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January 22, 2015

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions on Vacation at Meadowmere Resorts

2015 Resolution Challenge
2015 Resolution Challenge

January is almost over and maybe we’ve forgotten a few of our New Year’s resolutions…  Hey life gets busy the important thing is to start again and keep going.  If you’re like us and missed a day of working out, or a full week or maybe you forgot to even start ... We’ve got another chance for you to keep your New Year's resolutions on vacation.  Escape for a few days to the Meadowmere Resort and get back on track!

Did you resolve to:

Walk Every Day?  Stroll along the Marginal Way or Ogunquit Beach and enjoy the fresh crisp salty air.  Or hop on a treadmill and get the job done while watching your favorite TV show.

Eat Healthy – Learn to cook and enjoy healthy homemade meals at Stonewall Kitchens Cooking School.

De-Stress- the Roman Spa was designed by a local spa company offering warmth, swirling jets and salt water to melt the stress away.  Need a bit more?  Try a Mainly Stone massage in our Spa!

Exercise?  At Meadowmere Resorts our award winning fitness center offers personal training, free weights and a number of life fitness machines to get you back on track!

Learn Something New – coming up next week Top Five Things to Learn in 2015 – stay tuned.

We challenged our staff to, there challenge - to exceed our guest’s expectations.  Here are few ways they felt they succeed (let us know what you think):

As a well known family vacation resort we are pleased to welcome families every season of the year!  Just this week we had a family enjoying the Indoor Pool, Crystal overheard the children arguing over who would be able to use the googles they brought.  Crystal quickly retrieved extra goggles from our supply to solve this concern.  The parents were pleased that the conflict of sharing was resolved so seemlessly.

Michelle was checking in a guest joining us for the first time.  As with our hotel policy and state requirements we always need a photo ID at check-in for our guests security.  Michelle notice this guests birthday would fall during his stay with us and made sure that he had a Happy Birthday Note & Homemade Harbor Candies in room.

Green Travel Tip - Plan Your Ogunquit Maine Vacation with Efficient Lighting


          Efficient Lighting Tips
Efficient Lighting Tips from Ogunquit, Maine

Here at our hotel in Ogunquit we take pride in our commitment to Eco Tourism.  With over 2,300 light bulbs on property, keeping on top of the innovative technologies being developed in the lighting industry is hard to avoid.

Most people believe the light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879, and although his creation led to a practical and commercialized product that could reach homes throughout America, the first electric light was actually created in 1802.  Over the last two centuries the electric light has come a long way from incandescent and halogen to fluorescent and LED there’s a lot of history and a lot to choose from. 

So how do you choose the best light for your life?  At our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine we search for three features that are important to us and our guests:

#1 Comfort – the color (or Kelvin level) of a light bulb inspires a particular mood.  For our guest rooms, spa suites and certain common areas we want our guests to feel relaxed and soothed so we choose a Soft White light bulb.  Other areas such as in the bathrooms, fitness center and library we prefer Cool White or Daylight to offer a more energetic feel and the greatest contrast among colors (perfect for applying makeup)

#2 Efficiency – 40 and 60 Watt incandescent bulbs are no their way out, they can’t even be manufactured in the US anymore as they don’t meet the standards in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007CFL’s typically use about 75 percent less energy than the incandescent; however as with fluorescent lamps they contain a small about of mercury, we prefer to stay away from toxic elements.  At our hotel in Ogunquit LEDs have proven to be the best option, although LEDs are generally more expensive the prices have really come down and they only use a fraction of the electricity.  A recent study by affinity lighting has shown that the use of LED lights will reduce our kWh usage by over 35,000 annually.

#3 Impact – Going along with efficiency, lower energy consumptions have a big impact on the environment.  Plus a longer product lifetime with LED’s, lasting up to 25 times longer than the traditional bulbs, eliminates a lot of waste when you consider 2,500 bulbs are brightening this hotel in Ogunquit!  Lastly not having to worry about toxic mercury, whether it’s an employee or guest coming in contact with a broken bulb or ensuring proper deposal when they need to be replaced non toxic is always our first choice. 

