to share with friends over a hot cup of coffee on a cool fall day.

What you’ll need:

    1 Cup Maine Apple Cider

    ½ Cup Fresh Maine Apple Grated & Peeled

    2 Tablespoons Sugar

    1 Egg

    ¼ Teaspoon Nutmeg

    ¼ Teaspoon Vanilla

    2 Cups dry Pancake Mix

    Cinnamon Sugar


    Simmer Maine Apple Cider until reduced to ¼ cup, let cool.  

    Mix in the grated Fresh Maine Grated Apples with Sugar, Egg, Nutmeg, Vanilla and Pancake Mix

    Roll the batter into 1 inch balls and deep-fry in 375 degree oil

    Drain on a paper towel then roll in cinnamon sugar

#2 Caramel Apple Pie

Nothing says fall like a homemade Maine Apple Pie after a long day!

What you’ll need for the caramel:

                1 Cup Sugar

                ¼  Cup Water

                4 Tablespoons unsalted butter

                ¼ Cup Heavy Cream

                ¼ Teaspoon coarse salt

What you’ll need for the Maine Apple Pie:

                3 Pounds Fresh Maine Apples peeled, cored and cut into ½ inch slices

                ½ Cup Sugar

                2 Tablespoons lemon juice

                ¾ Teaspoon coarse salt

                Pie Crust (homemade recipe)  

                ¼ Cup All Purpose Flour

                1 Large egg, beaten


                For the caramel mix water and sugar in a medium saucepan, bring to a boil, stirring regularly until sugar dissolves.  Continue cooking, stirring periodically until it’s a deep golden brown.  Remove from heat and stir in butter, heavy cream and salt.  Let mixture cool.

                For the pie combine apples, sugar, lemon juice, flour and salt in a large bowl.  Add ¾ cup of the caramel mixture and toss to combine.  Follow the instructions for the pie crust and pour the filling into the pie crust.  Roll the remaining pie crust on a lightly floured surface and cut into 16 ½ inch wide strips.  Lay the strips across the pie weaving a lattice pattern, brush with egg and place the pie in the freezer for 20 minutes.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees with the rack in the center of the oven and tin foil on the lower rack for easy clean up. 

                Bake the pie in the oven until crust is golden brown and juices are bubbling the center.  About 1 hours and 20 minutes allow it to cool completely on a wire rack for above 4 hours and enjoy!


September 04, 2015

Ogunquit Maine's Capriccio Festival of the Arts

Ogunquit's Festival of Kites
Ogunquit's Festival of Kites

September offers an amazing opportunity for you to experience the most beautiful place by the sea paired with the Capriccio Festival of the Arts.  For generations Ogunquit Maine has been home to artists from all walks of life. The breathtaking views, peaceful setting and charm of our seaside village naturally creates inspiration for everything from sculpture to painting.  It’s no wonder the Annual Festival of the Arts has been a success for the past 24 years.  We are all excited to welcome back the town-wide Ogunquit Festival for its 25th anniversary in 2015.

With the support of the Ogunquit Performing Arts, local churches, art galleries and many other organizations and businesses in town the event will boast concerts, new exhibits and receptions, historical look-backs, special tours and the festival of kites along Ogunquit beach.  The festival begins just steps from our Ogunquit hotel with a Labor Day Concert featuring various Artists on Sunday, September 6th at 7:00pm at the Ogunquit Baptist Church on Shore Road. 

The following weekend begins with a visit from Tim Sample – Maine’s Native Humorist on Friday Night at the Dunaway Center in Ogunquit.  Saturday kicks off with the Festival of Kites at Ogunquit Beach featuring professional demonstrations, kite decorating for the kids and of course filling the sky with loads of kites.  The Ogunquit Heritage Museum offers Afternoon Tea following the Festival of Kites enjoy a taste of history with a special selection of teas, cakes and sandwiches in Ogunquit’s historic tearoom.  Then head back to our Ogunquit Hotel for a nap or a dip in the Roman Spa before enjoying the Gala Reception at the Barn Gallery as they open their fall exhibitions finish the evening with Grammy Award winning Jazz Pianist Paul Sullivan for an evening of music by the sea.  

The Ogunquit Playhouse joins in Tuesday, September 15th with discounted pricing for the anticipated “Million Dollar Quartet” at America’s foremost summer theatre.  The Tony Award-winning Broadway musical inspired by the recording session that brought rock’n’roll icons Elvis Presley, Johnny cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins together for the first and only time is sure to be an unforgettable performance by the Ogunquit Playhouse.

Thursday, September 17 brings you back to old days with Harry Langdon Silent Comedy at the historic Leavitt Theatre in the heart of Ogunquit.  This silent film features the acclaimed comedic style of Harry Langdon.  Enjoy discount pricing off admission to the Ogunquit Museum of American Art on Saturday with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, Maine’s Rocky Coast and the beautiful gardens the OMAA features exhibits such as Winslow Homer’s Civil War, Todd Webb: Georgia O’Keeffe & the American West and many masterpieces of their permanent collections.

Capriccio Festival of the Arts ends with Open House at the Galleries Saturday, September 19th.  Visit any Ogunquit Art Gallery and pick up a tour map pointing out all the wonderful art Galleries in town offing a special Capriccio welcome and an array of masterpieces from painting to sculpture.

August 31, 2015

Three Ways to Sail in Ogunquit Maine : The Most Beautiful Place by the Sea

Maritime History, Ogunquit Maine
Maritime History, Ogunquit Maine

Sailing has contributed too many great explorations in the world’s history. With such a rich history of maritime culture surrounding our Ogunquit Maine Hotel there is no better way to take a step back in time than by sailing the most beautiful place by the sea. With our neighbors to the North in Kennebunkport offering the “First Families” exhibit throughout the month you can explore the homes and the stories of sea captains and shildbuilders from the 1800’s. Steps away from Kennebunkport the Landing School in Arundel Maine continues the tradition held at “The Landing” since the 1600’s as they pass down the artistry of wooden boat building with beautiful sailboat showcasing their fine woodworking skills.

With Perkins Cove in the heart of Ogunquit it’s no wonder that sailing has been a favorite pass time to so many visitors joining our Maine hotel. Here are our Top three ways to sail the most beautiful place by the sea:


The Gift. Captain Steven Perkins continues a family tradition of 200 years with his connection to the sea. The Passport 40 is a world class sailing yacht with luxurious amenities accommodating 12 passengers. The Gift operates Memorial Day through Columbus day and is available for a variety of charter and sailing options allowing you to explore the rugged coast of Maine as you experience marine life such as dolphins, seals and whales. A day aboard an Ogunquit Maine Sailboat is truly a Gift.

Silverlining Sailing. Whether you’re an old hand at sailing or just looking to give it a try aboard the Silverlining feel free to take the wheel, hand a line or sit back with a glass of wine as the sun sets over the beautiful Perkins Cove. Built in 1939 this 42 foot Sparkman & Stephens classic was built entirely of wood and bronze by a Maine boat builder. Let the Silverlining be the backdrop for an everlasting memory of Ogunquit Maine!

Cricket. Enjoy intimate views of Ogunquit’s summer homes, private coves aboard the Cricket with Perkins Cove native, Captain Grant Hubbard. The Cricket is an authentic replica of a “No Man’s Land” boat designed for coastal lobstering around the 1850’s, the hull consist of pine plants, oak frames and copper rivets with 2 big ash oars in place of an engine. The daily sailing trips depart from Perkins Cove daily.

July 27, 2015

Top Five Family Adventures at our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine

Maine Family Adventure
Maine Family Adventure

Family vacations in Ogunquit Maine have long been a July tradition at our Maine beach resort.  Within walking distance to Ogunquit Beach, Marginal Way, Perkins Cove and the Village of Ogunquit guests enjoy a great location combined with state of the art amenities.  Our Maine family resort offers all you need to keep the kids occupied the whole week with movie showings three times a day, game room, indoor & outdoor pools and Jacuzzi’s and lunch served right on site all you need is right at your finger tips.

Southern Maine has a lot to offer and our family resort provides the perfect starting point to 2015’s Top 5 Family Adventures.

York Wild Animal Kingdom - York, ME (4.6 miles) Steps from York Beach there is something for each member of the family.  The zoo features animals from around the world, Live interactions with Duck Feeding, Petting Zoo, the Deer encounter and Animal Presentations.  The Butterfly kingdom boasts 5,500 square feet where butterflies fly freely.  As well as an amusement park featuring miniature golf, batting cages, rides and games.

Take Flight Adventures – Kittery, ME (10.5 miles)  Maine’s largest high ropes challenge course and the first Seacoast Adventure Zip Tour.  This challenge course has over 60 activities and elements and two different Zip Tours to take your family on a high flying adventure through the Maine trees!  Family Discounts are available and children must be a minimum of 48'' tall and weigh at least 50lbs.  After a day full of aeriel adventure head inside and watch the slide show of the day to see your family in action!

Fun Town Splash Town USA – Saco, ME (23 miles) Southern Maine's Amusement Park features Maine's only wooden roller coaster, Excalibur, and New England's longest and tallest log flume, Thunder Falls for the thrill seekers in the family the 220 foot drop tower, Dragon's Decent is a must.  With Splash Town right next door, family pricing and a large variety of rides, activities, games and food your family is sure to ensure this Maine Adventure!

Old Orchard Beach & Palace Playland (28.5 miles) Set in the heart of Old Orchard Beach featuring the famous Pier Fries is Palace Playland.  The kids will love the carousel, convoy, dizzy dragon and many more family friendly rides.  This playland also features one of the largest arcades in New England holding more than 200 games and attractions.  Take in the views of Old Orchard Beach as you ride the Ferris Wheel or watch the firework display Thursday nights all summer long!

Summit Adventures – South Portland, ME (34 miles) Right at the Maine Mall is the extreme adventure center - Summit Adventures.  Featuring extreme family entertainment with a collection of sports simulators to offer a new activity for mall goers and adventure seekers.  With Rock Climbing, Laser Tag, Human Hamster Balls, Spooky Golf, Wrecking Ball and the Sweeper there is something for everyone in the family.

June 22, 2015

Splash into Summer in Maine:Top 3 Ways to Enjoy Ogunquit by Water

Splash into Ogunquit Maine
Splash into Ogunquit Maine

June brings more than sunshine as we welcome the first day of summer in Ogunquit, Maine.  It’s no doubt that the most beautiful place by the sea was named such for its rocky coastline, long sandy beach and everlasting estuaries.  With the Ocean connecting people from across the globe we want to share with you our Top 3 Ways to Enjoy Ogunquit by Water.  We hope you find love for the sea and try all three!  

#1 Stand Up Paddle Board – For thousands of years many river based and coastal cultures have stood up when paddling canoes or rafts so it’s no wonder The worlds fastest growing water sport has become a favorite activity in Ogunquit, Maine!  Liquid Dreams Surf Shop offers lessons and rentals so your family can experience SUP and if you already know you love to SUP their shop has over 200 boards to choose from.  Join us again in August for their Annual Paddle to the Point Charity Event!

#2 Kayak Maine – There are a number of Kayak Guided Tours and Rentals available on Maine’s Southern Coast.  Kayak Fish New England is one of them and offers an adventure for sightseeing and enjoying the coastal serenity and peace or a fishing excursion that perfect Father’s Day Gift for the dad that has it all.

#3 Surfing – Ogunquit Beach has always been a place where you will see a surfer out in the distance waiting for that perfect wave.  Liquid Dreams Surf Shop and Wheels and Waves are just down the road offering lessons to all ages, rentals and plenty of boards to choose from.

With World Oceans Day kicking off the month of June and first day of summer bringing in the caboose June is the ultimate time of the year for your visit to Ogunquit, Maine and it’s waterways.   Take a lesson, rent or bring your own boards and kayaks and hit the waves or relax in the flowing rivers of Maine’s estuaries.   

