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Construction near our Ogunquit hotel: How to Plan for Good Customer Service

Rt1logoAs our fellow hoteliers at Opus Hotel wrote, a hotel cannot simply play dumb and say “what construction?” to guests when it is obvious that a major undertaking is going on. A hotel has an expectation of comfort and for the construction in Ogunquit, it was important to plan for good customer service at our hotel. We fully expect the beautification of Ogunquit to be a challenge to manage –However through proactive communication and planning, we know that this construction activity will be a chance for our hotel’s customer service to shine.

Unlike Opus Hotel, our Ogunquit hotel does not run the risk of sending guests fleeing to competitors – everyone in Ogunquit is in the same boat. However, there are serious concerns that many guests might simply skip their annual – and in some cases monthly – visit to us. But the only option is to be upfront with our customers, knowing that they would never believe we were caught off guard. And really, with a major construction project, who is going to believe that over the course of months? Maybe a hotel can pull off the deer in the head lights for the first week, but once the jack hammers and trucks are rolling, no guest is going to be fooled. Management only has so much wiggle room to feign shock, as though a multi-million dollar town wide investment just popped up overnight.

Often complaints are handled in the only way hotels know how: with discounting/freebies. If the guest is mildly irritated, he or she might get an apology and a head nod. Clearly ticked off? Maybe 10% off last night’s room charge. Having a temper tantrum in the lobby? An escort off property by management or worse, the Ogunquit PD.

Well, our friends at Opus inspired us to think about long- and short-term interests. Rather than approach the Ogunquit Beautification construction like an unspeakable secret, we would embrace the challenge and communicate with guests. To be honest, this seems a little terrifying. What if guests assume that construction is only near the Meadowmere and book at other hotels?

But the alternative to telling the truth seems even more terrifying. There really isn’t a way to maintain guest satisfaction with dump trucks, paving, bridge repairs and more all about town unless one is fair and upfront.  We decided to take the (only slightly) less scary route of telling guests in advance. Several times. And maintaining that communication throughout the project.  If our motto is family serving family, well, it just made sense.

Yes, we are giving prospective guests and visitors a reason to stay elsewhere. Our hotel will not necessarily be a part of the construction site for very long, and there will even be a suspension of majorly intrusive activity from end of June til Labor Day. Why potentially upset all guests when perhaps none would be disturbed?

Because we feel to avoid the issue is to not respect our guests. Many might arrive and try to suffer in silence – only to never return not only to our Ogunquit hotel, but to the town.

In following the Opus experience, hotel guests are more understanding—and surprisingly accepting—when communication is proactive and sincere. We want to avoid the unpleasant surprise of construction. So our hotel is communicating the following steps:

  • Telling the guest about the construction activity at the time of reservation
  • Placing a notice and helpful directions on our website and in confirmation letters
  • Providing additional detail on where to find updates and alternative directions in a separate letter
  • Keeping guests informed by placing information in guestrooms
  • Inviting guests to contact the front desk if they have concerns

And finally, as the General Manager at Opus said, do everything possible to address concerns—including, if necessary, letting the business walk. In the long run, the hotel will be better off. With larger construction projects we won’t be able to please everyone and sometimes all that can be done is to offer sincere apologies. We know that despite our best efforts, guests may fall through the cracks. We hope that our earnest efforts to be transparent will be rewarded with honest understanding.

We know that communicating such an important project in advance of a vacation can help guests better prepare.  Along with the Ogunquit Chamber, Town of Ogunquit, residents and business owners, we have worked diligently to help our village remain open for business. All we can do is kindly ask for patience and understanding.

Our hotel rolled up its sleeves, mapped out a plan, did our homework to find best practices and we invite you to be our guest and enjoy this adventure together. And hope you will support our local businesses and the Meadowmere Resort during the beautification of Ogunquit.

