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February 05, 2016

Annual Events in Ogunquit Maine to Kick off the New Year

Ogunquit in the early months of the year
Ogunquit in the early months of the year

For generations Ogunquit, Maine has been a valued summer tradition for travelers across the US and Canada.  With the warm summer breeze and lazy days on Ogunquit Beach it’s certainly no surprise.  But those that inspired to venture to Ogunquit in the early months of the year get to experience Ogunquit as the locals do.  With pre season festivities guests find the perfect balance between a tranquil retreat and a great vacation.  Here are our top three Annual Events in Ogunquit Maine to kick off the New Year!

Valentine's Day in Ogunquit holds a peaceful feeling combined with a beauty that only winter brings.  Favorite Ogunquit Restaurants prepare for a romantic display, couples enjoy a dancing the night away at Jonathan’s Concert and a night away from home allows you to forget all but your valentine. Valentine’s Day Getaways include it all wrapped up for a simple yet special celebration!

St. Patrick’s Day in Ogunquit sure is a lucky way to spend the holiday.  Set smack dab in the middle of some of Southern Maine’s best breweries explore the Maine Brew Trail or for those looking to skip on the brews explore Maine’s Irish Heritage Trail.

Easter Sunday in Ogunquit Maine winds down the off season with the perfect family getaway.  No need to hide the eggs at home we’ve got it covered with Easter Crafts and Eggcellent Hunts your family will have a ball hopping around Maine!

At our hotel in Ogunquit our staff is here to ensure your visit to Ogunquit Maine is one to remember every day of the year.  Here are a few stories from our team:

Jonathan’s Concert Series offers year round entertainment with performers such as Judy Collins.  Located adjacent to our hotel in Ogunquit we find a number of guests joining us to enjoy the show next door.  A return guest mentioned at check out that they enjoyed Judy Collins show so much it brought tears to her eyes.  Liz was so pleased that they had a wonderful stay and had recently received a signed  Judy Collins CD from Jonathan’s  she grabbed the CD for the guests so she could always remember what a special time she had in Ogunquit!

During an annual tradition of celebrating a birthday with a Meadowmere Resort Getaway and Bread and Roses birthday cake our guest realized that they forgot candles for the cake.  As they were about to bring out the cake and start singing they were in a crunch for time.  The guest called the front desk and Matt quickly found birthday candles and delivered them to the room.

January 25, 2016

Ways to Create a Charitable Wedding: How to Celebrate and Make a Difference in Southern Maine

The excitement of your wedding – It is truly a special time. However, soon enough the reality that you will need a budget and some serious planning help arrives. Occasionally, a bride asks our hotel if all this expense for just one day in Maine is normal.  Well, yes. It is a very special day (there is a lot of history to why – for another blog). But if you are looking a way to make a difference with your Southern Maine wedding (or anniversary or birthday – really any celebration), then you may want to consider a charitable wedding.

HopkinsMeadowmereWays to Create a Charitable Wedding

  • Volunteer. Bond you bridal party with a day spent helping a local shelter or making a difference with kids. Looking to volunteer your time based on your ability and location? There are many websites that can help you out. The point is to plan a few hours giving back together. Here are a few:
  • Register for charitable gifts. As in add a charity that you and your love care about. And if you can’t choose, options like amazon smile can let your guests give to what matters to them and really spread the impact.
  • Skip the party favors. Instead of little gifts for your guests, make donation for what you would have spent to a local charity. In Southern Maine, there are many worthy choices such as Caring Unlimited, York County Shelter, Animal Welfare Society and many, many more.
  • Save the leftovers. Ask when booking your caterer where leftovers go and if they don’t have an answer, request that the local food panty receive them. This means less of the food you purchase for your wedding goes to waste and if this is the first time the caterer has been asked this, who knows. You just might start them on a path to help more.
  • Honeymoon Helper. Sure you can book a trip to lie on a beach and get couples massage. But you could do that and help make a difference for a day or two as well. Websites such as can help you find trips.
  • Donate the Dress. Okay, this one is a big step. But if you are truly never going to wear your wedding dress again, Brides Against Breast Cancer would love to hear from you.

And finally, you want to ask your vendors about green and charity practices that they have in place. Of Course a hotel that is central to your Southern Maine wedding venue for guests is important. At the Meadowmere Resort, our Ogunquit hotel is close and it is a leading green hotel in Maine. The hotel and it’s team have received numerous awards and recognition for our community efforts, including hosting weekends throughout the year to benefits local charities. Our wedding services and blocks in Southern Maine are available year round and our sales team can find a local charity to fit your wedding plans.