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine our Maine Surfing Getaway package pairs with Liquid Dreams and the Ogunquit Conservation Committee to preserve our local Maine beaches and oceans to offer you the chance to soak up the summer sun and experience the joy of being on the water!

May 18, 2015

Summer Broadway at the Beach in Ogunquit Maine : Theatre Season Arrives

Broadway at the Beach
Broadway at the Beach

For 83 years the Ogunquit Playhouse has attracted show biz legends to the beach with a list of stars that read like who’s-who of Broadway and Hollywood, including Bette Davis, Myrna Loy, William Powell and Van Johnson from the early days and more recently, Sally Struthers, Stefanie Powers, Rue McClanahan and Charles Shaughnessy.  Over the past two seasons the Ogunquit Playhouse has been awarded the Moss Hart trophy for their 2013 production of West Side Story and in 2014 thirteen nominations for the IRNE Awards for three of their five productions with Billy Elliot the Musical, Mary Poppins and the Witches of Eastwick bringing in the nominations.

With Executive Artistic Director Bradford Kenney celebrating his 10th Anniversary season, the Ogunquit Playhouse is bringing some of the most exciting dance shows and newest Broadway titles to the beach this season! With Sally Struthers returning to play a temperance lady determined to rid NYC of bootleggers during prohibition in Nice Work If You Can Get It and Broadway’s Hunter Foster returning to direct Million Dollar Quartet this will be a season to remember.

This year the Ogunquit Playhouse has also been awarded the “National Level of Significance” by the National Register of Historic Places.  Ogunquit is proud to be home to this artistic landmark that is now recognized for its impact on America’s architectural and cultural fabric and whose preservation will now be ensured as part of the nation’s cultural heritage.

Ogunquit is excited for the arrival of C&J Bus lines, now offering a daily roundtrip from New York City to the Beach!  Bringing Lovers of Broadway to Broadway at the Beach -hop on the C&J Bus at Port Authority in the morning and arrive to Ogunquit, Maine in time to check-in to our hotel less than ¼ mile from your arrival point at the Ogunquit Chamber of CommerceC&J offers a comfortable, dependable and efficient ride with onboard amenities such as movie showings, complimentary coffee, soda, water and snacks with the most comfortable seats in the industry and reliable air conditioning.

Perkins Cove, Ogunquit Maine
Perkins Cove, Ogunquit Maine

Escaping to Ogunquit, Maine has never been easier!   Ogunquit is the jewel of the Southern Maine Coast and is the sixth most visited town in the state of Maine.  Our renowned walking village is also served by a unique trolley system in season, making it the perfect vacation spot for New Yorkers who would rather walk than drive.  Located on the ocean shore, Ogunquit is home to 3.5 miles of sandy beach and 1.5 miles of shoreline cliffs.  The town provides a rich opportunity to discover a working fishing cove, collectible antiques, gourmet food and enjoy the coast of Maine.  Come on up and enjoy the fresh air!

April 06, 2015

Back to the Basics with your Ogunquit Family Vacation

Maine Family Vacation
Maine Family Vacation

Spring has come to Family resorts in Maine and we’ve got a few tips on how to get your kids to look up from their Ipads, Iphone or whatever electronics they are using these days and enjoy the beauty of nature in Maine.

Family resorts in Maine offer a unique experience, as our great states highlight is the beauty that nature provides there’s no better place to encourage your kids to play outdoors than a trip to the Meadowmere Resort.  We’ve pulled together the TOP 10 Adventures in Ogunquit for you to enjoy as you visit our family resort in Maine.

#1 Enjoy the simple pleasures as you stroll along the Marginal Way with the official “Kids Guide” your family will be fascinated with the scavenger hunt, animals and geology of the most beautiful place by the sea

#2 Go on at Treasure hunt at Ogunquit Beach with the river wrapping around one side you’ll find plenty of rocks and pools to explore as your family searches for crabs, mussels, snails and all the wonderful marine life of the Ocean!

#3 Take Flight the name says it all with this Arial Adventure course fly through the Maine woods on zip lines, test your balance and your strength - can you make it out of the lobster trap?

#4 Watch Wildlife as you hike Mount Agamenticus and explore the learning lodge at the peak.  Discover the beauty of over 40 miles of trails through undeveloped forests and watersheds

#5 Get Dirty!  At Laudholm Farm explore the trails and the marshes engage in their educational programs such as Marshy Mysteries as you wade through the muddy marsh to explore the wonders below

#6 Discover the facts of one of the top industries in the state aboard the FinestKind.  Watch as real lobstermen pull authentic lobster traps and explore all the treasures they hold

# 7 Get Wet as your family learns a new hobby with Liquid Dreams.  Experience Maine’s beauty from the sea as you surf or paddleboard through the waves

#8 Play With your food a visit to local farms provides a family pick experience featuring Maine Blueberries, Maine Apples, Maine Blackberries and so much more!  The kids will love enjoying the berries for snacks or nature paintings.

# 9 Explore the wonders of a Photo Sarfari as you make your way along Rachel Carsons National Wildlife Refuge home to New England Cotton Tail, Piping Plover, salt marhes and estuaries.

#10 Gaze at the wonderful birdlife of ClayHill Farm with their nature trails and bird sanctuary.  Enhance your families imagination with Eco Events in season such as Fairy House Building and Scavenger Hunts.

Get back to the basics of family fun in Maine as you explore our family resort in Maine.  Teach your kids to love the outdoors – worried about the weather?  Don’t bother if your fun filled day of exploring nature gets rained on we have you covered.  At the Meadowmere Resort the kids will enjoy our arcade room, indoor pool and Jacuzzi and 40 seat TV room with family friendly movie showings daily.

March 02, 2015

You Can't Miss 2015 Maine Restaurant week in Ogunquit

Ogunquit Maine Restaraunt
Ogunquit Maine Restaraunt

We all know March brings the first day of spring but did you know it kicks off with a favorite Maine festival and celebration for your taste buds?  With Maine Restaurant Week starting on the 1st you’ll want to bring your appetite as you head up to the Meadowmere.  Did you know Ogunquit restaurants average at about four per square mile? Considering this seaside village is just over 15 square miles, that’s more than 50 restaurants for you to enjoy during this Ogunquit Maine festival and celebration!

You’ll find a lot of restaurants in Portland are participating this year as Maine’s festivals and celebrations turn to focus on foodies.  The city of Portland is well known for its amazing array of delicious eateries and their biggest food critic is Maine Eater.  We’re happy to hear that Maine Eater has made their way to our Ogunquit restaurants noting a few highlights in recent posts such as:

“The 18 Essential Maine Restaurants” – With the Black Birch coming in at #1

“Ten Hottest Restaurants in Maine” – Featuring Anju

“The 6 Most Anticipated Maine Restaurants” – Featuring the Velveteen Habit

The last one really resonates with the foodies in Ogunquit Maine. If you haven’t heard Arrow’s Restaurant closed its doors in 2014.  We were sad to see them go but there’s a lot of excitement in town for the arrival of the Velveteen Habit next month.  Check back later for more information on this Ogunquit restaurant.

As food enthusiasts travel to experience this Maine festival and celebration the Meadowmere awaits with cozy overnight accommodations, relaxing steam room and the warm tranquility of the Roman Spa.  You’ll find deals at a number of Ogunquit Restaurants featuring Pre-Fixe Menus range in price from $25.00-$55.00.  If you are looking to enjoy local favorites without the limits you’ll find our Eat, Drink & Be Merry Package as well as our Maine Craft Beer Dinning Package sure to tickle any taste buds!

February 25, 2015

Construction near our Ogunquit hotel: How to Plan for Good Customer Service

Rt1logoAs our fellow hoteliers at Opus Hotel wrote, a hotel cannot simply play dumb and say “what construction?” to guests when it is obvious that a major undertaking is going on. A hotel has an expectation of comfort and for the construction in Ogunquit, it was important to plan for good customer service at our hotel. We fully expect the beautification of Ogunquit to be a challenge to manage –However through proactive communication and planning, we know that this construction activity will be a chance for our hotel’s customer service to shine.

Unlike Opus Hotel, our Ogunquit hotel does not run the risk of sending guests fleeing to competitors – everyone in Ogunquit is in the same boat. However, there are serious concerns that many guests might simply skip their annual – and in some cases monthly – visit to us. But the only option is to be upfront with our customers, knowing that they would never believe we were caught off guard. And really, with a major construction project, who is going to believe that over the course of months? Maybe a hotel can pull off the deer in the head lights for the first week, but once the jack hammers and trucks are rolling, no guest is going to be fooled. Management only has so much wiggle room to feign shock, as though a multi-million dollar town wide investment just popped up overnight.

Often complaints are handled in the only way hotels know how: with discounting/freebies. If the guest is mildly irritated, he or she might get an apology and a head nod. Clearly ticked off? Maybe 10% off last night’s room charge. Having a temper tantrum in the lobby? An escort off property by management or worse, the Ogunquit PD.

Well, our friends at Opus inspired us to think about long- and short-term interests. Rather than approach the Ogunquit Beautification construction like an unspeakable secret, we would embrace the challenge and communicate with guests. To be honest, this seems a little terrifying. What if guests assume that construction is only near the Meadowmere and book at other hotels?

But the alternative to telling the truth seems even more terrifying. There really isn’t a way to maintain guest satisfaction with dump trucks, paving, bridge repairs and more all about town unless one is fair and upfront.  We decided to take the (only slightly) less scary route of telling guests in advance. Several times. And maintaining that communication throughout the project.  If our motto is family serving family, well, it just made sense.

Yes, we are giving prospective guests and visitors a reason to stay elsewhere. Our hotel will not necessarily be a part of the construction site for very long, and there will even be a suspension of majorly intrusive activity from end of June til Labor Day. Why potentially upset all guests when perhaps none would be disturbed?

Because we feel to avoid the issue is to not respect our guests. Many might arrive and try to suffer in silence – only to never return not only to our Ogunquit hotel, but to the town.

In following the Opus experience, hotel guests are more understanding—and surprisingly accepting—when communication is proactive and sincere. We want to avoid the unpleasant surprise of construction. So our hotel is communicating the following steps:

  • Telling the guest about the construction activity at the time of reservation
  • Placing a notice and helpful directions on our website and in confirmation letters
  • Providing additional detail on where to find updates and alternative directions in a separate letter
  • Keeping guests informed by placing information in guestrooms
  • Inviting guests to contact the front desk if they have concerns

And finally, as the General Manager at Opus said, do everything possible to address concerns—including, if necessary, letting the business walk. In the long run, the hotel will be better off. With larger construction projects we won’t be able to please everyone and sometimes all that can be done is to offer sincere apologies. We know that despite our best efforts, guests may fall through the cracks. We hope that our earnest efforts to be transparent will be rewarded with honest understanding.

We know that communicating such an important project in advance of a vacation can help guests better prepare.  Along with the Ogunquit Chamber, Town of Ogunquit, residents and business owners, we have worked diligently to help our village remain open for business. All we can do is kindly ask for patience and understanding.

Our hotel rolled up its sleeves, mapped out a plan, did our homework to find best practices and we invite you to be our guest and enjoy this adventure together. And hope you will support our local businesses and the Meadowmere Resort during the beautification of Ogunquit.

To learn more about Ogunquit's Project on Facebook: Facebook/OgunquitProject



February 02, 2015

Maine Valentine's Day Packages for Romance in Southern Maine

Southern Maine Romance
Southern Maine Romance

In your search for a Maine Valentine's Day Package, you probably have read the legends to the history of Valentine’s Day. From St. Valentine defying an Emperor by marring young soldiers to the love of their lives to a Christian cover up of the Pagan festival of Lupercalia.  Regardless of the historic tales we all know of Valentine’s Day as a day to commemorate love.  A time to show the ones we love exactly how we feel with a romantic Maine vacation, imagine celebrating your love as you watch the sunset along the marginal way.

