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March 2016

March 25, 2016

Planning a Meeting in Maine: Tips and Trends for This Year in Ogunquit

Jonathans-BallRoomSo for as much snow as Maine had last year, this winter is filled with sunshine and (fairly) warm days. Maybe Mother Nature is trying to tell us something – because that is just what we see ahead for meeting planning. Southern Maine is being discovered as a great spot to plan a corporate meeting or company team building. With three airports at one hour or less away, less clutter and expense of a city setting such as Portland, Portsmouth or Boston and the excitement of a destination location, Ogunquit offers a great place to bring the team. It's after all, a best beach in the US.

Let’s take a look at some tips and trends for this year for hosting your company event in Ogunquit:

  • Flexing the Rate Muscle. Demand is back and in a big way, especially for June thru October. Whereas four or five years ago, negotiating rom rate was standard, these days the demand is too strong in Southern Maine to have much wiggle room in pricing. The pockets of dates have been filled in with the creative sales teams and promotions and hotels along the coast know what they can fill for and when. Often times the best way to approach this is to offer an acceptable room rate range upfront so the sales team can quickly let you know if a bid will be submitted for the business. And as for the quiet season – sales teams have worked that in as well. Be open to considering March, April and May. The end of the first quarter and start of the second has great potential for your budget.
  • Early Birds Are Getting the Worm. Well actually, they are getting the key meeting dates in Southern Maine. Sometimes 2 or 3 years in advance. This a bit tricky since attendees and sometimes the client are waiting til last minute to register or even tell a meeting planner about an event need. If you are finding yourself talking to the client more and more about why 6 weeks’ notice for a fall meeting in Ogunquit just isn’t going to come together, you aren’t alone. And if you need a reason to convince a client that planning earlier for the meeting in Southern Maine is a must, see our first point. When the hotel has high demand and the client has a short notice must have meeting, negotiating goes out the window. Early birds smartly keeping the planning window long and work with the hotel as a partner.
  • Smart Food Means Better Health (but also Bigger Budget). Providing healthier options and specialty diets has been on the radar for a long time. While for our Maine hotel, this is really a return to what we do (our meetings at Jonathan's have been focused on Farm-to-Table, local cuisine and custom menus for over 30 years), we get that there may be a little sticker shock over the waxy chicken with over sauteed mystery veggies. Food has become part of the attraction to attendees and there are options to balance taste and price. For example, creating a central break location rather than having stations in multiple rooms. And using a family style set up to work around the buffet waste. It’s not as new-fashioned as one might think – after all, Lobster bakes have been served that way for generations.
  • A Time to Work, A Time to Play. As millennials flood the work place, balance is becoming a trend at meetings. Agendas are working in more and more ‘open afternoons’ – not as free time but for activities such as team building ground exercises, yoga and scavenger hunts. Our hotel has seen an increase in working the benefits on mindfulness into meetings. Yes, there is an element of fun to working a ropes course and some manager might find that wasteful. However, the soft skills of working together, communicating and understanding how to handle stress productively are increasingly important to a team succeeding. More than number crunching. With an aerial course, hiking, ocean front yoga options and more we are seeing events plan in a 2 to 4 hour window to develop these skills. And millennials are appreciating – and attending – the agendas that do.

So when the snow isn’t flying and we look forward to the year ahead, we see a great year to plan an event in Ogunquit and the Southern Maine area.

To get your Maine meeting planning started, visit our plan a meeting in Maine website:

Green Hospitality: How Your Soap Can Change the World at the Meadowmere in Ogunquit


Recycling at the Meadowmere in Ogunquit
Recycling at the Meadowmere in Ogunquit

Clean the World is a global soap project dedicated to improving global health through soap distribution and hygiene programs worldwide.  Clean the world was founded in 2009 by Shawn Seipler the idea for soap recycling came about after he learned that the bars of soap barely used in hotels ended up in a landfill.  The Meadowmere Resort had a similar thought in 2010 when the owner walking through the hallways noticed a number of soaps seemingly untouched in the trash.  Soon after the Meadowmere Resort found the global soap project and without delay became a partner in the program. 

The mission of clean the world is to collect and recycle soap and hygiene products that would otherwise generate environmental waste.  Through the distribution of these and other donated products to impoverished people, prevent millions of hygiene-related deaths each year, reduce the morbidity rate for hygiene-related illnesses, and encourage vigorous childhood development.

Some of our staff were a bit concerned when they first learned that we were recycling used soap.  Fear not - Clean the World is committed to safety and treats all products at the Clean the World Recycling center through sterilization, grinding, and reshaping into clean new bars of soap prior to distribution.