All this planning for one day – but truly it is up to you how far and wide your wedding day can reach!

We wish you happy wedding planning from Southern Maine!

January 22, 2016

How to Incorporate Charity into your Vacation in Ogunquit Maine

Making a Difference in Maine
Making a Difference in Maine

Is including a culture of service in your life a part of your Mission or New Year Resolution?  At the Meadowmere Resort Service has been our mission from the start.  Our commitment to serving our guests has allowed us to create countless memories with friends from around the world.  Your commitment to the Meadowmere over the years has allowed us to expand our culture of service to include our Environmental Programs focused on preserving the natural resources that make Ogunquit and Maine such a special place to enjoy, and allowed us to continue to increase our charitable donations year after year.

The Meadowmere Resort offers a variety of ways to incorporate Charity into your Vacation in Ogunquit Maine.  Here are a few examples of how easy it is:

Book the Maine Hospitality for Habitat Special at the Meadowmere Resort during select spring dates.  When you donate $35.00 to Habitat for Humanity you’ll pay just half the regular rate of your room.

At check in check yes on your registration card to donate $1.00 to the Marginal Way Preservation Fund to ensure this iconic footpath will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Learn about our Guest Loyalty Program with special dates to escape to Ogunquit, Maine featuring a variety of charitable contributions to causes important to our team and our guests.  Meet the team of featured charities receiving donations for the VIP Stays and engage with Purchasing For My Cause by PS It Matters.

At our hotel in Ogunquit making a difference is just what we do, here are a few stories shared by our team:

Donna noticed a guest in the hallway and noticed that something didn’t seem quite right.  When Donna approached the guest to inquire if everything was ok she learned the guest was feeling very ill.  She asked if there was anything she could do to help her feel better and offered a cup of tea.  Donna made tea and picked some fresh mint sprigs from the garden and delivered it to the guest room.  The guest was so grateful she gave Donna a big hug!

As the beautification project in Ogunquit is underway Liz took it upon herself to call all of our arrivals when the construction blocked the main entrance.  Ensuring guests were aware of how to access the lobby area and enjoy their stay at the Meadowmere!

January 15, 2016

Focus on a Great Family Vacation: Start a New Tradition in Ogunquit at the Meadowmere Resort

Family Traditions in Ogunquit
Family Traditions in Ogunquit

Great family traditions can start anytime from the proposal to the wedding or even when your baby’s too little to know what’s going on.  Combining your annual vacation with a family tradition allows for countless memories at the most beautiful place by the sea.  Here are a few ideas on how you can establish a family tradition at the Meadowmere Resort and strengthen your family’s bond, enrich the life you share and create lasting memories:

Start a collection of photographs through the years at your favorite spot along the marginal way.

Find your home away from home.  The Meadowmere Resort features over 20 room types to ensure you find the perfect accommodations for your family to enjoy year after year.

Enjoy a Family Meal at your favorite Maine restaurant.  Ogunquit features a number of family friendly restaurants sure fit the needs of your family.  Share your favorite vacation stories or plan to explore a new activity in the area.

Movie Night with complimentary movie’s daily at the Meadowmere Resort your family movie night will be picture perfect.

With a motto of family serving family for the past 30 years the Meadowmere Resort is here to ensure your family vacation is one to remember here are a few stories from our team:

Liz was assisting a guest with a reservation when the guest inquired about hot chocolate.  Liz informed the guest that it would be available in the lobby and as a surprise sent some up to the room before the guest arrived.

Janet was cleaning a guest room when she realized they were celebrating their 50th Anniversary, she made swans out of the towels in front of the Jacuzzi and left a note wishing them a Happy Anniversary!

January 11, 2016

4 Things that will Determine Your Environmental Impact on Your Ogunquit Vacation in 2016

Environmental Impact on Vacation
Environmental Impact on Vacation

If environmental awareness is important to you consider the impact your next vacation will have. There are a lot of important fact finding questions that you should be aware of, like what is the best way to get there? Which businesses care about the environment as much as I do? Where will I find local and sustainable goods? Below are the factors that will come into play when determining how big your Environmental Impact will be on your vacation in 2016.

Distance of Travel

As a vacation requires travel. At the very foundation of your trip, it’s important to consider the varying environmental impact of travel depending on the distance and the mode of transportation you choose to get there. Located on the southern coast of Maine Ogunquit features natural beauty, numerous restaurants and unique shops set along the charming seaside village. Traveling to Ogunquit is simple and swift just an hour north of Boston, MA and 20 minutes from Portsmouth, NH. Reducing the distance you travel is the most effortless way to reduce your environmental impact. Choosing the mode of transportation is also pretty seamless with the Amtrak Train just a few miles north, C&J Bus Lines offering direct trips from New York City to Ogunquit also consider car pooling with family and friends and enjoy a vacation together.