 As legend goes Saint Valentine fell in love in with his jailer’s daughter before he was put to death he sent his loved one a letter signing it “From your Valentine”.  Hence the origin of Valentines Cards; Flowers have symbolized fertility love and marriage for centuries and Chocolate holds aphrodisiac properties which are why they are often associated with this holiday.  Today many people forget the true meaning of Valentine’s Day, it’s not just a day to buy flowers, chocolates and greeting cards.  It’s a day to celebrate love, a human virtue of kindness, compassion and affection. 

Here in Southern Maine the simplicity has inspired many over the years.  A romantic Maine vacation allows for an escape to the most beautiful place by the sea and a deep connection to the natural beauty hand in hand with the one you love.  Our romantic getaways make it easy to let go and enjoy the company of your valentine, we take care of all the details from Champagne and Chocolates to a Romantic Dinner for two.  

Get the most out of your romantic Maine vacation with an Ogunquit Luxury Suite, that little extra touch for the two of you.  Enjoy fine enhancements as you choose from a West Meadow Fireplace Room, Main King Jacuzzi Suite or a South Meadow Luxury Suite featuring double Jacuzzi, Gas Fireplace and Four-Poster King Bed.  Our on-site spa offers a chance to indulge your selves with a couple’s massage and soothing release from all your cares.  Local vendors supply the typical valentine gifts with Homemade Chocolates from Harbor Candies or elegant flowers from Calluna, even Gourmet Craft Beer Baskets from the Village Food Market.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate your love quietly with a walk on the beach, full of excitement with Live music in the pub or over a candle light dinner a romantic Maine vacation has it all.  Forget the cleaning, the planning and the stress let go and let us take care of your Valentine Escape!

January 05, 2015

Ogunquit Maine Beer Tastings – Top Five Maine Craft Beers for 2015

Top Five Maine Craft Beers for 2015
Top Five Maine Craft Beers for 2015

What does Craft Beer have to do with Maine?  Well historically nothing, however over the past couple of year’s craft brews and craft breweries having been moving into our little village of Ogunquit and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned along with the Top Five must try brews for 2015 in Maine.

Craft Breweries in Southern Maine are unique and independently owned which allows for an emphasis on quality, flavor and creative brews.  This is just one of the reasons why we felt it was important to provide our guests with the Ogunquit Maine Craft Beer Package.  This unique experience allows for a Four Course Craft Beer Dinner at Cornerstone Restaurant, in room breakfast basket and a late check-out of 1pm –extra time to unwind!  Check out Cornerstone Beer Dinner’s on select Monday’s this winter, these feature presentation from the brewer’s and a offer up a ton of knowledge on how these great craft beers are created.

Top Five Maine Craft Brews for 2015

Cornerstone Ogunquit, Maine
Cornerstone Ogunquit, Maine

1. Beer: Crystal Persuasion    

Brewery: SoMe Brewery - York, Maine

Description:This father and son team has been brewing for a long time and always dreamed of opening a brewery.  With a focus on improving the standard of styles of beer by ensuring high end ingredients, the best part is they welcome you to stop in, check it out and enjoy a tasting right on site!  This favorite craft beer is a double pale ale showcasing Crystal Hops

2. Beer: Greenwarden

Brewery:Banded Horn - Biddeford, Maine

Description:This is an odd offering made just up the road in Biddeford ME.  It is a hoppy beer but the twist is that they added spruce tips picked this past spring to the batch which gives the beer a new complexity and earthiness that is delicious. 

3. Beer:Blaze

Brewery: Foundation Brewery - Portland, Maine

Description:This wonderful brewery makes excellent American versions of Belgian beers and this Belgian style IPA is a great example of how a well cultivated yeast strain can create a complex, sweet depth to an normally bitter style like an IPA.

4. Beer:Machine Czech Pils

Brewery: Bunker Brewing - Portland, Maine

Description: This brewery is located in a 1920’s era garage this artisan brewery strives to create experimental, traditional and seasons brews while fostering a since of community of craft brew enthusiasts.  Machine Czech Pils is their first flagship.  Bicuity German malt with boatloads of Skuky Saaz hops 5.2% ABV

5. Beer: Box the Compass

Brewery: SoMe Brewing Company - York, Maine

Description: At SoMe Brewing Company, the focus is on offering Variety. Beer is extremely subjective and not everyone likes the same style.   As craft beer drinkers these brewers often find breweries focusing on a few types of styles which has inspired them to feature eight rotating beers on tap.  Box the Compass is a new experimental Hoppy American IPA

December 11, 2014

Spread Joy this Season with Maine Holiday Vacation Ideas

Maine Lobster Trap Christmas Tree
Maine Lobster Trap Christmas Tree

From yards of garland to hundreds of lights, experience holiday getaways Maine where our little elves have been busy decking the halls with holiday cheer in Ogunquit, Maine

The Toys For Tot’s Foundation Box is back in the lobby collecting toys from our staff and guests.  Our US Marines not only bravely serve our country overseas, they also look after the less fortunate right here at home.  Ensuring all children receive a little something from Santa Claus this Holiday Season, there really is no better way to spread the joy and support our troops than with Maine Holiday Packages

In addition to decorations, hot chocolate, snowman and gingerbread cookies Maine Holiday Packages include the best Holiday Festivals in America.  HGTV Voted #2 Christmas Town in America – where else can you find a Christmas Tree of Maine lobster traps with Santa’s Sleigh a lobster boat? 

Festivities start November 29, 2014 and they just keep getting better as we celebrate Christmas by the Sea in the most beautiful place by the sea - Ogunquit Maine of course.  Here are our TOP 5 (can’t miss) Holiday Getaways Maine this month!

Lighting the Nubble
Lighting the Nubble
  1. Lighting of the Nubble - The Nubble Lighthouse is New Englands Most photographed lighthouse and there is no better time to get your holiday photos with this Maine Icon than at the Annual Lighting of the Nubble.  The Yorks Park and Recreation Department will have cookies and hot chocolate, holiday music and a visit from Santa as they countdown and turn on the lights at 7pm on November 29th, 2014.
  2. Prelude Ale Release Party Shipyard Brewery has long been a favorite for local fisherman and visitors alike and with its views of river and the local fishing industry we can’t think of a better place to enjoy a Shipyard Beer than Federal JacksGetaway Maine and don’t miss this holiday favorite as launch their Annual Prelude Brew December 4, 2014.
  3. Seashore Trolleys Golden Charriot Ride - Experience History this holiday season with the Seashore Trolley Museums Golden Charriot Ride this site seeing car operated as far back as 1906 and is here to take you through Maine wintery woods.
  4. Village Tree Lighting - Friday December 12, 2014 is the date for the Annual Village Tree Lighting in Veterans Park Ogunquit, Maine.  Stop in at Cornerstone for a hot toddy or local craft beer before visisting us as we light our Christmas Tree together along with local Carolers.
  5. Fireworks for Christmas!  Getaway Maine this holiday season and celebrate this July tradition for Christmas in Ogunquit Maine.  December 13, 2014 at 5pm right on Ogunquit Beach.

November 14, 2014

Tips for a Stress Free Holiday: How to Plan Your Holiday in Maine

Holiday at Meadowmere
Holiday at Meadowmere

The holiday season can be stressful from planning your Thanksgiving Dinner and all the cooking to figuring out what to buy for that oh so long Christmas List.  Before you know it the stores are going to be packed with people just adding to your stress.  The truth is the holiday season should be the exact opposite we all deserve to relax and enjoy the wonderful food, great company with family and friends and thoughtful gifts.  At our Maine Resort we’ve created the perfect diversion slash solution here are our Top 3 Tips for a stress free November

  1. November is for shoppingSo break away from it all and head to Ogunquit, Maine where the unique shops are filled with the perfect gift for that someone impossible to shop for.  Relax at our Maine Resort perfectly located between the Kittery Outlets (home to the Kittery Trading Post & over 100 Designer Outlets ) and Freeport USA (with the famous L.L. Bean and known for its famous world class shopping).  It’s not just a great location at the Meadowmere Resort you’ll also receive a Passbook with a $500.00 savings value for the Kittery Outlets and coupons for Freeport.
  2. Spoil Yourself.  Of course the most important gift is that little something you always seem to pick up for yourself, because well… we all deserve it.   This year instead of that Burberry Scarf or those Ugg Boots try something new.  Pamper yourself with a dip in the Roman Spa designed by a spa company to ensure utter relaxation, avoid the chemicals with the purifying salt water and drift away to the sound of the waterfall.   Or choose one of our Signature Massage Services, take away the November chill with Heated Mainely Stone offering a soothing release from all your cares. 
  3. Great Food.  Nourishment is important everyday of the year especially as we rush around for the holidays, fortunately our Maine Resort is a stone’s throw away from some of the best cuisine in Southern Maine.  With Homemade Italian in a romantic setting at Angelina’s, Fresh Local Foods at Frankie & Johnny’s where every entrée comes with the best salad we’ve ever eaten or a classic American Seafood Steakhouse at Jonathan’s Restaurant you’ll find the perfect meal in Ogunquit, Maine.

Happy Holiday’s! 

September 28, 2014

October brings more than Fall Foliage in Ogunquit Maine!

Autumn is a distinctive season for visitors to experience the southern Maine Coast and our Maine Family Resort.    The famous New England Foliage brings many guests who are eager to experience the brilliant colors painting the landscape along Maine’s country side.  Although the foliage is magnificent that’s not all Ogunquit, Maine has to offer in October.  We’ve pulled together our Top 5 Favorite October Festivals for your visit to our Maine Family Resort this fall.

Meadowmere Resort Scarecrow Contest
Meadowmere Resort Scarecrow Contest

# 1 OgunquitFest

Each year Ogunquit Village residents and businesses unite in decorating their properties for the fall season.   All year round we find guests admiring our array of trophies located in our lobby.  It’s always fun to share the stories and memories of the OgunquitFest Celebrations and the Beach Bed Race.  This Annual Festival kicks off with a Scarecrow Contest, Monster Mash and new for 2014 is the Maine Outdoor Film Festival.  As the weekend continues so does the family fun with Autumn Bazaar, Great Pumpkin Patch, Beach Obstacle Course and the Ghostly Tours there’s no better time for your Maine Family Vacation.

#2 Columbus Day Weekend

What better to way to celebrate Columbus Day Weekend than a visit to New England?  At our Maine Family resort experience a long weekend by the sea with gourmet dining and the colors of fall.  Head north on Saturday to the countryside town of Kennebunk for their HarvestFest with scavenger hunts, live bands and crafts or visit the Hilton-Winn Farm for their Fall Fun Farm Day right here in Ogunquit.

#3 OktoberFest

Our friendly neighbors in York pair up with us here in Ogunquit for Maine’s Oktoberfest with Flavors of Fall, Salefest, Antiquefest and tours of historic innsExperience Southern Maine like never before steps from our Maine Family Resort.

#4 Harvest on the Harbor

For the foodie in you spend a day in Maine’s historic city of Portland to enjoy the annual Harvest on the Harbor.  With events including Maine Lobster Chef of the Year Competition, Harvest Dinner, Grand Tasting and The Big Eat these Maine Chef’s are sure to excite your palate.   With your belly’s full enjoy the scenic drive along Maine’s Coast to relax in our cozy pub in front of the wood burning fireplace.

#5 HarvestFest

Take in the colors of fall as you drive along Shore Road from Ogunquit to York.  Landing on Short Sands Beach enjoy Live bands, Local food vendors, crafts and Kidsfest with pony rides, pumpkin carving and horse-drawn wagon rides.


September 11, 2014

September Things to do in Ogunquit Maine

Ogunquit Maine Capriccio Festival
Ogunquit Maine Capriccio Festival

Wondering what’s going on in Maine now that August is gone?  Here are a few of our September Favorites in Ogunquit, Maine:

Capriccio Festival of the Arts – for the first two weeks in September experience the music around the village, special art events at the museums and galleries and of course the kite festival on the beach.  Ogunquit Performing Arts has been organizing this festival for 24 years – join us September 2014 to celebrate Ogunquit Maine’s anniversary as an independent town.