Thank you for being a part of our hotel in Ogunquit.  We encourage all guests to share with us ideas on how we can constantly improve our environmental impact, should you have a suggestion please leave a comment below.  Our staff is committed to providing quality service to each guest here are a few of their stories:

Speaking of soap, Bryanna noticed that a guest had brought their favorite kind with them on their vacation to Ogunquit recently. A brand new bar of Irish Spring was sitting on the top of the toilet tank. Rather than put the bar in the shower and knowing it would be hard to keep a bar of soap there all week, Bryanna located an extra soap dish - We have these special lovely shells - and small towel to place the dish on. So even before soap reaches the Clean the World program, we give it special attention!

This time of year we know that it can be hard to muster up the will to head outdoors in the cold. It may have been a mild winter overall, but there have been a few chilly nights and days! On one of those such days, Tori was chatting with a guest who got around to asking where they could find ice. Once Tori explained, including directions to the machine, the guest hesitated about going out in the cold. Tori let them know not to worry - she would fill it for them. Off she headed and returned - the guest able to stay nice and warm.

Is there nothing more annoying than forgetting toothpaste on a trip? It's got to be in the top ten. What might even top forgetting the toothpaste thought is remembering to bring it and then jut running out. Bryanna noticed that guests with us this past week were trying to make the very end of tube last. She headed down and got our small amenity tubes - one for each person - and set them up near the sink. Fresh and ready to go.

It's the small details such as these that help our guests feel special and cared for. We hope you can visit!

March 18, 2016

Romantic Traditions in Ogunquit Maine – Honeymoon Arch

Romantic Traditions in Ogunquit Maine
Romantic Traditions in Ogunquit Maine

Great romantic traditions can start anytime from the first date to the day of the proposal - even with your baby moon.  Combining your annual vacation with a romantic tradition allows for countless memories at the most beautiful place by the sea.  Find your home away from home in Ogunquit Maine and strengthen your love, enrich the life you share and create lasting memories.  The Meadowmere Resort features over 20 room types to ensure you find the perfect accommodations for your family to enjoy year after year.  Here’s a bit about one of our favorites:

The Signature Honeymoon Arch Suite offers the perfect escape for couples looking for ultimate relaxation.  This over sized room features beautiful antique furnishings, queen bed; in room double Jacuzzi, comfy love seat and gas fireplace.  The Signature Honeymoon Arch Suite connects our Main Building to our West Meadow Building allowing for indoor access to all resort amenities in close proximity to the Indoor Pool, West Meadow Pub, Outdoor Pool and Game Room. 

Ogunquit Maine – Honeymoon Arch
Ogunquit Maine – Honeymoon Arch

Warm Maine hospitality is what you’ll find at the Meadowmere Resort year round; here are a few stories from our staff:

Bryanna was cleaning a guest room when she noticed a list of TV Channels written down on a pad of paper.  She assumed the guest did not know that the TV Guide for our hotel in Ogunquit was located in the information binder.  She opened the binder to the correct page and left the TV remote on top to ensure the guests had a complete list of the TV offerings for their stay in Ogunquit.

Crystal was cleaning up around the indoor pool and noticed guests headed to the OutDoor Jacuzzi, she also noticed they didn't have any towels with them so she grabbed a few pool towels from the front desk and brought them out the guests enjoying the hot tub.  They were thrilled as it's pretty chilly getting out of the jacuzzi this time of the year!

March 14, 2016

Maine Vacation Cost & Common Parent Questions : Why to Vacation in Ogunquit

Family vacations in Maine
Family vacations in Maine

If you’re considering a Maine vacation, you are probably also considering how much it will cost and how to keep your family entertained.  As we work with hundreds of families planning a Maine vacation each year we have the opportunity to answer tons of questions about the cost of vacations and family fun activities.  In this article, we’re going to tackle some of the most popular Maine family vacation questions we receive on a daily basis.  Let’s jump right in!

Why should I spend my Maine vacation in Ogunquit?

First of all, Maine is well known for being the vacation state full of natural wonder and quaint towns.  Ogunquit Maine is set in the southern region of Maine known to many as the beach region which will allow you to take full advantage of your Maine vacation, experiencing both the Maine Woods and Maine Beaches without traveling vary far from home.  Many families find the combination of spending a day at the beach and the next hiking along Mount Agamenticus a wonderful experience, and it’s easy to do as both features are such a short distance from our hotel in Ogunquit.  Our central location allows peace of mind when traveling with the whole family, even little ones will enjoy exploring the tide pools along Ogunquit Beach or the learning lodge atop Mount Agamenticus.

How many nights should I plan to visit Ogunquit?

