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April 2016

April 25, 2016

Planning an Intimate Wedding in Ogunquit Maine : Small Gathering Venues in Southern Maine

_SWP2842Every bride and groom knows that the wedding day is all about celebrating the joy of being together and sharing that joy with friends and family.

Of course, that last part is where a lot of stress and money goes: Who to invite? How many? The venue costs what???

Maybe you both fell in love in a special spot and that spot only hold 50 persons. Maximum. That’s okay – it is your day. And you are in luck – Intimate weddings are surging in popularity for the charm, budget and special atmosphere to a cozy gathering.  Even better, our hotel in Ogunquit is surrounded by these special small venues.

Best Places to Plan an Intimate Wedding in Southern Maine

Time to make your wedding dream come true. Here are tips on great small wedding venues in Ogunquit Maine.

Wedding Ceremony Want: Water

Ocean view ceremonies can bring big price tags even for little gatherings. Have no fear, there are options.

If rolling waves is the back drop for your perfect day but your budget is drowning, consider such options as the Marginal Way, the Ellis Park Short Sands Gazebo and Hope Hobbs Gazebo for your ceremony. All have the ability to see the water, allowing for the ocean to be the back drop to you ‘I do’s’. Just remember these options are town parks and paths. That means curious onlookers and well-wishers. Which it can be fun to have complete strangers clapping and cheering for you - A small trade to have these spectacular ocean views. And sometimes just a few hundred dollars and a little time with administrative forms is all you need.

Wedding Venue Want: Woods

Sure the smell of Maine Pine is romantic, but you don’t want to chop a clearing to gather.

If the romantic Maine woods sounds perfect but you don’t want to head too far north or go too rustic, consider such options as Clay Hill Farm and Jonathan’s. With the option to enjoy the fairy gardens and nature paths balanced with lawn and cuisine, Clay Hill Farm offers Maine woods, high heel friendly. And at Jonathan’s, you’ll have your choice of the Ogunquit Heritage Museum park with dappling light or the Josias River Park with flowing brook (flats, no heels for this one).

EDBMsubhomepgWedding Venue Want: Lobster

Maine means lobster. And dipping butter. Way more delicious than smashing cake.

If the lure of a wedding in Maine is lobster, but you have visions of Aunt Sue covered in butter, have no fear. Mainers have cleaned up the lobster experience a bit.  With fresh farm to table food, craft beer, local wineries, you can personalize your menu and impress your taste buds. Harvest and Plate Catering in Ogunquit is a wonderful option with Chef Trip and The Velveteen Habit is a gorgeous back drop with expert Chef Chris at the helm. Whether a private homes, special farmhouse or our cozy pub, you’ve got space to make your intimate gathering yummy too.

Wedding Venue Want: Out to Sea

For when you really want to limit who sets sail.

If your vision of saying I do involves as few witnesses as possible, your ship has come in. Literally. From the romantic Silver Lining Sailboat to the down Maine Finestkind Lobster cruiser, you can sail away with only the closest of friends and family to create an amazing wedding day.

Finally, you need a hotel that is open and central to your Southern Maine wedding venue with easy access to a well maintained road. And you want to give your guests a place to be cozy and comfortable so you can convince your family, your friends - whoever you have in mind for this Maine celebration – to travel to Vacationland.

Meadowmere is close to all the venues mentioned and allows for direct access to Route 1. The hotel also is easily accessible for bus, limo and trolley transportation.  Finally, your guests have three airports, Amtrak, coach bus and car as options to reach Ogunquit. Wedding services and  blocks in Southern Maine are available year round.

April 17, 2016

Green Travel in Maine: That Myth That Going Eco-Friendly with Your Ogunquit Hotel Costs More

There is a huge misconception out there in the hospitality industry and we are here today to set the record straight.

The idea that going green with your hotel choice will cost you more is fool’s gold.

Yep, fool’s gold.