To learn more about Ogunquit's Project on Facebook: Facebook/OgunquitProject



November 23, 2015

Maine in Winter : A Wonderland for Your Motor Coach Tour to Ogunquit

Maine Motor Coach Inspirations
Maine Motor Coach Inspirations

At the Meadowmere Resort our hotel in Ogunquit Maine brings four seasons of adventure to Motor Coach Tours visiting Maine.  With over thirty years of experience in welcoming Motor Coach Tours the Meadowmere has a bus load of itinerary selections throughout the year.  As we welcome in 2016 we invite you to join us for a winter wonderland full of astounding attractions and unsurpassed pricing to fit your budgeting needs.

With rates starting as low as the winter temperatures, we’re convinced your Winter Tour of Maine will be a success.  Our hotel in Ogunquit offers onsite motor coach parking, personal welcome reception, and onsite amenities that will amaze your customers include Indoor Pool, Movie Room, State of the art fitness center, Steam and Sauna Rooms, Indoor and Outdoor Jacuzzi’s all at one low price.  

And of course a bus load of ideas!  Here are our Top Winter Wonderland Itinerary Inspirations for the upcoming season.

December 2015 brings our favorite time of the year with the Annual Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport, Maine voted HGTV’s #2 Christmas Town in America.  Followed by Ogunquit’s very own Annual Christmas by the Sea Festival - these festivals honor a holiday tradition and have been motor coach friendly from the start with many group tours joining us year after year.

January 2016 launches with the Annual New Year’s Day Lobster Dip in Old Orchard Beach a tradition for over 25 years this charitable Maine event has raised tens of thousands of dollars statewide to support the Maine Special Olympics – join the support as you watch the daring plunge into the chilly waters of the great North Atlantic Ocean.  An easy drive north to Bath Maine brings you the Annual Bath Antique Show and Sale featuring over 60 exhibitors displaying the best in country and formal antiques for a day full of history and shopping. 

February 2016 hits home with the Wells Reserve Snow Day where the lively in your group will enjoy snowshoeing and cross country skiing beside the wintry coast of Maine along Laudholm Farms 7 miles of trails while the rest of the bunch take in the live music, bonfire and hot cocoa in Wells, Maine.  Down town Kennebunk opens their winter festival with an Ice Skating Party at the Water House Center featuring a fire juggler and DJ.  The events continue with Soup Contest, Figure Skating Demo’s, Wagon Rides and the Variety Show for a fun filled weekend!  The 28th Annual Home and Garden Show Kicks off with over 180 exhibitors showcasing the very best in home décor and gardening alongside the Artisan Marketplace full of unique crafts and the Meet the Chefs Cooking Series full of great tips, recipes and delicious tastings.

March 2016 as the winter season winds down Maine Restaurant week brings in the month with discount meal prices at favorite restaurants throughout the state to ensure your group tour enjoys the best culinary finds at even better prices!  The Annual Maine Boat show pays tribute to our history with a gathering of the finest custom boat builders from the East Coast.  A showcase of the artistry of wooden and fiberglass boat building from canoe’s to sailboats meet the creators of these magnificent designs.  And of course March is full of Maple as the taps begin to pour Maine Maple Sunday offers maples tours, demonstrations, loads of pancakes and maple goodies throughout the state visit one or many of the local farms holding true to the tradition of Maple tapping and enjoy the sweet harvest.

For additional suggestions or to experience the Wonders of Maine please contact Meadowmere’s Sales Team!

November 19, 2015

Meadowmere Resort : There’s No Place like Home at our Ogunquit Hotel

Meadowmere - Home Away from Home
Meadowmere - Home Away from Home

As the famous quote of America's most known film goes, “There’s no place like home”. The staff at Meadowmere is delighted to be an annual vacation for so many of our guests.  To be noted as a home away from home by our guests is a tribute to our staff who truly go above and beyond to ensure your stay with us is meaningful and memorable.  Whether you’re here for a vacation, a celebration or relaxation our team at the Meadowmere is always ready to welcome you with a smile.  Here are a few of their stories from just this week:

A guest came down to the desk one morning hoping to purchase a newspaper so that her husband could continue his morning routine of the crossword puzzles.  As all the newspapers had sold out Hannah apologized and offered to print out the puzzles online.  The guest was delighted with this solution.