It depends on the type of Maine experience your family is looking for, but we currently have families joining us for an average of three nights.  At a minimum, our family rooms require a two night stay on weekends and three nights during peak season periods.  Please note that, most folks end up staying 3 nights, and some even join us up to 10 nights the best thing to do would be to give us a call to see if there are any restrictions on the date you are looking to visit Ogunquit.    

What are my family room options and what are the pros and cons of each?

The predominant family room at our hotel in Ogunquit is the Two Bedroom Family Suite in our South Meadow building, but other room options are also available to accommodate a family vacation in Ogunquit.  Let’s take a closer look at each.    

Two Bedroom Family Suites – South Meadow Location. 
By far the most popular choice of family rooms at our hotel in Ogunquit the Two Bedroom Family Rooms feature a private balcony or patio with indoor access to all resort amenities.  Choose from a King Bed or Two Double Beds for the adults with an adjoining room featuring Two Twin Beds for the Kiddo’s.  Each bedroom offers a flat screen cable tv, basic Wifi, simmons beautyrest mattresses and custom designed furnishings just steps from the Tv room and Roman Spa (Indoor Salt Water Hot Tub for the whole family to enjoy).

Apartment Suite – Country Squire Location. 
The seasonal Apartment Suite is available May through October and features a full kitchen, living room with a pullout sofa and flat screen tv, as well as Two Bedrooms each with one double bed.  Located on the first floor of our Motel Style building this room offers a shared patio area and easy access to the South Meadow and all resort amenities.

Two Queens – West Meadow Location.  
With a private balcony overlooking our custom outdoor pool these large rooms feature ample space for a pack’n’play and all the toys!  The larger beds ensure everyone enjoys a goodnights sleep and indoor access to the resort amenities is a plus rain or shine! 

Two Doubles with Sofa – Country Squire Location. 
The seasonal Country Squire is available May through October the rooms with Two Double Beds and a Sofa provide extra space for your family vacation in Maine and the sofa pulls out for added sleeping arrangements when needed.

Resort Doubles – Are located in the Main Building, South Meadow, East Meadow and Country Squire Locations. 
These standard sized rooms feature simmons beautyrest mattresses, private bath, basic wifi and are budget friendly.  With the exception of the country squire location (which have a shared balcony) the Standard Doubles feature private balcony or patio with resort views and are less costly than the other family rooms mentioned.

How much do Maine Family Vacations cost?

At the time of this writing, family accommodations in Ogunquit can range in price depending upon the time of year.  In the winter months the cost for family accommodations start at $99.00, Spring & Fall begin at just $20.00 more and the starting price for summer family vacations in Ogunquit will start with a range from $150.00 to $310.00 depending upon the dates and availability.       

What activities should I plan for my family in Maine?

Regardless of the time of year you plan your Maine family vacation, our hotel in Ogunquit has plenty to offer for the whole family.   From Indoor and Outdoor Pools and Hot Tubs to our Game Room and TV room you can plan on spending at least some of your time taking advantage of our award winning amenities. 

With the state of Maine known for the outdoors there are countless hiking trails, birding spots and water ways to fish or kayak.  Not to mention the miles of white sand along Ogunquit Beach and the tides pools for the little ones to explore!

March 11, 2016

A Vacation that Helps from Ogunquit Maine - American Red Cross


A Vacation that Helps from Ogunquit Maine
A Vacation that Helps from Ogunquit Maine

Giving back is made easy when you stay and shop in Ogunquit, Maine. At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine the Meadowmere Team has been dedicated to constant involvement by providing volunteer leadership and generous contributions to many worthy and notable causes in both local and national communities.

We wanted to share with you the charity that will receive donations for each Guest Appreciation Stay in March.  The American Red Cross exists to provide compassionate care to those in need.  Their mission of preventing and relieving suffering, here at home and around the world is achievable through their five key service areas:

Disaster Relief

Supporting America’s Military Families

Lifesaving Blood

Health & Safety Services

International Services

In addition to the Meadowmere Resorts charitable contribution to the Red Cross each guest joining us for our Guest Appreciation Weekend will receive a gift from the Meadowmere and Purchasing for my Cause.  15% of the cost of this gift will then be directed to the cause of your choice.

 A special thank you to our guests that make it possible for us to Give Back when you book the Meadowmere Resort for your Maine Vacation, check back throughout the year to learn more about Vacations that help.  Here are a few stories from our staff:

Katelyn on our Housekeeping Team was cleaning a guest room and noticed a guest passing by.  When Katelyn went to her closet to get more cleaning supplies she noticed a $20 bill on the floor in the hallway.  She was certain the guest she saw passing by must have dropped it - Katelyn picked it up and wondered the halls in search of the guest.  Fortunately she was able to find her and return the lost money.