January 16, 2015

Martin Luther King Legacy of Service Lives On at Meadowmere Resort

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” – Martin Luther King Jr. 

Martin Luther King Weekend
Martin Luther King Weekend

The service industry is all about - well serving others; and although a good amount of our time and effort is put toward ensuring you have a memorable and joyful vacation it can’t possibly stop there. Our vision of responsibility stretches much further than the head on our pillows. 

We make it easy for you to give back as well with our Marginal Way & Hospitality for Habitat Stays in April and May offering up to a 50% discount with your Donation to the preservation of this famous walk or Habitat for Humanity.  Our Om & Foam Surf Getaways support the Surfrider Foundation in protection of our oceans and beaches, and our Top Guest Programs offer a donation to the charity of your choice.

Below our staff shares a bit of what they did for others this week: 

Crystal was tidying up the lobby when she noticed a few guests in the cafe area with their lunch.  They had picked up some great big subs from Village Food Market, in the center of Ogunquit.  She noticed the sandwiches weren't cut in half very well and went to get a knife and some other plastic wear for the guests.  

Hannah had been chatting with a guest at the front desk - we are always so happy to hear how much our guests appreciate the hotel amenities and our friendly service.  After raving for a few minutes about how much this guest loved joining us she noted it was time to head home and that she wanted a cup of coffee for the ride.  Hannah directed her to where the complimentary seacoast coffee is available, after pouring a cup the guest was wandering about, it seemed she was looking for something so Hannah asked if she could be of further assistance.  The guest noted that she was looking for a mircrowave to heat up the beverage for the trip home, which Hannah took care of right away.

January 15, 2015

Tips on Creating Gift Bags for Your Maine Wedding Guests

GiftbagAmong the many, many things that go into planning a wedding in Maine, inevitably the question of wedding gift bags comes up. Do you or don't you? And if you do, what exactly goes into a wedding gift bag?

If you want to create a great first impression for your guests traveling to your Maine wedding, greeting your guests with a bag full of goodies is a start to a memorable weekend. There are simple options - such as rolling and tying an information sheet on your wedding activities - and there are extravagant baskets with monogrammed shirts and custom label candies. More often creating gift bags for your Maine wedding guests does not have to be a stressful or time consuming chore or a quick after thought.

Here are tips to creating gift bags for your Maine Wedding:

  • Make it Heart Felt: Rather than a quick "We-are-so-happy-you-are here-to-celebrate-us-please be-at-the-ceremony-at-this-time" message, take a moment to share your story in welcome letter. This is your chance to share why you fell in love with each other or with Maine and maybe save having to tell the story over and over again at the reception (when you would much rather be dancing!). It doesn't have to be a novel - just a simple sweet paragraph. And once you figure this part out, feel free to type it up for easy printing on stationary that fits your theme, even if it's just one of your wedding colors. A hand signature space let's you sign for a personal touch.
  • Water, water everywhere: Your guests will be walking into a hotel room after traveling and one of the best ways to refresh is hydrating. It's easy to give this a Maine touch - simply include Poland Spring water bottles. If you can't bear to be so plain, add a Maine-ah favorite with Moxie to your wedding gift bag.
  • Sweet,sweet treats: Everyone has a favorite candy from when they were a kid. Include your and your sweethearts. Then add a little something extra from a local chocolatier, such as Harbor Candy, to bring a touch of Ogunquit to your gift.
  • WeddingMeadowmereIt's the Destination Baby: Ogunquit, Beautiful Place by the Sea. So why not help your guests explore? Ask the Ogunquit Chamber for touring maps and guidebooks to include in your gift bags. Not only is this a great time saver, but guests will be able to swap stories of what they have explored during cocktail hour. With the Meadowmere Resort's central location to Ogunquit Beach, Marginal Way, Ogunquit Playhouse, shops, restaurants and more, they'll have lots to talk about!
  • Now Your Jammin': Want to have something custom labeled, local to Southern Maine and long lasting? Create a custom label Stonewall Kitchen Jam Jar for your wedding gift bags. Based in York Maine, Stonewall Kitchen features delicious Maine Blueberry Jam. Pick from different size jars, create a message and share one of Maine's most wonderful locally made products. Of course, it may not last long after your Maine wedding once they try it!
  • Send them to Sea: Once your guests have journeyed to the Southern Maine Coast, a nice touch is to share one of most unique ways to see Ogunquit - by sea. With sunset cruises each night in season, you can include a ticket aboard the FinestKind for your guests to use during their stay. It's an easy and fun way to share a ride aboard a Maine Lobster boat and past the rocky coastline and Nubble Lighthouse. Worried that you have land lovers? Send to close to the sea then with a pass to the Ogunquit Museum of American Art - home to some of Maine's finest art and most beautiful gardens. And with gift shop, they can finda Maine treasure to take home.