Where you Stay

There are several types of accommodations to choose for your vacation. Most people find a hotel with AAA three diamond rating offers the standards of cleanliness and service we all expect at a great value. We feel that affordable luxury is what every traveler deserves with our 100 point inspection for hotel cleanliness and our motto is family serving family. Our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine ensures your expectations are exceeded around each corner. As Ogunquit’s first environmental leading hotel the Meadowmere Resort reduces it’s environmental impact with Solar Electricity, Solar Hot Water, Non Chlorine Pools, Recycling Program including guest amenities and soaps and more! We leave no stone unturned in reducing our environmental impact.

Where you Eat

There are a lot of dining options on the market today, and prices vary greatly. You will need to keep in mind that price for any meal is dictated by quality. When traveling to Maine consider restaurants that feature farm to table and locally sourced dining. Our top picks below combine eco awareness with culinary expertise at a very good value.

        Clay Hill Farm

        Frankie & Johnny’s

        The Velveteen Habit 

        Jonathan’s Restaurant

       Joshua’s Restaurant

What you Do

Your environmental impact as well as your budget is greatly dictated by the type activities you choose while on vacation. In Ogunquit, Maine our most popular is the Marginal Way Footpath a mile and a half stroll along Maine’s Rocky Coast leading from Ogunquit Beach to Perkins Cove and Ogunquit’s fishing harbor. Usually people will spend an entire day just taking in the ocean air and the breathtaking views on their way to soak up the sun on the miles of white sand or grab a bite to eat in an ocean front shanty in Perkins Cove. Activities focused on the environment and natural beauty cost much less than a movie or a visit to a local amusement park, you can expect for the majority of environmental activities to be free of charge or cost just a minimal donation to support the natural conservation or educational programs.

So there are the 4 Things that will Determine your Environmental Impact on Your Ogunquit Vacation in 2016.

If you do a vacation to Ogunquit Maine, with an overnight stay, dinner out a farm to table restaurant and spend the day taking in Maine’s natural beauty you can expect to pay between $100.00 and $400.00. It all depends on what you do and the time of year you get away. The above pricing is not based on our pricing, it is a guideline on what you can expect to encounter in your eco vacation research. Our pricing is not the cheapest nor is it the most expensive; it is the best price we can give for the service that we provide. Good Luck with 2016 and have a great time on your vacation this year.

January 08, 2016

Upcoming Entertainment in Ogunquit Maine at our hotel this Jaunary 2016

Entertainment in Ogunquit
Entertainment in Ogunquit

Looking for a fun place to grab a drink?  Try one with a warm fire and great entertainment!  For decades the West Meadow Pub has been providing live entertainment in Ogunquit every Saturday night year round.  With favorite New England entertainers the West Meadow Pub provides the perfect atmosphere for your Maine Vacation!  Here’s a look at our winter lineup for January 2016 (course you can always join us for live music on Saturdays year round):

Rob Thomas presents strong, soulful vocals blended with vibrant and rhythmic acoustic with his classic rock to modern day favorite songs.

Joe McDonald known as the human jukebox this Acoustic Rock performer has a long list of well-known songs from artists such as The Beatles, Bob Segar and the Bee Gee’s.

Steve Tolley has shared the stage with stars such as Charlie Daniels and Tom Paxton his Acoustic Rock performance includes songs from Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, Led Zeppelin and a host of others.

Dustin Ladale blends her original song list with unique covers of works by such artists as Hert, Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac her strong vocals and various styles of guitar techniques are sure to keep you entertained.

Brad Bosse offers a variety of music from classic rock and oldies to current pop and country.  Winner of the “Best Local Solo Performer” in the Hippo Press in 2015 Brad knows how to lighten the mood with his rhythmic melodies and wit.  

In our Pub and throughout the hotel you’re sure to find a warm welcome and excellent service from the team at the Meadowmere Resort.  Here are a few stories from the staff:

Katelyn was cleaning a guest room when she noticed a bottle of wine in room without any glasses she went to the pub to pick up a couple of wine glasses and a Meadowmere corkscrew and delivered them to the room.

During the Holiday Season a few guests were driving through Ogunquit when they saw the Meadowmere all lit up for Christmas by the Sea.  They stopped to take a peak around and Michelle at the front desk offered to give them a tour through the rooms and amenities and chatted about the Festival Activities going on this month in Southern Maine.

