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Construction near our Ogunquit hotel: How to Plan for Good Customer Service

Rt1logoAs our fellow hoteliers at Opus Hotel wrote, a hotel cannot simply play dumb and say “what construction?” to guests when it is obvious that a major undertaking is going on. A hotel has an expectation of comfort and for the construction in Ogunquit, it was important to plan for good customer service at our hotel. We fully expect the beautification of Ogunquit to be a challenge to manage –However through proactive communication and planning, we know that this construction activity will be a chance for our hotel’s customer service to shine.

Unlike Opus Hotel, our Ogunquit hotel does not run the risk of sending guests fleeing to competitors – everyone in Ogunquit is in the same boat. However, there are serious concerns that many guests might simply skip their annual – and in some cases monthly – visit to us. But the only option is to be upfront with our customers, knowing that they would never believe we were caught off guard. And really, with a major construction project, who is going to believe that over the course of months? Maybe a hotel can pull off the deer in the head lights for the first week, but once the jack hammers and trucks are rolling, no guest is going to be fooled. Management only has so much wiggle room to feign shock, as though a multi-million dollar town wide investment just popped up overnight.

Often complaints are handled in the only way hotels know how: with discounting/freebies. If the guest is mildly irritated, he or she might get an apology and a head nod. Clearly ticked off? Maybe 10% off last night’s room charge. Having a temper tantrum in the lobby? An escort off property by management or worse, the Ogunquit PD.

Well, our friends at Opus inspired us to think about long- and short-term interests. Rather than approach the Ogunquit Beautification construction like an unspeakable secret, we would embrace the challenge and communicate with guests. To be honest, this seems a little terrifying. What if guests assume that construction is only near the Meadowmere and book at other hotels?

But the alternative to telling the truth seems even more terrifying. There really isn’t a way to maintain guest satisfaction with dump trucks, paving, bridge repairs and more all about town unless one is fair and upfront.  We decided to take the (only slightly) less scary route of telling guests in advance. Several times. And maintaining that communication throughout the project.  If our motto is family serving family, well, it just made sense.

Yes, we are giving prospective guests and visitors a reason to stay elsewhere. Our hotel will not necessarily be a part of the construction site for very long, and there will even be a suspension of majorly intrusive activity from end of June til Labor Day. Why potentially upset all guests when perhaps none would be disturbed?

Because we feel to avoid the issue is to not respect our guests. Many might arrive and try to suffer in silence – only to never return not only to our Ogunquit hotel, but to the town.

In following the Opus experience, hotel guests are more understanding—and surprisingly accepting—when communication is proactive and sincere. We want to avoid the unpleasant surprise of construction. So our hotel is communicating the following steps:

  • Telling the guest about the construction activity at the time of reservation
  • Placing a notice and helpful directions on our website and in confirmation letters
  • Providing additional detail on where to find updates and alternative directions in a separate letter
  • Keeping guests informed by placing information in guestrooms
  • Inviting guests to contact the front desk if they have concerns

And finally, as the General Manager at Opus said, do everything possible to address concerns—including, if necessary, letting the business walk. In the long run, the hotel will be better off. With larger construction projects we won’t be able to please everyone and sometimes all that can be done is to offer sincere apologies. We know that despite our best efforts, guests may fall through the cracks. We hope that our earnest efforts to be transparent will be rewarded with honest understanding.

We know that communicating such an important project in advance of a vacation can help guests better prepare.  Along with the Ogunquit Chamber, Town of Ogunquit, residents and business owners, we have worked diligently to help our village remain open for business. All we can do is kindly ask for patience and understanding.

Our hotel rolled up its sleeves, mapped out a plan, did our homework to find best practices and we invite you to be our guest and enjoy this adventure together. And hope you will support our local businesses and the Meadowmere Resort during the beautification of Ogunquit.

To learn more about Ogunquit's Project on Facebook: Facebook/OgunquitProject



April 16, 2015

Ogunquit Maine Asks - How are you Patriotic?

