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Construction near our Ogunquit hotel: How to Plan for Good Customer Service

Rt1logoAs our fellow hoteliers at Opus Hotel wrote, a hotel cannot simply play dumb and say “what construction?” to guests when it is obvious that a major undertaking is going on. A hotel has an expectation of comfort and for the construction in Ogunquit, it was important to plan for good customer service at our hotel. We fully expect the beautification of Ogunquit to be a challenge to manage –However through proactive communication and planning, we know that this construction activity will be a chance for our hotel’s customer service to shine.

Unlike Opus Hotel, our Ogunquit hotel does not run the risk of sending guests fleeing to competitors – everyone in Ogunquit is in the same boat. However, there are serious concerns that many guests might simply skip their annual – and in some cases monthly – visit to us. But the only option is to be upfront with our customers, knowing that they would never believe we were caught off guard. And really, with a major construction project, who is going to believe that over the course of months? Maybe a hotel can pull off the deer in the head lights for the first week, but once the jack hammers and trucks are rolling, no guest is going to be fooled. Management only has so much wiggle room to feign shock, as though a multi-million dollar town wide investment just popped up overnight.

Often complaints are handled in the only way hotels know how: with discounting/freebies. If the guest is mildly irritated, he or she might get an apology and a head nod. Clearly ticked off? Maybe 10% off last night’s room charge. Having a temper tantrum in the lobby? An escort off property by management or worse, the Ogunquit PD.

Well, our friends at Opus inspired us to think about long- and short-term interests. Rather than approach the Ogunquit Beautification construction like an unspeakable secret, we would embrace the challenge and communicate with guests. To be honest, this seems a little terrifying. What if guests assume that construction is only near the Meadowmere and book at other hotels?

But the alternative to telling the truth seems even more terrifying. There really isn’t a way to maintain guest satisfaction with dump trucks, paving, bridge repairs and more all about town unless one is fair and upfront.  We decided to take the (only slightly) less scary route of telling guests in advance. Several times. And maintaining that communication throughout the project.  If our motto is family serving family, well, it just made sense.

Yes, we are giving prospective guests and visitors a reason to stay elsewhere. Our hotel will not necessarily be a part of the construction site for very long, and there will even be a suspension of majorly intrusive activity from end of June til Labor Day. Why potentially upset all guests when perhaps none would be disturbed?

Because we feel to avoid the issue is to not respect our guests. Many might arrive and try to suffer in silence – only to never return not only to our Ogunquit hotel, but to the town.

In following the Opus experience, hotel guests are more understanding—and surprisingly accepting—when communication is proactive and sincere. We want to avoid the unpleasant surprise of construction. So our hotel is communicating the following steps:

  • Telling the guest about the construction activity at the time of reservation
  • Placing a notice and helpful directions on our website and in confirmation letters
  • Providing additional detail on where to find updates and alternative directions in a separate letter
  • Keeping guests informed by placing information in guestrooms
  • Inviting guests to contact the front desk if they have concerns

And finally, as the General Manager at Opus said, do everything possible to address concerns—including, if necessary, letting the business walk. In the long run, the hotel will be better off. With larger construction projects we won’t be able to please everyone and sometimes all that can be done is to offer sincere apologies. We know that despite our best efforts, guests may fall through the cracks. We hope that our earnest efforts to be transparent will be rewarded with honest understanding.

We know that communicating such an important project in advance of a vacation can help guests better prepare.  Along with the Ogunquit Chamber, Town of Ogunquit, residents and business owners, we have worked diligently to help our village remain open for business. All we can do is kindly ask for patience and understanding.

Our hotel rolled up its sleeves, mapped out a plan, did our homework to find best practices and we invite you to be our guest and enjoy this adventure together. And hope you will support our local businesses and the Meadowmere Resort during the beautification of Ogunquit.