Lauren was at the front desk one morning when one of our return guests came down sobbing due to a family emergency back home.  Straight away Lauren adjusted her reservation, offered assistance with their luggage and sent a sympathy card to her house from the Meadowmere Family.

November 16, 2015

Turkey Talk: Top Places to Celebrate Thanksgiving near our Ogunquit hotel

Top Ten Turkey Eats from our hotel in Ogunquit
Top Ten Turkey Eats from our hotel in Ogunquit

Let's talk turkey. It’s no fairy tale that there is a sort of magic in the air around the holidays. And it's not just because of the great smells of home cooking. Perhaps it because Thanksgiving and Christmas fall so closely together that we all welcome the sentiment of the holidays.  It’s a time of the year to stop and think about others.  To donate toys to less fortunate, to search for the perfect gift for a loved one for Christmas.  And on Thanksgiving it’s a time of reflection – the traditional inner question of “What am I thankful for?”  The vast majority of us are thankful to have our families and our friends – as life flows through the years it teaches us that these relationships are the most important.  The tradition of coming together for quality time with loved ones seems to put a sparkle in the air.

Turkey Day is here again and at our hotel in Ogunquit we welcome the tradition of families gathering at Meadowmere to enjoy yet another Thanksgiving Dinner in New England.  There are countless dinner preparations across America as we all carry on our own traditions – the most common ingredient of course is the Turkey.  Roasted Turkey, Deep-Fried Turkey or Smoked Turkey which ever you prefer - served ‘round the dinner table with family and friends.  Yup that’s what Thanksgiving is really about. 

At the Meadowmere Resort we’re honored to be a part of Family Traditions year round and during the Holiday Season.  Our family operated resort offers warm hospitality with state of the art amenities for all ages to enjoy.  Whether your Maine family vacation falls on Thanksgiving or around Turkey Day our hotel in Ogunquit is here to share where you can find the best Turkey Eats in Southern Maine!

Top Six Turkey Eats from our hotel in Ogunquit

1.  Warm up for Lunch with Village Food Market’s Tuscan Turkey Panini with roasted red peppers, spinach, basil mayo on a multi-grain foccacia.

2.  Hopps into Cornerstone for Maine’s greatest selection of craft beer and enjoy their Lanewood Hearth Baked Sandwich featuring Turkey Bacon, avocado, aged cheddar, arugula and roasted red pepper aioli all heated up in the wood burning hearth.

3. The Maine Diner offers you Thanksgiving any day of the year with their Roast Turkey, sausage stuffing and all the trimmings at this iconic restaurant featured on “Diners Dives and Drive Ins”

4. Ogunquit’s own diner offers memories of Thanksgivings past with their Hot Open Faced Turkey Sandwich oven roasted turkey a top Sourdough Bread and smothered with gravy.  A favorite recipe for Turkey Day leftovers at Bessie's Diner!

5. A taste of turkey breast and homemade stuffing is offered year round at the Bull n Claw with their LiteBite options perfect for any budget!

6. In addition to Turkey Burgers and Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Duffy’s in Kennebunk, Maine offers their Turkey Cobb Salad year round topped with bacon, blue cheese crumbles, tomato’s and egg.

Turkey Day isn’t all about the Turkey so we’re going to throw in On the Marsh and their Butternut Squash Ravioli – it’s fitting right?  Cooked with Sage Brown Butter, Caramelized Onions, Bourbon Pears, Parmesan and Walnuts you’ll have to give this twist on the classic side a try.

November 12, 2015

An Ogunquit Hotel Tradition - Meadowmere Guest Appreciation

Meadowmere Family Tradition
Meadowmere Family Tradition

At the Meadowmere we’re thrilled to be hosting our Fall Guest Appreciation Weekends full of familiar faces and friendly smiles.  Since we began this tradition years ago it has grown into a favorite event for all our employees.  A weekend full of charity and welcoming back guests that have become part of the Meadowmere Family and the tradition of Maine’s beautiful place by the sea!  Our staff is always here to welcome all of our guests with warm Maine Hospitality – here are a few of their stories:

Our Honeymoon Suites were sold out this weekend!  With the warmth of an in-room fireplace and a tempting double jacuzzi tub it's no surprise that these are guest favorite's year round.