Judy Collins visits Ogunquit Maine this September.  For nearly 45 years her poetic lyrics and dulcet tones have graced our ears experience this folk icon in person at Jonathan’s Restaurant. Helpful hint - experience our Ogunquit Maine hotel and receive a discount when you show your concert ticket from that nights show.

Open Lighthouse House day – what is a trip to the coast of Maine without visiting our amazing lighthouses?  On the 13th of September experience Open Lighthouse day to tour a number of historic and wonderful lighthouses such as Portland Head Lighthouse, Spring Point Lighthouse, Wood Island Lighthouse and so many more.

September brings the Fair Season and lots to experience.  Learn about Maine’s agriculture with experiences of harness racing, steer & oxen show, great music, tractor pulls and so much more.  Our favorites include the Fryeburg Fair and Cumberland Fair.

New Age NightClay Hill Farm Restaurant are expanding horizons join this unique Restaurant slash Bird Sanctuary for night in the intuitive realm.  Their New Age Night will feature a 3-course dinner paired with a personal, intuitive reading in the private Veranda Room, readings include Psychometry, Feng Shui and cards.

Head south in September for a day in Hampton, New Hampshire and experience the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival – there’s no better way to experience the local cuisine anf have a little adventure this September in Ogunquit Maine.

August 11, 2014

100 Reasons to visit Ogunquit Maine at our hotel

100 Point Inspection at our Ogunquit Maine hotel
100 Point Inspection at our Ogunquit Maine hotel

Did you know that every room at the Meadowmere goes through an intensive 100 Point Inspection?  That's right there are 100 things that our housekeeping team looks for when cleaning your room.  It's a lot of work and well worth it with all the positive comments we receive about cleanliness.  We know that a clean room is why so many guests join us time and time again, and why many of them refer to us as their Home Away From Home.

Just this week Whitney was cleaning a room while our guest was enjoying a day in the sun at the Outdoor Pool.  She noticed that the mini refrigerators, which are standard in all rooms at our Ogunquit Maine hotel, didn't seem to be working properly... Upon further investigation she realized that pesky thing was going through the automatic defrost.  A great feature and it certainly helps out our housekeeping team, but not when it interferes with a guests stay.  Whitney turned off the automatic defrost and reset the fridge so that this guest wouldn't have to worry.

Up and coming this week we have a huge wedding party visiting our Ogunquit Maine hotel!  We are so excited to be a part of this couples special day.  They even have our favorite florist Calluna Fine Flowers preparing their flowers for their extraordinary day.  Weddings in Ogunquit Maine are so much fun, especially when they bring family and friends together that are spread out around the country. 

Calluna Fine Flowers in Ogunquit Maine
Calluna Fine Flowers in Ogunquit Maine

Needless to say we have a lot of new guests visiting and just a few days ago Celia was cleaning uparound the hotel when she noticed someone who seemed to have a hard time finding his way around our Ogunquit, Maine hotel.  Celia dropped what she was doing and offered to show this guest around – after all with all we have to offer we don’t want any of our guests to miss out on our amenities.  

August 02, 2014

Ogunquit Maine Getaway - Planning an August, September or October Vacation


What’s the best time of the year for a Maine Family Vacation?  It has to be August! With 31 days of summer sun beating down, no one wants to be stuck at home.  All the more reason to pack up and head to Ogunquit Maine to enjoy our family resortsin Maine.  We all know there can be alot to planning Maine family vacations - Here are a few tips to keep the kids occupied while you relax and soak up the sun:



When is the second best time to come visit the Meadowmere Resort? September! The kids are back to school and September in Ogunquit is a great time to relax with your one and only. With great weather, planning a visit to Maine in September is great for beach days and exploring Maine culture. Here are a few other tips to enjoy on your Maine September Getaway:


And finally, in third place - October. Everyone should experience the legend of New England Foliage with leaves turning to gold, scarlet, purple and orange. The colors are magnificent!  If you’re looking for a Maine Family Vacation or just a Maine Getaway , October brings beauty to Ogunquit Maine like no other time of the year!  Here are some of our fall favorites:

Now that you have all you need to plan your Maine Getaway and pick the best time to visit – We look forward to seeing you soon!

July 02, 2014

July 4th Ogunquit Fireworks - Hot Hot Hot

FireworksJuly is HOT. The summer heat has arrived in Ogunquit, which makes the ocean breeze at the outdoor pool even better at our Ogunquit hotel. Long sunny days in Maine are exactly what you want on your July 4th Maine vacation. This year, the fireworks in Ogunquit Maine begin at 915pm at the Main Beach with DJ spinning tunes before and after the show. And what a fireworks show it is! One of Maine's best fireworks shows has long been Ogunquit's fireworks. There is someting truly special about Ogunquit Beach, Marginal Way and the ability to stroll from the Meadowmere to the show and back.  Often, guests are relieved to find that our hotel's central Ogunquit location is just far enough to avoid the crowds hanging around lawns and hotel spaces and return home to rest after the show.

Here are some tips on planning your Ogunquit Maine fireworks experience:

  • Pack those dancing shoes: Ogunquit's fireworks features live DJ both before and after the show. Family friendly and a fun way to pass the time after nabbing the best spot early and waiting for the crowds to clear out post show.
  • Bring the Picnic Basket: As in bring it along in the car. You can stock the basket with goodies from Village Food Market so a picnic dinner can be enjoyed along the many viewing spots - beach, walking path, Marginal Way, Beach Street. Plus, there is a perfect picnic spot at the Ogunquit Heritage Museum for the next day.
  • Don't Feed the Birds: Of course, you probably had no intention to feed those pesky seagulls. We mean the Piping Plovers in Ogunquit. Stay away from the beach dunes - these endangered species love nesting from mid June til late August and much like us, Piping Plovers love Ogunquit Beach. They don't mind the fireworks show, but they do mind company. Keep to the sand and parking lot.
  • Be Patient: Fireworks are tricky with over 25,000 viewers and Mother Nature. The Ogunquit Chamber, who supports the fireworks, wants everyone to enjoy safely. Keep the sparklers and personal fireworks (which are not allowed in Ogunquit) at home. Settle in, enjoy the amazing company of friends and family and let the experts set up, check the wind and put on a wonderful holiday show.

In Ogunquit Maine, at our Ogunquit hotel, the Ogunquit fireworks are just a 10-2 minute walk. And the trolley runs to take the family to beach area up to an hour beforehand. July 4th is an All American holiday and Maine is an a great place to celebrate. Freedom, ingenuity, determination. Maybe it is the spirit of Maine that helps us take goodcare of your vacation!

  • RomanspafamilyThe Great Race, running from Ogunquit to Florida, recently stayed at the Meadowmere Resort. We had a lot of fun looking at the vintage cars and talking with the drivers and owners. Janet was admiring one of the cars when the owner came by, very upset that he did not have neough rags to polish his car. Janet immediately got the guest a bag of our rags to shine up the car. He was so grateful and impressed at the problem solving and quick thinking.
  • The Meadowmere Resort is a family hotel, with game rooms, pools and TV room. Often Mom and Dad pack up the kids for the first time and join us. One such family was with us for four nights and on the third night, Kyle noticed that the dad was in charge of the early morning watch, brining the kids down to the lobby so mom could sleep in. The gentleman looked a bit tired and was looking for the remote to the lobby TV. Kyle happily helped setup the kids with morning cartoons and then caught the dad about to pour himself a coffee. Kyle stopped him as the pot was decaf and let him know he has the good stuff about ready to come out. The dad, still sleeply, hadn't even noticed. The guest was very grateful that the caffinated version was on the way just as the sun was coming up.

June 24, 2014

Ogunquit Maine Family Vacations - Fun for the Whole Family!

Summer is here, the sun is shining and the days are long!  July brings all we could wish for in Ogunquit Maine Family Vacations.  Ogunquit, Maine is famous for its Independence Day Celebrations and spectacular fireworks.  We just love being a part of families enjoying the 4th of July in Ogunquit, Maine.  Strolling around the shops in center of the Village, exploring the Marginal Way and of course the sweets at Perkins Cove Candy Shop before heading to the seven miles of white sand.  Ogunquit Beach of course the best place enjoy the magnificent display of fireworks and the view along the coast displaying Kennebunkports celebration in the distance.  A perfect day for Maine Family Vacations!

Searching for Maine Family Vacation Resorts?  Look no further, picked as a Budget Travel Real Deal Escape the Meadowmere Resort puts you right in middle of all the fun Ogunquit, Maine has to offer.  Walk to Ogunquit Beach the Village and Perkins Cove exploring the Southern Maine Coast.  Experience a Maine Family Vacation Resort with resort amenity access, continental breakfast, complimentary wireless, easy trolley access, discount passes to York Wild Animal Kingdom and so much more!

July brings so much more than fireworks to your Maine Family Vacations!  From Native American POW-WOW’s to Open Farm Day and Summer Soltice Craft Fairs the whole family will discover the History of Southern Maine while exploring the Maine Outdoors come learn why the Abernaki Indians dubbed Ogunquit, Maine “Beautiful Place by the Sea”.  A short drive up the coast you’ll find Sand Castle Contests, YogaFest and the Shipyard Birthday Bash!  There’s fun to be had by all this July come on by and experience the finest of Maine Family Vacation Resorts.


For more information on Maine Family Vacation Resorts visit Meadowmere Resort.


June 09, 2014

Maine Strawberry Festival A June Treat in Ogunquit

StrawberryJune blooms. The days are long, the temperatures tease of summer and the farmer's markets return. Maine is an agricultrual state - potatoes are just the start. Just minutes from our Ogunquit hotel, one of Maine's favorite festival happens the last weekend in June - The Strawberry Festival. Celebrating the little red delicious strawberry, locally grown and delightful. Come up and see us in June to enjoy the Strawberry Festival and some of our favorite Farms.

Here are some tips on planning a Maine Strawberry Festival trip:

  • Pack those dancing shoes: The festival features live swing music and your toes will be tapping. Plus this is an excellent way to work up an appetite for more Strawberry Shortcake.
  • Feel Crafty: The festival doesn't just feature delicious little strawberries. It also is home to over 120 artisans boothes. From homemade goodies to art, you can stroll the gifts while trying the amazing strawberry pie. Hmm - with 120 boothes, we think that is definitely a two slice trip.
  • Bring the Kids: Whether it is the grand kids, your little ones or the kid in you. Bouncy castles, hay rides and good outdoor family fun await. No battery charging necessary - unless you count fueling up on strawberry ruhbarb.
  • Down Home on the Farm: From Beach Plum Farm to York's Farmer's Market, Southern Maine has a farm scene worth exploring. Take in ocean views as Roby Littlefield's vision for a community farm comes to life in season. Stock up on healthy snacks of fresh fruit for the beach Saturday from 9a to 1p. And since the artisan Stonewall Kitchen is right there, maybe a jam or jelly too. Unless of course, you are waiting for those homemade strawberry jams at the festival.

In Ogunquit Maine, at our Ogunquit hotel, Strawberry Festival is just 15 minutes away in South Berwick, a beautiful drive past farms and the wandering York River. And our team will be here to welcome you home and make your festival getaway special:

  • Creating memories is second best part of a vacation. The sharing of them is number one. When a guest was so excited to share his trip with friends and family that he brought 11 Ogunquit postcards, Hannah generously took care of providing complimentary postage for the guest as a thank you. She could see how happy he was to be with us in Maine and excited to send a personal card to each person.
  • TissuesGetting everyone together for the ride home can be daunting. Checking and rechecking that every swimsuit and toothbrush makes the return trip home from Maine. Jackie was cleaning a departing room whenshe noticed that a bag had been left in the fridge. Rather than throw the bag out right away, she placed it on her cart just in case. A few minutes later the guest returned worried that the items were lost - especially as they were her mother's and important. Jackie happily turned to give her the bag, safely waiting on her cart. The guest was relieved and very thankful for the extra care given, even after the guest had checked out.
  • Allergies? Cold? Either one can make a vacation miserable. When Janet spotted that a mom in the family suite had run out of tea and cold medicine, she took the time to get extra tea, a mug and tissues for her. Leaving these set up in the room with a note to get well soon and relax when with us in Ogunquit.

