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Construction near our Ogunquit hotel: How to Plan for Good Customer Service

Rt1logoAs our fellow hoteliers at Opus Hotel wrote, a hotel cannot simply play dumb and say “what construction?” to guests when it is obvious that a major undertaking is going on. A hotel has an expectation of comfort and for the construction in Ogunquit, it was important to plan for good customer service at our hotel. We fully expect the beautification of Ogunquit to be a challenge to manage –However through proactive communication and planning, we know that this construction activity will be a chance for our hotel’s customer service to shine.

Unlike Opus Hotel, our Ogunquit hotel does not run the risk of sending guests fleeing to competitors – everyone in Ogunquit is in the same boat. However, there are serious concerns that many guests might simply skip their annual – and in some cases monthly – visit to us. But the only option is to be upfront with our customers, knowing that they would never believe we were caught off guard. And really, with a major construction project, who is going to believe that over the course of months? Maybe a hotel can pull off the deer in the head lights for the first week, but once the jack hammers and trucks are rolling, no guest is going to be fooled. Management only has so much wiggle room to feign shock, as though a multi-million dollar town wide investment just popped up overnight.

Often complaints are handled in the only way hotels know how: with discounting/freebies. If the guest is mildly irritated, he or she might get an apology and a head nod. Clearly ticked off? Maybe 10% off last night’s room charge. Having a temper tantrum in the lobby? An escort off property by management or worse, the Ogunquit PD.

Well, our friends at Opus inspired us to think about long- and short-term interests. Rather than approach the Ogunquit Beautification construction like an unspeakable secret, we would embrace the challenge and communicate with guests. To be honest, this seems a little terrifying. What if guests assume that construction is only near the Meadowmere and book at other hotels?

But the alternative to telling the truth seems even more terrifying. There really isn’t a way to maintain guest satisfaction with dump trucks, paving, bridge repairs and more all about town unless one is fair and upfront.  We decided to take the (only slightly) less scary route of telling guests in advance. Several times. And maintaining that communication throughout the project.  If our motto is family serving family, well, it just made sense.

Yes, we are giving prospective guests and visitors a reason to stay elsewhere. Our hotel will not necessarily be a part of the construction site for very long, and there will even be a suspension of majorly intrusive activity from end of June til Labor Day. Why potentially upset all guests when perhaps none would be disturbed?

Because we feel to avoid the issue is to not respect our guests. Many might arrive and try to suffer in silence – only to never return not only to our Ogunquit hotel, but to the town.

In following the Opus experience, hotel guests are more understanding—and surprisingly accepting—when communication is proactive and sincere. We want to avoid the unpleasant surprise of construction. So our hotel is communicating the following steps:

  • Telling the guest about the construction activity at the time of reservation
  • Placing a notice and helpful directions on our website and in confirmation letters
  • Providing additional detail on where to find updates and alternative directions in a separate letter
  • Keeping guests informed by placing information in guestrooms
  • Inviting guests to contact the front desk if they have concerns

And finally, as the General Manager at Opus said, do everything possible to address concerns—including, if necessary, letting the business walk. In the long run, the hotel will be better off. With larger construction projects we won’t be able to please everyone and sometimes all that can be done is to offer sincere apologies. We know that despite our best efforts, guests may fall through the cracks. We hope that our earnest efforts to be transparent will be rewarded with honest understanding.

We know that communicating such an important project in advance of a vacation can help guests better prepare.  Along with the Ogunquit Chamber, Town of Ogunquit, residents and business owners, we have worked diligently to help our village remain open for business. All we can do is kindly ask for patience and understanding.

Our hotel rolled up its sleeves, mapped out a plan, did our homework to find best practices and we invite you to be our guest and enjoy this adventure together. And hope you will support our local businesses and the Meadowmere Resort during the beautification of Ogunquit.

To learn more about Ogunquit's Project on Facebook: Facebook/OgunquitProject



June 29, 2015

Unexpected Guests: What do you do when a meeting crasher come to Maine?