Want to get more creative ideas? Check out wedding welcome gift bags and baskets at The Knot.

Worried about how to get gift bags to all your guests? Don't be! At the Meadowmere Resort, we make it easy - With any of our official wedding blocks, simply drop off your gift bags and we take it from there.  Contact our wedding sales today for your Ogunquit Maine wedding accommodations. And remember, the best tip we can give you for creating gift bags for your Maine wedding is to enjoy each moment of your very special day!

January 12, 2015

Ogunquit Maine Bus Tour Packages at the Meadowmere Resort

Ogunquit, Maine
Ogunquit, Maine

A special getaway – Tours enjoy the Meadowmere any time of the year.  With our central location and seasonal trolley stop, the quaint seaside village of Ogunquit is at your groups fingertips.  Within walking distance to shops, Perkins Cove, Marginal Way, Ogunquit Beach, Ogunquit Playhouse and so much more your travelers are sure to grow fond memories of the most beautiful place by the sea.

Just as 2015 has rung in the New Year, the Meadowmere Resort celebrates our New Inclusive Ogunquit Maine Bus Tour Package.  For generation’s our team here has strived to provide our guests with exceptional service and effortlessness ensuring your focus falls on relaxation and truly experiencing our wonderful village.  This year we extend that courtesy to you, as a tour operator, we understand the challenges you face when planning a trip to a new destination for your motorcoach group.  This is why we are proud to launch our Ogunquit Maine Bus Tour Package ensuring you and your group will experience the very best of Southern Maine.

As your journey to Ogunquit, Maine arrives at the Meadowmere Resort your group will be greeted by our team with a step on welcome and introduction to the property and Ogunquit village.  Your guests will receive their room keys as they follow us into our West Meadow Pub for a welcome reception of Wine and Cheese, a much needed moment for relaxation and socialization after a long day of travel.  While our staff engages the group with questions of their voyage and information on the many highlights of our Maine hotel and seaside village, other members of our team work diligently to assist the driver in parking the bus as well as delivering the guest luggage to their rooms.


Meadowmere Resort Rooms
Meadowmere Resort Rooms

Our Ogunquit Maine Bus Tour Package includes accommodations in our Resort Double Rooms, featuring private balcony or patios, complimentary wireless internet, refrigerator, individually controlled heating and air conditioning units, cable TV, in room phone and a special place to relax and unwind.  Included with the room is access to the award-winning amenities throughout the Meadowmere Grounds such as our state of the art fitness center, stadium seating TV room, indoor and outdoor pools, roman spa and inviting common areas.