As one of our guests was getting ready for her wedding along with the wedding party they quickly realized a few extra mirrors would be a huge help.  Liz collected a bunch including full sized mirrors and brought them right up to ensure everyone looked stunning on this special day!

Janet was cleaning one of our Honeymoon Suites when the guest mentioned they Loved the large flat screen TV in the living room and were spending most their time on the couch.  She offered to make it a bit more comfy and brought up some spare pillows and blankets for them to cuddle up with!

A special Thanksgiving Wish from our Ogunquit hotel: Meadowmere Gives Thanks

A special Thank You from Meadowmere
A special Thank You from Meadowmere

This Thanksgiving at our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we give thanks to all of the guests who joined us over the past year.  We thank you for supporting our Family Hotel by joining us for your Ogunquit vacation to Maine’s coast.  We thank you for the great comments you shared with us that allow us to keep growing and exceeding your expectations.  And most of al,l we thank you for having fun, sharing your memories and allowing our staff to do what they do best each and every day.  Here are a few of their stories from this week:

Janet was cleaning a guests room when they mentioned that the picture on their TV wasn't quite right.  Although she wasn't familiar with how to change the settings on the new TV's she was able to get one of our maintenance techinicians there right away to fix the resolution.

Lauren was at the front desk when a guest let her know she was having difficulty printing her boarding pass, Lauren oftered to give her a hand and was able to get the guest checked in on line and the boarding pass printed.



As always we look forward to another wonderful season in 2016 and can’t wait to welcome you back to Meadowmere.   

November 05, 2015

Plan to Relax at Our Ogunquit Hotel: The 4 R’s of Hospitality

Meadowmere Means Relaxation
Meadowmere Means Relaxation

Rest. Relax. Restore.  Repeat. 

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we pride ourselves on offering a relaxing rest to restore your mind, body and spirit.  Featuring Spa services from Southern Maine's #1 Day Spa, Therapeutic Roman Spa and a staff to ensure your vacation is free of stress, the Meadowmere is here for you each time you escape to Maine!  Here are a few stories from our staff from just this week:

A first time guest was checking with Michelle when a problem with his credit card arose.  With all the added security these days Michelle offered the guest a phone to call his credit card company to verify he was traveling.  While the guest was on hold with his provider they got to chatting and he mentioned they were just married and touring New England for their honeymoon.  Once his credit card company was resolved he and his new wife headed up to one of our Luxury Suites to enjoy a bit of relaxation.  Michelle sent up a congratulations card, bottle of wine and a Meadowmere cork screw as a gift to the newlyweds.

As Noah was making his rounds along the hotel grounds he noticed a few of our guests pulling in had a broken taillight.  After alerting the guests he offered to assist them with their luggage they were so pleased for the assistance.

One of our guests was headed home after a visit to the Meadowmere.  But before he pulled out of the parking lot he ran out of gas.  Andy our trusty maintainance man filled him up enough to get to the gas station. Talk about full service!

November 02, 2015

Best Places in Maine for Holiday shopping this November


Top Seaside Villages for shopping in Maine
Top Seaside Villages for shopping in Maine

At our hotel in Ogunquit we offer the perfect starting point for all your shopping needs.  Our hotel is minutes from the best shopping in Maine. With holiday stress just around the corner why not stop in for a relaxing retreat while checking off your Christmas Shopping List? 

The friendly Meadowmere staff is ready with Coupon passes to the Kittery Outlets less than 12 miles south of our hotel in Ogunquit.  You’ll find over 120 famous name outlet stores including Banana Republic, J. Crew, OshKosh and Calvin Klein as well as unique shops like the Kittery Trading Post, Yummies and Maximus Hobby Shop.  The Freeport Outlets are just an hour to the north and home to L.L. Bean’s flagship store as well as a number of brand name outlet stores along the historic streetscapes.