Patriot in Maine
Patriot in Maine

Maine Festivals and celebrations are endless and this week we’re pleased to tell you about our 25th Annual Patriots Day Weekend!  Patriots Day is a Maine festival and celebration like no other with the Historical Re-Enactment, Fife & Drum Concert, Beach Bazaar and Taste the Town. A visit to Ogunquit Maine will surely showcase true patriotism.

The kids will love the Colonial Era Games & Crafts, Hayrides and the Patriotic Pooch Pageant Show at this Maine Festival and Celebration of America.  At our Ogunquit hotel you’re sure to enjoy the onsite amenities with our Maine Patriot's Day Package.  Join us as we celebrate the first battles of the American Revolutionary War and the freedom of our great nation.

Our staff is here to help as you escape to Ogunquit Maine in the pursuit of Happiness.  Here are a few ways they did just that during this Maine Festival and Celebration of Patriots Day:

As our front desk team was getting ready for the busy weekend they noticed one of the arriving guests was here celebrating her birthday and ensured a box of chocolates and a Happy Birthday card from the staff was in the room for her arrival.

Hannah was working at the front desk when a guest called looking for our housekeeping department.  As it was later in the day our housekeeping staff had all gone home, rather than putting the guest through to voice-mail Hannah inquired to see if there was anything she could help with.  The guest explained that she loved the pillows in our rooms and wanted to see where she could purchase them.  Hannah retrieved the information for the guest so that she could purchase the pillows for her home.

Michelle at the front desk noticed a departing guest had scheduled a massage after the check out time.  She inquired with housekeeping for a late check out for this guest so that they could relax and not have to rush before the massage.

Memories at the Meadowmere Challenge!  Ogunquit Maine Patriots Day Festival - Share your photo of the Most Patriotic Maine Vacation for a chance to win a Meadowmere Hat.


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April 09, 2015

Keep it Comfy at the Meadowmere Resort

Maine Comfy Clothes
Maine Comfy Clothes

Our Ogunquit Maine hotel is known by many as a home away from home.  It’s no wonder on special guest appreciation weekend we’re bound to find more than a few Top Guests enjoy the “Adult Slumber Party” as they grab their morning coffee in their PJ’s! 

Located a hop, skip and jump from some of Maine’s most famous stores it’s no wonder they want to hang out in those comfy pajamas at our Ogunquit Maine hotel lobby.  For those of you who are unfamiliar we thought we’d share the secrets of where to find the most comfy clothes in Maine – Top Three Picks from our Ogunquit Maine hotel:

#1 Kittery Trading Post an outdoor tradition

#2 The infamous L.L. Bean guaranteed to last

# 3 Reny’s a Maine adventure

At our Ogunquit Maine hotel our staff strives to ensure you’re always comfortable as you enjoy your getaway to Maine here are a few ways they’ve done just that this week:

Michelle at the front desk noticed a guest arriving had a massage scheduled prior to the 2pm arrival time.  She alerted housekeeping and requested that the room be available for an early arrival.

Our front desk team was assisting a guest who was visiting our beautiful village for the first time.  They chatted about how wonderful the marginal way was and how the memories of their family vacation would be ones they remembered for years.  Our front desk agent had a post card of the Marginal Way placed in their room before they departed as a keepsake of their visit to Ogunquit, Maine!


April 06, 2015

Back to the Basics with your Ogunquit Family Vacation

Maine Family Vacation
Maine Family Vacation

Spring has come to Family resorts in Maine and we’ve got a few tips on how to get your kids to look up from their Ipads, Iphone or whatever electronics they are using these days and enjoy the beauty of nature in Maine.

Family resorts in Maine offer a unique experience, as our great states highlight is the beauty that nature provides there’s no better place to encourage your kids to play outdoors than a trip to the Meadowmere Resort.  We’ve pulled together the TOP 10 Adventures in Ogunquit for you to enjoy as you visit our family resort in Maine.

#1 Enjoy the simple pleasures as you stroll along the Marginal Way with the official “Kids Guide” your family will be fascinated with the scavenger hunt, animals and geology of the most beautiful place by the sea

#2 Go on at Treasure hunt at Ogunquit Beach with the river wrapping around one side you’ll find plenty of rocks and pools to explore as your family searches for crabs, mussels, snails and all the wonderful marine life of the Ocean!