To learn more about Ogunquit's Project on Facebook: Facebook/OgunquitProject



February 26, 2015

How to Survive School Vacation: Keep the Kids Entertained in Ogunquit Maine

In the Meadow(mere) you can build a snowman...
In the Meadow(mere) you can build a snow

Whether your visit with us has become a tradition for your family or if you’re staying with us for the first time this school vacation, the Meadowmere Resort has all you need to keep your kids entertained.  With hotel amenities included in the room such as indoor pool, game room and TV room all within the quaint village of Ogunquit your family is safe and sound in Southern Maine.

At the Meadowmere Resort our guests often forget about the large back yard behind our East Meadow Building.  Tucked in away from the road this secret spot is the perfect place to build your family snowman and snow-angels. 

Not used to the snow?  Here are some tips to help your family enjoy their winter escape.

Dress warm!  Maine winters are cold, make sure your family has a winter coat, snow pants, hat, gloves and a scarf to keep warm.

Five Steps to Make a Snow Angel

  1. Pick a Spot – fresh powdery snow works best
  2. Fall Backwards
  3. Move your arms and legs – like you’re doing jumping jacks!
  4. Press your head to the ground
  5. Have someone help you to stand up

Five Steps to Make a Snow Man

  1. Build The Base – Make a large snowball, pack it tightly and roll it along the ground.  As it accumulates more snow it will begin to grow.  Once it reaches around 2 feet wide your snowman is ready for the body
  2. Build the Body – Repeat step one, the body should be about 2/3 the size of the base.  Have an adult lift the body and place it on top of the base.
  3. Build the Head – Repeat step one, the head should be about ½ the size of the body.  Place the head on top of the body.
  4. Create the Face – Using Rocks for the eyes and Mouth and a Carrot or small stick for the nose
  5. Accessorize – Find an extra Hat and Scarf to complete you’re snow man and add three rocks to the body for buttons.

No matter the season we are here bringing your family a Maine experience, here are a few ways our team did just that this week:

While getting the day started at our Front Desk, Hannah noticed a family arriving with multiple rooms.  Althought they were booked into the same building the rooms were on different floor levels.  Knowing families generally like to be close together when traveling to our Ogunquit Maine hotel, Hannah took a few minutes to move some things around and get the rooms right next door to each other.

Crystal in our Housekeeping department was refreshing the complimentary coffee in our lobby when she noticed a guest waiting in line at the front desk.  This guest had some left overs that needed to be heated in the microwave for his family.  Crystal asked if she could assist him, and heated the food up right away so he could get back to his hungry kids.


February 19, 2015

A Maine Family Resort : School Vacation Traditions at the Meadowmere Resort

Meadowmere Tradition
Meadowmere Tradition

A tradition at our Maine family resort for many children is spending each of their School Vacations enjoying the Indoor Pool and Game room.  There are many other reasons why parents choose our family resort in Maine to celebrate family time and escape for February Break and the Meadowmere Resort would like to share these from our family to yours.

Family Amenities at the Meadowmere Resort.

                Indoor Pool

                Roman Spa

                Game Room

                TV Room with family friendly movies at 1:00pm, 5:00pm and 8:00pm

Local Family Friendly Businesses & Attractions

                Jonathan’s Restaurant

                Bessie’s Diner

                Ogunquit House of Pizza

Local Family Friendly Attractions

                Marginal Way Kids Guide

                The Youth Enrichment Center at Hilton-Winn Farm

                Laudholm Farm Children’s Nature Programs

                Family Ice Skating


And of course our family friendly service here are a few examples from the Meadowmere Resort:

A family joined us from New York City, unfortunately an emergency at home required one of these guests to take the car back to the big city.  When it was time for the rest of the group to check out they inquired how to get back to New York.  Michelle searched the various options such as C.&J. Bus Lines, Amtrak, Car rentals ect. and provided the family with the information they needed.  Fortunately this spring C&J will be bringing guests from New York City right into Ogunquit Village!


February 16, 2015

How to Lobster like a Maine-ah – Group Tour Ideas for Spring in Ogunquit Maine

Maine Lobstah
Maine Lobstah

A true Maine-ah knows that best Lobst-ahs are the shedders or soft shell lobsters, and although there’s novelty in eating that great big Lobst-ah, all the tastiest meat is found in the 1-pounders.  That’s why springing into Ogunquit Maine in May or June will ensure your Group a genuine Maine Lobst-ah experience – just like the locals.