Clay Hill Farm
Clay Hill Farm

In addition to the Maine resort accommodations our Ogunquit Maine Bus Tour Package includes a unique dinning experience at a restaurant like no other.  Clay Hill Farm is known not only for exciting the palate with seasonal menus that embrace their passion for locally-sourced and backyard grown products but for the history and nature that surrounds them.  Originally built in 1780 as a working farm, Clay Hill Restaurant is nestled in over eleven acres of Maine woodlands and colorful gardens.  Today Clay Hill Farm is a favorite restaurant for visitors and locals alike; their commitment to Maine’s Natural Environment has guided them to becoming the first restaurant in the United States to be certified as a natural wildlife habitat and bird sanctuary. 

Your groups’ unique dining experience will start with the tranquility of Maine while enjoying award-winning food as our Maine Bus Tour Package includes a Three Course Dinner inclusive of gratuities. 

Awake in the morning to enjoy a continental breakfast on-site featuring homemade breads and pastries, fresh fruits, oatmeal, cereals and so much more.  A step on guide will greet your travelers as you set off for a historic guided tour of either Ogunquit or Kennebunkport.  No stay with is complete without a Maine shopping experience which is why we’ve arranged for coupons and special treatment at your choice of the Kittery Outlets or Maine’s best quilting shop – Knight’s Quilt Shop.

The Meadowmere Resort looks forward to hosting your group – and bringing you Maine, one season at a time.  For availability, pricing and sample itinerary for on our Ogunquit Maine Bus Tour Package please contact our Group Sales Department.

January 11, 2015

How to Become A Valued Guest at a Hotel - Meadowmere Guest Appreciation Program

Top Guest in Ogunquit Maine
Top Guest in Ogunquit Maine

For over three decades the Meadowmere Resort has been a big part of traditions for many families, offering a warm escape from life’s everyday routine.  In recent years our family here chose to do a bit more than usual.  We still have our annual imporovements to room décor and industry standards, we still work hard to ensure our amenities are unique and just what you need, but now we also have our Guest Appreciation Programs. 

Are you wondering what our Guest Appreciation Program is?  Do you want to know how you can be a part of it?  Here’s how it works each fall our system creates a list of our “Top Guests” (based on the number of nights and value of your stays).  For 2015 our "Top Guests" for room nights, some stayed 24 nights or more in 2014. Talk about home away from home. Believe it or not this was accomplished by five different families.

Each of the "Top Guests" recieve special Appreciation Weekends which help donate to a charity of their choice.  Their stay includes a two night weekend at the Meadowmere, a chance to meet our staff and management team (who most guests already know really well – so it’s more of a chance to socialize and enjoy some wine and Cabot Cheese and catch up) and a custom Meadowmere Gift.  These weekends are so much fun both for guests and for our staff here.  Here are a few stories from each:

Meadowmere Guest Appreication
Meadowmere Guest Appreication

To show our appreication to all of our Top Guests PS It Matters has begun to provide Meadowmere Gifts!  Each guest recieved a "green" Meadowmere Bag, Meadowmere Hot Chocolate & Mugs and Maine Blueberry Candies.  Our housekeeping team delievered over 20 Bags to guests through out the hotel.

January 09, 2015

New Years Travel Resolutions - Visit Ogunquit Maine and Relax More

A New Year in Ogunquit
A New Year in Ogunquit

Happy New Year!  Did you know the month of January was deemed such by the Roman’s in honor of their god Janus and as a reminder that in this present moment we should find not only the wisdom from the past but also the hope of new beginnings in the future?

Throughout the world people are setting their new year’s resolutions, re-affirming their commitment to what matters the most to them.  Start the year with Inspiration and Strength in Ogunquit, Maine where the salt water cleanses your fears and provides strength as you transition into the New Year.  Whether you resolve to have less stress, a healthier lifestyle, or if you’re fulfilling your bucket list the Meadowmere Resort is here for you.  With warm hospitality you’ll find relaxation, exercise, healthy foods and adventure so bring your friends, bring your family, bring your goals – here are a few of our staff stories to show that we are here for you: 

One of our frequent guests joined us again this week on the Eat, Drink & Be Merry weekend package which includes a Wine & Cheese Plate in the West Meadow Pub.  These guest also brought New Friends to the Meadowmere Resort!  Michelle our front desk agent noticed the "friends" were not on the package, she offered them a coupon to enjoy the wine & cheese with the rest of their party.