#3 Take Flight the name says it all with this Arial Adventure course fly through the Maine woods on zip lines, test your balance and your strength - can you make it out of the lobster trap?

#4 Watch Wildlife as you hike Mount Agamenticus and explore the learning lodge at the peak.  Discover the beauty of over 40 miles of trails through undeveloped forests and watersheds

#5 Get Dirty!  At Laudholm Farm explore the trails and the marshes engage in their educational programs such as Marshy Mysteries as you wade through the muddy marsh to explore the wonders below

#6 Discover the facts of one of the top industries in the state aboard the FinestKind.  Watch as real lobstermen pull authentic lobster traps and explore all the treasures they hold

# 7 Get Wet as your family learns a new hobby with Liquid Dreams.  Experience Maine’s beauty from the sea as you surf or paddleboard through the waves

#8 Play With your food a visit to local farms provides a family pick experience featuring Maine Blueberries, Maine Apples, Maine Blackberries and so much more!  The kids will love enjoying the berries for snacks or nature paintings.

# 9 Explore the wonders of a Photo Sarfari as you make your way along Rachel Carsons National Wildlife Refuge home to New England Cotton Tail, Piping Plover, salt marhes and estuaries.

#10 Gaze at the wonderful birdlife of ClayHill Farm with their nature trails and bird sanctuary.  Enhance your families imagination with Eco Events in season such as Fairy House Building and Scavenger Hunts.

Get back to the basics of family fun in Maine as you explore our family resort in Maine.  Teach your kids to love the outdoors – worried about the weather?  Don’t bother if your fun filled day of exploring nature gets rained on we have you covered.  At the Meadowmere Resort the kids will enjoy our arcade room, indoor pool and Jacuzzi and 40 seat TV room with family friendly movie showings daily.

April 02, 2015

Easter - An Eco-Maine Celebration!

Easter Crafts in Maine
Easter Crafts in Maine

Maine Easter festival and celebration is here!  Our Maine Easter Package was a top pick by New England Getaway, offering your family an escape to celebrate Easter in Maine.  Jump into family fun at our Ogunquit Family resort and enjoy the annual Maine festival and celebration with dinner, breakfast, Easter Brunch, Easter Crafts and so much more!

Whether you are home for holiday or headed to Maine for this festival and celebration we’ve got a few tips on how to make Easter in 2015 one to remember.

Easter festival and Celebration in Maine: Top Three Easter Events

                Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Messiah Church          

                Before Hours Easter Egg Hunt at The Children’s Museum of Maine

                Helicopter Egg Drop Next Level Church

Celebrating at home?  Top Three Eco-Crafts for families in 2015:

                Mix your Own Natural Egg Dyes

                Spring Lights up with Egg Shell Votives

                Natures Imprint – Unique Egg Coloring

At our Ogunquit Family resort we have all your need to enjoy the Maine Festivals and Celebrations that happen year round.  Our team is always actively researching and experiencing the fun events in our area to ensure they can point your family towards the perfect Maine experience!  Here are a few other ways they went above and beyond for our guests:

Our housekeeper Janet recongized a return guest in the hallway, having taken care of this guest in past during visits to our Ogunquit hotel Janet knew there were a number of preferences with our in room amenties and ensured all items where placed in the room before the guest had a chance to request them!

As our housekeeping team was tiding up a stay over they realized one of our guests wasn't feeling well and brought her a cold bottle of water and extra tissues.


March 26, 2015

Memories at the Meadowmere 2015 Challenge

Share your Meadowmere memories
Share your Meadowmere memories

Join us this year for our Memories at the Meadowmere Challenge! As more and more people are signing up to share their memories on social media, the Meadowmere Resort invites you to join us in sharing the awesome experiences you have on your Maine Vacation. From walking along the Marginal Way to enjoying a cocktail with friends in the West Meadow Pub we invite you to share your photo’s on our Facebook page.