WedcrashAfter all that planning and double checking registrations, you are at your meeting and a VP just came up to tell you that he just met Bob at the bar and can’t place him in the company. As you glance over, you realize why. It’s because Bob is a meeting crasher.  Heck, he’s even gotten ahold of those official drink vouchers you created.

Maybe it’s because us Mainers feel like we know all our neighbors. Maybe it’s because there just aren’t that many of us in a big state. Maye it’s because at the Meadowmere, we like to keep our meeting service personal and focused. Whatever the reason, meeting crashing thankfully is not too much of a concern when planning an event in Ogunquit Maine at our hotel.  However, a whole movie was made about wedding crashing, so event crashing can happen and when it does, the experience is frustrating for you as an event planner.

Just how do the Bobs of the world get in anyway? Often enough, event venues are so large that they have multiple companies floating between meeting spaces, multiple entrances into those meeting spaces and well, just too many activities going on at once.

It is easier for a local rep to get wind of a conference and head on over to make a few connections with so many folks wandering around. While occasionally our Ogunquit hotel may have more than one group joining us, the event space is often limited to one corporate event. Meaning there are far less ways to blend in. Also, we have a wonderful reception/entrance to our event space – with large fieldstone fireplace, gorgeous art and host stand. All of which means that a crasher to your meeting in Maine would have to check with the office to figure out where your meeting is. And also means we are close by to help with any unfamiliar faces.

Jonathan's Entrance

But let’s say you booked that large venue and now are having that dreaded conversation with a company VP about Bob. Now what do you do? Here are a few tips on how to deal with meeting crashers:


  • Make them part of the crowd. If the badge isn’t one of the one you created, have the ‘FlexPass’ option you can approach your crasher with. Let them know you are thrilled to see/meet them and since they were not registered, let’s take a second to take care of that with our Limited Access pass. Make this a reduced price point that clear offers the things – like cocktail hours – that your crasher is there for. Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, have them join.
  • Make your networking parts a premium. Or you could take the opposite approach: Bundle together the events that the crashers come for – mixers, parties, tastings – and make it a premium for access. That way when you approach with the price tag in hand, the crasher gets the point – pay to play or leave the sandbox. Sometimes the price alone deters the Bobs of the world
  • Take that Site Visit / FAM. This way you can set up your networking portions in rooms that do not have multiple entrances and have a visual ahead of time on what the layout should be. So if a surprise table or display pops up, you got it covered.
  • Communicate with the onsite event team. If such a thing was a concern at our small meetings venue, you can let our team at Jonathan’s know if you have had crashers in the past and how we can help. We are here to assist you and make your event a success. Let us have that awkward conversation for you.
  • Security. It’s an obnoxious thought to have to hire security but if you want the hotel and event team to focus just on service and you on the administration of the event, a security person may be your best bet. Just remember if you call them into action, stay a distance away and let them impersonally handle and remove the crasher.

Your event doesn’t have to be a Chris Brown concert to have crashers. But even if one does join in meeting, it can be addressed quickly and easily with a little advance planning.

Finally, to the Bobs of the worlds – as in literally those named Bob – we mean no harm. We love the name Bob.

Happy Meeting Planning!

June 25, 2015

Maine Healthy Travel Tip: Saltwater Roman Spa

Maine Bath Salt
Maine Bath Salt

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine families and couples alike flock to the Meadowmere to enjoy our cozy guest rooms steps from the Oceans Shore to experience the benefits of nature’s salt water.  For thousands of years salt water has been used therapeutically.  Here are three easy steps to create your own Salt Water Bath Crystals to use at home until you can visit us again!

Step 1 Measure Ingredients:

1 Cup Epsom Salt

1 Cup Baking Soda

2 Tbsp. Liquid Glycerin

5 Drops of your favorite Essential Oil

Step 2 Mix the Ingredients:

Combine Epsom salt and baking soda.

Add liquid glycerin and stir well.