At the Meadowmere Resort we know a thing or two about Maine Lobsters – here’s what you need to know to ensure your group gets the most from your Maine Group Tour:

                For lobsters, molting is an ongoing process, lobsters grow throughout their lives and with a hard inelastic shell they are forced to continuously shed the old and grow anew.  As the water begins to warm up in the spring lobsters begin the shed, after a few days of hiding in secluded areas of the ocean floor the lobster emerges and begins to regain its normal activities.  It can take several months for a lobster’s new shell to fully harden, which is why your group will enjoy a soft shell lobster in May and June.

                An account from James Rosier in 1605 noted that lobsters were so plentiful that a single net thrown off the shore produced thirty lobsters!  The state of Maine speculates that lobstering may very well be the oldest and continuously operated industry in North America.

                To preserve this marine resource and the livelihood of our lobsterman there are very strict rules and regulations within the industry.  Such regulations includes size, each lobsterman must have a special gauge that measures the body shell length of a lobster, A legal lobster in the State of Maine measures between 3 ¼ inches and 5 inches between the extreme rear of the eye socket to the end of the lobsters body.  This measurement regulation paired with preserving fertile female lobsters ensures the continual growth of the lobster population.

Maine Lobster Experience
Maine Lobster Experience

                With over 30 years experience in welcoming Motor Coach Groups the Meadowmere Resort offers the perfect escape for your tour of Southern Maine.   Set between Ogunquit Village and Perkins Cove your group can experience all the charm of our quaint fishing village while enjoying inclusive personalized welcome reception, on-site motor coach parking and award-winning amenities.  The Meadowmere Resort is sure to fit in your budget with spring rates starting at just $54.95 per person double occupancy, ask about our Escort Discounts and onsite breakfast options.

                Experience the art of lobstering in Perkins Cove with a 50 minute educational tour aboard the FinestKind.  The Hubbard Family has more than seven generations native to Ogunquit, Maine and began this family boat charter in the 1950’s inspired by the love of Maine’s Coastline.   On board their Lobstering Trip your group will experience the industry first hand as traps are haulded and lobsters caught by an authentic Maine Lobsterman.  Your tour guide will provide a detailed explanation of the lobster fishery along with the many scenic points of interest along the Maine Coast.  You haven’t seen Maine until you’ve seen it from the sea – with discount group rates the FinestKind can’t be beat.

Maine Lobster
Maine Lobster

                Home to the most scenic Lighthouse in the State, York Maine is just a 15 minute drive from the hotel and the best place for your group to enjoy an authentic Maine Lobster Bake at Fosters.  Yet another native Family Business since the 1950’s, Foster’s Downeast Clambake offer’s your group a genuine Maine experience with a traditional Clambake featuring the freshest Maine Lobster.  For lobster “newbies” the local staff will even show you how to eat a Maine Lobster and provide lobster bibs for the whole group!  They truly are “fostering” a Maine tradition.

                Perkins Cove not only hosts the fishery of lobstering, this charming harbor is also where you can find some of the best lobster rolls in Maine.  As your groups steps off the FinestKind or the Marginal Way Path they’ll find unique Maine Shops, Homemade Candies and genuine take out eateries featuring the best lobster rolls around.  A stroll across one of the last remaining wooden draw-footbridges in the United States offers a unique view of the fascinating life of this little port and its lobsterman.

February 12, 2015

Top reasons to visit Southern Maine for a Long Weekend this President's Day

Presidents Day in Ogunquit Maine
Presidents Day in Ogunquit Maine

Since 1776 when America declared its independence and said “All men are created equal” and “With certain unalienable Rights, that amongst these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” we have been a country representing Freedom.  Independence Day, Veterans Day and  Memorial Day are among the many National Holiday’s allowing “We the people” time to remember and celebrate our great nation.

Presidents’ Day is a day to celebrate our right to elect our leaders and to remember the great leaders of countries history.  There’s no better place to pursue life, liberty and happiness than Ogunquit Maine, where past presidents have frequented the shops and restaurants.  Our neighbor to the north Kennebunkport is presidential as well, a short drive from the Meadowmere Resort will bring you to wonderful views of the ocean and the Bush family compound along its shoreline. 