2015 brings you our Memories at the Meadowmere Challenge where you can win Meadowmere Gift Certificates and Memorabilia just by sharing your Maine Vacation Photos. For six select months this year we will be posting our blog with the “Theme” for the photo challenge. This month it is the Best Maine Maple Shack Photo in celebration of Maine’s Maple Weekend!

Stay tuned for upcoming themes and your chance to win. At the Meadowmere Resort it’s always about making memories and ensuring our guests have an exceptional experience on their Maine Vacation! Here are a few ways this week our staff went above and beyond to ensure your stay in Ogunquit Maine was unforgettable.

Hannah at the front desk was booking a reservation for a new guest.  This guest explained they were getting away for their 9th Anniversary and that they never had a Honeymoon.  Hannah knew right away this was a great opportunity to do something special and had the housekeeping staff place a box of chocolates and a happy anniversary card in their room along with turning the bath towels into elegant swans!

Our Maintenance guy Andy was checking on the pool areas when he noticed a couple with no towels, he went right to the desk to grab a few and delivered them to the guests so they could dry off.


March 24, 2015

Meeting Planner VIP Gift Ideas: How to impress your attendees at your Maine meeting

Just getting to planning for your VIP gifts at your Maine meeting?

Maybe it’s because us Mainers have been frozen here in the Northeast with this long winter, but it seems like everyone feels a few steps behind. And when planning an event, one of the checklist items that is often overlooked til the last minute is the attendee welcome bag and the VIP Gift.

Planning a meeting has so many details such as tracking attendance, menu development and the dreaded audio/visual needs. Often, meeting planners will arrive at our hotel in Southern Maine a day early and stay up all night stuffing attendee bags and trying to find a last minute local item for their VIP welcome gifts. We see the stress and thought, there has to be a better way.

And there is. PS It Matters is locally owned and located in York Maine just 5 minutes from our Southern Maine hotel and meeting space. Jim and his team create custom gifts to any budget and with delicious gourmet treats. Even better – and this is the part that made our hearts follow our stomachs – 15% of each gift goes to a charity of your choice. Any charity. You name it. When our event sales team heard about this, it seemed best to try out the VIP gifts ourselves. The Meadowmere Resort has been partnering with PS It Matters for our hotel’s Appreciation Weekends and the gifts have been a huge hit. So big, we had to share our top VIP gift ideas for your Maine Meeting!

Top VIP Gift Ideas for Meeting Planners:

  • SalsaJust Bag It Salsa Beach Party. This collection comes in a reusable jute bag that you can brand to your event or company, just right for toting snacks to nearby Ogunquit beach. Included are Four Salsas, from medium-heat, black bean to super, mouth-burning hot! If that's not spicy enough for your meeting, there's "Pain is Good" Jalapeno hot sauce to kick it up. Number 9 stoneground corn and vegetable tortilia strips are perfect for dipping, and the Margarita mixer has the right lime tang to complement the salsas. Perfect for a little team building and networking at the volleyball nets during your summer meeting!

  • Madyson's Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Marshmallow  and Artisan S'mores Kit.  Everything your event guests need to make really incredible s'mores!  Includes hand-made peanut butter chocolate chip filled marshmallows, classic Moravian cookies, skewers & matches - all in one convenient kit!  Each kit makes 10 s'mores.  Give the gifts out after a Maine Lobster bake and enjoy next to our fire pit as an evening activity during your Fall planning meeting.

  • CrabCrab Lovers Delight Presented In Maine Rope Basket. For your CEO and company president. The Float Rope Baskets are such a hit that and a great way to present some of Maine seafood.  With yummy Blue Crab Bay Company goodies in a unique float rope basket, the Crab Cake Kit, Crab Dip Kit, Cocktail Sauce and the Sting Ray Bloody Mary Mix are the key ingredients for a wonderful celebration of crab! A great way to be sure your ultimate VIP has some great Maine seafood – even if your meeting is out of lobster season!