Mix in your Essential Oil

Step 3 Store your bath salts:

Pour the mixture of bath salts into a container with a lid and store until needed.  Just a few tablespoons mixed into hot bathwater will produce skin-softening and relaxing effects.

Select weekends throughout the year our team at the Meadowmere Resort offers kids crafts in the West Meadow Pub to inspire your kids creativity.  Crystal was tending to the coffee when she noticed a family snapping photos of their crafts and offered to take a group photo to ensure they had a family memory to enjoy back home.

Michelle at the front desk was assisting a first time guest with their check out.  The father of the family notated that they loved their first visit to Ogunquit and the Meadowmere Resort and stated that his wife would surely be scrapbooking this vacation!  Michelle grabbed a few favorite postcards showcasing the hotel and beauty of Ogunquit to add to their scrapbook.

June 22, 2015

Splash into Summer in Maine:Top 3 Ways to Enjoy Ogunquit by Water

Splash into Ogunquit Maine
Splash into Ogunquit Maine

June brings more than sunshine as we welcome the first day of summer in Ogunquit, Maine.  It’s no doubt that the most beautiful place by the sea was named such for its rocky coastline, long sandy beach and everlasting estuaries.  With the Ocean connecting people from across the globe we want to share with you our Top 3 Ways to Enjoy Ogunquit by Water.  We hope you find love for the sea and try all three!  

#1 Stand Up Paddle Board – For thousands of years many river based and coastal cultures have stood up when paddling canoes or rafts so it’s no wonder The worlds fastest growing water sport has become a favorite activity in Ogunquit, Maine!  Liquid Dreams Surf Shop offers lessons and rentals so your family can experience SUP and if you already know you love to SUP their shop has over 200 boards to choose from.  Join us again in August for their Annual Paddle to the Point Charity Event!

#2 Kayak Maine – There are a number of Kayak Guided Tours and Rentals available on Maine’s Southern Coast.  Kayak Fish New England is one of them and offers an adventure for sightseeing and enjoying the coastal serenity and peace or a fishing excursion that perfect Father’s Day Gift for the dad that has it all.

#3 Surfing – Ogunquit Beach has always been a place where you will see a surfer out in the distance waiting for that perfect wave.  Liquid Dreams Surf Shop and Wheels and Waves are just down the road offering lessons to all ages, rentals and plenty of boards to choose from.

With World Oceans Day kicking off the month of June and first day of summer bringing in the caboose June is the ultimate time of the year for your visit to Ogunquit, Maine and it’s waterways.   Take a lesson, rent or bring your own boards and kayaks and hit the waves or relax in the flowing rivers of Maine’s estuaries.   

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine our Maine Surfing Getaway package pairs with Liquid Dreams and the Ogunquit Conservation Committee to preserve our local Maine beaches and oceans to offer you the chance to soak up the summer sun and experience the joy of being on the water!

June 18, 2015

Top Three Golf Courses in Southern Maine for Father’s Day Fun

Father's Day in Maine
Father's Day in Maine

With Father’s Day around the corner a trip to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine is a sure way to celebrate and honor the Dad in your life.  Southern Maine is home to a number of beautiful golf courses, endless fishing and boating and so much more.  Below are our Top Three Golf courses located minutes from our hotel in Ogunquit Maine.

The Links at Outlook is located in South Berwick Maine and features undulating bent grass fairways and greens surrounded by rolling dunes and scattered sand bunkers.  The course is set on 140-acres where golfers will enjoy many breathtaking views designed by Golf World Magazines Architect of the Year 1999.

Cape Neddick Country Club is an 18 hole semi-private golf course, featuring a newly renovated outdoor driving range and putting practice facility.  Lessons are available for any ability level and the Pro Shop is equipped with Rentals, Apparel and repairs.

Webhannet Golf Club is located on Kennebunk Beach is a 6100-yeard par 71 course featuring serpentine fairways, tidal-fed water hazards and undulating greens that challenge and tempt golfers of all handicaps.