Here is why:

Solarinstall3A True Look at the Numbers

With state and federal grants available to businesses looking to apply eco-friendly practices especially when it comes to big budget investment items the initial savings can be great. So yes, those solar panels are pricey overall, but not when it comes right down to your stay.

Let’s take a look at what the long term price differential would be and how it effects your vacation. Let's use something guests and hoteliers can relate to: The Light Bulb.

Well, with over two thousand light bulbs hotel wide, investing in LED’s are not only more energy efficient for our Ogunquit hotel, they are also cost effective.  Take a look at these averages:

                                                Incandescent                     CFL                         LED

Average Cost Per Bulb                $1.00                                $2.00                    $8.00

Average Life Span                     1200 hrs                              8,000 hrs             25,000 hrs

Average Cost per Hour              $0.083                                 $0.025                 $0.032

Doing the simple math, over the course of 1 year for a hotel where the lights are on often, we would actually spend thousands of more dollars with Incandescent bulbs. Whoa.

And although CFL’s are the best cost option, as a hotel, we have to consider the hazard and risk of mercury inside one of those bulbs. For us it’s just not worth the risk.  We’ve upgrade to LED’s throughout the hotel to ensure a safe and eco-conscious experience for our guests. So factoring in the life span of LED’s one can easily see that there is as significant cost difference over time from the incandescent bulbs.

And that’s just light bulbs. If we factor in the solar electric and solar hot water our green Ogunquit hotel in is producing, going green helps keep your vacation more reasonable. We produce upwards of 50,000 KwH each year at an average cost of $0.15 per KwH  - That’s over $7,500.00 in savings annually and a big impact on the environment.

IMG_0023With Lightbulbs and Solar being just a small part of our Eco-Efforts, it’s pretty easy to see how going green can really pay off in savings for a hotel - and that helps us make a product of even better value to guests.  The best part is the savings from being an eco-hotel gets reinvested into your vacation with improvements like the Outdoor Pool and new WiFi system and stays in our community with year round jobs for our amazing team.

Bottom line —Be smart. Use logic when it comes to understanding the true cost of a hotel going green.  Understand you’ve always got to consider the long-term best interests. If a hotel is really walking the green walk, then that local business is making a difference local and with your vacation.

If you're planning a vacation to Ogunquit Maine and have thoughts about the environment and savings, give us a call directly. We love to welcome your family to Ogunquit for a great vacation now - and helps make the next one great too.

April 08, 2016

A Vacation that Helps from Ogunquit Maine – Animal Welfare Society

Giving back is made easy when you stay and shop in Ogunquit, Maine. At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine the Meadowmere Team has been dedicated to constant involvement by providing volunteer leadership and generous contributions to many worthy and notable causes in both local and national communities.

We wanted to share with you the charity that will receive donations for Appreciation Stays in April.   The Animal Welfare Society is an open-admission NO KILL shelter in York County.  In addition to an animal shelter and adoption center AWS offers life saving community programs including Pets & Women to Safety, Paws in Stripes, Paws Across American, Humane Education, Behavioral Training Classes and the Shelter Spay/Neuter Clinic.  In 2014 the AWS was able to care for more than 3,300 animals.

In addition to the Meadowmere Resorts charitable contribution to the Animal Welfare Society each guest joining us for our Appreciation Weekend will receive a gift from the Meadowmere and Purchasing for my Cause.  15% of the cost of this gift will then be directed to the cause of your choice.

A special thank you to our guests that make it possible for us to Give Back when you book the Meadowmere Resort for your Maine Vacation, check back throughout the year to learn more about Vacations that help.  Here is a wonderful story about creating great memories from our staff:

Liz received a call from a guest looking to book the engagement package. He had several questions and was very nervous about the special trip going smoothly. In order to keep the surprise, Liz was happy to set up the reservation and then correspond via email on the details. On the day of arrival, he emailed concerned about the arrival timing. Liz assured him that our team was ready and the special details were in place - including the extra touches of the fireplace going and chilling pinot grigio for his soon to be fiance. When the guest mentioned that he really prefers beer, Liz made a quick addition so when the door was opened and the question asked, the celebration could begin!