At our Southern Maine hotel our people are here to help you celebrate freedom from work and the stresses of everyday life as you escape to the Meadowmere Resort.  Below are a few examples from this week:

On a Girl Friends Getaway visit to our Ogunquit Maine hotel two guests had intended on driving to Ogunquit together.  Unfortunately as the time approached from them to make the journey one of the guests had a pet who was ill and needed to visit the vet.  These guests decided to drive up seperately, knowing that parking is limited to one space per reseration the guest inquired about Ogunquit Parking Options at Check-In.  Our front desk staff soon learned the reason for the two cars and was able to arrange complimentary over night parking.

Trisha our Housekeeper was tiding up the halls when she noticed a couple struggling with their luggage.  She inquried which room they were headed too and offered a hand getting their belongings up to their room.  The guests were very appreciative with the help and quickly settled in for a weekend of relaxation. 

Hannah at the front desk overheard a guest saying she was here celebrating her birthday!  Hannah put together a Happy Birthday Card and a box of chocolates and had them delivered to the guests room.

February 09, 2015

Learn To Cook like a Maine-ah : Top 3 Cooking Classes in Southern Maine

Cooking in Maine
Cooking in Maine

Eating is a basic need we all share and yet there are so many different ways we go about it.  Some prefer to eat out often, heat up frozen dinners, cook the standard steak and potatoes and then there are others who love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.  Regardless of the personal choice of how you eat, a visit to Ogunquit Maine restaurants will provide an enlightening, educational and exciting experience in the kitchen.

As the saying goes we are what we eat – so shouldn’t we all strive to be a more active participant in the kitchen?   The Top Three Cooking Classes at Ogunquit Maine restaurants are sure to inspire a new take on your next meal.

#1 Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School is set next to the Stonewall Kitchen store in York Maine.  This state of the art facility is just steps away from the production room of their famous jams and sauces!  With a talented and entertaining staff you’ll learn to cook from noted restaurants chefs, cookbook authors and cooking professionals from across the nation.  Watch as the meal comes together, enjoy each course and take home the memory along with the recipes.

#2 Make Me a Chef is an inclusive Meadowmere Package allowing for an entertaining and delicious meal at Bintliff’s restaurant.  Watch as one of Ogunquit Maine Restaurants top chef demonstrates Maine Classics such as Lobster Ravioli and Blueberry Martini’s – sit back and enjoy the informative and scrumptious meal.

#3 Jillyanna’s Woodfire Cooking School is located in Kennebunk Maine.  Learn to make homemade pastas, fillings, pies and pizza’s in this picturesque setting.  With a maximum of eight people per class this is a “hands on” experience.

If you’re not up for a cooking class during your Maine Vacation not to worry Ogunquit Maine restaurants are endless.  With well over 50 restaurants in Ogunquit Maine there is plenty to choose from such as Craft Beer Dinners, Wine & Dine Deals, Lobster fresh off the boat and even Interactive Dinner Theatre. 

The Maine Restaurant Directory is the states #1 resource on where to dine offering over 1,800 listings for viewers to search and review.  We were pleased to see viewers chose an Ogunquit Maine restaurant as one of the Top 10 Best Restaurants in the StateBarnicle Billy’s has long been a favorite for locals, visitors’ even former president George Bush!  In fact we welcome a number of repeat guests for the weekend when Barnicle Billy’s reopens for the season – and since they are such big fans we generally see them at least once more before this Ogunquit Maine Restaurant closes for the season.

With a visit to the Meadowmere Resort you’re sure to learn a thing or two about the kitchen and chow down on some great Maine-ah cuisine!

February 05, 2015

Celebrate Mardi Gras in Ogunquit, Maine

Mardi Gras in Ogunquit Maine
Mardi Gras in Ogunquit Maine

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday has long been a tradition in Christian and Catholic cultures.  Falling on the day prior to Ash Wednesday it’s a final celebration before lent begins and marks the overturn of the norms of daily life.