At the Meadowmere Resort our Tee & Sea Package is sure to delight your dad on his special day!  Our staff is always here to ensure every stay is special.  Here are a few stories from just this week:

Hannah was tending to the front desk when a gentleman inquired about the tide schedule – she pointed out the chart that is hanging in the lobby area and offered to print a copy out for him to take with him.  He was very happy as he relaxed by the outdoor pool exploring the tidal chart for the best fishing times.

Michelle was assisting a guest who mentioned he forgot his toiletry bag at home.  She quickly acquired a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and shaving cream ensuring  his comfort.

June 11, 2015

Explore the Southern Maine Outdoors : Hiking Near Ogunquit Maine

Explore Ogunquit Maine
Explore Ogunquit Maine

Most people visiting our hotel in Ogunquit Maine know all about the Marginal Way and look forward to the annual tradition of taking the breath taking stroll along the shore. Some of our loyal guests have ventured farther into the woods to explore the states Pine Trees and Wild Life. Here are some of our favorite nature hikes to do just that:

Mt. Agamenticus (MT. A) - Cape Neddick, Maine The Mt. A conservation region consists of over 10,000 acres of unqiue coastal forest supporting the highest diversity of animal and plants species in Maine. Trails are open to hikers and bikers year round with a viewing area at the top of MT. A.

Hilton-Winn Farm - Cape Neddick, Maine Featuring 50 acres of conservation with wooded trails leading to a small river. The Hilton-Winn Farm offers annual Summer Fun Kids Camps and seasonal events for the whole family to enjoy.

White Pines - Cape Neddick, Maine With knowledgeable Maine Guides the White Pines programs offer extensive learning about the great outdoors from seeds to tracking all ages can explore the Maine wilderness.

Laudholm Farm - Wells, Maine Over seven miles of easy to moderate trails you’ll experience the beauty of the southern Maine Coast. They even offer guided kayak tours along the quiet and calm estuarine waters to observe wildlife and teach the natural history of this treasured habitat.

Rachel Carson Trail– Wells, Maine Explore a portion of this refuge holding 50 miles of coastline in York and Cumberland counties. With views of the tidal salt marsh, Maine woods and wildlife you’re sure to enjoy the scenic stroll.

Monastery – Kennebunk, Maine Surrounded by beauty you’re sure to enjoy the waterfront walking paths and St. Anthony’s Monastery with landscaping designed by Frederick Law Olmsted Bros of New York’s Central Park fame.

Blueberry Barrons – Kennebunk, Maine Home to several species of birds that are rare or endangered in Maine as wells as painted with the spectacular blooms of the northern blazing star in late summer occurring nowhere else in Maine. Enjoy strolling along the 135 acre preserve through the plains and forests of Maine.

At our hotel in Ogunquit Maine we pride ourselves in ensuring our guests have an exceptional Maine Vacation. From a knowledgeable staff onsite 24-hours a day, our Restaurant Book filled with all the local menus to our Eco-Book showcasing the very best nature activities in Southern Maine. We make sure you won’t miss a thing! Below are a few stories from our staff going above and beyond for our guests:

Christina was checking in a guest when she noticed they were hearing impaired. Before the guests reached their room she ensure it was equipped with TTY accessories for the phone, alarm clock and the knock light for the door.

Hannah was assisting and elderly guest who had just received an IPhone as a gift. As it can be tough trying to keep up with technology these days this guest mentioned that she had no idea how to call her friend. Hannah assisted the guest and showed her to view her contacts and make the call she even set up our WIFI password so the guest could check her e-mails!

June 08, 2015

Take Flight on a Romantic Getaway to Ogunquit, Maine

Ogunquit air

At our romantic Maine resort we understand how hard it can be to express your feelings with words which never seem to match the emotions.  That’s why our team is always prepared to offer that little extra to ensure you’re romantic Maine Getaway is one your love will never forget.  Our staff often assists in booking one of our many Maine Romance Packages, ordering boutiques of fresh flowers from the best local vendors or arranging for a gourmet Champagne basket to be delivered to the room. 