  • SandwichUltimate Sandwich "Tool Box". This can be a great gift for the one in charge of creating a wonderful sandwiches on a chilly afternoon! Maine Herbed Sea Salt will be the starting point for any great sandwich.  Victoria Amory Fine Herbed Mayo spread all over the selected bread to creates the perfect "bedding" for the sandwich of choice.  Layout a decadent relish tray full with:  Gil's Gourmet Mother Earth Sicilian Olives,  Rick's Pick's Sweet Pickles, Fosters Pickled Green Beans and Stonewall Kitchens New England Cranberry Relish to decide what goes on the sandwich or the plate.  All of these options make for a perfect way to Spring in to a successful event!

  • Make It Yours. And our most favorite reason to partner with PS It Matters is to make it your own special gift. Simply stop by the York store or give Jim and friends a call and they will customize your gift. From gourmet treats to branded bags to logos on jackets and tshirts. We’ve created custom mugs, etched beer glasses, fun hotel totes and more.

SleepAnd the best reason our meeting team has for working with a gift vendor as a meeting planner: Getting a good night’s rest the night before your event at our hotel.

To find out more about PS It Matters, visit their corporate gift website

To get your Maine meeting planning started, visit our plan a meeting in Maine website



March 19, 2015

Making it with Maple - Top Three Recipes from Ogunquit Maine

Maine Maple Syrup
Maine Maple Syrup

March is for Maple and at the Meadowmere Resort we’re making it with Maple!  With Maine Festivals and Celebrations during the maple harvest season local farms open their doors for Maine Maple Sunday and we’re cooking up some great ways for you to enjoy the sweetest product from our woods.

Maple Syrup has been a Maine staple for years and we’d like to share our Top 3 recipes for you to enjoy during this Maine Festival Celebration

#1 No’Easter – Adult Beverage

Combine 1 ½ ounces of Maker’s Mark with ½ ounce each of fresh lime juice and Maine Maple Syrup.  Shake over ice, strain into a rocks glass filled with ice add a splash of ginger beer and garnish with a wedge of lime

#2 Gluten Free Maple Walnut Bread

Heat the oven to 350 degrees

In a large bowl combine 2 ¼ cups gluten free flour blend, 2/3 cup tapioca flour, 2/3 cup potato starch, 1 tbsp baking powder, ½  tsp baking soda, 1 ½ tsp xanthan gum, 1 ½ tsp ground cinnamon and 1 tsp salt

In a small sauce pan heat 1 stick unsalted butter over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the butter turns a nut brown color.  Remove from heat and set aside

In a large bowl combine 1 cup of Maine Maple Syrup, 1 cup of buttermilk (at room temperature) and two large eggs.  Stir in the browned butter.

Fold the wet ingredients into the dry, stir until just combined

Fold in ¾ cup of chopped walnuts

Pour the mixture into a well greased 9x5 inch loaf pan and bake for 55-60 minutes or until a toothpick placed into the middle comes out clean

#3 Traditional Maple Snow Sticks

Maple In Maine
Maple In Maine

A favorite at many Maine Festivals and Celebrations the tradition of Maple Snow Sticks is easy to recreate with your family:

Heat the desired amount of syrup until it begins to bubble

Pack clean snow down and pour a thing coating of the syrup onto the snow (or shaved ice)

Use Popsicle sticks and twist the taffy around them for easy eating.

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we're always trying to sweeten up your vacation!  Here are a few stories from our staff:

Michelle was checking in a repeat guest who had purchased a winter escape for her best friend's birthday celebration.  Upon check in the birthday girl was so excited and shared the details of the surprise with our staff, stating that she was blindfolded the whole way here with no idea where she was going or how long!  She was so excited to learn that she had arrived in Ogunquit for a relaxing retreat.  As these guests arrived to our Ogunquit hotel prior to arrival time we were only able to offer an early arirval on one of their rooms, once the second room was ready for them to enjoy Michelle personally delivered the keys along with a Happy Birthday Card & Harbor Candy Chocolates from the Meadowmere Staff.

Crystal overheard one of our front desk agents give directions to the public restroom in the indoor pool, she noticed the little boy seemed a bit intimidated by the other guests using the pool and offered to escort him through the area.  He was very happy for the support!