Ogunquit Maine one deemed #2 in the top 10 places to celebrate Mardi Gras in New England.  Our Annual Mardi Gras celebration boasts live music throughout the village, Fire Juggling, Hat & Mask Party and Parade along with a costume contest.

Ogunquit, Maine knows how throw a great party with lots of beads.  Combine that with all the amazing restaurants in town and you haven’t experience Fat Tuesday until you’ve done it from the Meadowmere Resort.  Our staff is always working to ensure you have a great time here are a few ways they’ve done just that:

A group of guests joined up to celebrate a 30th Birthday in Ogunquit Maine.  They decided to take advantage of the many In Room Gift options available through our hotel in Ogunquit Maine.  The gifts include a Gourmet Champagne Basket from the Village Food Market and Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  Realizing this trip was certainly a celebration Lauren, our front desk agent, provided each guest with a complimentary Wine & Cheese Plate in our West Meadow Pub.

A Top Guest visiting for the Guest Appreciation Weekend was celebrating an Anniversary, when the front desk staff realized this the guest was upgraded to our Luxury Suite at no additional cost.

A first time guest called to book a birthday getaway for her son!  Michelle at the front desk left a Happy Bithday note and upgraded them to a larger room.

February 02, 2015

Maine Valentine's Day Packages for Romance in Southern Maine

Southern Maine Romance
Southern Maine Romance

In your search for a Maine Valentine's Day Package, you probably have read the legends to the history of Valentine’s Day. From St. Valentine defying an Emperor by marring young soldiers to the love of their lives to a Christian cover up of the Pagan festival of Lupercalia.  Regardless of the historic tales we all know of Valentine’s Day as a day to commemorate love.  A time to show the ones we love exactly how we feel with a romantic Maine vacation, imagine celebrating your love as you watch the sunset along the marginal way.

 As legend goes Saint Valentine fell in love in with his jailer’s daughter before he was put to death he sent his loved one a letter signing it “From your Valentine”.  Hence the origin of Valentines Cards; Flowers have symbolized fertility love and marriage for centuries and Chocolate holds aphrodisiac properties which are why they are often associated with this holiday.  Today many people forget the true meaning of Valentine’s Day, it’s not just a day to buy flowers, chocolates and greeting cards.  It’s a day to celebrate love, a human virtue of kindness, compassion and affection. 

Here in Southern Maine the simplicity has inspired many over the years.  A romantic Maine vacation allows for an escape to the most beautiful place by the sea and a deep connection to the natural beauty hand in hand with the one you love.  Our romantic getaways make it easy to let go and enjoy the company of your valentine, we take care of all the details from Champagne and Chocolates to a Romantic Dinner for two.  

Get the most out of your romantic Maine vacation with an Ogunquit Luxury Suite, that little extra touch for the two of you.  Enjoy fine enhancements as you choose from a West Meadow Fireplace Room, Main King Jacuzzi Suite or a South Meadow Luxury Suite featuring double Jacuzzi, Gas Fireplace and Four-Poster King Bed.  Our on-site spa offers a chance to indulge your selves with a couple’s massage and soothing release from all your cares.  Local vendors supply the typical valentine gifts with Homemade Chocolates from Harbor Candies or elegant flowers from Calluna, even Gourmet Craft Beer Baskets from the Village Food Market.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate your love quietly with a walk on the beach, full of excitement with Live music in the pub or over a candle light dinner a romantic Maine vacation has it all.  Forget the cleaning, the planning and the stress let go and let us take care of your Valentine Escape!

January 29, 2015

Top Three Things to Learn this year in Ogunquit Maine

Learning about Maine
Learning about Maine

#1 Learn about Maine, there’s a lot of History from Lighthouses to Sea Captains, Chickadees to Moose, you’ll find lots to learn and explore in the great state of Maine.  Take a gander at the questions below and stay tuned to our blog this year for the answers.