Christina overheard another employee checking in a guest, he was wished a Happy Birthday!  Before the check-in process finished Christina wrote a birthday note & placed a box of Harbor Candy Chocolates in the guests room.  He later stopped down to the desk thanking us for the extra attention!


January 05, 2015

Ogunquit Maine Beer Tastings – Top Five Maine Craft Beers for 2015

Top Five Maine Craft Beers for 2015
Top Five Maine Craft Beers for 2015

What does Craft Beer have to do with Maine?  Well historically nothing, however over the past couple of year’s craft brews and craft breweries having been moving into our little village of Ogunquit and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned along with the Top Five must try brews for 2015 in Maine.

Craft Breweries in Southern Maine are unique and independently owned which allows for an emphasis on quality, flavor and creative brews.  This is just one of the reasons why we felt it was important to provide our guests with the Ogunquit Maine Craft Beer Package.  This unique experience allows for a Four Course Craft Beer Dinner at Cornerstone Restaurant, in room breakfast basket and a late check-out of 1pm –extra time to unwind!  Check out Cornerstone Beer Dinner’s on select Monday’s this winter, these feature presentation from the brewer’s and a offer up a ton of knowledge on how these great craft beers are created.

Top Five Maine Craft Brews for 2015

Cornerstone Ogunquit, Maine
Cornerstone Ogunquit, Maine

1. Beer: Crystal Persuasion    

Brewery: SoMe Brewery - York, Maine

Description:This father and son team has been brewing for a long time and always dreamed of opening a brewery.  With a focus on improving the standard of styles of beer by ensuring high end ingredients, the best part is they welcome you to stop in, check it out and enjoy a tasting right on site!  This favorite craft beer is a double pale ale showcasing Crystal Hops

2. Beer: Greenwarden

Brewery:Banded Horn - Biddeford, Maine

Description:This is an odd offering made just up the road in Biddeford ME.  It is a hoppy beer but the twist is that they added spruce tips picked this past spring to the batch which gives the beer a new complexity and earthiness that is delicious. 

3. Beer:Blaze

Brewery: Foundation Brewery - Portland, Maine

Description:This wonderful brewery makes excellent American versions of Belgian beers and this Belgian style IPA is a great example of how a well cultivated yeast strain can create a complex, sweet depth to an normally bitter style like an IPA.

4. Beer:Machine Czech Pils

Brewery: Bunker Brewing - Portland, Maine

Description: This brewery is located in a 1920’s era garage this artisan brewery strives to create experimental, traditional and seasons brews while fostering a since of community of craft brew enthusiasts.  Machine Czech Pils is their first flagship.  Bicuity German malt with boatloads of Skuky Saaz hops 5.2% ABV

5. Beer: Box the Compass

Brewery: SoMe Brewing Company - York, Maine

Description: At SoMe Brewing Company, the focus is on offering Variety. Beer is extremely subjective and not everyone likes the same style.   As craft beer drinkers these brewers often find breweries focusing on a few types of styles which has inspired them to feature eight rotating beers on tap.  Box the Compass is a new experimental Hoppy American IPA

December 29, 2014

Best Place to Spend the Holidays in Maine is Ogunquit

Spend your Holiday in Ogunquit
Spend your Holiday in Ogunquit

Will Rogers asks “Did you ever see a place that looked like it was built to enjoy?  Well this whole state of Maine looks that way”.