Ogunquit Celebrates Father's Day Weekend in Maine


Dad's Day always comes amongst the flutter of summer's star at our Ogunquit Resort. Graduations, BBQ's, summer parties, weddings and in the middle, a day to celebrate Dad. In Ogunquit Maine, there are plenty of ways to make him feel special.

Here are some tips on planning Father's Day weekend in June in Southern Maine:

In Ogunquit Maine, at our Ogunquit hotel, Dad's Day is a place for great memories. And with our central, yet secluded location, you and he can jump into the fun of Ogunquit village, Ogunquit Beach and more, then return to unwind poolside. And our team will be there to notice the little touches that make a difference:

  • WinecheersCelebrations at the Meadowmere happen often. And we just love to be a part of them - from birthdays to anniversaries to just the joy of a vacation. As Janet was working she spotted that one of the Luxury Suite guests were celebrating with wine and were using plastic cups. She headed down to the West Meadow Pub to see if wine glasses could be brought to the room. The guests were so surprises when Janet arrived bearing wine glasses and wishing them a great stay.
  • Arriving at a hotel can be confusing - new place after traveling and you are ready to just relax. Whitney was preparing a room when the guest next door arrived. They were just settling in and wanted a luggage rack. Whitney happily showed them where in the room the rack was, then noticed that they had quite a bit of luggage. She offered to bring a second one and the guests were happy to have it. A few minutes later, they returned, struggling with the slider door to enjoy their balcony. Whitney was happy to paused again and show them how to open the lock and enjoy the view of the outdoor pool.

May 20, 2014

Ogunquit Maine World Ocean Day at Meadowmere Resort 2014

EnvironmentalAs the temperatures warm up, Mainers and visitors both venture outdoors to enjoy the ocean views , hiking and beauty of Maine. At the Meadowmere Resort, our family hotel is busy hanging our famous pink flowers and planting our climbing vines to grow and drape over our cafe area during the hot summer afternoons. Our Ogunquit resort is also looking forward to another tradition of Spring: World Ocean Day. This year's celebration will be June 6-8 featuring local non profits, environmental efforts and tours of our environmental programs. You can learn more about our eco-friendly hotel  at our website - but nothing compares to a behind the scene tour of the resort, complete with solar panels and an inside view.

Our Maine resort takes the time to share the many efforts that are happening in the Ogunquit community to preserve Ogunquit Beach, Marginal Way, the southern Maine water shed and more. When you join us to enjoy ocean views from our Ogunquit hotel, you become part of this remarkable place and, we like to think, this place becomes part of you. So together we can learn and share how to take wonderful care of this beautiful place by the sea we call Ogunquit Maine and home.

Here are some tips on environmental efforts and attractions in Southern Maine:

  • Ogunquit Beach - over 3 miles of white sand and important dune system to Maine's coast
  • Marginal Way - the oceanside cliff walk of Ogunquit, famous for being an inspiration not just to artist, but to all
  • Kayaking in Maine - from Ogunquit River to ocean kayaking, all levels can enjoy bird watching and more
  • Maine Educational Reserves - Laudholm Farm, Beach Plum Farm, Rachel Carlson, Mt. Agamenticus - there are ends hikes, paths and fields to enjoy the great Maine outdoors
  • Surf or Paddle Board - from catching a wave with the Nubble Lighthouse in the back drop to paddling the estuararies, getting into the Maine water is hot way to enjoy your vacation.

Summitview3And at the Meadowmere Resort, our Ogunquit hotel isn't just about a great location to see ocean views. We also know that by taking good care of our home, we take better care of you. Here are some great stories to share:

  • Guests often travel together with friends. Hannah assist a guest looking for her friend - taking the time to locate the other guest at the outdoor hot tub.  Later that day, everyone was gathered in our lobby to enjoy cards when the same woman wanted to return to her room. Hannah immediately realized why she couldn't go find her friend earlier and that her husband would have to stop playing to go with her - The guest has two oxygen tanks. Hannah offered to walk with the guest so that the cards could continue and she would have company walking safely back to her accommodations. The whole party was thrilled at the caring, attentative help that Hannah provided.
  • Whitney knows that it is important to notice the small things - they can make a difference to a vacation. Guests were staying with us and were upset that a noisy neighbor the night before had kept them up. When they let us know, the team moved their accommodations for their second night. While cleaning the first room, Whitney noticed that they had used all of the coffee. She returned to their new room to add the extra touch of extra coffee and a note letting them know she was happy to be the housekeeper for their second room and if she could help in any way, beyond extra coffee, to let her know. The guests rested easy after moving and were thrilled at the carefull attention and kindness.

May 12, 2014

Memorial Day Fun in Maine May 2014

OutdoorpoolpeopleOne of the things hotels in Maine look forward to is Memorial Day weekend. From Maine ocean view resorts to lake side cabins, Mainers love Memorial Day weekend. The grilling, the warmer temps, the end of mud season. It's time to get outdoors without layers. So everyone, including our resort in Maine thinks 'Good times ahead'! Hotels in Maine are open and looking forward to welcoming guests from all over. (Did you know our resort in Maine will host weddings from England, Californian and Texas this year? Wow!) Maine is not just a bucket list vacation, it's a romantic destination too. And a romantic escape is effortless in Ogunquit where you can enjoy Maine ocean views steps from our resort along Marginal Way, walk along the beach and enjoy everything from ice cream cones to a real Maine lobster together.

Memorial Day Weekend in Ogunquit Maine signals the start of the summer season - so as you are unwinding, we are just getting started. BBQ's, the outdoor pool officially opens, seasonal breakfast begins, the AIDS quilt makes its only stop in Maine at the Ogunquit town hall, Judy Collins performs at Jonathan's. Long weekends like Memorial Day weekend were made for unwinding, unplugging and recharging but maybe not quite for standing still. After all, there are great Maine vacation memories to be made!

And even if you cannot plan a Maine vacation to enjoy the ocean view steps from our Maine resort on the holiday weekend, there are midweek May packages: Golf, Spa, Dining, Make Me A Chef. Take that quick Spring trip and let us help you unwind.

  • The Meadowmere Resort has long been a family vacation favorite. Named Best Southern Maine Family Resort by Family Fun magazine, our Ogunquit hotel features oodles of amenities for the little ones. Of course Mom and Dad are traveling too and sometimes all those toys from home that helped make the car ride so good, end up scattered all over the hotel room. Janet was cleaning a family's room and the stuffed animals were everywhere. She carefully searched under beds and arranged the toys on the bed to welcome everyone back after a day of fun. Giving Mom and Dad one less thing to worry about or step on! (And here's a tip - if you forget a cherished toy at home, check out Animal Instinct in Ogunquit for a new addition to the toy family. It's a wonderful local shop - you'll feel like a kid)
  • KidbookOur team at our Ogunquit resort realize that one of the many reasons to travel is to recharged. In fact, it seems some of our guests are so in need of rest, coffee is the only way to get started. Rowan noticed that one of her guests had gone thru extra coffee and she made sure to give them plenty for the next morning's tank. The guest was so happy that she sought Rowan out to say thank you for such a wonderful personal touch. And if you need a pick me when in Ogunquit and our handy in room coffee makers or wonderful Maine made coffee is not nearby, try Bread & Roses or Village Food Market - Ogunquit features local shops, no Starbucks here.)
  • At the Meadowmere Resort in Ogunquit, one of our many hotel amenities is a library area filled with puzzles, old fashioned board games and real books. We know that sometimes a trip back in time and away from anything iphone, ipad or internet makes the best memories and gives true relaxation. Janet was helping a guest who mentioned she just was not finding a book to her liking in our library. Janet told her about Annie's Book Stop on Route 1 in Wells and then retreived the phone number with directions so that the guest could find that perfect book. The guest was impressed with the thoughtful suggestion and extra step!

April 28, 2014

Ogunquit Maine May 2014 Things to Do

OmaaMay day, may day! Good times ahead! And we are not just saying that because we are big fans of Maine vacations. May is a great time to visit our Maine coastal resort andenjoy our lodging in Ogunquit maine.  For those of you who are big fans of Maine vacations, we have compiled a list of the best ways to enjoy our lodging in Maine in May. For those of you who are on the fence, come check out a getaway to Maine with our accommodations in Ogunquit Maine. May is a great value - and without further ado - here is your tips on planning great Maine vacations in May:

  • Ogunquit AIDS Walk - With the warmer temps coming to our Ogunquit Maine hotel, it is time to get outside. And why not make a difference too. May 2-4 is the Frannie Peabody Center Ogunquit AIDS Walk with music, tshirts and a great cause. Plus, this means your lobster can have extra butter.
  • Kentucky Derby Day - Ok, so this isn't really an Ogunquit event. But here's the thing, you can have Derby Day fun by the sea. There are specials from Maine Street to Cornerstone and beyond. And in Ogunquit, we love it if you bring your best Derby hat to our Southern Maine resort. On the first Saturday of May - May 3rd - Sipping a rum punch at Barnacle Billy's post race ranks right up there with any mint julep.
  • Ogunquit Museum of American opening is May 1st. So right away on the very first day of the month, you can enjoy the beauty of this little museum by the sea. This season features John Laurent, new additions to the permenant collection and those gorgeous gardens.
  • Mother's Day Fun - up next, Mom. Of course it is easy to enjoy a Mother's Day Maine vacation at our loding in Ogunquit. Our spa resort in Maine features award winning massage and treatments steps from our accommdations. So Mom can enjoy a Swedish massage or you an really say thank you with a LaStone Treatment. By the end of Mother's Day weeked - May 9-11 by the way - she will have forgotten all abou, well, whatever it is, you are off the hook!
  • Victoria Day Weekend - May 16-18 - the Memorial Day of Canada for those not in the know. A holiday weekend worth celebrating at our hotel in Ogunquit Maine. In fact, with Victoria Day dining packages complete with dinner and breakfast at Jonathan's, you can unwind to a nice long Spring getaway to Maine.
  • Breathe NH Bike Event - May 17-18. Yes, Victoria Day is a two for one special weekend with a holiday and another great cause to support. Breathe NH Bike Event is a two day ride with the Day 1 Finish Line at our Ogunquit hotel. Celebration includes BBQ, live DJ and radio broadcast, eveing party wih dancing and even massage for riders. Day 2 begins at the Starting Line at our Ogunquit hotel - and we cheer the riders off to help fight against lung disease. BreatheNH FINALlogoJPEG (3)
  • Memorial Day  - May 23-26. Phew, May is busy and we have finally come to the major event. Memorial Day Weekend in Ogunquit Maine. That long weekend that signals the start of the summer season. BBQ's, the outdoor pool officially opens, seasonal breakfast begins, the AIDS quilt makes its only stop in Maine at the Ogunquit town hall, Judy Collins performs at Jonathan's. Memorial Day weekend at our resort in southern Maine is special. It means you have officially become one of those in the know - Ogunquit in May is Marvelous!

And even if you cannot plan a Maine vacation for any of the great reasons to visit Ogunquit we mentioned, there are midweek May packages: Golf, Spa, DIning, Make Me A Chef. Perfect to sneak a trip to Maine in. And we are here waiting to make your stay special - here's a few quick ways our team at our Ogunquit hotel recently helped out:

  • The Meadowmere Resort is a pretty big place. We understand. And on your first stay, finding all the great amenities at our Southern Maine resort can be a challenge. Our team has training on the layout of the hotel, relation to where the amenities are, hours - you name it, they know it or know how to find it for you. Jodi noticed a family at the end of the hall looking confused and she instantly knew that they needed help. She took the time to offer assistance and walk them through the TV room, Roman Spa, fitness center and spa and elevator, giving them tips on how to find other amenities and make their way thru the hotel. The family was so surprised at this personal touch and thanked Jodi over and over again for taking the time.
  • With indoor and outdoor pools, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, our Ogunquit hotel has a lot of fun to choose from. Sometimes kids get so excited to go to the next amenity, they forget towels. One little boy had such a problem - and wasn't sure how to find any towels either. As Tori came down the hall, this little boy asked and she told him to wait just a minute. Tori headed to the laundry area to grab four freshly folded towels and returned. The little boy was off and running, right into Roman Spa fun.