April 04, 2016

How to Find the Perfect Hotel for your Future Vacation: 5 Valuable Maine Travel Tips!

At the Meadowmere we receive calls on a daily basis from folks who are in the process of looking for the perfect hotel for their upcoming vacation.  They all want to know the same thing: “What should I look for in a property where I can find the vacation of my dreams?”  That’s a great question, and we just happen to have some great pointers so let’s dive right in!

Here are 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect hotel for your Future Vacation:

IMG_0030#1:  Compare Rates

The biggest factor that impacts the vacation planning is cost.  Why?  One word: Budget.  Vacations can be expensive, there’s no getting around that.  It’s not uncommon for our clients to check hotel pricing on discount travel website.  A word of caution be sure you read the terms and always compare the rates with the hotel directly to ensure you’re getting the best customer service and the best price for your upcoming vacation.

 #2:  Be Flexible with dates

Depending upon when you’re looking to travel and how far in advance you are booking you may need to be flexible with your dates.  A bit of flexibility can go a long way, if you’re planning a romantic vacation to Maine or a family vacation in Ogunquit the ability to shift your dates could mean better accommodations and a better value.  We can certainly work with you to discuss preferences and make recommendations to ensure you’re vacation in Ogunquit is perfect!

 #3:  Check the specials

Most hotels offer specials which can be found on their website under packages and specials or promotions. Information on promotions can also be provided by calling the hotel directly.  Since Promotions are typically available closer to the dates of the reservation or during slow periods check these regularly as well as being flexible with your dates will prove to be beneficial when planning your vacation.

#4:  Stay often

Within our Guest Appreciation program travelers that stay often with our hotel using directly booked reservations receive regular promotions and special discounts for their vacations in Ogunquit Maine.  On a number of weekends a year guests qualifying for the guest appreciation program at the Meadowmere also receive discounts to other Ogunquit vendors from Spa to Dinning> It’s always nice to save!

#5:  Become a Fan

Social Media is a great way to keep up with changes, improvements and specials for your vacation.  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter or simply sign up for our Newsletter to stay current with all Meadowmere Promotions and news from Ogunquit, Maine!

Well, there you have it!  Five tips for finding the perfect hotel for your future vacation. We hope this helps you on your journey to making your vacation dreams a reality!  Please feel free to share any comments or questions below.

Thanks and Good Luck! 

April 01, 2016

City Trips vs. Seaside Village Group Vacation : How to Pick the Best Maine Destination for your tour group


Portland, Maine
Portland, Maine
Ogunquit, Maine
Ogunquit, Maine

The fact that you’ve found this article means you are probably well into the process of finding the right stops for your New England Motor Coach Tour

Maybe you have already decided that visiting Maine is the way to go, and possibly stopping into at least one of Maine’s seaside villages is best for your group tour….now it’s just a matter of finding the spot to lay your head that best meets your group needs. 

If this is the case, you’re in luck because today we’re going to compare two popular destinations in Maine:  The City of Portland and The Seaside Village of Ogunquit.   You’re probably wondering how, as a hotel, we can possibly give an unbiased comparison.  The truth is that we can’t. 

We are very passionate about what we do and we love our hotel...heck, that’s the way it should be! 

Notwithstanding, we can provide you with straight information about the two locals and explain why we design your group tours the way we do….then let you decide.  Sound fair?  Great, let’s get started!

First we’re going to discuss what Portland and Ogunquit have in common, and then we’ll cover the differences between the two locations. 

Common Features

Both locations are in Southern Maine with views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Both feature a wide selection of top notch restaurants, unique shops and fun activities.

Differences Between Portland and Ogunquit

Location & Proximity to Key Areas:

In designing your Group Tour of Maine it’s important to keep in mind the variety of key area’s your looking to visit.  Below is a summary of the distance to popular destinations traveling from Portland vs. Ogunquit, Maine.