  1. Do you know which Maine Lighthouse was home to Mr. T the 20lb cat that loved to swim in the ocean?
  2. Who is George W. Bourne?  And why is his old house referred to as the most photographed house in the state of Maine?
  3. Where did Ogunquit get its name and why?
  4. Who founded the art colony in Ogunquit?
  5. Maine Moose Facts True or False
    1. Maine Moose have very good eye sight.
    2. Maine Moose cannot swim.
    3. Maine Moose are the largest member of the deer family.

#2 Learn to Master the Waves

Sea Kayaking – Learn to enjoy the sport of sea kayaking then head out to master the waves with a five mile exploration of Maine’s Coastline.

Surfing – Ever dreamed of walking on water?  Surfing is your chance! Learn why over 20 million people across the world find this sport so addicting with a Surfing Lesson this summer.

Paddle Boarding – A sport that is exploding worldwide and Liquid dreams is “stoked” to teach it to families and couples in Ogunquit Maine.  Learn how to tackle the surf perfect for all ages.

#3 Learn to Sing, Loosen up and Have Fun

Ok maybe you won’t learn to sing but with a Piano Bar year round, the Front Porch offers a great escape, you’ll find a joyful singing crowd here so tune up, jump in and let loose! 

If this little town of Ogunquit teaches you anything it should be to loosen up and have fun!  At our Annual Christmas by the Sea festival our Ocean Rescue Team sure gets silly as they gear up in Polar Bear costumes and plunge into the frosty December Ocean!

While you’re learning all about our great state and home town we’re learning how make your stay memorable here are a few memories our staffed created this week:

Hannah was reviewing notes for guests arriving later that day and noticed a family joining us.  We had rooms open that were a bit larger than what the guests booked she offered them a Return Guest Upgrade at no additional charge.  The guests appreciated the extra space to relax and unwind.

Our resort is the perfect escape all year round and with our Roman Spa and TV room guests find it a perfect retreat from the winter snow!  With balcony and patio's available in the majority of our rooms guests often enjoy the private escape in season, this week however a guest noted that there was a bit of a draft coming in from the sliding glass door in their room making it a bit cold for her liking.  Andy in our Maintenance department went right to the room and realized the sliding door had come a bit off it's track keeping the seal from setting properly.  He promptly fixed it ensuring these guests could enjoy a cozy and warm escape from the winter chill!

January 22, 2015

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions on Vacation at Meadowmere Resorts

2015 Resolution Challenge
2015 Resolution Challenge

January is almost over and maybe we’ve forgotten a few of our New Year’s resolutions…  Hey life gets busy the important thing is to start again and keep going.  If you’re like us and missed a day of working out, or a full week or maybe you forgot to even start ... We’ve got another chance for you to keep your New Year's resolutions on vacation.  Escape for a few days to the Meadowmere Resort and get back on track!

Did you resolve to:

Walk Every Day?  Stroll along the Marginal Way or Ogunquit Beach and enjoy the fresh crisp salty air.  Or hop on a treadmill and get the job done while watching your favorite TV show.

Eat Healthy – Learn to cook and enjoy healthy homemade meals at Stonewall Kitchens Cooking School.

De-Stress- the Roman Spa was designed by a local spa company offering warmth, swirling jets and salt water to melt the stress away.  Need a bit more?  Try a Mainly Stone massage in our Spa!

Exercise?  At Meadowmere Resorts our award winning fitness center offers personal training, free weights and a number of life fitness machines to get you back on track!

Learn Something New – coming up next week Top Five Things to Learn in 2015 – stay tuned.

We challenged our staff to, there challenge - to exceed our guest’s expectations.  Here are few ways they felt they succeed (let us know what you think):

As a well known family vacation resort we are pleased to welcome families every season of the year!  Just this week we had a family enjoying the Indoor Pool, Crystal overheard the children arguing over who would be able to use the googles they brought.  Crystal quickly retrieved extra goggles from our supply to solve this concern.  The parents were pleased that the conflict of sharing was resolved so seemlessly.

Michelle was checking in a guest joining us for the first time.  As with our hotel policy and state requirements we always need a photo ID at check-in for our guests security.  Michelle notice this guests birthday would fall during his stay with us and made sure that he had a Happy Birthday Note & Homemade Harbor Candies in room.

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