March 16, 2015

Maine Maple Sunday: A History of Maine Maple Syrup from Ogunquit

Ogunquit Maine Sweet Escape
Ogunquit Maine Sweet Escape

Ogunquit Family Vacations foster education with tales from the tribe that named this village beautiful place by the sea.  In Abenaki Legend Gluskabe was hero who taught the indigenous people the arts of civilization and protected them from danger.  One of these lessons pertains to laziness and gluttony. This legend describes Gluskabe stumbling upon an Abenaki Tribe who had discovered Maple Syrup pouring bountifully from the Maple trees.  Gluskabe noticed that the tribe had abandoned the responsibilities of their lives and village, so he filled the maple trees with water making it much harder to harvest and ensuring the syrup could only be produced once a year.

As one of the top Maple producers in the country Maine is the state to visit for the Annual Maple Sunday Celebration.  The history of Maple syrup goes back much farther than the settlement of the United States as the legend above notates.  This process was taught to the English settlers by native tribes such as the Abenaki and has deep roots in the history of Maine.  Spend your Ogunquit Family Vacation learning the process of how maple syrup finds its way from the tree to your children’s pancakes.

Ogunquit Family Vacations at the Meadowmere Resort during the 4th Sunday of every March include a map of the states’ best maple farms.  2015 brings our 32nd Annual Maine Maple Sunday Event including Educational Demonstrations, Sugarbush tours and of course lots of delicious samples. 

Ogunquit Maine is located in York County which boasts over a dozen Certified Maine Maple Farms whose doors will be open for the event.  Just down the street you’ll find Chase Farm with their unique wood fire Maple process the kids will enjoy wagon rides and face painting.  Additional local farms are offering sweet memories with pancake breakfasts, maple cotton candy, maple apple crisps, maple syrup ice cream to name a few.  With the kids hyped up on maple sugar running around on the farms with scavenger hunts, calf naming and sap running contests is sure to wear them out!

Start a tradition at the Meadowmere with Maine Maple Sunday and foster education and appreciation with your Ogunquit Family Vacation.  

Memories at the Meadowmere Challenge!  Join us for Maine Maple Sunday and share your photo of the Best Maine Maple Shack for a chance to win a Meadowmere Gift Certificate.


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Photos must be posted to Facebook and must use hashtag #meadowmere

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Photos must be posted by 3/27/15

All votes or “Likes” must be submitted by 12 noon Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Prize will be awarded to entrants that have the most “Likes” on their photos.  Winners will be notified via Facebook.

March 12, 2015

St. Patty's Day Celebration at our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine

St. Patty's Day Ogunquit Maine
St. Patty's Day Ogunquit Maine

With the first parade honoring Saint Patrick held on the streets of New York City just a few years prior to the American Revolution, it’s no wonder that this Irish Holiday is has become so celebrated in America.  Of course these were Irish Soldiers sworn allegiance to the British Army, but also a great reminder of the melting pot that is our culture.  Saint Patrick is known as one of the most successful Christian missionaries in history and this St. Patty's day is a day to celebrate and remember his life.  It has throughout history been a day of feasting and drinking and as it falls within Lenten it was also known as a welcome break from the restrictions of lent.

At our Ogunquit Events, it’s no wonder we celebrate St. Patty’s Day with wearing the color green (Go Irish) and enjoying a few beers.  Maine is a state that producing 8 gallons of beer per capita (adults of drinking age) and boasts over 45 craft breweries.  With local and sustainable suppliers there’s no better place to enjoy your St. Patti’s Day brew!

Beer is deep rooted in the history of man and is said to have been produced up to 7,000 years ago.  It’s also noted as one of the first-known biological engineering tasks to utilize the process of fermentation.  No wonder it’s in the Top Three most frequently consumed beverages in the world and a great indulgence at a number of annual Ogunquit Events

At the Meadowmere Resort our culture of service is always brewing and our staff is here to ensure your vacation is hopping.  Here are a few of their stories from this week:

Our front desk team helped a first time guest in planning his girlfriends 50th Birthday Celebration in Southern Maine!  From where to get the best Flowers to arranging for breakfast in bed and everything in between our knowledgeable staff was to ensure this birthday getaway was a huge success!