December 29, 2015

Warm up this winter: Cozy Fireplace Suites at the Meadowmere Resort in Ogunquit Maine

Cozy Fireplace Suites
Cozy Fireplace Suites

The changing of seasons in New England can have a varying of effects on people’s mood.  Whether you’ve got the winter blues or just need to get away the Meadowmere Resort is the place to warm up this winter.  The crackle of the wood fireplace in the West Meadow Pub and the warmth of the Roman Spa are just the tip of the iceberg on your winter vacation in Ogunquit Maine!

The cozy fireplace suites at the Meadowmere Resort offer a warm retreat from the chill of the winter air.  Our West Meadow Fireplace Rooms allow for indoor access of all the resort amenities from the indoor pool to the state of the art fitness center.  These rooms all feature a king sized bed, wifi, mini fridge and a gas fireplace.

For the ultimate retreat the Luxury Suites at the Meadowmere Resort provide top level accommodations with our four poster king sized beds, in room double Jacuzzi and Gas Fireplace.  Pair the Luxury Suite with a Mainely Stone Massage and a romantic movie night for the perfect Winter Romance in Ogunquit Maine!

Warm Maine hospitality is what you’ll find at the Meadowmere Resort year round, here are a few stories from our staff:

Lauren was at the desk when a guest called down looking for flowers to be delivered.  Unfortunately it was after hours for the local flower shop which Lauren explained to the guest with sympathy.  When they returned from dinner they found a box of homemade chocolates in place of the flowers.

While Michelle at the front desk was assisting a guest with checking out the guest inquired about Meadowmere’s Craft Beer Package as a gift for her son for the holidays.  As the package dates did not fit into her son’s schedule needs Michelle offered to put together options in Southern Maine to enjoy Craft Beer including dates for Exceptional Craft Beer Dinners at Cornerstone, The Maine Craft Beer Map and information on favorite local brews.

The importance of Customer Service at our Ogunquit Hotel : Family Serving Family

Gift of Service
Gift of Service

Customer service at our Ogunquit hotel is important. Over 5 years ago we launched our Gift of Service Program at the Meadowmere Resort. This program was designed to help teach employees, old and new, the value of personal connections with our guests, through the process of sharing the stories of connections with their peers. All employees at the Meadowmere Resort understand the importance of customer service at our Ogunquit hotel. And this program fosters a deeper and more personal connection between our staff and our guests allowing our moto of Family Serving Family to shine.

This week the Meadowmere Resort celebrated our Annual Christmas Party at Jonathan’s Restaurant, a wonderful evening of relaxation, delicious food and great company. The evening also allows us the opportunity to thank our team for their hard work and dedication over the past year. We share customer service stories at our Ogunquit hotel and each have a chance to vote on our favorite one. We honor the employees who went above and beyond for our guests and choose our favorite story of the year. The story with the most votes receives a mini vacation at a New England Inns and Resorts property - a chance to become a guest ourselves!  Our favorite stories that highlight customer service at our Ogunquit hotel from 2015 are below:

January ~ Hannah Front Office   A guest came to the desk to check out with Hannah.  She ranted and raved about how much she loves the place. As she was leaving she mentioned warming up her coffee and then proceeded to walk further into the lobby. Hannah realized she was looking for a microwave and when she turned around to leave she offered to warm the coffee up for her. The guest expressed how thankful she was and left with a smile and hot coffee.

February ~ Hannah Front Office  Hannah noticed the arrival for 508 had never stayed here before. Seeing that she was from York she upgraded her to a Luxury Suite so she could see what quality rooms we have to offer. This way the guest will be more likely to recommend us to family and friends who come to Maine to visit her!

March ~ Hannah Front Office      An elderly woman who will be staying with us for the first time in 25 years, called Monday to make a reservation. She said she received a birthday coupon via email for her third night free but she does not have a printer. Hannah had her forward the email to us and she printed out her coupon to save until her arrival date next month.   The guest was very happy.

April ~ Michelle Front Office    A guest had to send a fax for her daughter's medical records.   Michelle told her of the charge and she declined and inquired about another place that would send a fax for her. Michelle offered her this service and complimentary sent the fax so the guests stay was not interrupted.

May ~ Michelle Front Office  A guest had a belly ache and asked about where to get Alka-Seltzer.   Michelle stated it is a 10 minute walk but if she could wait 30 minutes she would run down for her. She was very grateful for the offer.

June ~ Jodi Housekeeping  When Jodi was leaving, she was walking by room 805 as they were bringing their stuff in. They asked her for help since they brought gallons of water and because of the way their fridge is the shelves can't be pulled out. She went to the pub to see if they had a pitcher that would fit but it happened to be too wide.   She asked maintenance for a small fridge to add to their room.   And the guests were extremely happy for the help!