Bryanna was cleaning a guest room and noticed the guests were using a towel in the tub for added grip.  She grabbed a rubber bath mat and placed it in the tub for their safety and ensured this was noted in our computer system so that we can have it placed in the room before the guests arrives for their next visit to Ogunquit.

March 07, 2016

Should I Take a Maine Vacation in Today’s Economy?

Plan a Vacation in Maine
Plan a Vacation in Maine

The question is, should I plan a vacation in Maine when I am not sure of what the economy is going to do? The answer to that question solely rests with you. You are the one that knows your financial situation, how stable is your job, if you have a savings account to fall back on in hard times, and how well you manage your money. If you have a job that is in a stable field such as law enforcement, doctor, nurse, dentist, dental hygienist, and other areas where economy does not affect you, then you should not have to worry about the economy so much. As far as 401ks go, and the stock market, they should be looked at as long term investments, so the fact that they are down now, 5 years from now they will be back where they should be.  

For most of the team here, we have found that when we buy something, we find a way to pay for it. If one of us  couldn't pay for it, then it would reflect in credit scores and one would not be able to finance anything anyway. With so many people being concerned about finances day to day, it is hard to put aside money for a vacation, but not impossible. We still have people vacationing in Ogunquit, Maine because of the great value. Most are just more conscious of their budgets than they use too be.

And a big reason for taking that Maine vacation is to invest in yourself. With yoga and meditation awareness spreading across the country, there is the realization that a stress free and happier life is achievable. Guests are striving to enjoy their lives inside and out. More people are staying within the United States instead of traveling abroad, and even those that have a life balancing practice daily recognize that taking a break and planning a vacation is important to de-stress and rejuvenate. 

In fact, the whole family can put their feet up. The kids will be entertained with the Beach, Marginal Way, Lobster excursion and other attractions in Ogunquit.  At our hotel in Ogunquit your family can watch a movie, swim in the pools, play in the arcade and walk to all Ogunquit has to offer.  Plus getting away is a great opportunity to make new friends you may have never met otherwise. Vacations in Ogunquit, Maine are available year round with each season providing the best of Mother Nature in New England.  Most of our customers are plan a Maine vacation for 5 times a year. Maybe not a weeks’ vacation all those months, but a night or two in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter allows them to get away and just enjoy a stay at the Meadowmere Resort

The economy has brought a lot of stress to us and a vacation in Maine can help relieve some of that stress. So yes, planning a Maine vacation in a down economy can be good with the right circumstances.  One other thing to remember is that long distance vacations have been getting more and more expensive.  With flights, car rentals, passports and exchanges rates there’s a lot to consider and each has an effect on your budget and it all adds up to a lot higher cost on planning a vacation. So choosing a destination you can drive to will add value to your vacation plans and allow you to experience more in Maine!  So is now the time to plan your Maine Vacation?? if you budget it out, we think so!

March 04, 2016

How to celebrate a birthday - Tips from Ogunquit’s West Meadow Pub

Signature Meadowmere Rum Punch
Signature Meadowmere Rum Punch

There is no better way to celebrate a birthday than to escape to Ogunquit Maine!  At our hotel in Ogunquit we look forward to sharing in your special day – sign up for our Newsletter to receive a Special Birthday Gift or Discounts from us each year!

We understand how important it is to take the time and celebrate another wonderful year, we do it for our guests, our employees - even the hotel.  In fact, on the 21st Birthday of the Meadowmere Resort we created our Signature Meadowmere Rum Punch – over Ten Years later our Rum Punch is still a best seller.

We were able to convince the staff at the West Meadow Pub to share the secret recipe with you.  Enjoy!

Signature Meadowmere Rum Punch Party Recipe – Serves 6

3 oz Spiced Rum

2 ¼ oz Mango Rum

2 ¼  oz Coconut Rum 

2 ¼ oz Pineapple Rum

6 oz Mango Juice

6 oz Orange Juice

6 oz Pineapple Juice

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and stir, serve with ice and garnish with an Orange slice and cherry and enjoy the party!

Providing comfort on your vacation to Ogunquit is what the Meadowmere is all about.  Here are a few stories of our team making guests feel at home:

Bryanna on our housekeeping team noticed that a guest was enjoying wine in their room during their Maine Vacation.  She also noticed they didn't have any wine glasses and were using small plastic cups, she went to the West Meadow Pub and placed wine glasses in the room for the guests to enjoy.  

Crystal was taking care of the hotel lobby when she noticed a visitor in line at the front desk.  After greeting this visitor Crystal learned that she was curious about the hotel for a future visit to Ogunquit, Maine.  Crystal offered to show her around the Meadowmere Resort, Guest Rooms and Signature Amenities. 

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