Hannah saw reservations for a Romantic Getaway arriving, she ensured the guests were in the very best suite at the resort and sent up a box of homemade choclates from Harbor Candies along with a note from the staff here wishing them a wonderful Honeymoon in Maine!

March 05, 2015

Top Five Ways Your Ogunquit Maine Vacation Is Giving Back

Maine Vacations Giving Back
Maine Vacations Giving Back

Giving back is made easy when you stay and shop in Ogunquit, Maine. At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine the Meadowmere Team has been dedicated to constant involvement by providing volunteer leadership and generous contributions to many worthy and notable causes in both local and national communities.

We wanted to share with you the TOP Five ways you make it possible for us to Give Back when you book the Meadowmere Resort for your Maine Vacation.

#1 Habitat for Humanity has received nearly $17,000 annually from the Maine Innkeepers Association and their Hospitality for Habitat Program. The Meadowmere Resort is proud to be a part of the effort in supporting this organizations mission to ensure everyone worldwide has a decent place to live. We even offer 50% off discounts in the spring for guests willing to participate in this cause.

#2 Environmental Policies range from solar power & water to diligent recycling and everything in between. In addition to our personal and professional commitment to our environment our hotel in Ogunquit offers a number of packages where a generous portion is donated to environmental charities such as The Marginal Way Preservation Fund and the Surfrider Foundation.

#3 Our Helping Hand Program. New England weather can bring great challenges to our local community which is why we offer a discounted rate to locals when the big storms are brewing. The Blizzard in February of 2013 dropped nearly 3 feet on our tiny village in less than 36 hours, reeking havoc as roadways, airports and trains were forced to close. With travelers stranded and over 18,000 Maine families without power our hotel in Ogunquit Maine open its doors offering a peaceful escape at the lowest possible rate.

#4 Guest Appreciation Weekends for the past few years our hotel in Ogunquit Maine has been offering six weekends a year to over 500 of our top guests. In addition to the perks they received showcasing our appreciation for their loyal business, 10% of each stay went to the charity they voted for. Next up #5 in ways we give back increases both our show of appreciation and the contribution to charities for the 2015 season.

PS It Matters - Maine
PS It Matters - Maine

#5 PS It Matters… Purchasing 4 My Cause is our new partner for 2015 Guest Appreciation Weekends. This innovative company has a mission to create significant, monthly, recurring revenue streams for “Causes” across the US. How do they do it? Well first they hand select the best specialty food items and unique gifts from recognized and award winning vendors both locally and across the nation. You’ll find quality items and variety ranging from York Harbor Lobster Risotto to Handcrafted house ware from the local artists at Ocean Fire Pottery. When you purchase one of these items at their store in Maine or online they donate 15% of the purchase price to the Cause of YOUR choice. Purchasing 4 My Cause has an incredible impact, for example in 2014 donations to Food Banks and Pantries provided more than 1.6 Million Meals to those in need. To think this is only a portion of the “Causes” customers choose. EVERY purchase, EVERY day has a real impact on the Cause you call, "My Cause!"

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we make it easy to give back, because that’s what we love to do.  Here are a few ways just this week our staff gave a little extra to ensure your stay was one to remember:

Our Housekeeping Surpervisor Jeremey noticed a guest in a the parking lot, after greeting her with a warm smile and a Meadowmere Welcome he saw she was reading her car manual.  Knowing a thing or two about vehicles Jeremey asked if there was anything he could help with, the guest noted she was trying to replace the interior light bulb.  Without hesitation he swaped out the bulbs ensuring her vacation wasn't delayed a moment longer!

At the Meadowmere Resort our Maintenance Team is always prepared to solve a number of unexpected concerns.  From snow removal to the bizzar flicker of the light bulb - they have the skills and the know how to ensure your vacation goes off without a hitch!  This week a guests car lights were left on over night... we've all been there - which is why the Meadowmere Team is always prepared with a protable battery pack for jump starting cars.  When Crystal noticed the guests in the parking lot upon arriving to work she immediately grabbed the battery pack and got their car running again before they even had a chance to call AAA.




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