Following a day of exploring Maine’s Outlet Stores we urge you to take pause in the salt water hot tub, designed specifically for our guests the therapeutic Roman Spa features swirling jets, waterfall, warmth and the healing benefits of salt water - a combination that creates absolute relaxation. 

Of course Southern Maine has more to offer than the branded outlets of Kittery and Freeport.  The delightful seaside villages amid the outlets present charming gift shops only found in Maine.  Here are our Top Seaside Villages for November shopping in Maine: 

At the most beautiful place by the sea (Ogunquit Maine that is…) shops like Revelations, Spoiled Rotten, On the Main and Calluna present unique gifts such as natural personal care sets, fine jewelry, clothing, candles the stuff that everyone loves.  They also feature items a bit more Mainely with Lobster Love Onsies, Local Art and Nautical favorites and a stroll along the quaint village of Ogunquit leads to Marginal Way the famous footpath set along the rocky coast with views you just can’t find anywhere else.

With notable sea captains homes lining the streets combine a day of shopping beside the sea with Maine history in Kennebunkport, our neighbor to the north.  At the popular shops Saxony Imports, Minka, Best of Everything and Beach Grass you’re sure to find something for any budget.  Maine gifts include Vitamin Sea Scented Candles, Whales Tail Cutting board even a lobster paper towel holder… oh the creativity to be found in Southern Maine!

Heading to the south, York Maine is just moments away from our hotel in Ogunquit and on route to the Kittery Outlets.  Here you’ll find Stonewall Kitchen with jams and goodies loved by all, a gift certificate to their cooking school will surely please the person on your list who already has everything.  Knight’s Quilt shop, Woods to Goods and Eldridge Bait and Tackle offer that perfect niche to add that special touch for the extraordinary loved one on your list be it crafter or fishing fanatic.  

And just in case the pools, hot tubs, state of the art fitness center, spa services and pub offerings end up distracting you from your shopping list – We’ve got you covered.  The Meadowmere Resort offers gift certificates to cover fitness day passes, over night escapes even package specials, so no matter the budget giving the gift of the Meadowmere is sure to spread relaxation this holiday season!

October 29, 2015

Maine Made on the Southern Maine Coast : Local Food & Treats near our Ogunquit Hotel

Maine Farmers Market
Maine Farmers Market

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy a Maine’s Farmers Market and fresh Maine Made goodies!  Just down the street from the Meadowmere you’ll find York Maine’s Farmers Market held until October 10th.  You’ll find some of our favorite treats like homemade artisan breads from When Pigs Fly and Green Parrot Woodworks with their handmade cutting boards and wooden boxes.  If you’re lucky you’ll catch Amalie Candle Co and their hand poured natural soy candles or Washed Ashore Designs with handmade copper jewelry.  Of course plenty of fall produce and natural products from around southern Maine be sure to stop in and check it out on your way to Stonewall Kitchen!  At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we here to grow your vacation into a yearly tradition with our familiar and friendly staff here help 24 hours a day each day of the year.  Here are a few stories from just this week:     

Michelle was walking down the hall when she overheard a few of our guests discussing how to get to the ice machine.  As she heard them speaking of the ice machine in the lobby she chimmed in and informed them there was an additional ice machine right around the corner.  The guests were happy to hear it was so close to their room.

Liz at the front desk recieved a call from one of our guests who was struggling to connect to the resort wifi, she went right up to the room and ensured all of his devices had the appropriate setting and was able to get them all connected right away.