At some point in History Maine was deemed vacationland; Webster defines the word Holiday as “a special day of celebration” as well as “a day on which one is exempt from work”.  What better place to spend your “holiday” be it national, religious or time off work, than a visit to a special place that was created to be enjoyed! And truly, the best place to spend the holidays in Maine is Ogunquit.

Maine Vacationland
Maine Vacationland

Ogunquit, Maine is the most beautiful place by the sea. It’s no wonder why over 100,000 people come to our small town each year to walk the marginal way and explore the wonders of Maine.  During National Holidays the whole town is dressed up in celebration from Easter Eggs and American Flags to Pumpkins and Christmas Lights. When you spend the holidays in Maine, you can enjoy the beauty of Maine’s Nature along with our creative decorations!

At the Meadowmere Resort our staff is always watching, like santa’s little elves to ensure your Holiday in Vacationland is like no other.  Here are a few of their stories from this week:

As making memories is so important to our guests during their Maine Vacation's, we often find guests asking us to help ensure their whole group gets caught in the photographic moment.  Michelle at the front desk was doing just that, and where it's time for the holidays - she found a frame, had the pictures printed and presented the photo as a gift!  The guests were so thrilled they sent a thank you card to let our team know their Meadowmere Memories are now sitting on their mantel at home for all to see.

Hannah was working at the front desk when guests stopped in to inquire about the Kittery Outlets.  As hours of operation can fluxuate this time of the year she gave a call to outlets to ensure they were open.  Knowing how stressful Holiday Shopping can be Hannah also provided the guests with a Map of the designer outlets and a passbook to savings with over $500.00 in coupons.  Happy shopping!

One of our Top Guests was joining us for Christmas Day.  As the whole family will be enjoying the holiday at the Meadowmere Resort Tracy wanted to do something special for the kids.  She acquired a Christmas Tree and set it up in the guest room with a note from Santa assuring the kids he'd find them!  The children were filled with excitement and the parents were oh so thrilled with the holiday surprise.

December 22, 2014

How to Win an Overnight Stay Vacation in Ogunquit, Maine

Meadowmere Resort
Meadowmere Resort

At the Meadowmere Resort there are numerous ways to win a Two Night Stay Vacation in Ogunquit, MaineMaine in the fall inspires our annual Giant Pumpkin Contest.  In the colder months as Christmas approaches and garland wraps the hotel your best guess at the feet of Garland could bring an unexpected vacation in the New Year.  The simplest way to win an overnight stayin Ogunquit, Maine is to sign up for the From the Meadow Newsletter where you will be entered into four annual drawings to win a vacation two night stay in Ogunquit, Maine

Our monthly newsletter will keep you informed of the on-goings of the Meadowmere from Solar Panel installations to Special Getaways there’s always something new to learn and experience here.  In addition to vast information of projects and promotions and a chance to win a two night stay  vacation in Ogunquit, Maine signing up for our Newsletter allows us to send you wishes for a Happy Birthday and/ or Anniversary combined with a little gift from the Meadowmere

Just this week a guest arrived to celebrate her birthday at the Meadowmere!  At check in she presented a print out of her happy birthday email, unfortunately the coupon did not print at home.  Hannah walked the guest over to our business center and offered to help the guest print the coupon.  This guest was so thankful for the help and the birthday gift of one night on us!

As the holiday’s approach many of our loyal guests enjoy an escape from the stresses of shopping.  Feeling at home in Ogunquit, Maine they pack their bags and head to the most beautiful place by the sea.  Michelle noticed the family was joining us for Christmas by the Sea weekend, and placed a gift (Marginal Way DVD), a Happy Holiday’s card along with a pamphlet of the weeks activities in their room.

As Janet was cleaning the arcade room she noticed a guest with three little boys.  The father was trying to get the bathing suits into one of the dryers in our Guest Laundry Room but the little ones had other plans!  They were eager to play a game of Air Hockey instead.  Janet offered to load the dryer for this guest so he could enjoy the time with his family. 

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