Here at the most beautiful place by the sea there are countless ways to express your love from a romantic dinner to a sunset cruise aboard a private sailing vessel are the obvious ones.  Many people don’t realize that you can sweep your love off their feet – literally! 

Here are our Top Three Picks to make your love fly like cupid:

#1 Hot Air Balloon Ride – Experience one of the most romantic activities in Southern Maine as you treat your sweetheart to an adventure in the clouds!  Enjoy a one-of-a-kind 360-degree view of the beautiful Southern Maine Coastline & Landscape.  The temperature just before the sun rises offers not only the best conditions for the Hot Air Balloon but also a breathtaking and inspiring romantic experience.   Balloon Rides over Maine also offers specials and ad- ons such as Champagne Flights to truly capture the mood.

#2 Scenic Tour by Plane – At Southern Maine Aviation an hour in the air takes you through Ariel views of Southern Maine’s most beautiful sites from the Nubble Lighthouse, dramatic rocky coast and miles of white sandy beach to the Wells marshlands and Walker’s Point (summer home of the United States 41st President) make this a trip to remember.  For the aviation enthusiast or the adventurous sightseer SMA also offers Discovery Flights – a unique addition to any Southern Maine getaway.  On the Discover Flights you take control as you soar through the clouds!         

#3 Sky Dive – The Adventure begins at Skydive New England with a ½ hour ground school, then progresses to a 15 minute plane ride with incredible views of the majestic New England coastline and New Hampshire Mountains from 14,000 ft in the air.  Feel your heart patter like the first day you met as you commit yourself to the jump and free-fall 120mph.  Your reunion on the ground is sure to give new meaning to the relationship, where you’re experiencing Skydiving for the first time or avid adventures of the sky.

Southern Maine offers the perfect back drop to sweep your love off their feet, be it literal or simply sweet!

June 04, 2015

Tips to Celebrate World Ocean Day in Ogunquit Maine

Explore Marginal Way Ogunquit
Explore Marginal Way Ogunquit

Healthy Ocean Healthy Planet is this years theme for the Annual World Oceans Day celebration.  There’s no place like Southern Maine’s most beautiful place by the sea to teach your kids the importance of caring for nature and the Oceans surrounding us all.

Here in Ogunquit Maine our renowned cliff walk – Marginal Way offers “The Official Kids Guide to The Marginal Way”.  The guide is easy to print and teaches your family all they need to know about the beautiful foot path from the history of how the Marginal Way came to be for all to enjoy to the types of rocks and tide pool animals you’ll find there.

When your family escapes to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine you’ll be steps from Ogunquit Beach and Ogunquit River offering Paddle Boarding and Kayaking excursions at your figure tips and of course the freshest Maine Lobster you can find.  Join us at our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine as we celebrate yet another World Oceans Day with behind the scenes tours of the hotel and our commitment to ensuring your stay is eco-friendly as we continually work to keep our Planet and Oceans healthy!

Our staff is always here to help, below are a few of stories of how they continue to exceed our guests expectations:

A first time visitor to our hotel in Ogunquit Maine called down to the front desk one morning to inquire how long it would take to get to Old Orchard Beach.  Our knowledgeable staff informed her it would take about 45 minutes and inquired if there was some place in particular they were looking to go.  The guest informed us she was meeting a friend that lived there.  Michelle at the front desk offered to print out directions which the guest was grateful for.

A returning guest inquired about dining at Angelina’s one Thursday night– our front desk team  not only made their reservations but also knew Angelina’s offered a Thursday night special when presenting an online coupon, we printed out the coupon for the guests before they left to enjoy the wonderful Italian restaurant.

May 28, 2015

Eat, Drink & Be Merry in the Heart of Ogunquit: Maine Dining Package at our Hotel

Meadowmere Resorts Culinary Escape
Meadowmere Resorts Culinary Escape

For years the Eat, Drink & Be Merry Package at our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine has been a favorite for guests.  It's become a tradition for many visitors as they travel to the Meaodwmere Resort.  This Culinary Package is available September through June and features Ogunquit's long time favorite restaurants sure to please your taste buds.