July ~ Ethan Maintenance  Ethan was painting next to the game room. A little girl won a toy in the claw machine but it wouldn't come out.   Ethan came to the office to see if we had a key, but we don't. He took a shovel and pail from the office closet and brought it to the little girl. She was thrilled!

August ~ Lauren Front Office  Lauren noticed a visitor in the parking lot during our busy season.  She left a trail of bread crumbs to the Josiah River Park next store for the duck to follow and to ensure our guests could get in and out of the parking lot.

September ~ Liz Front Office    Liz used her service allowance to purchase Ginger Ale and Saltines for a guest who had an upset stomach and had to stay behind from the rest of her group. She hand-delivered the items to the room with a "get well soon" note!

October ~ Michelle Front Office Michelle checked in a guest who was joining us for the first time.   She gave them a tour of the hotel amenities and showed them to their room!

November ~ Katelyn Housekeeping as Katelyn was cleaning a guest room she noticed a bottle of wine on the counter.  She grabbed a couple of wine glasses from the pub along with a Meadowmere corkscrew and placed them in the room so the guests could enjoy!

Check back next year for our Story of the Year Winner for 2015.  We hope you can come join us in 2016 and experience our gift of service!

December 22, 2015

Top 5 reasons to enjoy a Massage this Holiday Season

Maine-ly Stone Massage
Maine-ly Stone Massage

Are the holiday’s causing you stress?

Are you looking for a perfect gift for that special someone?

Our hotel in Ogunquit Maine has the treatment for you!  Our award winning fitness center doesn’t just feature state of the art equipment for exercising the stress away, it also holds our steam and sauna rooms and spa suites.  With the winter season upon us we bring you The Top 5 Reasons to get a Mainely Stone Massage:

1 To warm up - it’s cold out there and massage increases blood flow

2 To relieve tension - carrying all those gifts puts stress on those shoulders

3 To increase Metabolism (very important with all the holiday meals!)

4 To relax after all the holiday stress - recover and unwind

5 Because it feels so good to be pampered and you deserve it!

Join us for an overnight escape at our hotel in Ogunquit, or stop for the day to take advantage of our fitness, massage and Roman Spa with a day pass.  We’re always here and working hard to ensure you’re visit is memorable and relaxing.  Here are a few stories from our team.

A guest called to make a reservation for their 51st Anniversary and mentioned they wanted something special.  As the Whitney was going through the options for gift bags, flowers and chocolates the guests mentioned their favorite bottle of wine.  Whitney knew it wasn’t one we carried in our pub but made sure it was here for them to enjoy upon arrival!

Liz was working at the front desk when a group leader altered us to a guest who wasn’t feeling well and would be staying at the hotel rather than heading off with the motor coach tour.  Liz had our pub send up a glass of ginger ale and some crackers to help soothe the upset tummy.

Michelle was checking in a guest with limited hearing.  After providing a tour of the hotel and amenities she walked the guests to their room and ensure the tv settings for close caption were set.

December 18, 2015

Romantic Holiday Getaways in Maine: Mistletoe Moments in Ogunquit

Ogunquit's Season of Romance
Ogunquit's Season of Romance

There’s no denying that the Christmas season is a pretty romantic time of year. With Christmas lights setting the mood and the cozy warmth of a fire it’s not hard to believe December is one of the biggest months for engagements.Romance is definitely in the air this holiday season.  Now that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Ogunquit Maine some of the most beloved holiday activities are in fact some of the most romantic things to do this holiday season with the one you love. 

We take a closer look at Ogunquit Maine’s Mistletoe Potential – ideas for your vacation in Ogunquit that are romance-focused and inspire the same reaction as standing under the mistletoe.

"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…"

A Romantic Maine Getaway!  With off season pricing and the New Year just a head December is the perfect month to plan your romantic escape to the Meadowmere!  All of our rooms include complimentary access to our amenities. The Roman Spa is the perfect place to unwind and warm up while you watch the snow fall outside or take in the view of the waterfall cascading in this salt water hot tub.

"Snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be."

Just as the Christmas Carol tells us a Sleigh Ride through the snow paired with the charming backdrop of Maine is just about as romantic as it gets.  Snuggled up together watching the waves crash along the shore is sure to inspire that perfect moment you’ve been waiting for…

 “The fire is so delightful and since we’ve no place to go...”

Let it snow!  When you escape to Ogunquit to visit the Meadowmere there’s no reason to worry about the snow – we’ve got it covered!  So you and your love can snuggle up by the fire, take a dip in the pool and watch the snow fall along the Marginal Way.

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