                                                                Portland                                              Ogunquit

Cape Cod, MA                                   3 Or More Hours                              2 Or More Hours

Boston, MA                                     Just under  2 Hours                              Just over 1 Hour

North Conway, NH                          More Than 1 Hour                           Just over 1 Hour

Portsmouth, NH                               More Than 1 Hour                           30 minutes

Kittery, ME                                         More Than 1 Hour                           20 minutes

Kennebunkport, ME                       Just under 1 Hour                              20 minutes

Freeport, ME                                    Just under 1 Hour                              Just 1 Hour

Boothbay Harbor, ME                    Just about 2 Hour                           Just about 2 Hour, 30 minutes

Bar Harbor, ME                                 3 Or More Hours                              3 Or More Hours


Both the city of Portland, Maine and the Village of Ogunquit, Maine hold a lot of charm.  Portland’s Old Port District boasts cobble stone streets with notable shops and restaurants set along the waters of Casco Bay.  Watch as the cruise ships and fishing boats come in or soak up the rich history as your group explores historic landmarks such as the Wadsworth-Longfellow House and Victorian Mansion.

The Village of Ogunquit takes you back to a time before chain stores and franchises took the place of the local candy store and ma & pop markets.  With three areas to highlight your group can easily spend the day exploring the village and the beach before heading to the cove.  With Marginal Way foot path connecting the two your group will experience the views of Maine’s Rocky Coast that inspired Ogunquit’s history as an artist colony.  The shops along Perkins Cove still set in the artist shacks of the past and you can watch as the small fishing boats enter an exist through the beautiful wooden drawbridge.   


Customer Service and the Quality of Hotel Room your guests receive during your Maine Motor Coach Tour is of utmost importance.  And many travelers and tour planners have already established a preference between brand vs. independent hotels .   Brand hotels certainly have their level of quality and service standards and it can be comforting to know that regardless of where you are traveling to, you know what to expect from your favorite hotel brand.  For the Meadowmere Resort we're proud to be an independent family owned and operated hotel in Ogunquit.  It's because of this that our staff easily accepts our motto of family serving family on all levels of quality and service throughout our resort.  We can easily promise that from the time you inquire about our hotel in Ogunquit to the time your group departs you will have our full and personal attention and support in planning your New England Motor Coach Tour.

Well, there you have it.  A comparison of the city of Portland and the Seaside village of Ogunquit.  We hope you’ve found this informative and if you’re interested in learning more about a group tour in Ogunquit Maine, please check out our Planning a Group Tour page here where you'll find more information.   You might also want to check out our article Motor Coach FAM Tours of Southern Maine: How to Plan a Bus Tour in Ogunquit.

Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.  Thanks!

Maine Romance: Intimate Weddings from our Ogunquit Hotel

Ogunquit is a classic Maine wedding spot and the perfect place for your intimate wedding.  The staff at our hotel is here to help you with the details and help make your promises to each other a moment to remember.  The West Meadow Pub provides a cozy atmosphere true to the quaint Maine experience.  Say I do in front of the  Fieldstone fireplace perfect for intimate ceremonies and there is something truly wonderful about being so close to the sea!

Providing comfort on your vacation to Ogunquit is what the Meadowmere is all about.  Here are a few stories of our team making guests feel at home:

Crystal has a guest approach her to ask about having milk instead of creamer for the morning coffee. Unfortunately, the hotel did not have any on hand. However just as Crystal was about to walk away, she remembered that she had brought some in for her lunch. She generously offered to share with the guest who was pleasantly surprised by the kind offer. She quickly went to retrieve the 2% milk and helped make this guest feel right at home.

Bryanna had a busy day ahead cleaning a full section of rooms that had departed. Upon entering one of those rooms, she immediately spotted a scarf and a phone a charger. Being observant, she had recognized the same guests earlier, enjoying a little extra time in the game room before heading home. She quickly grabbed the items and headed to the game room, catching the guest and surprisingly them with the extra thoughtful step. They were incredibly thankful to save the worry of missing the items - especially the all important phone charger!

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