For 2015 we have some exciting updates to share with you in regards to the local business that partner with our hotel in Ogunquit to bring you the best culinary experience as you escape to Maine.

Bintliff's Ogunquit Restaurant has long been a favorite for breakfast.  Featuring traditional New England Cuisine paired with a casual but elegant atmosphere it's the perfect place to relax, enjoy and catch up with friends by the sea!  Select weekend package dates with the Meadowmere Resort now include your breakfast at Bintliffs.

Village Food Market defines our picturesque village as one of the quaint shops featuring their version of the old familiar market, paired with the quality of today's gourmet market.  With freshly baked blueberry muffins, delicious scones and fresh fruit the Chef's at the Village Food Market prepare a beauitful Breakfast Basket for select weekday package dates.

Dinner options at our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine have been part of the tradition for decades, changing only to include MC Perkins when they opened in Perkins Cove.  Many of our returning guests have chosen their favorite of the three and often express their enjoyment with the unique offerings.

Jonathan's Restuarant is praised for it's  Chicken Picatta, Baked Haddock and Twin Lobsters (to name a few).  With large portion sizes and an atmosphere of local art and the noteworthy Fish Tank in the Maine dinning room and warm service.

The Old Village Inn is loved for their friendly staff and the romantic feel of one of the oldest buildings in town.  This New England Country Inn is known for their Seafood Stuffed Haddock, Grilled Breast of Duck and Filet Mignon.

MC Perkins Cove is known for the breathtaking views only found from Perkins Cove.  The menu is fitting with additional raw bar options.  Guest will return year after year to enjoy the views and gourmet food. With restaurants in Portland and Boston Mark & Clark are fast becoming favorites throughout New England.

Escape to the Southern Maine Coast to Eat, Drink and Be Merry the staff at our hotel in Ogunquit, Maine is always here with a warm welcome and excellent service here are a few ways they've gone above and beyond to make your vacation a sucess: 

Our Front Desk Agent Christina was checking in a guest joining us for the first time.  As they were chatting about the area and confirming dinner reservations this guest mentioned that this was a much delayed escape to celebrate their honeymoon.  Christina excused herself for a moment and had a team member head to the room with a congratulations note, box of homemade Maine chocolates and to turn on their in room fireplace to ensure the perfect atmosphere for their arrival.  The guests were thrilled with the special attention to details and our commitment to ensure this special getaway to Maine was as perfect as the honeymoon they’d dreamt of all those years.   



May 25, 2015

Best Places to Get Married in Southern Maine for Music, Water, Woods and Cuisine

HonqWeddings in Maine are very special. The beauty of Southern Maine coast provide a romantic back drop to a wedding celebration. Of course finding the best places to get married in Southern Maine can be a challenge.  The crowds flood the coast in summer and those ocean views can get expensive for some budgets.  Still, lines for lobster rolls and site fees are no reason to shy away from Southern Maine for your special day!

Best Places to Get Married in Southern Maine

Time to make your wedding dream come true. These are some tips on how to find the best place to get married in Southern Maine and why for a Maine Wedding, there's no place better than Ogunquit.

Wedding Venue Want: Water

Ocean view ceremonies can bring big price tags. Have no fear, there are options.

If the sea is calling for your Maine wedding but your budget is crying, consider such options as the Ellis Park Short Sands Gazebo and Hope Hobbs Gazebo for your ceremony. All have the ability to see the water, allowing for the ocean to be the back drop to you ‘I do’s’. Just remember the Gazebo options are town parks and come with curious onlookers and well-wishers. Which it can be fun to have complete strangers clapping and cheering for you. However, the tradeoff is that these venues offer spectacular ocean access for sometimes just a few hundred dollars and a little time with administrative forms.