April 07, 2014

Ogunquit Patriots Day Festival 2014


Ogunquit's Patriot's Day Festival is all about hanging with history.  Paul Revere, Ben Franklin - some pretty impressive charcters. This annual Maine festival signals that Ogunquit is open for the season. Which of course means our Southern Maine village likes to share just how amazing the food is by the beach. The annual Ogunquit Patriot's Day Festival means the Taste of the Town. Local restaurants and chefs showcase delicious treats from desserts to chowders to artisan pizza, complete with beer sample naturally. It's reason alone to visit our Ogunquit Resort but here are a few more highlights of the 2014 Ogunquit Maine Patriot's Day Festival and you can find a compete list of Patriot's Day Festival activities here:

  • Historical Reenactment - Party at Dolley Madison's House, Friday evening
  • Fife & Drum Concert - Friday evening
  • Beach Bazaar - Saturday all day over 50 vendors of crafts and goodies
  • Historical Figure Treasurement - Find them if you can! Saturday day
  • Taste of the Town - Saturday day. Delicious - Need we say more?
  • Irish Folk Music - Saturday night
  • Pooch Pageant & Dog Show - Sunday morning. Even Fido approves!
  • Duck Race  - an Ogunquit classic , Sunday morning with the tide.

And it's not just Ogunquit's Patriot's Day celebration that has our Maine Resort looking forward to the 2014. Our team is sharing restaurants tips and more -  Check out a few of this past week's service stories: Mead_Jacuzzi

  • One of the long time favorites at the Meadowmere Resort is our Outdoor Jacuzzi. This past week one couple was so excited to enjoy the 103 degree water and bubbles that they completely forgot towels. Now early April in Maine can be a bit chilly when making the dash from Outdoot Hot Tub back inside. Andy noticed that they had no towels and made a quick trip to the hotel lobby to pick up a few for them. The couple was so grateful - it had only just occured to them that they could really use those towels! 
  • Eating in Maine is a joy. And not just for Lobster - there's a great food movement and cuisine scene in Ogunquit and beyond. Stuart was chatting with a long time guest who mentioned that they were celebrating their 45th anniversary. They hadn't thought about it much but now they really wanted a special dinner place. Stuart put on his thinking cap and realized that midweek, several of the nicer restaurants in Southern Maine were closed that evening. He could think of one special place - Joshua's - but knew that a same night reservation was unheard of - the Wells restaurant is that popular. But he worked his magic and presented the guest with a note for an 8 o'clock reservation that night. The guests were thrilled and had a wonderful time at this slow food gem just north of our Ogunquit Maine Resort.
  • These days there are all sorts of ways to open wine - screw caps, fancy boxes. But one guest this week had a good ol'fashioned corkskew bottle. Our team at the Meadowmere Resort were happy to provide a complimentary bottle opener but it just wasn't doing the trick. Jeremy was walking by just as the guest was going for help. Jeremy gave it a good try but couldn't open the bottle. He then remembered that he kept his waiter's bottle opener in his car and quickly went to retreived it. Worked like a charm and the guest was thrilled that Jeremy was so resourceful and helpful.

March 31, 2014

April Showers - Ogunquit Springs into 2014 Season


Okay - so at the Meadowmere Resort, we know Maine is known for Lobster. Lots of Lobster. Our state critter is everyone where - from lobster candy to lobster traps to lobster hats to lobster pots - you get the idea. But one place where we all seem to agree that lobsters should be: in our Maine restaurants. On the plate, in the roll, lazy man or whole.

Why does the Meadowmere Resort family have lobster on the brain this week? It's because Ogunquit is gearing up for the season! Which means some of our favorite and best Maine lobster restaurants are opening for the season. Here are a few Ogunquit Maine lobster restaurants coming to the 2014 season for you!

  • LobshackLobster Shack, Perkins Cove - Nothing like their classic lobster roll eaten on the side of the pier as lobstermen go in and out for their catch. Ayuh - that's some fresh Maine air on the side!
  • Ogunquit Lobster Pound - This spot is just too much fun. With live lobster tanks to watch for hours, picnic style seating and ample parking. Perfect family pick.
  • Barnacle Billy's - The grand-daddy of the Ogunquit Lobster Experience. Bibs, crackers, steamers on the side, indoor or outdoor seating, Mainers calling your order number. And a rum punch to wash down all that buttery goodness.

And it's not just Ogunquit's lobster restaurants that has us looking forward to the 2014. Our team is gearing up too. Check out a few of this past week's service stories:

  • Making coffee in our West Meadow Pub is an important task. We all know how a little gas in the tank helps start the day. But for one guest, herbal tea was the request. Janet searched the pub and could not find an herbal tea that worked. She then remembered that she had some herbal tea in her housekeeping cart just for special requests. Janet made a personal trip to the guest's room to deliver the tea. Making a great start to this guest's day!
  • Occasionally Meadowmere guests travel to Ogunquit Maine with quite a lot. Even having to ship boxes ahead of time. When not alerted of the shipment in advance or labeled to the guest name, boxes often go to the hotel delivery drop. When Matt discovered a group of boxes there, he quickly realized that they belonged to a group of guests joining us for a Jonathan's concert. Matt gathered up the boxes and personally delivered them to Jonathan's - Ready for show time!

March 28, 2014

Southern Maine Strawberry Festival Great Family Trips


South Berwick's Annual Strawberry Festival in Southern Maine

How to Plan a Great Ogunquit Family Trip to the Strawberry Festival in June

June is Southern Maine is a hidden gem – and not just because the flowers are in bloom. And that means your family vacation to Maine can start early with a quick trip up to enjoy South Berwick's Annual Strawberry Festival. Planning a vacation for the family to Southern Maine in June is a great idea – the crowds have not yet arrived, the trolleys are running and everything tastes better with strawberries!

Meadowmere Family Vacations in Ogunquit Maine

School's out. Summer is in air - and that makes it the perfect time to head to the Maine Beaches.  But hey, it is a family trip and once everyone gets over the bridge, even a tween will show a smile.  Just tell the kids that there’s a game room and an amazing indoor Roman Spa to enjoy – and a TV room that is state of art if Dad wants to be sure there are evening activities and amenities at our Ogunquit hotel to enjoy. Our Ogunquit hotel is open year round and eating a Maine lobster happens every day. Plan a family walk along the rocky Maine coast of Marginal Way with a mile of soothing ocean sounds. Share an ice cream cone in Perkins Cove with real Maine Lobstermen hauling the day's traps. You can even arrange for the Ogunquit Beach Caddie to take the family to Ogunquit Beach. All wonderful things to do in June in Maine that make you the family vacation hero.

These are some tips on how to plan your family trip to the Annual Strawberry Festival in Maine.

Tip 1: Maine It Up!

Not just a little, but bring a lot of Maine to your family trip. From lobster to potatoes, beer to wine, Maine has delicious food produced right here in state and you can see how much fun enjoying the festival is with this photo gallery. A Strawberry Festival is celebrating sustainable, local and yummy food. Green points to you family vacation planner.

Strawberry2If the tween in your world is calling for you to make this trip cool, consider such options as the Sarah Orne Jewett House, site of  her romance novel, The Tory Lover; or a visit to the Short Sands Fun-o-Rama or just promise that there is plenty of time to go to the beach and Maine Moose Poop to be found (It's a candy). Maine has the ability to laugh, delight and provide a snack for the ride home. Just remember the Meadowmere team will you find activities from Portsmouth to Portland to make the family vacation a success.

And the South Berwick Maine Strawberry Festival is just 15 minutes from our Ogunquit Resort. A quick trip to enjoy the shops, food, games and rides for children and trolley rides at the Festival. The festival is held on the grounds of Central School, the primary elementary school for the town of South Berwick - so you can easily park and enjoy. Plus there is golf nearby at the Links at Outlook Farm  (rain or shine - there's even indoor golf!) and a yummy dinner spot at the Isidore's to help make a full day of it.

Tip 2: Book a hotel room block minutes from the Festival.

You need a hotel that is open and minutes from the Strawberry Festival with easy access and plenty of amenities. It is summer in Maine. That means beach.*

And you want to give your family a place to be cozy and comfortable so you can convince them - whoever you have in mind for this Maine adventure – to travel to Maine in June. Enter the Roman Spa and Outdoor Hot Tub. There is even a chance to impress Dad with an upgrades to a Family Suite. Then the kids have a separate bedroom.

Meadowmere is steps from Jonathan’s Restaurant, complete with live concerts and kids play space.  The hotel also is easily accessible for bus, limo and trolley transportation.  Finally, your family has three airports, Amtrak, coach bus and car options to reach Ogunquit. Planning a family vacation in Southern Maine can be done year round at our Ogunquit hotel.

Tip 3: Plan summer activities in and near your venue

June may be the just before the summer season but there is still plenty for you and your family to enjoy in and near Ogunquit Maine.

Strawberry3If close and cozy is best, your family can enjoy our Ogunquit hotel amenities:  Roman Spa, fitness center, onsite massage, steam, sauna, TV room, outdoor Jacuzzi and heated indoor pool. There is even a game room for the kid in all of us and the option to have a wine welcomes for a grown up treat on our Ogunquit Maine dining package.

If a brisk walk is the chosen adventure, your family can stroll to Marginal Way for ocean view and village shops for gourmet chocolates and coffee.

If a quick drive is on tap, just hop on Route 1 to explore Kennebunkport to our north or York to our south. Both are within a 20 minute drive. You can arrange for early arrivals to jam it up – Stonewall Kitchen Flagship York StoreThe Maine Beer scene is amazing. Cornerstone in Ogunquit brings artisan beer and gourmet pizzas just minutes from the Meadowmere.

So in the end, a weekend spent at the South Berwick Strawberry Festival is a weekend of family fun in Ogunquit Maine and quite possibly the best reason to visit Maine in June.

*This comes with a caveat question ‘What if it rains on our family vacation? The Meadowmere has rainy days down – your family vacation will still be a success. Even during a down pour, the game room, Roman Spa and TV rooms are open to enjoy. Plus there is always local options for rainy days– Check out what to do on rainy days in Ogunquit and see how you like it.  You might find yourself cheering FOR clouds to try all this out.

March 24, 2014

Meadowmere Resort A Maine Family Business Award Finalist


Finding an independent family run business these days can be daunting. Bit like a needles in a haystack. But not in Maine. Maine is full of locally owned and operated inns, B&B's  and hotels just like the Meadowmere Resort. In fact, Maine is home to family run businesses across many industries. And our family owned independent Ogunquit hotel is happy to be a part of good ol' Mainers in business. The Meadowmere Resort was just announced to be a 2014 Maine Family Business Award Finalist. Our Ogunquit hotel's journey to this point began with a nomination by our friends at IRC Solar, who have watched us work hard at our green hotel programs for many years. Keep your fingers crossed - Awards at announced in May.

One of the reasons for our nomination was our Family Serving Family motto. Every day and every stay we are looking for how to make a trip to see us special. Here are some examples from this past week of how our team is going that little extra:

  • Hannah was thrilled to take a reservation for a guest who was coming to celebrate a birthday in Ogunquit. She set up a reminder for herself for when the guest would check in and placed a small box of Harbor Candy chocolates  - locally made in Ogunquit Maine - in the guest's room as sweet surprise.
  • Janet was checking on the pub area one morning when a guest asked about this Ogunquit raffle he was hearing about. Janet told him about the amazing chance to win a three night stay at the Meadowmere with massage, dinner, lunch and playhouse tickets. All for a $25 ticket. The guest was excited - so Janet went to the front desk to get more information on how to win and wished him good luck!
  • While attending to a guest room, Whitney received a note from the guest saying how happy they were with the service and thanking her for doing such a great job. Whitney returned the favor, taking the time to say thank you and wishing them a wonderful stay - it was her pleasure to welcome them!