October 22, 2015

Fall in Maine : Things Mainers Do with Great Big Gaint Pumpkins

Maine's Great Big Pumpkins
Maine's Great Big Pumpkins

The fall season in Maine brings more than colorful leaves, it’s also a time for Maine Farmahs to show off their agricultural skills at a number of County Fairs throughout the state.  A favorite Maine event for any fair is the pumpkin weigh off, sure we don’t grow ‘em quit as big as they do in Switzerland but we sure have fun.  In Lincoln County Maine they care more about the buoyancy than the weight of their Great Big Pumpkins that’s right -its gotta float how else are they gonna paddle around the lake in the fall?  Mainah’s also have innovative approach to smashing pumpkins with the Pumpkin Drop and Pumpkin Hurl.  At the Meadowmere you’ll find hundreds of pumpkins sprinkled the grounds of our hotel in Ogunquit including our Great Big Pumpkin grown by New England Farmers each year.  Stop on in and give us a guess on what it weighs to win a free vacation by the Sea!  We’re here each day to ensure your vacation is in good hands here are a few stories from our staff this week:    

Noah was taking out the trash when he saw a guest wandering about the parking lot looking a bit lost.  He asked if there was anything he could help them with and they informed him they needed to get to the Main Lobby to check in.  He dropped what he was doing and walked them over to our friendly front desk staff.

Jake was heading to car after a long day at work when a guest inquired where they could get an additional laundry bag.  He went back in to get one and hand delivered it to their room.

A few guests stopped in during their fall Harley tour through New England and wanted to see some of our guest rooms, as Michelle was walking them around the hotel and showing them the available rooms she realized their only hesitation was with parking.  As the building they were most interested in was located on a slight hill she walked them to the alternate entrance to point out flatter parking spaces.  The guests were thrilled to have rooms close to their bikes and a flat safe parking spot for them as well!

October 19, 2015

The History of Pumpkins : Fall Fun at the Meadowmere Resort Ogunquit

Pumpkins from the Meadowmere Resort
Pumpkins from the Meadowmere Resort

There are many tales of the origin of Jack-o-Lantern from a variety of cultures.  Common folklores of a blacksmith doomed to haunt the earth are shared in tales of Will-o-the-wisp and Stingy Jack in which a trickster banned from heaven and hell is given an eternal light, which he places in a carved turnip and uses as a lantern as he roams the earth.  What a fitting story on Halloween a time of year to carve Jack-O-Lanterns and remember spirits that have passed.   While many of us may be out trick o treating and dressing up in our scariest costumes some people still light candles on graves in respect for the dead and the spirits of All Hallows’ Eve. 

Now a days October is the month when carved pumpkins line windows and door steps throughout our quaint village and our hotel in Ogunquit Maine.  Visitors and Locals alike gather to our favorite pumpkin patches in search of the perfect backdrop for their creativity.  Just down the street from the Meadowmere Zach’s Farm offers tractor pulled pumpkin pickin hayrides to their half mile patch where you’re sure to find the perfect one.  Heading north from our hotel in Ogunquit you’ll find Spillers Farm with their pumpkin hayride and farm tour; explore the farm with the little covered bridge, calves, bee hives and geese to name a few then head into the pumpkin patch and find the one that’s just right.   

Who knows this year’s Jack-O-Lantern could be scary, silly or sweet we’re sure you will find lots of variety here in charming New England.  With beautiful fall foliage flourishing all around it’s no wonder the Northeast holds the world record for the most jack-o-lanterns carved and lit in one place. 

Pumpkins, of course are good for a lot more than decorating they’re also super yummy!  The adored tradition of roasting the pumpkin seeds when the carvings complete offers a tasty and nutritious snack.  Pumpkin seeds are filled with heart healthy magnesium, zinc to support the immune system, Omega-3 fats and many more benefits for your health.  Pumpkin is one of the most popular field crops around the world and full of antioxidants and vitamins no wonder pumpkin pie is a fall tradition!

In Ogunquit Maine our creative chef’s cook up some deliciously unique meals in fall, pairing their culinary skills with the seasonal harvest makes for a few can’t miss pumpkin specialties.  With a dining room overlooking the micro farm The Velveteen Habit is sure have a few surprise specials on the menu and at our hotel in Ogunquit our fingers are crossed that CornerStone will be bringing back their pumpkin mac & cheese real soon.  We hope to see you there!   

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