Wedding Venue Want: Woods

Sure the smell of Maine Pine is romantic, but you don’t want to chop a clearing to gather.

If the romantic Maine woods sounds perfect but you don’t want to head too far north, consider such options as Clay Hill Farm and Josias River Farm (yes, both have the barn).  With the option to enjoy the fairy gardens and nature paths balanced with lawn and cuisine, Clay Hill Farm offers Maine woods, high heel friendly. And if you’d rather a more remote, quaint barn feel, Josias River Farm is warm and friendly – including cute mini goats.

Wedding Venue Want: Cuisine

Yeah, sure there’s Maine lobster.  However, you were really hoping to skip the bib.

If the lure of a wedding in Maine is lobster, but you have visions of Aunt Sue covered in butter, have no fear. Us Mainers have cleaned up the lobster experience a bit. From lobster brioche to chilled lobster bisque, this crusty crustacean can roll (haha) into any menu.  However, there’s more to Maine cuisine. With fresh farm to table food, craft beer, local wineries, you can personalize your menu and impress your taste buds. Harvest and Plate Catering in Ogunquit is a wonderful option with Chef Trip and The Velveteen Habit is a gorgeous back drop with expert Chef Chris at the helm.

Wedding Venue Want: Music

Let’s get this party started on the dance floor.

If your first stop after saying I do involves a beat and a dancing partner, Southern Maine has a spot on the dance floor for you. Jonathan’s is home to an outstanding concert series and that means serious sound for your wedding day.  And if your wedding music plans make you think ‘I’m going to need a bigger dance floor’ than the Red Barn at Outlook Farm has the elbow and boogie room you want for your wedding.

MmrwedFinally, you need a hotel that is open and central to your Southern Maine wedding venue with easy access to a well maintained road. And you want to give your guests a place to be cozy and comfortable so you can convince your family, your friends - whoever you have in mind for this Maine celebration – to travel to Vacationland.

Meadowmere is close to all the venues mentioned and allows for direct access to Route 1. The hotel also is easily accessible for bus, limo and trolley transportation.  Finally, your guests have three airports, Amtrak, coach bus and car as options to reach Ogunquit. Wedding services and  blocks in Southern Maine are available year round.


May 21, 2015

The History of Memorial Day in Maine

Memorial in Maine
Memorial in Maine

There are many holidays our nation holds, all great reminders of American Patriotism.  Memorial Day is like no other, this is a day to remember the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms while serving our armed forces.  Throughout the country their gravestones will be visited and decorated with U.S. Flags in national cemeteries.  Formerly known as Decoration Day the tradition is said to have began in the 1860’s.  In 1866 Maine’s first and only national cemetery was erected in Kennebec County.  Togus National Cemetery displays the Avenue of Flags in remembrance annually on Memorial Day.

Here in Ogunquit Maine Memorial Day is a great celebration; it’s the start of our season in Southern Maine as everyone comes out of their winter hibernation to enjoy all the beauty Maine has to offer.  At our Maine Resort we celebrate with our special Memorial Day Package and Live Entertainment in the West Meadow Pub Saturday Night. Enjoy the Firepit, BBQ’s and Outdoor Pool as you celebrate Memorial Day 2015

Looking for a parade?  Southern Maine Memorial Day Parade in Old Orchard Beach is co-hosted by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion and one of the largest in the state.  Show off your American Patriotism at the beach, we’ll be here to ensure it’s one to remember here are a few ways our Ogunquit Maine Hotel is one to remember:

With so many rooms types and locations to choose from often our returning guests have their favorites.  Although we do our best to notate preferences in our system to ensure the best vacation escape to Maine we are not always aware of them.  Hannah checked in one of our very loyal guests who would have preferred a different location, she immediately noted the preference, moved them to their favorite room and sent up a box of homemade chocolates for their enjoyment!

One of our front desk agents noticed an elderly couple checking in with difficulty walking, while she was completing the check in process she had housekeeping deliver a rubber mat to their guest room to ensure a safer shower experience.


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