March 17, 2014

March Sweet Taste of Spring in Ogunquit Maine

HopesrpigsLots of things Spring eternal - hope, tigger, daylight savings. And with Spring officially just around the corner, Spring in Ogunquit is upon us. Yes the flowers have a long and muddy way to go and you are not quite ready to break out the flip flops - but Spring in Ogunquit is still the time to shake those winter blues. An Ogunquit vacation to our Maine resort can celebrate just surviving this winter and taking a good thaw in the hot tub.

In fact, your room can even come with a hot tub - with Spring deals the value of our Ogunquit hotel's Luxury Suites is amazing. Our Maine resort's Honeymoon Suites received a wonderful recognition as the Best Place to Honeymoon in New England.

Another sweet reason to join us - Maine Maple Sunday, which is really a whole weekend of fun. From alpacas to syrup on ice cream to pottery to syrup on pancakes to, well, more syrup, Maine Maple Weekend is a celebration of artisan crafts and delicious yummy syrup. Syrup so good, it's a good thing this travel mug was found!

  • Janet was checking the Fitness Center at the Meadowmere Resort and inspecting the ladies locker room area. She found a travel mug left behind and decide to check the health club area for any ladies that may be using the hotel gym. After taking the time to check with several women, Janet found the owner of the travel mug who was surprised and delighted - she had completely forgotten about it! Janet taking a few minutes to go this extra mile saved her from a visit to Lost N Found and made the guest's day.
  • Right tighty, left losey. But sometimes one doesn't know their own strength and righty tighty becomes can't turn on the shower. Jodi was cleaning a room when a guest asked her for help - she had been struggling to turn the shower on and had just plumb given up. Jodi happily gave it a twist and set it losely off so that the guest could easily adjust when and how she would like. The guest was grateful for the help and Jodi quickly and discretely helping her.

March 10, 2014

March Means Luck of Ogunquit Maine


You most certainly do not need a lucky leprechaun to enjoy this March. With Spring skiing, Maine Maple Sunday and St. Patty's Day fun, March is full of excused to venture outside our Ogunquit Hotel. Shake off the cabin fever - or better yet, spa away winter blahs. March means mud season and mud season means great travel deals all over New England.

Our friends at the Frannie Peabody Center announced the 2014 AIDS Walk/Run 5K May 1-4 and we are proud to be a sponsor. What a great cause and great reason to plan a Spring trip to Ogunquit Maine. We also received a wonderful letter from our friends at Dana Farber Cancer Center who received our January Appreciation Donation.

With all these warm feel good reasons for visiting Ogunquit, here is a few other of our favorite reasons to see us in March:

-The Southern Maine coast antiquing 

-Cuddling up to a Craft Beer getaway.

-Awesome concert at Jonathan's in Ogunquit

-Stonewall Kitchen Cooking Classes, especially on Make Me A Chef (there's a discount!)

And while we may not have Leprechauns, we certainly have some amazing team members creating that Meadowmere Resort magic: 

  • Melinda was talking with a guest who just had to say, she had the best sleep and raved about our Maine resort's rooms and pillows. The guest mentioned how her neck always hurts but our pillows were amazing and she had not one bit of pain. Melinda thanked the guest then headed over to see Housekeeping about connecting the guest with our pillow vendor so she could feel just as good at home. The guest was thrilled to have the information - already dreaming of a great night's sleep, no doubt!
  • One of the best reasons to travel is to celebrate. And birthdays are always fun to celebrate! Hannah spotted that one of our regular returning guests was staying over their birthday and had a surprise of Harbor Candy chocolates left in room with birthday wishes.

January 13, 2014

What's Happening in Ogunquit- February 2014

What is happening in Ogunquit for February? Only the Best Valentine’s Day Celebrations:


This Valentine’s Day the Meadowmere Resort is celebrating with our Valentine’s Day Package that includes a Champagne & Chocolates welcome upon arrival, dinner at your choice of either Jonathan's - cozy and right next door or the Old Village Inn - a romantic New England setting, Saturday night live music: February 8th - James Montgomery Band at 9pm, February 14th - Craig Campbell at 9pm or February 15th - Straight Lace Band at 9pm, breakfast each morning, and an extended check-out of 1pm. If you don’t have plans or are stressing about those Valentine’s Day gifts, a surprise romantic weekend could do the trick!


Not to mention February School Vacation Plans:


February school vacation is a great excuse for a getaway that your family will absolutely love! Come visit us here at the Meadowmere Resort for your kids to indulge in our amenities like the heated indoor pool, game and arcade room, and our movie theater. Our game room includes a pool table, an air hockey table, and many vintage arcade games. Our movie theater seats roughly forty people and we play two movies, one at five o’clock and one at eight o’clock. It’s practically like being in the theaters!


Locally, kids will love to go sledding in York and Cape Neddick. Not to mention, ice skating at the Lobster Park on Route 1 & Dunaway Skating Rink in Ogunquit that is open and awaiting you! And what children could resist finding a tasty treat at Stonewall Kitchen's company store in York or try their cooking school for an afternoon activity. At Over the Oxer in York there is incredible horseback riding in the winter months, just be sure to bundle up! And if you're more into water sports, Ogunquit Beach is a great spot to surf or paddleboard with Liquid Dreams - Yes, we surf in the winter! It's fun! Some other fun attractions are indoor car racing and kid's yoga here in Ogunquit!


If your kids are into nature, go for a walk on Laudholm Farm and learn from year round educational programs. Each stop along the way includes a detailed description of plants, animals, and fun facts about the specific area. The trails include a breathtaking combination of nature walks that lead to the beach. The best of both worlds!


And for those busy parents hoping to shop you can go to the outlets in Kittery and Freeport.


If you are more of a foodie and interested in some local restaurants, Roost Cafe and Bistro, hosts Wednesday Wanderings through the world Wide Food Wonders, stopping each week in a different country to explore their cuisine and cooking techniques. A menu of 4 entrees items (plus) to choose from, for that specific country will be prepared each Wednesday. Some southern Maine restaurants that are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner include the famous Maine Diner in Wells and Village Food Market in Ogunquit.


December 06, 2013


This Week's Stories!

Happy Holidays! Next weekend is Christmas by the Sea here in Ogunquit. WinterentrancexmasDon't miss your chance to experience the festivals, holiday spirit, and decorations here at our Southern Maine Resort. If you have never been to Christmas by the Sea, let me tell you, it’s something worthwhile. Friday the annual beach bonfire kicks off the start of the weekend. On Saturday, there’s a day’s worth of events planned including gingerbread decorating, Taste the Season taste testing, Holiday storytelling, the notorious Polar Plunge for a good cause of donations to Toys for Tots. There are hay rides, concerts, wine tasting, and much more so don't miss your chance to come join in the celebration!

• It was a young guest's 6th birthday who was staying with us. He ecstatically mentioned this to his housekeeper one day because it was obviously making his vacation. The housekeeper, Rowan, arranged his stuffed animals with a note for his big day. The boy's father graciously thanked Rowan for her creativity as the child was thrilled. They then got to talking and Rowan was able to recommend restaurants for him and his family near the Southern Maine Resort.

• A guest was having trouble operating the vending machine and asked our runner Matt to help. While conversing, she told Matt that her kids were getting a bit bored. Matt, brilliantly, went to the front desk to brainstorm possible ideas and activities for the family to do. With the help of Ellyse at the desk, they compiled activities with directions and delivered them to the room. 

• Our festive decorations are something not to miss during the holiday season!  Gingerhouse
So much so, that guests will frequently seek photographers for potential Christmas card pictures. While working one day, Matt was asked by a family to take a few pictures in front of our Christmas tree, the human size nutcrackers, and the fireplace in the lobby. They were hoping to have options to pick the best for their Christmas card picture. Matt was naturally a great photographer and gave them plenty to choose from!


"Every client you keep, is one less that you need to find." - Nigel Sanders


Thank you for letting us share this week's service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to your face - remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!


November 30, 2013


This Week's Stories!

Don't miss out on our Maine holiday packages of staying here at the Meadowmere and Kportenjoying our Kennebunkport Christmas Prelude Package of a wine and cheese welcome reception, Christmas Classics Marathon, including A Christmas Story, The Grinch, It's a Wonderful Life - your holiday favorites, Kittery Outlets Passbook & Freeport Outlets Coupon, one dinner (open menu) at your choice of: Jonathan's - Cozy and right next door, Old Village Inn - a romantic New England setting, MC Perkins Cove - breathtaking ocean views, breakfast each morning at Jonathan's, and an extended check-out of 1pm. Enjoy your Christmas Prelude kick off here and take a look at the Kennebunkport Chamber of Commerce for more information about the prelude happenings:



• Regular guests were checking in with Kyle and mentioned to him how they almost didn’t make it up here because they had a loss in the family and were attending a funeral before they arrived. Because Kyle was not working the next day, he emailed Tracy to have everyone sign a sympathy card for the family. Kyle wanted the family to know they were in our thoughts. 

• Guests checked in with Ellyse, our front desk agent, and mentioned in conversation it was their sister's birthday and that's what brought them up to celebrate. While she was registering, Ellyse snuck back to the office and got a box of chocolates to give to the sister as a surprise who was waiting in the car.  

• While cleaning a room, Trisha, one of our housekeepers, noticed an ice bucket with beverages in now melted ice. Trisha refilled the ice so their beverages could chill before they returned. How refreshing!

• Janet, one of our housekeepers, was about to throw away a leftover pizza box that appeared to have flight numbers and information written on it. Janet, intuitively cut out the information to leave for the guests in case they needed it. How observant!


"We make the world we live in and shape our own environment" - Orison Swett Marden


Thank you for letting us share this week's service stories with you. Each week we hope our little differences help bring a smile to your face - remember, service is not dead. It just took a vacation to Maine!

May 17, 2013

Planning a summer vacation to Ogunquit Maine

Summer in Maine is amazing and the most popular time of year to visit. Here’s how to convince your friends and family to take that summer vacation in Maine – in peak season.

Meadowmere Ogunquit Maine

Crowds. Traffic. Sometimes that makes it a tough sell to head to the Maine Beaches – even with the good weather. No one likes the idea of sitting in a parking lot over relaxing on the beach. But hey, here’s how to tell friends Maine is the perfect escape – summer crowds and all. After all Maine lobster and shopping at L.L. Bean happens every day. Walk along the rocky Maine coast of Marginal Way, miles of soothing ocean sounds and benches to sit and relax on –just close your eyes and breathe fresh Maine ocean air. Just sit back and be aaah-muzed (Maine speak for amused) by the touristy clothing.

These are some reasons why summer is the best month to come and visit Ogunquit Maine.

So, how do you convince your friends, your family to visit Maine when the crowds are upon us?

Step 1: Book a hotel room at the Meadowmere in Ogunquit Maine.

There are options – resort rooms, family suites, suites with fireplaces, suites with Jacuzzis – even suites with both. We purposely did this so you can convince your family, your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/partner, your friends - whoever you have in mind for this Maine trip. Heck, summertime in Maine is brief and sweet; you could make several trips out of this campaign
by convincing your sister, husband and that book club you never made it to that you need several doses of Ogunquit Beach time to survive. Seasonal Affective Disorder and all.

You’re welcome.

Step 2: Plan your travel to Ogunquit Maine.

If you’re within driving distance, just hop on 95, take exit 7 for Ogunquit and presto – summer vacation in Maine. If that’s a bit of a haul and the idea of the York Maine Toll in summer causes a twitch in the upper left eye lid of your potential companion, the newly expanded Portland Jetport is just 40 minutes from the hotel, and serves a wide variety of airlines. If this finds you carless, fear not – the hotel features TV room, spa, outdoor and indoorJacuzzi and is walking distance from restaurants, shops, Ogunquit Beach and Marginal Way if you feel adventurous. If your trusty car is handy, explore more my friend – just remind your travel companions to be patient about parking and
that out of state SUV doing 2mph on Route 1 to see the ‘locals’.

Step 3: Plan to visit attractions.*

Ogunquit’s got some great attractions and things to do, year round – from Ogunquit Playhouse to lobster tours. Start with this list of Things to Do in Southern Maine in the Summer.

  1. Walk Marginal Way – Call us crazy but you can enjoy this ocean walk even with the hustle and bustle (they even have benches to sit and take it all in).  It is one heck of an ocean view. Even better, you can hit the trail, claim your daily exercise and justify a Maine lobster roll in Perkins Cove.
  2. Jam it up – Stonewall Kitchen is just minutes away and free samples abound. From chocolate sauces to Maine blueberry jam to homemade treats, this is a full afternoon of fun – especially if you take a tour or a cooking class (which also involves wine – a nice perk when beating the summer heat).
  3. Head north – or south and shop, shop, shop – Ok,so if this trip is with your husband, he might feel differently, especially if he’s driving in traffic. But if you can convince him the heading south to Kittery Outlets, it is worth it – Roberts Maine Grill has oysters, flat screen tv and Moxie. And to the north, LL Bean has an entire hunting division. So there. All manly things to do in Maine.
  4. See what’s brewing in Maine – The Maine Beer scene is amazing. Tully’s in Wells is like a magic carpet ride for beer lovers and Federal Jack’s is just up Rt 1 in Kennebunkport. In pinch, Cornerstone in Ogunquit brings all that closer – artisan beer and gourmet pizzas. Tasting craft beers on an outdoor patio in Maine beats the back deck at home.
  5. See old things – as in Antiquing. A snooze fest, you say? Not so fast – the Maine Antiquing corridor has everything from sports memorabilia to Johnson’s Historical Museum to lighthouses. Throw in the thrift stores and you have yourself a regular bazaar of Maine treasures at your
  6. Eat – as in lots. Maine lobster is just the start. From restaurants with ocean venues to classic diners to famous hot dogs. Just eat. Summer heat takes a lot out of you after all and you need the fuel to survive.

Now, if you follow these steps (very easy 1-2-3), not only will you have convinced your friends, family and neighbors to visit Maine in the summer, you’ll actually get some rest and relaxation to boot at our new outdoor pool.

See you this Summer in Ogunquit!

*This comes with a caveat question ‘What if it rains on my summer vacation?’ Built in back up plan - Amenities. Pack the swimsuit and enjoy the pools. The Roman Spa is a salt water therapeutic tub so you can justify having to spend hours in it to anyone and the Outdoor Pool and Cabana is brand new. And if you need more to relax, massage is available onsite – from the quick 30 minute Swedish (so no one will miss you after you convinced them to take a Maine trip with you) to full 90 minute deep tissue treatments (again, it’s a form of therapy and your friends will be jealous at how relaxed you are). Air conditioned game room means your inner kid can challenge your companion in
billiards, air hockey, car racing. The entertainment and subsistence even comes to you – there’s poolside service from our pub and live music on weekends.  You might find yourself cheering FOR rain.

April 02, 2013

Plan a spring vacation to Ogunquit Maine

Spring in Maine is a wonderful time of year to visit. Here’s how to convince your friends and family to take that Maine vacation – in mud season.

Mud. Rain. It’s a tough sell to head to the Maine Beaches – even with good tires. No one likes the idea of becoming My Cousin Vinnie. But hey, here’s how to tell friends it’s the perfect escape. After all Maine lobster and shopping at L.L. Bean happens every day. Walk along the rocky Maine coast of Marginal Way in Ogunquit, miles of blooming flowers and cross country trails, and no signs of those summer crowds. Just grab a slicka’ (Maine speak for a raincoat) and go.

These are some reasons why spring is the best month to come and visit Ogunquit Maine.

So, how do you convince your friends, your family to visit Maine when the mud is upon us?

Step 1: Book a hotel room at the Meadowmere Resort in Ogunquit Maine.

There are options – resort rooms, family suites, suites with fireplaces, suites with Jacuzzis – even suites with both. We purposely did this so you can convince your family, your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/partner, your friends - whoever you have in mind for this Maine trip. Heck, springtime in Maine is long; you could make several trips out of this campaign.

You’re welcome.

Step 2: Plan your travel to Maine.

If you’re within driving distance, just hop on 95, take exit 7 for Ogunquit and presto – spring vacation in Maine. If that’s a bit of a haul, the newly expanded Portland Jetport is just 40 minutes from the hotel, and serves a wide variety of airlines. If this finds you carless, fear not – the hotel features TV room, spa, outdoor and indoor Jacuzzi and is walking distance from restaurants, shops, Marginal Way if you feel adventurous. If your trusty car is handy, explore more my friend.

Step 3: Plan to visit attractions.*

Ogunquit’s got some great attractions and things to do, year round - only now without the crowds. Start with this list of Things to Do in Southern Maine in the Mud  Season.

  1. Walk Marginal Way – Call us crazy but you can grab an umbrella (we even have Meadowmere ones) and get one heck of an ocean view. Even better, with a sprinkle or two, you can hit the trail, claiming your daily exercise to justify lots of Maine lobster.
  2. Jam it up – Stonewall Kitchen is just minutes away and free samples abound. From chocolate sauces to Maine blueberry jam to homemade treats, this is a full afternoon of fun – especially if you take a tour or a cooking class (which also involves wine – a nice perk on a rainy day).
  3. Head north – or south and shop, shop, shop – Ok, so if this trip is with your husband, he might feel differently. But you can convince him the heading south to Kittery Outlets is worth it – Roberts Maine Grill has oysters, flat screen tv and Moxie. And to the north, LL Bean has an
    entire hunting division. So there. All manly things to do in Maine.
  4. See what’s brewing in Maine – The Maine Beer scene is amazing. Tully’s in Wells is like a magic carpet ride for beer lovers and Federal Jack’s is just up Rt 1 in Kennebunkport. In pinch, Cornerstone in Ogunquit brings all that closer – artisan beer and gourmet pizzas. Tasting
    craft beers in a cozy Maine pub beats the couch at home.
  5. See old things – as in Antiquing. A snooze fest, you say? Not so fast – the Maine Antiquing corridor has everything from sports memorabilia to Johnson’s Historical Museum to lighthouses. Throw in the thrift stores and you have yourself a regular bazaar of Maine treasures at your
  6. Eat – as in lots. Maine lobster is just the start. From restaurants with ocean venues to classic diners to famous hot dogs. Just eat. A long winter is over after all and you need the fuel to survive.

Now, if you follow these steps (very easy 1-2-3), not only will you have convinced your friends, family and neighbors to visit Maine in the spring, you’ll actually get some rest and relaxation to boot.

See you this Spring!

*This comes with a caveat question ‘What if it really pours?’ Built in back up plan - Amenities. Pack the swimsuit and enjoy the hot tubs. The Roman Spa is a salt water therapeutic tub so you can justify having to spend hours in it to anyone. And if you need more to relax, massage is available onsite – from the quick 30 minute Swedish (so no one will miss you after you convinced them to take a Maine trip with you) to full 90 minute deep tissue treatments (again, it’s a form of therapy and your friends will be jealous at how relaxed you are). Game room means your inner kid can challenge your companion in billiards, air hockey, car racing. The entertainment and subsistence even comes to you –
there’s room service and live music on weekends.  You might find yourself cheering FOR rain.

December 15, 2012

Plan a Winter Vacation to Maine

Entrance WinterWinter in Maine is a wonderful time of year to visit. Here's how to convince your friends and family to take that Maine Vacation  - off season.

Snow. Cold temps. It's a tough sell to head to the Maine Beaches. But hey, here's hot to tell friends it's the perfect escape. After all, Maine lobster and shopping at LL Bean happens every day. Walk along the rocky Maine coast of Marginal Way, miles of show shoeing and cross country trails, and no signs of those summer crowds. Just bundle up and go.

These are some of the reasons why winter is the best time of year to come and visit Maine.

So, how do you convince your friends, your family to visit Maine when the snow falls?

Step 1: Book a hotel room at the Meadowmere in Ogunquit Maine.

There are options - resort rooms, family suites, suites with fireplaces, suites with Jacuzzis  - even suites with both. We purposely did this so you can convince your family, your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/partner, your friends - whoever you have in mind for this Maine trip. Heck, winters in Maine are long; you could make several trips out of this campaign.

You're welcome.

Step 2: Plan your travel to Maine.

If you're within driving distance, just hope on 95, take exit 7 in Maine for Ogunquit and presto - winter vacation in Maine. If that's a bit of a haul, the newly expanded Portland Jetport is just 40 minutes from the hotel and serves a wide variety of airlines. If this finds you carless, fear not - the hotel features TV room, spa, outdoor and indoor Jacuzzis and is walking distance from restaurants, shops, Marginal Way if you feel adventurous. If your trusty car is handy, explore more my friend.

Step 3: Plan to visit attractions.*

Ogunquit's got some great attractions and things to do, year-round - only now without the crowds. Start with this list of Thing to Do in Southern Maine in the Off Season.

  1. Walk Marginal Way - Call us crazy but you can bundle up and get one heck of an ocean view. Even better, with snow covering, you can snow shoe the trail, claiming your daily exercise to justify lots of Maine lobster.
  2. Jam it up - Stonewall Kitchen is just minutes away and free samples abound. From chocolate sauces to Maine blueberry jam to homemade treats, this is a full afternoon of fun - especially if you take a tour or a cooking class (which also involves wine - a nice perk on a winter day).
  3. Head north - or south and shop, shop, shop - Ok, so if this trip is with your husband, he might feel differently. But you can convince him that heading south to Kittery Outlets (or north to LL Bean) is worth it - Robert's Maine Grill in Kittery has oysters, flat screen TV and Moxie. And to the north, LL Bean has an entire hunting division. So there. All manly things to do in Maine.
  4. See what's brewing in Maine - The Maine Beer scene is amazing. Tully's in Wells is like a magic carpet ride for beer lovers and Federal Jack's is just up Rt 1 in Kennebunkport. In a pinch, Cornerstone in Ogunquit brings all that closer - artisan beer and gourmet pizzas. Tasting craft beers in a cozy Maine pub beats the couch at home.
  5. See old things - as in Antiquing. A snooze fest, you say? Not so fast - the Maine Antiquing corridor has everything from sports memorabilia to Johnson's Historical Museum to lighthouses. Throw in the thrift stores and you have yourself a regular bazaar of Maine treasures at your fingertips.
  6. Eat - as in lots. Maine lobster is just the start. From restaurants with ocean venues to classic diners to famous hot dogs. Just eat. It is cold out after all and you need the fuel to survive.

Now, if you follow these steps (very easy 1-2-3), not only with you have convinced your friends, family and neighbors to visit Maine in the winter (heck, you could persuade a total stranger - like ice to eskimos), you'll actually get some rest and relaxation to boot.

See you this winter!

Jan11Snow3*This comes with a caveat question 'What if it snows?' Built in back up plan - Amenities. Pack the swimsuit and enjoy the hot tubs. The Roman Spa is a salt water therapeutic tub so you can justify havingt to spend hours in it to anyone. And if you need more to relax, massage is available onsite - from the quick 30 minute Swedish (so no one will miss you after you convinced them to take a Maine trip with you) to full 90 minute deep tissue treatments (again, it's a form of therapy and your friends will be  jealous how relaxed you are). Game room means your inner kid can challenge your companion in billiards, air hockey, car racing. The entertainment and subsistence even comes to you - there's room service and live music on the weekends. You might find yourself cheering FOR snow.

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